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Here’s a shitty compilation of my feelings for season 1 (and not utter comic relief) Lance in honor of his birthday. Enjoy!!

Happy Birthday Lance!!! Thank you for being so compassionate and caring, and for making me smile whenever I feel sad. Thank you for existing, even if its only in our imaginations. Love you my leggy cuban boy! 


i can’t respond to all the asks i’ve gotten in the past few days! here’s a post addressing some of the messages i’ve gotten re: that last ace diary comic

to all the ace and lgbt folk that came to share their experiences and support:
thank you so much. it means a lot to me to hear from people in my communities, and it always brightens my day to see other aces sharing common experiences with each other. i don’t think 5 years ago when i first discovered asexuality i would have even believed that so many other ace and ace/gay people existed!

to the people who sent hate about things i had already addressed in my previous comments on the matter please actually take some time to look at my blog and responses on my post before sending senseless rude comments.
i’ve apologized for being unaware of the complications with the term “allosexual” and i acknowledge that my comic was easy to misconstrue as an oversimplification of gay experiences. i apologize again for the confusion and my mistaken use of bad terms. i stand by the fact that it was not the word i should have used to convey what i meant, which was purely just the factual classification “non-aces”

to the ones calling me “abusive” and “homophobic” to my gf:

-frankly i don’t even know where to start with this one. maybe look at my other daily comics for context? maybe get some perspective about what homophobia is actually like? try coming from a conservative family and dating another gay girl from a conservative family! 

-shockingly, two gay people can be happily in a relationship even with different sexualities. our relationship is one of unconditional love and support - we’ve navigated and celebrated our differences for three years and intend to continue to do so.

-you cannot assume that every ace person is sex repulsed/attraction repulsed or knows nothing of intimacy. some are, but you cannot assume it of all aces. maybe actually talk to an ace person before making assumptions about their lives and relationships! if you’re curious about the ace experience in relationships with non-ace folks, please message me privately and I’d be happy to inform you. I’m not quite sure how the comic was read as “gay sexual attraction is gross”.. if anything it was meant to be self deprecating for forgetting such a common thing as sexual attraction exists. even tho i’m ace i am frankly The Biggest Gay

-my girlfriend “looks uncomfortable” in that comic because i DREW her that way. in our real life interaction, she was talking about sexual attraction to a former crush with her current, long term girlfriend! she said it was embarrassing because the feelings were irrelevant now. if you looked at my blog for context or at her blog ( you’d realize instantly the dynamic between us, instead of assuming it from one small section of my diary comics.

(btw right hand pic above is done by her she wanted to contribute 2 this post and it’s great) 


i’m sorry i cannot reply individually to all of you, but thank you again to all the supportive anons, all the other lesbians and aces in my inbox, and those who came to calmly explain and help me understand my mistake with the terms i used. I’ve been so disconnected with tumblr that it saddens me to hear that there’s been so much controversy around ace people. I don’t know the details and it sounds like there were rashly made comments on both sides.

i made some mistakes with my last auto-bio comic, but i will not stop making ace/gay content. it has always been important to me to normalize lgbt experiences and to create works with diversity. i’ve had experiences that convinced me i was broken and my asexuality would sink any potential relationships, so these auto-bio comics with my girlfriend are especially important to me - to show aces with the same fears that there’s always hope, and to rid myself of any remaining lack of confidence in my identity.

Artist:  じょる
Translation: by me
Characters: Kageyama & Kindaichi

Permission granted by the artist, do not repost or remove source. 

Full size part 1 / part 2 / part 3.

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answering asks!

SOME GOOD QUESTIONS UNDER THE CUT!!! idk how many ppl read these but u def should if wanna kno more abt my goofy ocs >:^)

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anonymous asked:

If I'm honest, if I'm honest, as soon as I start a job and start getting money in, you're gonna be the first artist I start supporting because your comics and your art and your everything just give me l ife, I am vvv much in love. Thank you for existing !!!

Honestly, don’t worry about it or anything, always make sure you’re taking care of yourself first ^w^
Thank YOU for your kind words ;O;

Boost for @greyscale-comic

I’ve been putting off making this post for a reallllly long time, but it’s gotten to a point where I feel like I kinda have to. I’ve been trying to subtly boost this comic for quite some time, but it doesn’t seem to be working the way I want it to… so I had to make an actual post for it.

A lot of you probably know me as the Dreamtale reinterpretation fanatic, creator of bizarre and comedic settings and drawer of many ships, but I’m actually creating my own Undertale comic at the moment as well. Like, traditional Undertale. Based directly on the game.

It’s called Greyscale, and it’s the story of Undertale, but there are two protagonists since one of them had just completed a genocide route and reset into another timeline thanks to Chara. The other protagonist is kind-hearted, approaches problems with a mature attitude and is basically a candidate for a pacifist route, which the two of them must complete in order for Protag 1 to get their soul back, or so it seems.

And only one of them has the power to reset, but we don’t know which one it is yet.

If you’re wondering who Xaki and Alix are, they are these protagonists, Xaki being the ‘insane’ one and Alix being the ‘nice’ one.

Also, Chara is there the entire time, being the narrator. Only Xaki can see them and hear everything they say and Chara takes obnoxious advantage of that. (did I mention that Chara is extremely annoying in this comic)

It’d make me really happy if you checked it out. If you like my writing and interpretations of certain characters and their relationships, you might like this comic, since it focuses a lot on character interaction. (and let’s not forget about the comedy and inevitable ship jokes.)

You can click here to read it from the beginning.

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Hi I'm a 19 years old girl born 12/26/1997. I've struggled with depression since I was in elementary school honesty your account really helped when I felt as though living was to much of a task. So thank you for existing and being talented enough to create extraordinary art.Your art made me happy again.I found my own passion in writing often times I have writers block or I'm sad. All I can say is this acc. helped me find a happy place. I might not comment on here but u really inspired me.

And thank you for being there and enjoying my comics! I’m really happy to hear that I can give you some comfort that’s really my ult goal, to make people happy. So really thank you a lot and please take care of yourself! I love you💘💘

chiahd  asked:

Holy fuck your older!AU for mp100 is just PERFECT! Like 11/10, A++ content, I love them all and I'm just more excited bc you make beautiful comics and your art is beautiful and everyone is perfect in your style ;; I love Bros!TeruShou, ShouRitsu with a loud Shou and a Always Tired Ritsu and TeruMob being the pure couple as always <3 thanks for existing and therefore allow this to exist :D

OMGGGG!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! THIS MADE ME VERY HAPPY!!!💕💛💖 i am so glad you like my college au!!! that au already has a very special place in my heart so this is just very wonderful to read!! thank you again 💛

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I'm currently making 2 comics that involve Dark but the second one involves Anti. Someone making a deal with Dark to protect their little siblings from abuse from their aunt so they agree to Dark's deal of getting him a physical body for this plane of existence. Anti gets wind of it and feels betrayed since the person is a fan of both of them. I was wondering if it would be something you guys would be interested in. I could send a copy of the scripts if you'd like me to.

That sounds fantastic! We’d be more than happy to see your comics and even consider dubbing them. Please let us know if you have the dialogue finalised so we can see what you have in mind.

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The "Bi overhaul" mod is amazing for some Alistair action! I just finished a playthrough with it, and my Cousland became a prince-consort of Ferelden, and even Awakening acknowledges that in one absolutely adorable conversation (the mod doesn't really affect Awakening, so there's a bit misgendering on Alistair's part, but it's noting crucial, and Origins has no misgendering at all). Also, I absolutely adore your Alistair/Warden couple! And I wonder... how did the "lamppost" talk go for them?

I still haven’t tried this mod (only because I’ve not been playing dao), but just hearing about this makes me so happy it exists. 8D

And thanks. I actually have thought out a comic about the lamppost-conversation. Been in my head for a ages so it’ll probably be the next one I draw. And since I have now declared this here I guess it’ll have to be relatively soon …

I put this up on IG buuut I will tell you here that it is for a comic! If you’ve somehow read my past work it’s still about the same things (ie. the same relationship LMAO yeah okay I admit it) because I don’t write about anything else as much. Haha.

Some real biz: I made comics to stay productive while stuck in a bad place (it’s silly but when I say that comics saved my life I mean it quite literally; it’s a story for another time), and um. The past year made me a new person—I am feeling happiness for the first time???—and making them doesn’t come as naturally these days? Like it kept me safe from dangers that don’t exist anymore. I think comics belong to an old version of me, and that’s okay. Maybe I will learn how to make comics about happier things this time. Who knows!

garrulosvakarian  asked:

hey there, i wrote a little fanfic inspired by your "alex saves morgan" comic. i just thought you'd like to know that :3 here it is (archiveofourown. org/works/11275158)





anonymous asked:

Oh my god ok so I just found your comic and went through this entire blog and let me just say, as someone who is Lebanese, seeing a Lebanese character makes me so insanely happy I want to yell? And the fact that he's trilingual like me??!! Most people don't even know that Lebanon exists and being from Lebanon is such a big part of my identity that seeing Malek is so nice and ??? idk how to put my excitement into words!! Thank you!!!! (Also ps my Lebanese cousin is named Malek!!)

I don’t have a proper response to this I just ended up crying for 4 hours straight. (I based much of my research on Malek’s heritage on my cousin, who’s also Lebanese and trilingual!)
I’m really happy I’m able to give people representation, even if it’s just this small comic.
Thank you for reading, seriously.

(And hello to your cousin!)


to celebrate a whopping 600 follower milestone, i bring you THE comic. the ONLY comic. the comic with dead black eyes like pools of ichor bled by the nameless, thousand-tongued beasts whose awakening will cause the land to crumble, the sea to boil, and the sky to shit itself in fear. the comic of all comics. 

actually i know this comic is basically a shitpost.

thank you followers for putting up with my shitstain of an existence. how many times have you wanted to be mauled by a bear without leaving your house? well lucky for you because i deliver the same experience from the comfort of your computer/mobile device. and free of charge too. what a deal!

anyway im so thankful for you guys. like seriously i enjoy making people happy, and if it means i can make some crappy drawings to do that then i will.  and dont even dare ask me what this comic is even about. i think i’ll let you decide ;)

and because im a desperate broke-ass fuck, here are my commission prices:

Can we talk about Masters of All Time pls? Also, I have no idea how read mores work with this new update, so sorry if this appears as a horrifyingly long post to you.

Something always felt weird about that episode. One of the things that plagued my mind has already been contemplated by the Phandom (Maddie’s strange reaction to Danny telling her he’s her son) but that’s not the only thing.

The first is the comical ghost ray bouncing the protoportal shot does just to get to Jack since Vlad is out of the way. What are the fucking odds that things were set up in just the right way for that to happen? I always assumed this was because Clockwork focus on this path in particular. To teach Danny a lesson. Which means that this was not the only way things could have gone, it means that it could very well have been one of the worst case scenarios. What other timelines could things have taken? Would there have been one that Danny would have settled for unless Clockwork did what he did? A timeline where things were all okay, where everyone was happy and existed? Is that one of the reasons Clockwork refused to let Danny try to alter the past a second time, because there was no other “loosing” lines to dissuade him from his attempts?

While not really food for thought, I always found it comical how Altered-Jack named his cat Jasmine. I realize it was most likely for this intended purpose (as well as revealing in canon who actually named which kid.) but this makes me think about if there was an “alternate-Danny”, so to speak. In theory, every main character would still “exist” in some way in this alternate timeline, it’s simple logic: everything that can exist has and will in some way. Given Alternate-Jack states he’d never named his kid Danny because “that’s dumb.”, if there were an alternate-Danny, even if he was a pet or something, he’d be with Maddie and Vlad. Which brings Maddie’s reaction to the forefront. 

Maddie doesn’t call Danny a liar when he tells her he’s her son until after he say’s he’s Jack’s son. Her first reaction is shock. That’s not something women are blindsided by. And that’s weird in and of itself, but Danny isn’t in human form when he says this. He’s in his ghost. And I just re-watched the episode, it’s never specifically revealed to her that Danny is still partially alive, even after she accepts he’s from an alternate timeline. And she doesn’t recognize him as the kid from the door until after that too. At that moment, he’s a ghost. Purely. Dead. An ectoplasmic remnant of posthuman consciousness (or however that went). So why does she react with shock? There’s no disbelief in that shock either, it’s like she actually believes him. Connect the dots in this way, and you have Maddie having a son to Vlad, possibly naming him Daniel, and then loosing him in a way that killed him, making his existence as a ghost possible. It’s never stated in the show if she is aware that ghost ages (fanon seems to think that she isn’t, or fanon ignores the canon evidence entirely), but if she is, there’s no way of telling just how old this alternate-son might’ve been when he died. But that’s just one way of connecting the dots. It could be they aren’t meant to be connected at all.

And now that I think about it, is it possible that this alternate-son is actually a ghost?

Maddie is shown to have what appears to be profiles on ghosts, notably Clockwork. This is something never shown in the true timeline. So I ask: Why? Is she searching for her son’s ghost? Is that why ghost’s aren’t allowed to be mentioned in the castle? Maddie being so distraught over her child’s loss that she’d focus on her ghost research again or more fervently if she already was and Vlad being unhappy with this is something I can totally see happening. It’s never specifically stated why Vlad is so opposed to ghost in this timeline. I assumed before that it was because he was afraid of loosing Maddie to Jack, because Maddie was still interested in ghosts. Keeping Maddie away from ghosts equals keeping Maddie away from Jack equals keeping Maddie period. Vlad went out of his way to keep Maddie away from Jack, telling her Jack blamed her and never wanted to see her again. But this excuse seems a little flimsy now. If my connected dots are correct, Vlad has to play into it somehow. The most logical thought is that he doesn’t want to deal with opening the can of worms that Maddie actually finding their dead son would entail. Perhaps he couldn’t handle it, or he though that her efforts would’ve been in vain. Perhaps he foresaw that she’d obsess over trying to find something he didn’t think would exist, it would drain her, mentally, emotionally, and physically. She’d not be able to let go. So he tries to force her away from it.

Edit: Catching something I didn’t catch before, When Vlad interrupts, he states that she’d been “experimenting again”. Again. As in she’s being researching ghosts before and he’s caught her before. I have no idea what to think about this.

Vlad character in the episode is so wibbly wobbly, its hard to try to predict what he would’ve done and why. I feel like this version of Vlad is desperate to keep what he has, almost like he knows it wouldn’t last unless he took measures to ensure it prevails. This implies that Vlad was manipulative and harmfully conniving as a person, not traits he gained from being half ghost. But the root of this manipulation is different. In the alternate timeline, it could be fueled by selfish fear, calling back to the above desperation. The strongest evidence towards this is his reaction to Danny trying to return things to normal: “You think I care?! I like it this way!” He knows this isn’t how things are supposed to be. He refuses to give it up. He’s clinging to it, fighting for it, because it’s all falling apart. I used to think this reaction didn’t make any sense, especially since he’s revealed to have some compassion and humanity left in TUE. But this reaction makes perfect sense. This is his life, he’s been fighting to keep it stable for years, with his lies to Maddie. He’s unwilling to let it go because he thinks its his only shot at happiness. Vlad isn’t dumb, he knows he would’ve been hit with the blast had he not been shoved inexplicably out of the way. He saw what happened to Jack. He knows that would be his fate. He knew. His words ring chillingly once you take it all in: “You think I care?! I like it this way!”

There’s something else that bothers me about this Vlad, though. And I don’t know why because my though process doesn’t make any sense about it. It’s completely separate from the above though, so blank your minds again. When Vlad interrupts, he’s in a suit: his exact same outfit he normally wears in the normal timeline, to be exact. This is drastically out of place for two reasons: First, he’s a home and there’s no special occasion. Earlier, he was wearing…..well, whatever monstrosity that blue t-shirt with a sweater tied around his shoulder’s was. So why suddenly wear a suit? Which brings up point 2: it’s at night. I’m not assuming this either, it’s specifically shown that Danny is searching for the lab at night, transition clearly shown. Maddie being up and in a jumpsuit makes sense, she was in her lab. But Vlad? Awake at night in a business suit?! Why?! Was he called into a meeting at midnight to sort out whatever the hell being Dairy King needs sorting?! It just doesn’t make sense. My first thought was that this wasn’t the alternate Vlad. The normal timeline Vlad being dressed like that makes sense because he’s like that all the time. But this makes no sense either because it couldn’t be the normal timeline Vlad because of, again, two reasons: Normal Timeline Vlad was currently dying at the time, and he makes a reference to what happened earlier (the ectofoamer.) Even if a slightly off-present normal timeline Vlad was dropped in, the second point still stands. Which again begs the question of why is he in a suit in the middle of the night?! It bothers me and it’s so off but I can’t figure out why it feels so off to me. It’s not just that he’s overly viscous, its not just that he’s willing to kill both Jack and Danny, It’s not just the suit, it’s everything. It all feels like it’s not the alternate-Vlad. It all feels too disconnected. Even the theory that he’s fighting for his life doesn’t explain why he doesn’t care he blasted Maddie onto a control panel. It’s clear he was possessive even before, but the confrontation is extreme. There’s no remorse, no care for the consequences of his actions. Again, he’s so very wibbly wobbly in this episode.

The entire episode is wibbly wobbly. Perhaps this is just to further cement the wrongness of this alternate timeline.

Or perhaps I’m still too hung up over the missed opportunity of actually giving Vlad character. Ahhh, the sour scent of what would’ve been….Vlad haven’t actual reasons for his motives, not just being “evil for the sake of being evil”, insight into why he he steamed over his accident for so long and why he blamed Jack so much. The revelation that Vlad was actually a pretty okay guy before and that he still could be if only he’d let go, if only Danny would stop fighting him, if only Danny took the fucking time to question things, to understand, to realize that everything has reasons, even if they aren’t obvious or easily understood. It makes me so angry to no end that Vlad continued to be a cliche rival with so little reason as to why. Everything else about his character was there, it was right there, this stuff was all he needed but he just fell so fucking flat during every episode after this one. Perhaps that’s my disappointment talking again, but still. Danny was a good hero character because he made mistakes, and often repeated some of the same ones. He wasn’t perfect, he gave up numerous times with varying results. He was willing to cheat, he was generally unaffected by the destruction shown by Dan until it was revealed his family and friends were dead. He did bad things, of his own accord. He pushed Vlad to his villainous breakdown in Kindred Spirits. He lies constantly. He’s snarky. He see’s things in right and wrong, good and evil, and even by the final episode, this perspective remains, and for someone with that much power, that’s damning. Danny had the good, the bad, the ugly, the substance. Vlad was his opposite solely for that purpose. The show offered little to sympathize him, to make him complex. He was the bad guy, he was supposed to loose over and over and over again, he was expected to just keep getting back up and trying again and he did and it broke him. And yet still, the show focuses on the fact that Danny was the hero. Vlad was villain. Danny didn’t care about why Vlad did what he did because that’s not how hero’s work. They beat the bad guy. Asking questions complicates things. It brings in sympathy, empathy, pity, understanding, compassion, confusion, DOUBT. “He doesn’t deserve this.” “Am I doing the right thing?” “If I’m supposed to help everyone, shouldn’t I try to help him too?” “I feel bad for him.” “This isn’t doing anything but making things worse.”

I repeat again: The sour scent of what could have been.

Maybe I expect something too deep for a children’s show. But can you blame me? Vlad had the perfect setup. The show dropped bombshells with TUE. It had the potential. It had the potential.

That’s all it will ever be now.

Peggy Carter - Not Just a Dame

I recently read pretty much all of the Winter Soldier-related comics (for research purposes, natch), to see how they diverged when they created the Captain America films.

I can see why they made Bucky and Steve friends long before the war and all that, but what really caught my notice is how much of Bucky’s backstory has been transferred onto Peggy.

In the comic books, Bucky Barnes is an army brat, child of a soldier and his wife. His mother died when he was young, and Bucky was raised on army bases. When his father was killed in the war, Bucky was in his teens and taken under the protection of the army. Can’t recall off-hand what happened to his sister, but she was fostered/adopted off.

And then, teenaged Bucky - who was a bit of a scrapper - was sent off to train with the SAS.

So, in movie-canon, instead of a Bucky who was an army brat, we have Peggy in the Air Force as a nurse at the age of 15. Given her class, I’d say it’s highly unlikely she would have been there unless her parents were involved in the forces.

From the age of 15 to 17 (because they changed her year of birth in canon from 1917 to 1919 for some inexplicable reason), she was a general Air Force lady, and then, suddenly, at the age of 17, Our Lady of the Crackshot was in the SAS (problematic, because it didn’t historically exist at the time, but handwave, handwave).

Peggy has suddenly become the Bucky Barnes of the comics: someone who is seen as a token character (Bucky was meant to be the Boy Mascot of Captain America), but who can in fact kill you in about fifteen different ways with a hatpin. She’s the character who rescued Abraham Erskine from his prison by going all covert-ops. She’s the one who gets a kill shot at the driver of a moving car from fifty metres away after being stunned by an explosion.

It makes me so happy to have a male character’s traits implanted on a female character. So often, women are stripped of traits to make a male character seem stronger. But with Peggy, they have taken the characteristics of Bucky the Badass Barnes, and made one of the most fabulous female characters Marvel has committed to film.