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Not a customer complaint: I work at a call center and was issuing a refund for cust b/c their order had been cremated in a ExFed truck fire. Wasn't paying atten and instead of putting the amount to refund, I put in the order#. Thus telling the computer to issue a refund for over $1million. My initial reaction: "Ahhh! Smash the computer! Burn the evidence! Kill the witnesses!" As I was planning what country to flee too, my sup told me that the computer isn't able to issue a refund for that much

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This is more a fuck my self but does anyone get really bad anxiety before work. Like I want to try and talk my self out of working every day and I honestly really have a fun job it's a little taxing but exfed has been great to me I just need help not panicking first thing every day

DAY 2930(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Apr  8/9,  2016                Fri/Sat  2:35 am

It was the slip of the finger that buttons the square that points to the ‘POST’ .. and that I am afraid my dearest Ef has resulted in the pre posted contents that contain only the birth certificates of the mentioned exF … !!

And so now to some writing and some picturefondedhybernatedactionofthewholecountryofthesystemjuxtapositionedbythehaemoglobinintheatmosphere  !!!

Will I ever be able to get the Bengali out of me ..? Na baba na … !!

And so a visit to the Emami campaign at the Essel Studios, once a very prominent space for many film shot here … for me ‘Hera Pheri’, ‘Sholay’ and so on .. its almost at the edge of Mumbai .. even beyond Chembur and the RK Studios .. so familiar with us in so many ways ..

The ‘bong’ is deliberate, because the script demanded so .. and the fun is fun because how can one ever work in an atmosphere stuffed with drab disconcerted unconnected professionalism .. which in short means -anatmosphereoftheuniverseplaguedwithsuchextenuatingcircumstancesthatpercludeyoufromsuchextravagance …

If you know what I mean..

Fine ..

No but really .. it is this facet of the profession that keeps one grounded to the air of celebrity .. celebrity in not any elitist term, but subjected to common ideals and common needs ..

An old hand at the cinema brigade, from the time of my introduction into films, brushes past me .. a Junior Artist, who was part of crowd scenes and at a most a dialogue here and there if he were lucky .. and we fondly remember days of yore and others with him some left for a higher abode and some still struggling at the same act since ..

He was young and smart and filled with the essence of youth .. and I am shocked to see him thus .. he comes up to me with hesitation wondering whether I would remember him .. and when I do he is so filled with a sense of .. I do not know how to describe it .. we talk of Tulsi, another of the Junior Artists, that had an uncanny resemblance to me and would often get to play my double during various shootings when it was required of me to be a 2 places at the same time .. he has passed away .. he informs me of it … but I know of it .. Tulsi was an endearing human .. a smile and a look of ‘it shall all be ok’ on his face forever .. his daily routine .. a wide smile on set, which incidentally was almost every day, and a chocolate sweet which he would quietly slip into my hands when we shook them ..

For long after he had passed away, other colleagues of his, would meet me for the shoots on set and extend that hand of ‘continuity, and the chocolate sweet’ just as he would do each day .. it was such a sweet moment .. it was in his remembrance .. and I cherished it .. as did the other friends ..  

In the West and in the film industry these men and women are called ‘Extras’ .. it sounded derogatory here in India … so some senior stars and actors decided to change that to ‘Junior Artists’ .. respected Raj Kapoor ji, being one of the pioneers in this exercise .. it has remained since .. since the 50′s .. and shall ever be so  …

When its 48 degrees on set, and the heat is so intense that the perspiration dries up before it can even consider drenching the chest or chin .. the best is to mime .. mime the mime .. and be in deliberate peace .. 

Does it not show on my face .. 

Did you ever imagine peace to have this expression .. well you’d better now .. !!

Do not feel like leaving you tonight .. stay with me .. hold me .. give me your embrace .. let me feel the vibrations of company .. for there is nothing quite so engaging as that …

Amitabh Bachchan