the execution was poor

does anyone else have that one ship that actually is canon, but you can’t appreciate it because it was executed really badly (their romance felt too rushed/didn’t fit the main story, the actors had zero chemistry, it was just poorly written, ect.) but the concept is actually really cool and right up your alley? so you just kinda shove actual canon content to the side and never think about it again as you read 20592 au fics and fantasize about what could have been if the writers hadn’t screwed up 

Imagine Loki’s a pirate who’s rumoured to be the runaway prince of a foreign kingdom, ruled by Odin. You’re a poor fisherman’s daughter who’s mother was once a handmaid at Odin’s palace but was tried and executed falsely for an attempt on the Queen’s life.

When you hear Loki has come to your town to pillage the richer yeomen and gentry, you decide to sneak aboard his ship with the intent of getting revenge.

You reveal yourself to Loki once the vessel is at sea, threatening to kill him unless he takes you to Odin. Loki openly laughs at you but says you can join his crew if you earn your keep - otherwise he’ll simply throw you overboard.

You sail the seas together, becoming a famous pirating duo, and in your journeys fall for one another. At the last, the two of you end up having to confront your pasts and return to Odin’s palace…

Let’s talk about how white people have ruined Veil’s life from the beginning of her goddamn life. :)

She was taken from her actual parents and given to the (nice) white couple who taught her medicine and how to read.

Oh yeah, this was executed (poor choice of words) by Quinn.

Her parents were killed by Quinn.

Veil was kidnapped by the Widow to heal her when Veil probably would’ve done it willingly had she asked like a normal person.

Tilda told on Veil even though she didn’t have to disclose the fact that one of the bottles was poison. (Yeah, the white bi girl isn’t safe from my criticism, sorry not sorry 😘).

Quinn held her hostage, punished her, sexually assaulted her, and took away her only child. Basically, it was like an episode of Escaping Polygamy except with a black woman.

The Widow turned her over to Quinn despite telling everyone she’s this matronly (white) saviour who fights for the poor and downtrodden.

The Widow manipulated Sunny’s desperation to save Veil to get him to be on her side instead of actually saving Veil.

(This is more indirectly but I feel like saying it: Odessa turned in MK and Bajie, who could’ve been there to help save Veil and Henry. That’s two able bodied fighters. So.. y'know.. the odds wouldn’t have been as stacked against Veil had Odessa not meddled)

Quinn decided to hold her hostage to get Sunny to give him her or Henry, thus making Veil kill them both to save her loved ones.

Anyways, I’m really bitter and upset and I’m going to be brainstorming for fanfics now.

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i like sam's speech as much as the next person, but having him admit something is yet again his fault when it's not IN FRONT OF //WALT AND ROY/// makes me want to tear my hair out

Right? It rankles! It was wonderful to watch Sam rallying the hunters. Seeing the people who once would have shot him on sight stand beside him in a fight they knew they might not come back from was… humbling.

But the way Sam framed it all as his fault even though his optimism and way of doing things literally converted the one BMoL member he worked with (before poor Mick was summarily executed) was just… uncomfortable and sad. On one hand, he had enough faith in himself as a leader that he said follow ME.

On the other, he took all the blame on himself once again, and it was just really sad. It was a stunning speech, though.

little-magicpuff replied to your post “Romance, Representation And You”

I have trouble in the romance genre because I’m ace, and man do I love the romance, but so many romance books = erotica. That’s why I primarily turn to fanfiction because its tagged and I can filter for that stuff, when I’d love to read and support published authors who do the same with original characters, I’m just afraid of all I have to wade through to find them.

That’s understandable, especially because there is an ever increasing blurring of lines between romance and erotica with people not being able to tell them apart, and I gotta tell you, there’s people in the Romance community who are also extremely pissed off by this because people aren’t necessarily reading Romance for sex, they are reading it for, well, the romance.

It’s also bad for erotica writers who are getting their work lumped into the purely Romance sections on websites, and then they are getting left reviews like “shocking content! very extreme, did not expect to read that in a story called “Wilted Rose” and it’s like well no shit Helen, the publisher has made an executive decision and it was the wrong one and some some poor bugger who juts wanted to write whipped bondage foot tickle torture is having their star rating tank because they were expecting Mr Darcy and got a gimpsuit instead.

And I mean, I’m not saying that extreme whipped bondage foot tickle torture can’t be romantic, I’m just saying you’re aiming for a pretty specific demographic, and there’s a fairly substantial distinction between Mr Darcy and Your Daughter Calls Me Daddy, and it’s one you really want to make.

Okay so hear me out. Jurassic Park but instead of genetic engineering, corporate greed, and poor execution it’s just a zoo dedicated to bird and reptile education and conservation.

Fairy Tail Chapter 532 Review

oh boy oh boy, this chapter

I have a few complaints please.

First, We get this big color page of Zeref and Mavis making out but then at the end they don’t look at each other. It’s not like you can say ‘oh this is past and present’ because that first scene never  happened.

Second, why is Gajevy in a corner? We get all the big 4 ships in this color page but all of them except Gajevy get horizontal boxes that show off the ship, Gajevy is pushed into a corner. You think the only one of the 4 pairings to be canon would get bigger panels.

Third, Why is Gildarts and Cana here? This cover is really trying to push romantic love over familial love. But then your big symbolism loses meaning when you go against the grain, because when you look at Chelia and Wendy people are going to say “Well it’s platonic”

Fourth, why are Chelia and Wendy in a pool? I mean it doesn’t even get in any loli fanservice because their swim suits are way more conservative.

Fifth, I know about Elfever because I’m very absorbed into the fandom and put in a lot more effort in caring about than say a more casual viewer. I can only expect that a casual viewer is scratching their head because outside of caeos neither Elfman nor Evergreen have done anything, let alone remind you their in a relationship.

Six, Mirajane and Laxus. Seriously I’ve gone through all of Fairy Tail and this was never pushed as a possibility. You could’ve put in Lyon and Meredy and it make as much sense.

Seven, If your going to include familial love, why aren’t the strauss family together? They have been the pillar of blood relationships in this series for a long time.

Eight, and probably my biggest gripe, WHERE IS ALZACK X BISCA AND REN X SHERRY?! Seriously, you think for a page promoting a lot of love you’d want to include the only married couples in the series. And I understand Ren and Sherry are very minor characters but ALzack and Bisca? They have not only been here for years but also Bisca has done more this arc than Elfman and yet his ship gets a panel. Bullshit.

Okay so actual story time.

So Natsu all fired up with Dragon force faces Zeref. Also that human thing, umm, while I like the plot point you still kinda make it weak with the fact of the poor execution of the human moment.

Oh god. Natsu just blast right through her, no I’m serious Mavis’s plans are never good.

So Zeref has Mavis now. Well, it’s over. No seriously he got what he wanted he doesn’t need to listen to you Mavis.

Mavis says she has a way to “beat’ Zeref but Zeref says it’s useless. Not even END could beat him. Umm Zeref, you and END haven’t fought. Natsu hasn’t released it yet.

Zeref wants to kill Acnologia because he fears how when all humans are gone, immortals like them will become toys for him. Okay, as much shit I throw at this chapter, that is a really interesting idea and does tie together some of the odd dialogue from Zeref in previous chapters. So props.

Oh Gee! It’s almost like walking right into his hands was a bad idea! Seriously, this isn’t a surprise, you gift wrapped his victory.

We cut away to the christina

So Acnologia is still chasing them and it seems he’s maintaining a trail because he can smell Wendy’s dragon scent most likely.

Also *groan* Anna says she can open the gate because she’s a celestial wizard, oh go fuck yourself. I’ve already predicted your obvious end so lets get to it.

Jellal then volunteers himself to buy them some time which is honestly their smartest move. He has the most magic, suffered the least damage and his multi purpose heavenly body magic could be useful.

We cut to Zeref and Mavis

So apparently, Neo Eclipse isn’t a total reset rather it is just one person getting a do-over and can most likely preserve the memories so he can avoid aking that timeline.

I do kinda like this scene as Zeref is doing his contradiction thing but it also lends this idea of almost gray goal rather than a black and white one. Which I like.

And now for a scene I don’t like. This no regrets line feels really odd for a contradiction based character. Like is this definitive thought or this his justification? I just don’t like this scene.

After striking his power up pose Zeref activates Fairy Heart.

Oh my God I really has surpassed god! He got two of the greatest manga power ups of all time. Longer hair and a change of clothes! And as we all know those are signs of a truly god level threat.

(If your looking for more jokes about how Zeref looks please check here)

So post Chapter follow up: Well this chapter was a whole lot of nothing. Like aside from Zeref going god mode nothing really happens. Like it’s even just re-stating stuff we already know, this chapter was kinda padded out.

So pros, I do really like the reason why Zeref fears Acnologia, and I also like any scenes where Zeref can come off as the shades of gray character that he was introduced to us as. It’s also nice neo eclipse only is one reset and not the whole world changing.

Another thing I like is Jellal making the heroic sacrifice, because he’s the only well established side character on Christina doing something!

On the negative side, this chapter is just so stupid. Aside from the issue of nothing but going around in a circle of stating what we already know. But the worst of all is Mavis being a freaking idiot. Again she literally handed him all this god level strength because she’s an idiot. It’s not even a “oh wait she’s blinded by her emotions” moment. It’s a “let me put you in a prime position to take what you started a whole war over.” Since, this is what the chapter revolves around it was just painful.

Final Verdict: 3/10

  • It’s got a few good moments
  • But overall it’s so stupid
  • Just a padded chapter

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I was baptized Catholic, but for many years I was agnostic and away from the church. Now I believe in God again, and I am looking to go back to church. Only I don't know if I should rejoin the Catholic faith or search for another. I am LGBT and feminist, and I know there are other faiths that fit better with these aspects. Still, I feel drawn to Catholicism. As a progressive Catholic, could you give me some advice? Anon only because I don't have a tumblr. Thank you for reading this.

Hey anon–I’m so sorry I took so long to respond, but I am happy to hear that you’re considering becoming Catholic.

I’ve answered a few variations of this question in a couple of posts that you’re welcome to check out:

The most important advice I can give to feminist and LGBT-affirming Catholics is this:

  • Never confuse the institution with God. Your conscience is a divine gift. The bishop or pope or priest or trad blogger whose words shattered your heart sits down every day and takes a shit because he is a human being, just like you and me. He is the sum of his childhood, his sufferings, and his moments in communion with God, just like you and me. Sometimes, I’ll hear or read something that will make me want to walk out–of Mass, of Catholicism, of friendship with Jesus, and when I’m spiritually strong, I am able to say (aloud) “Fuck off, Satan.” 
  • Discerning and learning cannot be separated. Read and pray constantly. Research the history of what you profess to be True. Mull over it: start a journal, or reflect on it in Adoration, or decide that, whenever you’re on public transit, you’ll open up that Saint’s biography again. They say that you can’t be a good writer if you don’t read–I would argue that you also cannot be a good Catholic if you don’t read.
  • Know the difference between dogma, doctrine, and practice. Only the first is not up for debate. The core of Catholicism is the incarnation of Christ: What does it mean that He was born in the ancient, cultural equivalent of a public restroom? What does it mean that He was poor, a man of color, executed by the State–by foreign occupiers and religious leaders in cahoots with one another? What does it mean that He walked with men and women alike? What does it mean when we say He “conquered death” or “died for us” or gave us His Body to consume? These are the non-negotiables. These are the questions whose answers will inspire, devastate, and change you.
  • Sometimes, you will hurt. If spiritual abuse is happening, you have every right to eliminate the source from your life. But you will hear things that sting: from people in your parish, from priests online and off, from your pontiff–it’s impossible to evade, unfortunately. Safe spaces / communities and a strong prayer life are integral in these difficult cases. My friends have pulled me from the edge of Catholicism many times.

Bless you, anon. I hope that this helps somewhat. Please pray for me; I will pray for you.

The British Invasion/Good Grief

So, what’s comforting is that even Buckleming, who apparently don’t understand these characters at all and only have a limited grasp of how pacing and plotting work, can do only so much to keep Dean and Cas away from each other. Because here we have it again - it’s Dean calling Cas, it’s Dean worrying about Cas, it’s Dean who keeps leaving voicemails even when Cas’ ignoring him, and it’s Dean who gets paired off with Cas as soon as there’s some pairing off going on - look at that final scene - Sam clearly spent some of the night, or the morning, talking with Eileen (and, subtextually, maybe something more, since he’s clearly been learning some sign language and Dean apparently did his best to leave them alone - so much so Eileen left without saying goodbye), and when Dean asks about her, Sam’s immediate reaction is, And what about Cas? and that’s simply the done thing and neither time nor tide nor bad writing can do anything against it.

As for the rest of it - Jesus. My watching notes are mostly exclamation points, angry emojis, a string of what? and one come on.

Because, really. I don’t even know where to start. Just off the top of my head: Crowley can be overconfident, yes, but he’s not an idiot; the UK doesn’t work like that at all; women are generally not happy when carrying a demon baby and generally know birthing said demon baby will have dire consequences (I mean, it’s 2017 - who hasn’t seen Rosemary’s Baby?); Sam and Dean confiding in ‘every hunter they know’ and asking for help when confronted with yet another shitstorm of epic proportions is not normal - it’s freaking new and very significant, so what the fuck are you doing just mentioning in in casual conversation? And even Mick, for all his faults, deserved better. Honestly, I’m just this close to start a crowdfunding to get both those idiots a severance package - it’s not like you have to be a screenwriter, for fuck’s sake - just - I don’t know - keep bees - learn yoga - travel to New Zealand - I don’t even - ugh. 


I’m not sure what else there is to say about this episode. The Code is a bullshit idea and it doesn’t hold up, because, like, Nazi Extra n. 27 just ordered Ketch to kill both Sam and Dean, and they’re technically Men of Letters, so what is poor old Arthur supposed to do? Execute them, and then turn the gun on himself? And what was Toni’s punishment for burning half of Sam’s skin off, then? Also, you don’t really find orphans off the streets in England anymore, and it’s slightly difficult to turn them into super ninja assassins without anyone noticing (what about Timothy’s family?). And no, it doesn’t make any logical sense to exterminate every single hunter in America, and neither it makes sense to expect they’d obey every single order you give them. That’s not how you build your make-believe Nazi state - if you want to see how it’s actually done, just have a look around, for God’s sake - every other show is writing and tinkering with its own ‘the end is nigh’ plot simply by reading the bloody papers, why can’t you? And finally, yeah, upper class English people are generally annoying and they do dress in tweed from time to time, but not all of them - *channels Saint John Oliver’s spirit* -

The thing is, the difficult bit about storytelling (or, one of them) is that stories don’t work without problems or obstacles of some kind, but you also want your characters to be believable and behave like real people do, so you’ve got to find this fine balance between creating drama and not being transparent about it. Like, how many people realized Mick was going to die just from the damn promo? And, as a result, how many actually cared? His backstory was absurd, illogical, and a bad choice all around. Sam said Mick felt bad for killing that werewolf girl - good - show me. There’s your conflict, and there’s your canon-compliant and believable reason to make me care about Mick. No need to invent any of this Lord of the Flies nonsense.

(I did like the fact Ketch used the same lines on Mary as he used on Dean, though, even if that brings the total of queer-coded villains up to - all of them? - including stammering and blushing demon guy and, of course, Lucifer himself.)

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How is this happening ... again? How? Why? Do they think we're all blind? And stupid? And isn't it "interesting" that babies have been foisted on the two who many of us believe are in loving long-lasting relationships with GASP other members in the band???

Hello my Anon and haven’t you heard of the latin saying “repetitio est mater studiorum”? 

It seems that Babygate 1.0 because of its very poor planning and worse execution did not break up the fandom so 1DHQ came back for more. it’s not just the Boys who are targeted, mainly it’s the fandom. I have said it before that for the Boys to keep their “value” in the “musical market”, they need to remain relatable and to do this, they need their fans. At this point of the game, the fans are the strong card of the Boys. So if Cowell wants them weak ad ready to crawl back for mercy, he will need to cut off their fans. 

And this is exactly what is happening now. Babygate 2.0 brought further division in the fandom as there are even larries who accept it as real… So what most people in this corner of the woods see, that what is good for the goose is also used for the gander, they are unablee to see despite having lived through it once.

The thing, my Nonnie is that we’ve “been there, done that, got the t-shirt” so to speak, so it’s not difficult to call them out on their BS. I think that the choice of the date was their worse mistake. Cheryl’s pregnancy had already been called out by part of the press and ridiculed for its length, though actually I think that all the articles we had about it since march 2016 was nothing else but teasing us with the fact that Cheryl was trying for a baby and as you may know, fertility treatments take time. The fact that “private Cheryl” posted about it on the eve of mother’s day in UK tells me that a/ the photos of the baby are already sold “exclusively”, possibly along with a ridiculous article and we should wait for them and b/ since no one is interested in Cheryl’s singing career, Cheryl will re-invent and rebrand herself as a “mother”, hence the choice of the date!

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Hi!! Wondering if you have any book recommendations which are dystopian fiction/novels? Thanks :)

Hello! I haven’t read many dystopian novels, and the ones I read are very popular. That said, I highly recommend 1984, Animal Farm, and Fahrenheit 451. I’ve heard great things (and plan on reading) Brave New World, The Trial, The Lathe of Heaven, and Player Piano. People have also told me to read some of Murakami’s dystopian novels. (Hoping some of my followers can chime in with specific recommendations.) This probably isn’t a popular opinion, but I didn’t like The Handmaid’s Tale (Atwood) at all. Great story with poor execution in my humble opinion. 

Would love for others to chime in with their thoughts. 

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HI RANI! queen of queens, queen of making my heart hurt. can you write a post framework fitzsimmons fic with, of course, bus kids? THANKS

Hi, love! This ended up being Fitz/Daisy brotp with a mention of Jemma, hope that’s okay! But I’ll let you know if I come up with something else. :)


Daisy sits on the couch and reaches a hand gently towards him. He thinks for a moment she’s going to caress his cheek or smooth his hair out, but instead she wraps her fingers around his throat and squeezes softly.

He’s not alarmed, but he is confused. He doesn’t understand her joke, although these days nothing seems funny anyway.

“Do you remember what this felt like?” she whispers. “I don’t understand how you can forget, but you’re not afraid of me.”

Her hand drops away suddenly and he blinks like she’s released him from a fog. “What?” he asks.

“Hive.” Maybe this is the joke: every time, their traumas can be reduced to a single word. Devastations that will take lifetimes to unravel can be conjured up in a syllable.

He turns his head from her, unwilling to follow her train of thought.

“I nearly killed you, Fitz. I thought I would never get over the guilt, but you told me over and over again that it wasn’t me. How is this any different?”

“It’s different, Daisy, and you know that.” She takes his hand in hers and he flinches. His fingers twitch in her palm and he only lets himself take a second of her comfort before withdrawing from her grasp. He covers up the hand that had hit her as if hiding it will erase what he’d done.

Daisy smiles sadly. “Fitz, you’re more afraid than I am of you hitting me. I know you won’t do it. I know you would never do it.”

“But I did,” he protests, and this time he uses his hands to cover his eyes as tears drop from his lashes. “I hurt you so badly.”

Daisy sighs and sinks further into the couch, crossing her arms over her chest protectively. “I’ve survived much worse than a slap. But you’re right, it did hurt. It hurt to see you and remember you as someone who’s been my best friend for years and know you felt nothing for me. It hurt that I couldn’t get through to you. I guess it’s stupid but I really believed, you know, in the power of love or whatever bullshit. I didn’t realize the extent of her programming.”

She turns to look at him. He’s silent, but his shoulders are shaking with barely-contained sobs. “Fitz, you know what really hurt the most? It was having this faith that we would get you out and you’d be yourself again, and knowing that you’d never forgive yourself. I know what that’s like, and I would never wish that feeling on anyone. Especially not someone I love so much.”

He’s quiet for so long that time seems to pause and settle around them like a stifling blanket. “I’m sorry,” he murmurs finally, voice nearly washed away in his tears and muffled by his hands. “I’m sorry for yelling at you.”

She frowns, confused. “You were always pretty collected, actually. Did you ever yell at me?”

Fitz shakes his head, still not looking up. “Here. After…after you left. I’m sorry for yelling.”

Daisy hesitates before inching closer to him, like he’s an injured animal who might run at the slightest provocation. “It’s okay,” she says. “I can see how that would have felt for you.” She pauses for a moment, considering. “You’re…you’re not planning to run away too, are you?”

He laughs, but it’s entirely without mirth. “I don’t know where I could go,” he confesses. “You can’t run away when all of the monsters are in your own head.”

She rests a hand on his shoulder carefully and this time he doesn’t pull away. He melts against her, like he’s just not strong enough to fight against the solace she offers. “Yeah,” she says. “I learned that the hard way.”

He concentrates on matching his breathing with hers. Lately, it seems like even this is a struggle, but if he counts out her inhalations and exhalations carefully, he finds he can follow the pattern and relax for just a moment.

“You know,” she continues, “to be honest I think maybe I had the right idea, though. The execution was just poor. Also I pushed myself too far. Okay, really, it was very self-destructive and unhealthy. But I think there’s something to removing yourself, even temporarily, from a situation that’s this painful. Jemma mentioned you two had been talking about going to Scotland for a visit…what if you just stayed there? Not permanently, but indefinitely.”

Fitz frowns. “By myself?” He has always hated being alone, even now when he’s using isolation as a form of self-punishment.

“No, of course not. You know Jemma would stay with you. God knows she could use a break too.”

“And what about you?” he asks, softly, like it’s a question he doesn’t have the right to voice.

She smiles then, a genuine smile, her first in ages. “You know I’ll visit all the time. Whenever you want me to. Probably even when you don’t.”

He knows she expects a laugh, or even a smile, but instead he just nods and leans his head against her shoulder. For now, this is all he can offer, but when she wraps her arms around him, he knows it’s enough.