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Clarke and Bellamy write for different websites and accidentally end up in a competition of who can write/get away with the most ridiculous headlines.

Clarke understands why people hate clickbait headlines. She really does. They’re attention-grabbing in all the worst ways, and she hates when they make someone who’s doing good out to be an asshole, or imply that gluten murdered someone’s entire family or whatever.

But as a writer? They’re really fun to come up with. She loves figuring out the right angle to sell things, and given she ends up writing a lot of bullshit, filler articles, it’s nice to come up with a good lead.

There’s an argument to be made that she’s tricking people, but, honestly, clicking on an article in error really isn’t so bad, in a global sense. Anyone who’s seriously upset that they wasted two minutes of their lives reading something they didn’t want to probably would have clicked on an article with an accurate headline to complain about the content anyway.

Besides, ad revenue is ad revenue. She knows what her job is, and it’s not keeping people from leaving outraged comments about how she deceived them with her headlines.

In fact, that’s kind of a bonus.

She’s idly vanity-googling herself when she finds a twitter poll titled “Whose clickbait headlines are better/worse, Bellamy Blake or Clarke Griffin?” and that’s what really kicks the whole thing into high gear.

The poll is neck-in-neck, which is of course the biggest issue. If Clarke was winning handily, she could let it go, but there’s actual debate in the responses, people making cases for her versus this unknown person.

It doesn’t take much to bring out Clarke’s competitive spirit. Clarke has her competitive spirit on speed dial.

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Your Internet Persona (Midheaven Signs)

Aries: social media is the ultimate way for them to express themselves and their opinions. They tend to make everything about themselves, thinking everyone cares about what they have to say and share. Will pick up fights about their fandom or opinions frequently. The internet is probably the place that makes them most outgoing and confident.

Taurus: laughs about old memes long after they’re out of trend, because they’re too slow to keep up with the extremely quick and short-lived trends of social media. They just want to lean back and enjoy some good old planking videos, for gods sake. Theyre really practical about social media, they dont have the need to brag a lot or to pretend to be cool, they just want to enjoy themselves.

Gemini: over-sharing, lots of liking and commenting and tagging. They hate feeling like they miss something, they want to seem super informed and up-to-date with the cool kid trends. What are the neweste memes? Do people still say groovy and funky?? Ask a gemini midheaven. Theyre the coolest people on the internet.

Cancer: their social media consists of whining about first world problems and song lyrics or quotes that allude to something and them expecting others to know what they mean. Its almost as if their social media accounts are they angsyt teenage diaries for their thoughts and feelings to be expressed.

Leo: social media is the ultimate stage for a leo midheaven, they share lots of selfies and personal info nobody asked for and they’re unnecessarily artsy. Harry Styles has a leo midheaven and his instagram account is a black and white picture gallery of his ~artsy~ lifestyle… and his twitter bio says “raconteur” (which is a sort of storyteller) and his profile picture is of himholding up a camera. Come on, Harry!! Social media is not artwork, stop taking it so seriously!

Virgo: afraid of showing flaws! Perfectionists. They’d rather share too little than regret sharing something, usually quite private as well. Virgo midheavens never want to have anything embarrasing about them online so they think twice before posting something.

Libra: put lots of effort into appearing super cute and super pretty online, and then act all humble “im not that special, this picture is nothing, really, i just took it randomly… actually i didnt notice the camera going of??”. They will be the nicest most sweet people trying not to get into any fights, being super politically correct, because they dont want to offend anyone or be “problematic” (strange new term).

Scorpio: hates giving out personal information, likes using profile pictures that is not them. But if they do post something, you can be sure it’s super deep or a link to a weird documentary. They keep it real, post something that has meaning, cut the bullshit. The internet is not a stage for their ego, its a stage for what they stand for.

Sagittarius: passionately posts about things nobody else cares about, makes a big deal about everything and blows everything out of proportion!!!!! lots of exclamation marks!!! lots of “omg”. They will act as if everything is so sensational, inspirational and motivational. Everything is “hilarious” even though theyre actually staring at the screen with a blank face.

Capricorn: wants to appear professional, their tumblr is a portfolio, their twitter is actual life updates, facebook is a résumé. They will probably actually use the right grammar and spelling on their social media?? weird. Portraying themselves like that on the internet is their source of respect, their way to find a place where they are taken seriously.

Aquarius: social justice fighters online, even if they don’t care as much IRL, pretend to dislike things because they’re too mainstream, online hipsters. They will hop on any brand new band wagon but jump right off when it gets too crowded. They take lots of pride in being the first one to share a youtube video that later goes viral.

Pisces: mostly communicates through emojis, the rest is telepathy. Very vague posts, highly edited pictures. What they portray online is hazy & blurry and doesn’t really say anything about what the person is like or looks like. They might just not have social media at all. Celebrity example #1 for this is Cher, her tweets are sensational but they usually dont make sense

for the better

read it on Ao3 (part of the Zimbits Airport AU-verse) (I would recommend reading this on Ao3, actually, because of the formatting, but it’s here too for convenience) (also let me know if the link doesn’t work? bc i’m not 100% sure about it)

Jack’s been planning this day for a long time now. He even made a Twitter account for it, two months ago, and tweeted occasionally to build up a following (it was easier once he got that little check mark thing next to his handle). He has a few thousand followers, which is enough to get the message out, and he even has his tweet drafted.

The first draft of it was ‘hello everyone, I just wanted you to know that I am bisexual.’ Tater had taken one look at that and vetoed it. With every extra revision Jack suggested (adding an exclamation point, saying ‘you all’ instead of ‘you,’ et cetera, et cetera, et cetera), Tater had still shaken his head. So Jack took it to Georgia.

“I mean… it’s okay,” George had said, furrowing her brow at the screen. “It’s a little terse, though.”

“But I don’t need to say anything else to get the point across, do I?”

“Well, no. But it’s still very detached.”

Still, after a lot of reworking (and, okay, George does scrap that entire thing and make him start from scratch), they come up with something acceptable. Something that Jack might even say is good.

And then it all gets ruined at the last moment.

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