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You've shot a ton of bands. Who, if any, have been your favorite to work with? Or is it a tie?

If you’d asked this last week it would have been a tie between a bunch of bands, but All Time Low has taken the lead. Why?
1. I’ve never laughed harder during a shoot than I did last week.
“Alex put your pants back on please.”
-Jack- “Are we the biggest band you’ve worked with?”
-Me- “No, but you should totally call Mark Hoppus and tell him I said yes.”

2. Hopeless Records lets me do whatever twisted shit exists in my mind. I’ve never felt this comfortable working with a label and confident that they “get” my vision and support it. Likewise to ATL’s management team. The whole bunch breeds creativity and I LOVE working with everyone involved.

3. Polaroids. Which I am currently scanning, and I can’t stop laughing.

Can’t wait for all the weirdness from last week to be released. I don’t think I’ve ever had that much fun shooting before.

What costs money in a video...

Currently bidding a video treatment and so this has been encompassing my brain all day. Plus someone asked why it costs so much to make a video.

Camera Rental: $1,000- $5,000 possibly more for high speed cameras
Stylist: Dependent upon day rate, $400+
Wardrobe: Dependent upon concept and number of cast, $500+
Props: Dependent upon concept, $1,000+
Set Design: Dependent upon concept, $1,000+
Art Director: Day or Job rate, $800+
Fog machine: $300
Location Permits: $500+ per location
Lighting: $300+
Gaffer to light: Day rate, $250+
Camera Operator: Dependent upon day rate, $200+ per camera op
Assistant Director: Dependent upon day rate, $200+
Production Assistants: $100+ per person
Director’s cut: 10% of budget
Director of Photography’s cut: Day rate. $800+
Catering: $200+ Dependent on size of cast, extras, and crew
Editing: Dependent on day rate, $500+
Fire Marshal: $200
Airfare for band: $300+ per band member and management
Visual Effects: Crap ton of money…

 I’m leaving out at least half of what a normal video costs, but you get the idea… Roughly $10,000 not including building materials, paying the extras and talent, leaving off the director’s fee, and everything else I forgot to mention. 


I failed the graphic design gate at MSU because I got caught up in Photography and liked it more. Fast forward 6 years and I’m sitting here tearing my hair out trying to remember where shit was in CS3’s Indesign program to find it in CS5… I’m failing again. Doing everything in Photoshop and it’s taking about 500% longer because Photoshop is all,  "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!? THIS IS NOT A PHOTOGRAPH YOU FUCKING MORON!“ And I keep saying, "I KNOW! Stop yelling at me! I’m trying to do my best!” And then Photoshop is all,  "Yeah, well, remember you’re not a damn graphic designer, and you’re not fooling anyone! Oh and that font isn’t public domain so you can’t use it.“ And then I drink another beer and realize I’ve been talking out loud to my computer loud enough that Bryant asked who I was talking to…

Moral of this story is that I’m glad I failed at Graphic Design, because I’d probably be certifiably insane by now if I’d stayed on that track. 

Good talk. 


It might take me a while to process the entire Vegas trip…
Pierce the Veil, Joey Ramone’s daughter, Social Distortion, comped drinks, drunk dialing Joel Piper, a dude taking a bath, a sweet suite, me in 6" heels, baby carrot wars, I Used to be Fat marathons, a yard bone full of a boozey slurpee, monster face, photo booth, a handle of whiskey, Whiskey Hands, the Whiskey Hands Dance at 4am, beeeest frands, Tour Mom says NO!!!, Tour Mom says oh hell yeah!!!, DYLAN, long talks, bathroom meetings, video chats, is that a dude?, that chick was 4 feet tall!, Silverstein, crashing someone’s skype conversation, making a Secret Secret Dino Club video, Taco Pizza!!!, the running start dance…

Hanging out at Caleb’s being bored and watching TV on Hulu while the boys are at Shomo Group.
I’ve eaten entirely too much leftover Stiffler wedding cake today. Juice fasting hard when I get back to LA haha! Photoshoot tomorrow, then at some point Brandon’s taking me for super good vegan food, Emma’s fixing my hair up, and Wetzel is taking me to shoot guns for the first time. I heart Ohio.
Nighty night Tumblr world!

Most of the time...

The only reason I know all the messed up shit going on in this world is because of my roommate Bryant. We always have Aljazeera news running in the background through Roku. This uprising in Libya is crazy. Scary scary stuff going on out there, and it really freaks me out how absolutely NONE of it is covered on American news channels. I never truly understood how censored we are as a country until recently. 

Randomly delicious.

Ok if any of you following out there are juicers, you have to try what I just accidentally made!

1 big ass apple. I used a jumbo Fuji, but a couple smaller Gala apples would probably be dandy.
2-3 carrots
1 stalk celery if you feel like it
½ lemon.

SERIOUSLY! This tastes like the most bomb ass lemonade ever. Try it. It’s good for you. I’m going to so turn this into a summer cocktail with some vodka and soda sometime soon.

I promise I’ll post some pictures as soon as I’m not quite so blown away by my miracle machine in the kitchen. I’m so pumped about it. I have twice as much energy as I ever had, and feel freaking awesome. Supporting my theory that I just eat whatever is in the house, so if it’s filled with veggies and fresh fruit I only eat the healthy stuff. Win.

Just purchased…
5lbs of Carrots
and Celery.
My fresh produce delivery starts this week, and I am so pumped. It’s going to save me so much money on veggies.