the excitement is almost at bay

With friends like these

Pairing: You/Adam Cole

Summary: You and Adam have just had your first child. Uncles Kenny and the Young Bucks pay you a visit in the hospital.

It had to be the biggest damn teddy bear you’d ever seen. Rich, dark brown fur with a blue ribbon securely fastened around it’s soft throat. A deep blue balloon had been attached to one mammoth paw declaring “It’s a boy !” in a bubbly white font. The balloon honestly looks ridiculously small compared to the behemoth it’s been paired with.  You can barely see whoever’s holding it but you have a good idea who it could be.

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It Turns Out It Can Get Worse

Inspired by @smithyfetsmith and her amazing work.

Warning: This story is fictional, unrealistic and contains a very graphic depiction of child birth. Also bear in mind that this is my first story, so please excuse any errors :)

Summary: A very overdue young couple has an unassisted birth with their first child and things don’t go as they planned….

“I see his head” Brian excitedly announced to his straining wife. He could have danced a jig with excitement that finally the end was finally in sight. Marlie had been labor for multiple days and pushing for 7 hours.

Him and his wife had decided on an unassisted birth early on in her pregnancy, wanting the natural experience. But with their baby boy weighing 10 pounds at their 40 week appointment and it now being 3 weeks later. They both knew this baby was massive and was proving to be very difficult.

“Pressure!!!” Marlie cried in alarm as the baby rammed against her tender skin but Brian was too in shock to answer. Between her thighs, her vulva bulged out further than Brian thought was humanly possible. He knew the baby would be big, but he never imagined it could be this big. He swallowed nervously as it continued to grow, his wife’s petite vulva forming a teardrop.

“Shit its stinging!” Marlie cried as the baby forced the teardrop wider. “His heads starting to show” Brian said trying to sound calm.

“FUCK there’s so much pressure!!” Poor Marlie cried as their son drove hard against her tender skin. The weight of the massive infant unbearable against her femininity. “He feels huge!” She cried in alarm

“You can do this!” Brian encouraged rubbing oil along her opening to hopefully help her stretch easier. The oil seemed to do the trick and on the next contraction, the puffy teardrop snapped into a circle about 1 inch in diameter. “BURNING!!” Marlie cried out her eyes wide in shocked agony

“You’re starting to stretch babe” He said trying to sound like everything was okay. He didn’t have the heart to tell her that she was going to endure much much worse by the end of the day.

Marlie desperately pushed wanting the awful pain to stop and Brian winced as his wife’s delicate skin was stretched around their sons crown. Her poor vulva was inflamed bright fiery red and her naked body trembled on their bed as she fought to birth their massive child.

He pushed her labia open further with his fingers, knowing she needed help stretching and tried to ignore his wife’s cries growing in intensity as the ring of fire grew worse.

Brian was amazed that despite her agony, she was managing to keep pushing, but he knew from the agonized grimace and cries that she was starting to lose control.

She held out for another couple of contractions before the burning got the best of her.

“BURNING BURNING BURRRNNNINGGG!!!” She howled, her body twisting on the bed. Brian grabbed her thighs and kept them open as she involuntarily tried to close them.

“I know it hurts baby. I do. But your doing so well okay” he said rubbing her trembling thigh.

“He’s too big Brian, I can’t do this!” She cried looking at her husband with tears in her eyes.

“He needs to come our babe, c'mon” he tries to coax her

“I can’t fuck I can’t I can’t ooooOOOOOOHHHHH”
She howls as her body takes over and she’s forced to push. Brian breaths a sigh of relief that she is back to pushing, but can’t help but feel horrible as she sobs in agony.

He forced her thighs back, as very slowly his son’s head emerged more and more , his wife’s tender ring mercilessly contorted and stretched around their sons massive skull. But Brian grew nervous as her red tissues started to stretch bloodless white, her poor skin now unable to stretch further.

“Too big !!!! He’s stuck!!” Marlie cried trying to push him out further but her vagina was locked tight around his crown.

“Get him outtttttt!” She cried as Brian tried to come up with a game plan. He ran his fingers along the crown of the baby, now three inches in diameter. She was drawn tight as a bowstring, but there was still so much more that she needed to stretch.

“Lay back and get some rest. Give him some time just to sit there and stretch you out” he instructed rubbing her massive belly.

“It hurts so bad! So fucking bad!’ Marlie cried pitifully. Brian reached up to rub her cheek and placed a cool cloth on her forehead whispering sweet nothings to try and calm her.

20 minutes later, her vagina was still locked tight around the baby’s head and that wasn’t showing any sign of changing. He knew pushing would be fruitless and that in a hospital she would have been given an episiotomy by this point. He racked his brain for an idea and finally decided that it was his best option.

Brian sighed, he didn’t know how to tell his wife the news. He swallowed back his fear and tried to sound calm and professional before speaking.

"Babe, your still stretched tight around his head and we need to get him out. I can’t cut you and you can push him out, so we’re going to need to do something else and you’re not going to like it” he said unable to meet her frightened gaze. “We’re going to try walking and see if gravity can help you” he explained trying to keep her nervous voice even

“What?!! Brian I can’t move! Oh please Brian!” She begged but he knew that their baby needed to come out and knew this was necessary. He tugged her petite naked body off the bed, ignoring her pleas and protest. She fought to sit down and get back to the bed but realized her husband wasn’t going to budge. Her vagina looked and felt like it was going to burst , poor Marlie sobbing at the unbearable pressure and pain as their overdue child was held inside her by only her tender opening. They walked slowly down the hall , Brian’s worry growing as her vulva still refused to budge.

For Marlie, each step was more painful than the last and she couldn’t help but sob and beg her husband to let her stop. Finally Brian gave in and resided to let her squat down and tried to pry her open with his fingers as she pushed, but after 10 minutes and minimal, if any progress, he knew it was time to start walking again.

He stood up and instantly Marlie looked pleadingly at her husband , but he once again hoisted her up. But this time when she screamed it was because her vagina tore. Brian looked at the blood trickling on the floor and sat her back down to investigate.

“OH MY CLIT!!! It hurts OH god it hurrrttttsssss!!” Marlie cried, her vagina burning and throbbing in agony. Brian could see where the break in her perineum had happened but what was more alarming was the head looked to be coming posterior. He knew with the head facing upwards, the baby was shoving agasint her clitoris. He could see the little nub turn blood red under the strain and when he rubbed it, it was hot to the touch. “He’s posterior babe, thats why your clit hurts” he explained

“Can this get any worse” Marlie whimpered but unfortunately it could, they just didn’t know it yet.

For the next hour, they tried every position in the book and did numerous laps around the hallway, but their son wasn’t any closer to being born despite their efforts.

He searched his brain for a solution and finally came up with one. He knew Marlie wouldn’t like it, but looking at the state she was in, he knew his son needed to be born. He continued to drag her down the hallway but instead of stopping at the stairs, he began pulling her down them.

“ Brian, Brian No No No oh pleeassseee NO!” She begged as she was forced to walk down the stairs. The last thing she wanted was more even more pressure against her opening. But what she didn’t know, was that the hardest part, was going up.

They reached the bottom and Brian checked to see if the head had moved and could feel some tension in her skin loosening. “I think it’s working” he said hopeful. Marlie nodded, wanting the agony to end more than anything in the world.

As they took the first step up however, she couldn’t but let out a scream as the baby drove hard against her tortured opening and tore her a little further. She reached down with both hands to stop the baby from coming out, but Brian grabbed them and kept her walking “Come on, I know it hurts, but he’s gotta come out babe” he said as she sobbed.

Each push the baby drove upwards against her clit and tore her open a little further. They reached the top of the stairs and Mandy dropped onto all fours, Brian getting behind her and rubbing her back. “IT HURTS!!!” his wife screamed as the ring of fire grew unbearably worse. “I know, keep pushing baby!” He encouraged seeing more and more of his sons massive head.

“I’m tearing apart!!” She cried as she felt her vagina splitting open in multiple places. Brian gulped and did not know how to help.
“Your doing so good” he encouraged.

He knew that the head wasn’t coming out if she didn’t tear, but seeing his wife’s tender flesh tear open, was making his stomach turn.

“OHH MY CLIT!!” She howled as the baby continued to shove against it and stretch it further. Brian reached up and put his hand over top of it rubbing it slightly to see if it helped her but it didn’t, but kept his hand there not wanting her to tear upwards.

“Keep pushing ” he instructed watching and hoping his head would just come out already. Her ran his free hand around her vagina and an felt an alarming amount still inside her.

“BURNNNINGGGG!!” His wife shrieked as more of their sons head forcefully emerged. “Good girl, he’s coming out” Bria said excited to finally see an end in sight.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!” Marlie howled unable to keep the screams of agony at bay as the baby reached full crown. “Make it stop! Make it stoopppppp! MAKE IT STOP!!” She screamed unable to keep from convulsing as the baby reached full crown.

“Your at full crown babe! He’s almost out!” He exclaimed trying to be heard over his wife’s cries of agony. But just when he thought the head would pop out, it stayed put. Marlie pushed and pushed trying to dislodge the massive skull torturing her vagina, but it was no use. The baby was stuck once again.

Suddenly Marlie turned and laid on her back, yanking her legs as far as they could go. Her whole body trembled with her efforts and Brian rubbed her thighs and kissed her belly to provide some comfort and support. Now that she was on her back and spread eagle, Brian was able to see just how horrific the scene between her thighs was. Her poor vulva was torn in several places and was stretched to a horrific 6 inch width. It looked like an adult head between her thighs and their sons brow had his wife’s clitoris drove upward so far, he could barely recognize what it was.

Another hour went by with the baby still stuck at the brow and Brian finally gave in, grabbing the phone and calling for an ambulance. He waited to be connected but instead got an automated voice message saying that all ambulances are on standby due to massive amounts of snow.

He looked out their window cursing as he saw the amount of snow. But as he heard his wife cry out, he knew it didn’t matter how bad the roads were, she needed to get to the hospital.

He ran upstairs and sat down wiping her sweaty hair from her forehead before telling her the news. “The roads are really bad outside so the ambulances are on standby , but with our truck we should be fine to get to the hospital” he explained leaving out the part , that it would take hours to reach the hospital with the road conditions. He put her in one of his t shirts and wrapped her in a blanket , knowing that clothes weren’t much of an option in her state. Dragging her down the stairs once more and out into their truck and they finally were on their way. Marlie braced her feet on the dashboard , spreading her legs wide open and resorted to trying to blow and meditate the away the pain, but gave up as it proved useless

Time dragged on as they slowly made their way to the hospital, his wife’s poor vagina starting to bruise from the hours of strain. Brian tried rubbing her leg and holding her hand but in the end the only thing his wife wanted was to get their son out and that wasn’t something that was possible. She was no longer screaming, instead she was just sobbing and occasionally would give a frustrated cry after she pushed to no avail.

It took 5 hours till they finally saw the lights to the hospital and both couldn’t help but shed a tear on relief. The pulled up and were met by 2 nurses who instantly blanked at the sight of his wife. “She has been stuck like that for hours, please help us” Brian explained pleadingly.

“Please” Marlie peeped, her tear stained face breaking Brian’s heart. The nurses nodded but told them that they couldn’t get a stretcher out to the parking lot because of the snow. Marlie groaned as she realized that she must walk once more. The blood had left her vagina during the last hour of their drive making her semi numb but as soon as gravity hit, all the blood came back and so did the ring of fire with a vengeance. The nurses and Brian winced as she screamed and cried as she was dragged into the hospital. The reception room gasped as Marlie walked in not knowing what was causing her agony. But when the nurse removed the snow covered blanket and helped her onto a stretcher , everyone was horrified to see the massive baby between her legs and the damage that been done to her vagina.

They wheeled her across the hospital , causing stares and gasps from everyone who saw them. Finally the reached their room and Marlie was placed into stirrups. Brian rubbed her shoulder and tried to keep her calm as they waited for a doctor.

Another hour tricked by and there was still no sign of a doctor. Brian buzzed for a nurse repeatedly and finally got their attention. “We’ve been waiting for a doctor for an hour now, what the hell is taking so long?!?” He growled.

“Most of the doctors couldn’t make it in today due to the storm and since you wife isn’t progressing , it might be a while before he shows up” the nurse said before hurrying off.

His wife started dry sobbing, officially out of tears from the hours of crying as she heard the news and Brian would be lying if he said he wasn’t on the verge of crying either.

Another two hours went by, officially making Marlie stuck crowning for ten hours. At this point she had given up and resolved that their son was never coming out. It felt as though she had been stuck crowning for an entire lifetime and she couldn’t remember what it was like to not be in excruciating pain.

Finally the door of their room opened and the doctor arrived. Brian didn’t know if he wanted hug or kill him but either way help was finally here. Several nurses also piled into the room. Each one went wide eyed and shocked at the sight in front of them. The doctor instantly rushed over and slapped on a pair of fresh gloves, before sitting down between Marlies spread legs.

“Help me!!! Please help me!!” Marlie begged as the doctor ran his fingers along her vagina.

“Sheesh that is one big baby” one of the nurses exclaimed unable to believe that a vagina could stretch that much and that a baby could be that big.

The doctor sighed. The baby was posterior so doing an episiotomy wasn’t going to help much. He laid eyes on the instrument table and finally got a solution

“Marlie, normally I would do an episiotomy but since the baby is posterior, we are going to use a vacuum suction instead.” He explained as the nurse passed him the instrument.

“ JUST GET IT OUT!” She shouted, at the end of rope. “We will” the doctor promised attaching the largest cup he had on hand to the baby’s large head. He began pulling and Brian winced as fresh blood trickled down onto the bed sheet. He rubbed his wife’s shoulder as she shrieked and dry sobbed. Slowly he saw their son’s head get forced out and he looked away as he saw the damage being inflicted. Two of the nurses huddled in the corner of the room, horrified by the scene.

“His head is almost out” Brian exclaimed , but his wife’s was too lost in her agony to her him. The baby remained stuck at the chin for a couple of moments before the head finally emerged. “Oh god oh god oh god” Marlie gasped incoherently. “His heads out” the doctor announced. “Almost done babe” he whispered kissing her forehead.

He watched the doctor wipe the blood off his son’s head and watched the baby’s head turn to face her left thigh. Brian honestly didn’t think his wife had the energy to push his shoulders out, but suddenly she grabbed her knees and bore down harder than he had ever seen her do. He helped push her legs back further and shouted encouragements as their sons wide shoulders tormented her poor vagina even more. Both shoulders strained against her battered opening before they both suddenly erupted out of her and were quickly followed by the rest of the body, the 14 pound baby boy finally born at last.

Preference: They Find out You're Infertile

Request for anon: “For a request can you maybe do a preference (if no preference then maybe just Anakin or Leia) of you finding out you’re infertile and can’t have a baby cause I just found out and I’m kinda struggling.”

Alright noodle. I hope this comforts you in any way. Usually when I give advice to help other noodles, I try to do it from personal experience. But I have not experienced this so I don’t know what to say that is correct or comforting. But I will tell you this: Do not blame yourself. This may not happen to a lot of people but it is natural. Be kind to yourself. You are loved. Everything will be ok <3

Obi Wan: The love that Obi Wan had for you could not be matched. You were both so excited to have a baby, who cares if it was forbidden! He walked in on you at the med bay, sobbing your heart out. He immediately wrapped his arms around you, and sang to you. Nothing in particular. He just held you and whispered comforting things to you. He assured you that he still loved you no matter what and you will always have him.

Anakin: He wouldn’t dare leave your side after you told him. He helped you through everything. He wiped your tears. He held you. He tried so hard to make you smile. He cut out time of his day to spend extra time with you. Cuddling is a guarantee.

Padme: She knew this could have happened. She cried along with you when she found out. She was afraid of losing you too. You both would lay together and just talk everything out.

Luke: Luke wished desperately there was he could change. He felt awful, how could something like this happen to you? Or anyone for that matter. He kiss your cheeks and tell you how special you are to him and how strong you are.

Han: He didn’t say anything at first. He gave you the silent treatment. But he wasn’t mad at you, he was just confused, angry. After the second day, you begged for him to say something, anything! He ran over and hugged you rocking you slightly, assuring you he wasn’t mad at all.

Leia: Leia wouldn’t cry in front of you. You needed her now more than ever. She’d would not leave your side. You both comforted each other the best you could. You would get through this together.

Rey: Having no family for most of her life, Ret felt lost when she found out. But she still had you. You both told each other, that there was no chance of one of you leaving the other.

Finn: He was confused as to why there wasn’t anything he could do about it. You both were so unhappy about it. He’d hold you and whisper everything and nothing into your ear.

Poe: Poe at first blamed himself. He probably could have done something, maybe he shouldn’t have pushed you for training. You assured him it was no ones fault.

Kylo: Kylo would be destroyed. He was excited. So excited. Why did it have to be ripped away from you two? Why? He wouldn’t understand at first. You soothed both him and yourself at the same time. After that he focused on you entirely. You needed him and he needed you.

Hux: Almost not thinking about it, he’d sen you down to the med bay just to see if there was any way at all you weren’t. He’d be distant and cold to you. But he was just in denial. Something like this wouldn’t happen. Not to you. You finally snapped and told him you needed him. He begged for forgiveness and you’d give it to him.

Phasma: Phasma at first wouldn’t know how to comfort you. Getting to the awkward point of it. But then one day, she just broke down in tears. You comforted her, both of you not daring to leave each other’s sides.

Christmas Wishes (Newt x Reader)

Originally posted by fandom-imagination-ss

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my wonderful followers, just in time– here’s your Christmas special! (I tried to squeeze in the all the recent Christmas requests I got in, hope you enjoy!)

Words: ~3000

Rating: Y’all are gonna need to be resurrected after all this fluff! <3

Hope you enjoy!

Newt Scamander could barely contain himself.

The magizoologist’s fingers would drum along the railing of the boat for a time, then he would pace a bit on the deck as the salt-dusted wind tugged at his mop of honey-hair, fidgeting with the handle of his suitcase to keep the excitement at bay as he observed the dock inch closer with every wave that lapped at the ship’s metal exterior almost hungrily.

When he would grow just a bit too impatient, he would unfold the creased paper in his vest pocket, having almost memorized your latest letter to him by this point.

“My dearest Newt,”

He already had to pause, a giddish grin cracking across his freckled face, his heart leaping in jubilation from such loving words coming from someone he deeply cherished.

“It finally started snowing here in New York, just in time for Christmas! You’d enjoy it this year, it’s not too chilly, but just cold enough to keep the ground covered in sparkling white. Jacob, Queenie, and I already convinced Tina to build a snowman the “No-Maj” way in Central Park yesterday, and he looked very handsome with his scarf and button nose. I wish you would have been here, I could have used you on my team during the snowball fight that ultimately ensued–beware of Tina, she is unstoppable when given enough frozen ammunition!”

Though he enjoyed re-reading your letters whenever he had the chance, Newt skimmed to the bottom of the letter with a surge of nervous excitement.

“It’s sweet of you to ask, though to be honest all I truly want this year for the holidays is to see you again. I’ll be thinking of you as I always do, but I’ll miss you all the more this season.

Yours always,


Newt could barely suppress a light chuckle of excitement, rocking on his heels in anticipation as the ship finally docked on the shore of New York, his second home. Home was where the heart was, and you were certainly proof of that. Newt had never quite felt the same since he had left you in New York, though the consistent letters you two would write to one another certainly kept him going for the last few months.

It was your most recent letter that had pushed him to go through with the Christmas gift he had spent weeks mulling over in his mind. Checking his pocket for the hundredth time, he felt reassured when his fingers brushed over the sealed envelope, tracing the indentation of your hastily scrawled name in the middle.

With tremendous excitement and determination practically seeping from his pores, Newt scurried off the ship and hastily crunched through the snow-coated cobbled streets to his destination, smiling through his tightly wrapped ragged scarf all the way.

“It’s a Christmas miracle, Jacob!”

“It’s somethin’ alright.” Jacob chuckled, revelling at the sight before him. The baker had barely brought Newt from the front door into the kitchen before Queenie appeared from the parlor and enveloped the magizoologist in a loving hug, practically squeezing the poor wizard to death.

“We’ve all missed you so much honey, you didn’t tell us you were comin’ over for the holidays!” She giggled giddily, planting a chaste kiss on Newt’s cheek and giving a grin as she finally pulled away.

“Bit of a surprise,” Newt chuckled in response, “Though I do hope I’m not intruding–”

“Oh no, honey, you’re always welcome!” Queenie quickly informed him, gingerly helping remove his navy coat and striped scarf to hang on the coat rack, adding over her shoulder with a smile, “In fact, we might just make you stay this time, right Teenie?”

Newt turned to where Queenie was looking over his shoulder, revealing Tina walking into the kitchen with a grin on her face. “Well hey there stranger,” she welcomed playfully, embracing Newt warmly, and much less constricting than her sister. “Happy Holidays!”

“You as well,” Newt smiled back, indulging in the warmth of the apartment and it’s inhabitants he had missed dearly, savouring the sight of the merged Christmas and Hanukkah decorations strewn about the apartment, converging traditions and decor that made the space all the merrier and festive. Upon feeling the unmistakable sensation of the envelope in his vest pocket shifting, his herbal eyes lit up, darting around the apartment curiously. “Where’s Y/n?”

“Oh honey, I’m sorry, she’s hasn’t been home for a while…” Queenie trailed off, placing a hand on Newt’s shoulder comfortingly with a sympathetic expression.

Newt felt a wave of dismay wash over his form, the room suddenly feeling much more empty despite the company of good friends. He inwardly berated himself for not notifying you of his visit, though he never thought you would just leave without letting him know, perhaps you didn’t want him to know, or–

Queenie’s eyes immediately widened, pursing her lips in slight embarrassment as she read his thoughts, “Oh, no sweetie I didn’t mean like that, she’s just been out shopping since this morning–”

The distinct unique creaking of the old wooden door to the apartment sent electric shocks of hope and thrill through Newt’s nerves as he swiveled on his heels to find the manifestations of his affections walking through the doorway.

“Sorry I’m late, Mrs. Esposito gave me a lecture on wearing a dress out in the snow a-and….” you trailed off, E/C gaze meeting with sparkling seafoam eyes you hadn’t seen in what felt like ages. You almost thought he was an illusion, standing there in his crisp brown vest, white dress shirt sleeves rolled up asymmetrically on either arm and a disbelieving yet gleeful expression upon his freckled face. A genuine grin tugged at the corners of your lips as you let out a curt laugh of surprise and joy, dropping your bags and instantly dashing toward your beloved wizard.

Newt felt as though he would burst with delight as you jumped into his open arms, relishing in your enchanting giggle as he spun you around excitedly. He set you down gently, pressing a light kiss to the crown of your head as he hugged you tightly to his chest, savouring the warm feeling of you in his arms and your alluring scent of rose petals, rainwater, and what he could only describe as the comforting smell of home.     

“You brought me just what I wanted!” You squealed happily, feeling tears brim your eyes in elation as you craned your neck upwards to relish in the sight of the shy smile you thought about every moment of every day in his absence.

Newt gave a sharp inhale, at first assuming you somehow knew of the contents of the envelope that was snugly hidden in his pocket, though upon seeing the look of adoration in your E/C gaze, he realized you had wholeheartedly meant your humble wish to see him for Christmas. The fondness in your genuine smile, paired with the sensation of your warm hands still entangled around his neck brought him on the verge of melting in bliss. 

Though difficult, he resisted the urge to present his true Christmas gift to you right then and there, instead electing to embrace you once more, eliciting another delighted giggle from you as he grinned, “I missed you terribly.”

“I missed you just as much,” you chuckled into his chest, absentmindedly tracing the curvature of his vest buttons. “If not more.”

“I’m positive I missed you the most,” Newt smirked with raised brows, as if daring you to challenge him on it.

You almost considered it before Jacob spoke up with an admiring laugh. “Neither of you are gonna win that argument, but I’m thinkin’ you both agree on dinner.” He gestured to the dining table, where Queenie and Tina were quickly preparing while humming along to a holiday tune, plates and silverware gently drifting to their respective places on the table before the steaming food floated to the festive platters.  

As you lead Newt to the table, your eyes lit up with anticipation, “I’m so glad you’re here, I have your gifts wrapped but they’re in my bedroom,” your face flushed slightly, “I was going to send them in the mail so they’d get to you on time, but I guess I was secretly hoping you’d be here to open them yourself.”

Newt’s heart swelled at your thoughtfulness, feeling Billywigs flutter in his stomach when you clasped his hand in yours, tugging playfully toward the bedroom, “I can’t wait for you to open them–”

“Y/n, you know the rules,” Tina raised her voice with a knowing smile thrown your way as she pulled an extra chair to the table, nodding for you and Newt to take a seat.

“Presents after dinner.” Queenie finished in a sing-song voice, flicking her wand to finish lighting the candles that were strewn about the kitchen. “We’ve gotta hear all about Newt’s adventures since he’s been gone, don’t we honey?”

“Oh, yes, well, I did recently discover a new ability the Swooping Evil has,” Newt raised his brows excitedly, “Which assisted me in catching the Niffler when the little bugger got loose in a museum.”

“Well now I gotta hear about that,” Jacob chuckled, tucking a napkin in his collar and sitting eagerly before the steaming meal.

Supper conversation drifted on into the evening well past when the meal was finished, Newt recounting his tales of new creature discoveries and the various times the Niffler managed to escape during the most inconvenient of times. The magizoologist was captivated by your ecstatic re-telling of what Jacob called the “most unfair snowball fight in history”, since it was the muggles versus the wizards, though the baker advocated that your persistence during the fight was practically medal-worthy.

Tina took notice of Newt’s entranced staring more than once, and it didn’t take her mind reading for Queenie to know Newt was just as smitten with you as you were with him. The blonde Goldstein sister did, however, find herself suppressing a giddish grin behind her fingers that muffled her giggles as she listened to Newt’s hurricane of anxious thoughts as he subtly traced the outline of the envelope in his pocket in hidden anticipation.

 After the holiday dinner, you all participated in the lovely lighting of the first candle of the menorah that sat patiently upon the windowsill that overlooked the snowy city streets, Queenie and Tina leading you all in reciting blessings as the sky darkened and nighttime approached. 

The rest of the night consisted of gift giving and light conversation. Though the moon rose high and the hours ticked on, the five of you were still huddled by the fireplace in the living room,  trading and unwrapping gifts by the decorated Christmas tree.

Tina was ecstatic with her new coat you had bought her, as you were with the perfectly-fitting boots she had given you. Queenie adored the perfume you found for her in a heart-shaped bottle she wouldn’t stop cooing over, and assured you she would spritz it on every day.

Newt was grateful for the four of you having chipped in on a collective gift of a new charmed suitcase, just in case he would need just that extra bit of room for some new creatures. He thanked you all profusely, and you practically melted at his endearing grin of appreciation.

You adored the little teddy bear Jacob had given you, and the baker was very flattered with your thoughtful kitchenware set gift, “I can’t wait to use these, you’ll have to be my number one taste-tester,” he grinned.

Eventually there were only a few gifts left to open. Though you knew it was silly, you figured the slower you opened each gift the longer Newt could stay.

“This one’s from me,” Queenie bit at her bottom lip eagerly, handing you a bag with light pink tissue paper flowering at the top. You eagerly dug through the paper, only to come into contact with sultry blue and pink silk with decorative lace–”O-oh my, Queenie,” you blushed profusely, covering your mouth with your hand as you gasped surprise, “Why would I need–?”

You paused as Queenie gave you wittily raised brows as her knowing gaze flickered between you and Newt suggestively. “Queenie!” Tina hissed with a playfully reprimanding light slap on her sister’s arm, Jacob only subtly chuckling as Newt shot him a questioning look.

“Scandalous,” you tsked with a giggle, quickly covering the contents with the tissue paper once more. “But thank you,” you added with a ghost of smile on your face, giving Queenie the giggles too.

“What? Did…Did I miss something?” Newt asked innocently, looking to your bag with confusion written on his features.  

“Ladies things,” Queenie shrugged, biting back a grin, waving her hand as if it dismissed the issue entirely. Newt was still unsure of what exactly she had meant, but felt his cheeks heat in slight embarrassment all the same.

You quickly slid a carefully wrapped box with Newt’s name on it toward the magizoologist, flicking at the golden ribbon atop the lid playfully. “This one’s for you.”

Wonderment quickly took over dissipating embarrassment as Newt tugged off the ribbon and tore the festive wrapping paper off. He gingerly pulled the lid off of the box, eyes widening in bewilderment as he pulled out a familiar lengthy striped scarf, admiring the soft texture and tight weave between his freckled fingers.

“Made the muggle way, but I guess you can’t really tell,” you shrugged, fiddling with a piece of stray ribbon on the carpet. “The last time I saw you I noticed yours was looking a bit, um, “loved”, and figured you could use a new one.”

Newt’s heart leaped at your words, looking to the scarf in a new light. The hours of time you had spent, knitting every loop by hand all while thinking of him, the fact you noticed he loved his scarf and you were willing to hand-craft him another, it was enough to practically melt the magizoologist’s heart.

“I adore it,” he breathed sincerely, herbal eyes sparkling as he looked to you appreciatively, “Thank you so much Y/n…”

“I’m so glad!” You sighed in relief, pride swelling in your chest.

Seeing you so pleased and contented with such a simple gesture, Newt felt the impulse to give you his secret gift, and quickly scrambled in his vest pocket for the envelope, “This, ahm, this one is for you,” he stated, a wave of anxious thoughts washing over him as he handed you the sealed gift. He took note of Queenie’s sharp inhale and attempted to bury his thoughts should she accidentally spoil the surprise.

“Aw, thank you Newt,” You smiled as you gently tore open the envelope and peered inside, noting Newt’s anxious lip-gnawing expression from the corner of your vision. Your brow furrowed in curiosity as you gingerly pulled out two slips of paper with times and dates…tickets.

One-way tickets.

One-way tickets…to Britain.

Exuberance blossomed in your chest as you felt your cheeks heat in excitement and hands quiver in disbelief as you lifted your gaze to Newt’s in wonderment. “I-is this…”

Newt swallowed thickly, unsure of how to read your reaction, though the shaky smile you wore gave him the surge of confidence to take your quivering hands in his and confide to you, “Y/n, there’s not a single day–moment, really, that I don’t think of you.” He inhaled deeply, glancing about to his friends for a moment. Queenie was already in tears, having likely read his mind, Tina with a hand over her enormous grin and Jacob staring with delight and raised brows. They all practically oozed with enthusiasm, encouraging him to continue, “I’d love nothing more than for you to, ahm, accompany me in my travels, and I’ve got your room set up back home already,” his cheeks immediately flushed at his confession, his gaze flickering to yours nervously. “O-only if you’re interested, of course, I wouldn’t wish to make you uncomfortable or–”

You cut off the stuttering wizard with a firm kiss of eagerness, taking him by surprise when you cupped his face and repeatedly murmured, “Yes, yes, yes,” in between smaller, tender kisses of devotion along his jaw, cheeks, and nose.

Queenie couldn’t suppress a small squeal of approval, burying her face in her hands as she leaned into Jacob, who chuckled gleefully and gave a thumbs up. Tina gave a giggle of amusement, eyes shining with praise as she smirked at the now intensely blushing magizoologist.

Newt couldn’t contain the jubilant chuckle and glowing smile at your fervent response as you leaned your forehead against his, entwining your fingers with his freckled ones lovingly. “I’d love nothing more,” You murmured, a grin cracking across your face, nose gently brushing Newt’s and sending a shiver of delight up his spine. “Than to go home with you.”

Newt felt his breath slightly hitch at hearing you refer to his home as your own, feeling his heart rate skyrocket and cheeks warm with fervent jubilation. He let out a chuckle of relief and excitement, lost in the heat of the moment as he wrapped you in an affectionate embrace, your laughter like perfectly tuned bells reminding him your presence in his life was something he was eternally grateful for.

Tina and Jacob started a miniature applause, Queenie squealing her endorsement as she showered the both of you in ribbons from the unwrapped Christmas gifts, “Oh Teenie, it’s another Christmas miracle!” She hissed excitedly, giggles bubbling from her chest as a few of the ribbons caught in Newt’s amber-curls and tangled in your H/C hair, the two of you now blending in with the Christmas decorations.

The rest of the night drifted on in comfortable quiet, the twinkling of the lights on the Christmas tree and the crackling of the fireplace eventually lulling the apartment’s inhabitants into a contented slumber. Jacob had fallen asleep in Queenie’s lap, and she too found herself drifting off with Tina on her shoulder as they stared into the fireplace. Newt, however, found sleep almost impossible, feeling as though he were already in a dream as it was. He propped his elbow on the armrest of the couch, head in one hand as he gazed about the tranquil livingroom, his other weaving through your H/C locks in a calming rhythm, counting down the hours until the boat ride home in the next few days.

Home. He smiled at the thought, seafoam gaze drifting down to your sleeping form curled up against him. The wizard was almost in disbelief you had chosen to be a part of home for him, though he would make sure you would know he was grateful every moment of every day in your future together.

While attempting to count every lovely eyelash upon your flickering eyelids, Newt felt the familiar pull of sleep tugging at his conscience. He gave in when you snuggled further into his chest, placing a tender kiss to your head before drifting off.

Though the chilled snow floated through the crisp night air outside, those in the apartment slept soundly and warmly, you and Newt cuddled together, cozy and contented with Christmas wishes fulfilled.

Happy Holidays to you all!

Hope you enjoyed!

Thank you so very much to all who have liked/reblogged, and especially those who have left such wonderful comments and reached out to me with such lovely messages, they make my day and warm my heart, a big hug for all of you!

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Bay's Transformers the Scores in my opinion

[TF1] : Sound cheerful, hopeful, touched, colorful, motivative, calm, comfortable, warm, exciting, deep, soft, pushing, sorrowful, breathtaking×10, tuneful, strong

[TF2] : Sound mighty, deep, exciting, motivative, touched, hopeful, mysterious, sorrowful, breathtaking×2, hopeful, tuneful, strong

[TF3] : Sound mighty, deep, sorrowful, breathtaking×2, exciting, mysterious, less hopeful

[TF4] : Sound calm, exciting, lonely, sorrowful, warm, new, mysterious, strong, a bit hopeful, still, breathtaking×4, indignant, in need of revenge, almost no hope

[TF5] : Sound sorrowful, calm, unfeeling, breathtaking×8, no hope, still, deep, even newer, heartbreaking

I feel like the theme of this franchise is going more serious and more sorrowful… *wipes off tears*
Ps. For TF5’s scores, I listened to the track played on the Transformers official website and the tracks in the trailers

the-little-red-queen  asked:

*humbly approaches McSpirk AU god* Opinions on Captain!Spock, First Officer! McCoy, CMO!Jim?

Y’all are really challenging my creativity with these role reversals. Also check out part 1 and part 2 if you’re interested. 

  • Jim enters the Enterprise as a nurse. It’s his first time actually in space and he’s excited. It’s gorgeous, from his own sleeping quarters Jim’s just in awe when they pass stars, planets, and colorful nebulas. And Captain Spock and his First Officer McCoy are notorious in Starfleet Academy for their work and dedication to the job. Surely, this adventure in space is going to be great.  
  • “I swear to God, Spock, if you try and pull this stunt on me without informing me one more time I am going to report you and your pointy ears to Starfleet…” Jim looks up when Leonar walks into med bay, he’s almost dancing around his Captain to get his attention, but Spock walks, stoic and with purpose, like an unstoppable tank. “Mr. McCoy, I fail to see how me informing you of my every move is relevant,” Spock says simply, walking up to their current CMO for their conference meeting. Leonard stalls as Spock walks into the CMO’s office, muttering “Green blooded, pointy eared, emotionless Elf…” under his breath before he steps into the office as well. Jim frowns. Maybe they’re not as close as he originally thought.
  • He’s been shadowing the CMO for a while, getting better at his job, and frequently diagnosing Leonard with stress symptoms, which he then blatantly ignores because “the only reason to get rid of this headache is to get rid of his Captain” and “if you’d just shove him out of an airlock, I’ll make it look like an accident”. And Jim’s just in complete shock at how much these two seem to dislike each other. This isn’t like the stories at all.
  • Jim’s career as a nurse comes to an abrupt end when the ship’s under attack close to a strange planet. They’ve lost comms with the outside world and the enemy ship seems to attack the Enterprise with something that resembles tentacles, piercing through the Enterprise’s shields and ripping it apart like the wrapping paper of a Christmas present. Jim does his best to pull people back up on his feet. He’s in med, stabbing people with hypos left and right, he’s pressed a small tool to fix internal bleeding against one fallen ensign while he tries to remove glass from someone’s chest with the other. He lets out a relieved sigh when he receives a message that his CMO is on his way back from the Bridge, because that means he’s gonna get some help, right? 
  • Seconds later, the ship’s literally falling apart. The gravity stabilizer is failing on them, which makes Jim’s job significantly harder, and the sounding alarm sends the ensigns able to walk to their evacuation pods. Jim helps the others get to theirs, and he sends them off into space before he climbs out of med bay to find others. “Kirk,” Spock says, and Jim spins around to see his Captain in the hallways. “What are you still doing here?” “I just wanted to make sure everyone got out,” Jim explains, grabbing on to Spock’s arm as the ship turns violently, “where’s McCoy? And the CMO?” “McCoy is evacuating the crew on the upper floors. Our CMO has fallen. You’re the CMO now.” Spock says, grunting a little as he stands up straight. Jim is speechless, but Spock doesn’t give him the time to realize it. “Get to a Kelvin pod. I’ll see you on the ground, Doctor.”
  • When Jim wakes up, everything hurts. And the only reason he’s abruptly awoken is because a hand grabs onto his uniform and drags him out of his escape pod. “Wake up, Kid,” Leonard says, and Jim groans, head pounding, but he’s stumbling to his feet alright. “Where are we?” Jim asks. “Some class M planet. We gotta go find Spock and the others.” Jim nods. “Let me grab my med kit.” “Your pod had a med kit?” “No, I brought one. I’m not an idiot,” Jim says, and Leonard snorts a little. Jim grabs his kit, then stumbles after Leonard.
  • “So why do you hate the Captain so much?” Jim asks. “Excuse me?” Leonard replies, looking confused. “You and Captain Spock are always arguing over everything.” Leonard laughs, an arm sliding around Jim’s shoulder, and Jim feels the warmth of Leonard’s body against his own. It’s not unpleasant. “You can love someone to the moon and back and still disagree with them.” Leonard says, and Jim smiles lightly. “The moon’s not that far, you know.” “Shut up, smartass.” 
  • They find Spock with the rest of the crew, and the moment Spock sees Leonard, that whole rigid attitude of his just drops and he pulls Leonard in such a tight hug. He lets out a relieved sigh, and Leonard wraps an arm around him, too, before going: “Spock, Vulcan strength, buddy.” and Spock lets go of him. Spock even greets Jim with a smile and a brief arm around his shoulder. “I’m glad you got out okay.”
  • The place is abandoned, except for them. Jim spends the initial first few days healing the crew. Scotty’s building a radio tower to try and communicate with the rest of the universe. Others are building shelter, exploring, hunting for food, and Jim loves it. The whole exploring, getting to know new lands, eating strange foods, and he feels a whole lot closer to the crew already. Spock checks up on him frequently, but Jim’s fine. He sits against a tree and watches the improvised sickbay when Spock sits down at his side. “Help is coming,” Spock says, “we received a message today. We are going to be out soon.” “Okay, good.” Jim says, glancing up at Leonard as he sits at Jim’s other side. “Your performance is remarkable for someone with that little experience,” Spock continues, and Jim snorts. “Thanks.” “See, Spock, you gotta ease into these compliments. This sounds more like an insult,” Leonard says. “Excuse me, McCoy, you believe everything I say is an insult.” Spock counters. Jim listens to them bicker for a while, and he mostly just end up laughing at how logic battles emotion. It’s funnier than it should be. Spock catches on, and he’s smiling ever so lightly. “I can love Leonard to the moon and back, that doesn’t make him right.” “Again, the moon’s not that far. It’s the 23th century, keep up,” Jim replies, and Spock makes an insulted sound. Leonard laughs. “Remember Spock, I told you this kid was gonna be one of us.”
Breeding seahorses to conserve their wild cousins

The courtship of Pacific seahorses begins with an awkward dance.

Over the course of several days, a female and a male seahorse will start to mimic each other’s movements. As their synchronization improves, the couple perfects a routine that involves circling each other, holding tails and swimming upward in unison.

“Their courtship dance involves going up the water column, so they need a few feet of vertical space,” says Jennifer O’Quin Anstey, senior aquarist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Her responsibilities include looking after a suitably tall holding tank, in a back room with soft light, behind the aquarium’s ¡Viva Baja! exhibit.

Nearby, smaller tanks are full of baby seahorses. They look like miniature versions of the adults—but begin their lives a dark hue. Their color alternates between black and yellow as they mature.

“People kept telling me how difficult it was to rear them, which only made me more determined to do it,”Jenn says.

Giving tanks

Aquarist Jenn Anstey raises Pacific seahorses (Hippocampus ingens) behind the scenes of the Aquarium’s “¡Viva Baja! Life on the Edge” special exhibit.

Wild Pacific seahorses may give birth to 1,500 offspring or more at a time, but perhaps as few as 1% of them survive to maturity. Jenn knew she could improve on that—but the right culturing tank would be key.

She tried out various designs, including cylindrical “kreisel” tanks made to hold other delicate animals. She tried black-out tanks and light-penetrating ones. Finally, she had some encouraging results with a 3.5-foot-tall, cylindrical black tank. It seems absurdly large for seahorses so small, but it worked the best.

Four broods in, she now has about 180 Pacific seahorses in the lab. “It was getting better with each batch,” she says. “I was euphoric.”

Of dozens of known seahorse species, Pacific seahorses (Hippocampus ingens) are among the largest, with fully-grown adults approaching a foot in length. Yet, they give birth to some of the smallest seahorse babies: Newborns are barely the size of a grain of rice, and they can be picky eaters.

Seahorse baby food

An aquarist feeds Pacific seahorse fry behind the scenes at Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Our Pacific seahorses dine on very tiny crustaceans: copepods, brine shrimp and mysid shrimp. Figuring out how to provide our seahorses with enough of the appropriate food source at each developmental stage is crucial for successful culturing.

To ensure a stable supply of the right feed at the right time, Jenn and her colleagues raise several species of copepods, which are especially nutritious for baby seahorses (or “fry”). They also feed probiotics to brine shrimp, which packs them with more nutritional punch. Once the fry reach two to three months of age, they transition to eating mostly mysid shrimp, which are a lot less work to raise behind the scenes.

“The first two months are the hardest,” Jenn says. “After that, you start to breathe easier.”

Raising both seahorses and their food is more than a full-time job. Jenn and three other aquarists—Sarah Halbrend, Kacey Kurimura and Alan Young—team up to provide the necessary seven-day-a-week care.

Seahorse culturing is about more than the strange cuteness of baby seahorses. Our team’s ambition is to ensure a healthy and self-sustaining Pacific seahorse collection for our ¡Viva Baja! special exhibition without relying on additional wild collection. Our success will allow other public aquariums to exhibit this species, and share its conservation story.

Threats to wild Pacific seahorses

Pacific seahorses range from the coast of Southern California all the way to South America. The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources lists them as a vulnerable species.

Jenn describes the threats to Pacific seahorses as a mix of coastal development, incidental capture and targeted catch. They’re collected and sold as curios, and used in traditional medicine, as well as for the live aquarium trade.

Part of the reason we’re working to breed Pacific seahorses in-house is so that fewer are taken from the wild, according to Jonelle Verdugo, curator of fishes and invertebrates at the Aquarium.

“This species in particular is not very commonly displayed in aquariums, and isn’t as readily available,” Jonelle says. “Wild capture is something that we would really like to avoid.”

Breeding Pacific seahorse populations in captivity, however, can introduce the problem of dwindling genetic diversity. Without new wild seahorses bringing different genes to the pool, subsequent generations may face health issues. This is another challenge we’re addressing, with help from aquarium colleagues in Los Angeles County.

Swapping seahorse notes

In 2015, ocean researchers trawling in Southern California waters happened to catch two pregnant male seahorses, and donated both to Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro. (Seahorses are part of that rare group of animals in which males carry their young to term.) On the drive to Cabrillo, one of the seahorses gave birth in a bucket.

It was a stroke of luck, according to Cabrillo Culture Aquarist Cody Larsen, because he’d been thinking about how to get Cabrillo’s seahorse breeding program in gear. Once the young Pacific seahorses were several months old, Cabrillo gave five of them to Monterey Bay Aquarium’s team, adding to our existing broodstock. Since then, Cody and Jenn have kept in touch to fine-tune their culturing protocols.

“I was very excited to hear from Jenn that she started having success rearing Pacific seahorses,” Cody says. “They’ve proven to be a difficult species to raise. To have a shared success makes me feel hopeful, because for a while, they had disappeared from almost all aquarium collections.”

As more of our young seahorses reach maturity, around four or five months of age, Jenn intends to share some of them with other aquariums. That will add the necessary new genes to existing captive broodstocks elsewhere.

“They’re going to go like hotcakes!” she says.

The work of Monterey Bay Aquarium and Cabrillo Marine Aquarium may make this impressive seahorse species more widely and sustainably available to other public aquariums in the U.S. That, in turn, will help reach more people with important stories about seahorse conservation.

“It’ll increase the genetic diversity of the captive-reared populations at other aquariums, while helping wild populations,” Jenn says. “It’s nice to know I can help spread the love.”

- Written by Daniel Potter

Together again - Luke Skywalker

Anonymous asked:”Hey there! Im completly addicted to your tumblr!!!! Love your imagines, your writting is really good. Could you possibly write an imagine luke x reader where the reader meets him until the time they fall in love with each other? Keep writting! <3”

A/N: so sorry that this took so long, i’ve had two stressful weeks and this week i lost two of my pets. But anyway here it is :) hope it’s good. sorry that it’s kinda…long. ok it’s really long! And thank you so much! I’m flattered<3

You were walking next to your father, he was taking you to Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru’s farm. Your father and Uncle Owen had been good friends for a very long time. “Daddy, why are you taking me with you?” Your father looks down at you and smiles. “There is someone I’d like you to meet and we need your help” You take a quick look at your father before you look down to the ground. After a few minutes of walking, he stops which makes you stop too. You look up from the ground and you can see a man about your fathers age. You can also see a cute little boy walking behind him. “Hello Owen” your father says. Owen stops and looks at your father before a big smile shows up on his face. “Ah hello, I started to think that you had forgotten that you’d help me today” The little boy who’s about your age hides behind Owens back and he glares at you. You do the same to him.  “How could I ever forget that? And I also brought Y/N with me, she could help us” Owen looks at you and smiles friendly at you. You become shy and hide behind your father even more. “How lovely, Luke will also help us” He then looks down at the little boy who’s still glaring at you. “well Y/N, say hi to Luke” You peek from behind his back. “Hi” you say quietly. “Hi” Luke says just as quietly.

 A few years later

“Luke I swear to god! If you don’t give it back to me then I’ll-“ Luke grins at you. “You’ll what?” You cross your arms over your chest. “Well I’ll figure out something” you say as you tap your foot on the ground. “For real Luke, I need to fix my hair! It’s important!” You try to reach after your brush but Luke, who’s a little bit taller than you, pulls up his arm so you can’t reach it. “Oh and why is it so important?” You let out a groan and cross your arms again. “I don’t want my hair to look like a bird nest!” Luke chuckles. “Well I’ll give it to you if you give me a hug first” You sigh but you still can’t help to smile. “Fine!” you gently wrap your arms around him and he does the same. You can feel how your heart starts to beat like crazy. You pray to god that he can’t feel it. “It’s only a friend kind of hug! Nothing more! Stop being like this Y/N!” You think to yourself. “Can I have my brush now please?” you ask nicely. He smiles at you before he hands it to you. “Yeah sure, I have to fix the new droids anyway, see you tomorrow again, right?” you pretend to sound unsure about that which makes him chuckle. “Hmm I don’t knooooow, well only if you promise to never steal my brush again” you say jokingly. “Well I think I can keep that promise” you smile at him and your heart almost stops when he gives you a hug again. “w-well, see you tomorrow then” you say.

“Y/N! Hurry up we have to go now! Uncle Owen doesn’t like to wait!” Your father shouts. You half run out from your room and out to the front door. “I’m coming, relax dad, he won’t kill us if we are like 3 mins late” You jump into your fathers speeder before he heads towards Owen and Beru’s farm. You can’t help but feel super excited to meet Luke. Your father notices that you look happier than usual. “Well someone woke up on the right side this morning” You look at him with a questioned look. “I’m only happy, I’m always happy you know?” You father chuckles. “It’s Luke isn’t it? You like him” you can feel how your cheeks gets hot. “wha-? What? No, defiantly not! He’s my best friend that’s all” your father chuckles again. Suddenly you see something that almost stops your heart. Your father sees it too, he stops the speeder and you jump out quickly. Black smoke is coming from Uncle Owens home. “Oh my god” you say quietly to yourself before you start to run towards the house. “Uncle Owen! Aunt Beru! Luke!” you scream, in hope that someone will answer. Your father stops next to you and he looks as shocked as you do. Your eyes lands on two skeletons on the ground. You cover your mouth with your hands and you can now feel the panic hit you. “Oh no….Luke! Luke where are you?!” you scream loudly. Your father wraps his arms around your shoulders as you try to run closer to the house. “I’m sorry Y/N, but I’m afraid that…” you can almost feel your knees give up under you. Tears are now running down from your eyes. “who…who could have done this?” you ask with a shaky voice as your father leads you to his speeder again. “I have my suspicions” he says quietly.

As you reach your home again you are greeted by your mother who smiles brightly at you. “Oh sweetheart I have great news for you, I’ve got a message from the rebellion base, they need someone who can fix ships and droids. You are perfect for that job” suddenly she sees your sad face. “Sweetheart what’s wrong?” your father explains everything and she covers her mouth with her hands before she gives you a big hug. “Oh sweetie I’m so sorry” you let out a heavy sigh before you look at her. “I’ll take the job, I can’t stand to stay here now when my best friend is dead”

 Some more years later

“I’m so excited to meet the rebellion fleet when they’re back from Endor, I’m so glad they made it! That they won over the Empire! Finally there will be peace in the galaxy” your best friend Maya says as you are walking around the, at the moment, empty base. “Well I heard from Leia that they’ll be here soon, I haven’t seen her for so long since I’ve been helping my father at his farm for a few months, have I missed something while I’ve been away?” Maya laughs. “Oh yes, a lot! Hey,you haven’t met the last Jedi yet, he’s so charming!” The last Jedi? How exciting! Wow you have missed a lot. “Who is he?” Maya doesn’t get the chance to say anything because your conversation gets cut off by Leia. “We have landed at the base now, do you think you can go to docking bay 29? We have a ship that needs to get fixed” You can almost hear how she’s trying to hold back a giggle. “uhm…sure” in the background you can hear Chewie roar which causes you to laugh. “Yeah I’ve missed you too”

You can see a black dressed man with a cloak as you reach up to docking bay 29. The man is standing with his back against you. “Uhm, sir I’m here to help you with your ship” the person freezes before he turns around. You can almost feel how your heart explodes. “Luke?!” you gasp. “Y/N?” without thinking, you start to run up to him and you throw your arms around his neck. “Oh Luke! I thought you were dead! That day, my father and I…we- your house!” He wraps his arms around you tightly. “I wasn’t there when it happened, I’m so sorry that I didn’t look after you” he then explains everything shortly. How he met Ben Kenobi that day and how they got help to leave Tatooine, and to your big surprise it was Han who helped them. “How is this even real? I’ve been working with the Rebellions for years now and Han and Leia are my best friends! But I never ran into you! And Leia is your sister! This is insane!” Luke nods. “I agree with you, but I’m glad that I got to meet you now. I’ve been thinking about you, I’ve been so worried” He then takes a closer look at you. “You look exactly like you did the last time I saw you, well more grown up but you haven’t changed much at all” You blush a little but you can’t help but smile shyly at him. “You look so grown up” you say as you put your hand on his shoulder. He still looks like the adorable farm boy, but he looks a little bit more muscular than last time you saw him. “And you’ve become a Jedi knight” you smile brightly at him. “And a hero” you also add. There is a short silence before he steps a little bit closer to you. “you know…I’ve been thinking so much about you, hoping that you’ve been ok. That the Empire didn’t get their hands on you. I’ve been so mad at myself” You look him in the eyes, oh those beautiful blue eyes. “Why?” you ask, suddenly nervous. “I’ve been mad because I never told you that…well, that I never told you that I liked you, I’ve been so mad because I’ve thought, all these years, that I’d never get to see you again” You swallow hard. Luke? Your biggest crush ever, liked you? “Do you still like me?” Really?! You couldn’t come up with something better?! Luke bites his lip before he looks you deeply in the eyes. “My feelings never changed for you…they’ve only grown stronger” You feel how you start to lean in against him slowly and he does the same. “I’ve liked you since…the first day I saw you” you whispered, you lips only a few centimetres apart. Luke chuckles. “We were only 9 back then” your lips are almost brushing against each other now. “I truly, deeply love you Y/N, so much” and finally, your lips meet. A bunch of butterflies goes wild in your stomach and suddenly you become light headed. His lips feels so soft against yours. He cups your face with his hands as he deepens the kiss, you place your hands on his forearms and you can feel how you almost melt under his touch. The lack of breath is the reason why you both break the kiss. “You’ve no idea how long I’ve wanted to kiss you” Luke says, out of breath. You chuckle as you lean your forehead against his. “I love you so much” you say quietly. Luke wraps his arms around you tightly “I never want to be away from you again” you say as you bury your face into his neck “you don’t have to, I’ll make sure that it won’t happen again”


Note: NO SPOILERS PLEASE, in the comments or anywhere on this account. We have not finished reading the novel. No copy/paste and all that other shenanigans either. Vote/likes/comments are highly appreciated. (◎ヮ◎)

Translator: Sae    Editor: alecvise

Hi everyone, so I took alecvise hostage and made him edit while I sat to the side and ate cookies MUHAHAHA. BUT, XD Thank you, thank you, thank you! *super bear hug* ( ̄ー ̄(。-_-。*)ゝ        

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Halloween is looming, folks. Sure, the big day may technically be October 31st, but for us creatures of the night Halloween is a bit more fluid. For me, the fun begins in September, which marks day one of a two month love affair with all things spooky that, by its end on November 1st, leaves me burned out on horror films for a good month or so… and then it’s time to fire up some killer Santa Claus movies! There’s an art form - or perhaps it’s more of a science - to getting the most out of Halloween, and it involves choosing your movies wisely. One doesn’t lead in with a heavy hitter like Trick r Treat or Halloween. You dip your toes in first with something to set the mood and then build up to the main event movies over time. Earlier today I watched one of the ultimate Halloween mood set films: Lady In White (1988).

If you’ve never heard of this film I couldn’t blame you. Lady In White has languished in obscurity since the day it flopped at the box office. On the other hand, it was something of a critical success - and that makes sense because it’s a hell of a movie. Lady In White is the story of Frankie Scarlatti, who on Halloween Night 1962 finds himself trapped in a small coat room in his school thanks to a mean-spirited prank. There he sees something unbelievable: the spectral silhouette of a ghostly girl about his age being murdered and then lifelessly carried away by an invisible force. As if this isn’t traumatic enough, the whole thing appears to be some sort of warning from beyond the grave. Seconds later a madman bursts into the room and attempts to kill Frankie, who survives thanks to a little help from the young ghoul he’d spotted earlier. From there, Frankie attempts to unravel the mysteries of just who both his would-be killer and the phantom girl were. The set up is a little elaborate on paper, sure, but it plays perfectly within the film itself, setting the stage for a hybrid ghost/whodunit film with MORE than its fair share of spookiness.

“Hybrid” is definitely the right term for Lady In White. It isn’t your typical horror movie. It’s definitely scary, don’t get me wrong: the film has a sort of quiet unease that builds steadily as it progresses, punctuated by some majorly intense moments featuring the titular “lady” to create a pretty eerie experience. But there’s more to it than just straight up horror, and that’s what I love most about it. It’s the story of a kid, and I suspect it was meant to be a story for kids, even though it deals with some very heavy stuff in places. In between the scares it has a sort of childlike naivete, with lots of humor and charm to lighten things up and keep the movie’s inner darkness at bay. It’s almost like a marriage between one of the more family friendly Spielberg films and an old school ghost movie that pulls no punches. It’s a strange blend, I won’t deny it, but it works, creating a horror movie that’s also exciting, funny, and full of heart. At times it goes a bit astray, and there’s a particularly tragic subplot the movie could’ve done without, but on the whole Lady In White is just fantastic.

If you’re not quite feeling the spirit of Halloween in your bones yet, find Lady In White and give it a go. Its unique atmosphere and VERY ‘80s digital effects feel so appropriate for the season, and the first half of the film is set on one of the most beautiful, fully-realized cinematic Halloweens I’ve ever seen. It’s got precisely the right vibe to start the season off. I can already tell it’s gonna become a Halloween tradition for me.

A Malec Mermaid AU, that nobody asked for ...

I was thinking about mermaids, about Malec and how it could be done differently, this is what came to mind. 

- mermaid!Alec and Prince!Magnus in a modern setting

- Alec has no interest in humans, while his sister is obsessed with them and their inventions and always tells Alec about all the new things she discovered

- Alec doesn’t get his sisters interest, but tags along to keep an eye on her, especially after that one time, a human almost saw her

- One time they spot Magnus, the prince (I mean, there are some royal households still around), with friends on a ship and Izzy is all about how handsome he is and how charming he seems, how funny. Alec is pretty unimpressed. 
“He’s loud, he’s probably ignorant, and the way he fools around with the others he’s going to end drowning accidentally.”
“You’re a buzzkill, Alec.”
“I’m a realist, there’s a difference.”

- Alec doesn’t like humans in general because he has seen how they catch fish and other creatures, and with knowing about the tricks humans use to catch them, Alec just doesn’t trust them.
-> and with the more and more invasive also divers have become and how they are talking about shark infested waters (”Sharks live there, humans aren’t even supposed to be underwater, what are they doing here? Why can’t they just stay home?”)

- one day though, a boat Magnus is on, gets attacked out in the open sea and when he falls into the water unconscious, Alec sees him sinking down (or he hits Alec as his sinks, your choice) and Alec’s like ‘Oh, hell no, he actually managed to fall of his boat?’ 
-> But then he notices the burning boat on the surface and realizes, that something much more serious is going on, he feel a second explosion coming and drags Magnus as far away as he can, dragging him on land of an island in front of whatever country’s coast this story happens in. 

- when he finally gets him on land at some deserted place, Alec drags him out which is seriously exhausting because a big fin in shallow water is no fun. Then he just looks at Magnus and because he doesn’t know much about what to do, slaps him in the face a couple of times. 
“Come on, don’t die. My sister’s going to hate me if you die.” 
Eventually Magnus wakes up and coughs out water and Alec is instantly relieved. But then he remembers, that he himself has to get away before Magnus realizes what he is. 

“Who are you?”
“Are you-are those fins?”

- Alec panicks, knocks Magnus out again and then escapes. Magnus gets rescued eventually and has a killer headache for the next day.

- Now, of course they meet again, and it’s this time, that Alec needs help. He’s caught in a  bay, that is part of the palace grounds after a really heavy storm (or some other reason, point is, he is caught.)
-> Magnus finds him because reasons and after his initial shock, he is super excited about mermaids because now he knows he didn’t fantasize when he almost drowned that one time.
-> Alec on the other hand is super not amused because he despises the fact of being at the mercy of a human’s hand, ends up being surprised though when Magnus indeed doesn’t tell anybody about him. Doesn’t mean though, that they become best friends instantly. 

- Alec bites Magnus three times, during the prince’s attempts to ‘make contact’. 

“I have sharks as friends, I could tell them to eat you!”
“Yeah, well if they could enter the bay, you could also leave, don’t you think?”
“Good point.”

- Magnus is super patient though and also finds Alec truly interesting and in his own way very charming. 

- When Alec reveals, that he can change into a human, Magnus’ first response is “Oh, now you have that idea?”
-> He helps Alec, who’s still limping because of an injury he got from the storm incident, out of the water, but on the way through the palace towards another exit to the open sea, they get discovered and Alec instantly brought to the ‘infirmary’ and he’s stuck again.
-> maybe it’s the case, that mermaids can only turn human once in a month and then have to wait for the next full moon to get back their fins, so Alec is stuck on land. 

- When Magnus starts openly flirting with Alec, Alec surprises him by giving dry responses or even teasing Magnus a bit and throwing a few innuendos back at him. He also throws a lot of unimpressed glares.

- Of course they fall in love at some point, but I don’t have a clear idea of how that’s going to end.


       patience, they said, was a virtue. and in that aspect ( and many, many others ) yuri plisetsky was not a virtuoso.

       they have arrived at paris last night for three weeks of intensive off-season training. their boot camp wouldn’t start until next monday, so yuri, being yuri, had decided that they were going to appreciate paris while they could. there were only one problem; it was six-something in the morning and he was already up and otabek was… not, the deep breathing coming from the twin bed next to his told him he was still sound asleep.

       now, yuri had been patient for an hour when he woke up almost ready to jump off the bed and throw himself into the streets of paris, asleep though it still was, but the silence outside and the soft breathing from the bed next to his had been enough to keep his excitement at bay for another hour. restless, he kicked the sheets off himself and clicked his tongue when he heard them hit the floor, before swinging his legs to the side and sitting up on the bed. his hair was sticking up in every other direction, and his fingers got tangled up in a knot when he tried to run them through his locks.

       outside the sky was turning from sweet violet to pale blue, slowly, yet surely. their hotel room had a view over the champs-élysées, the arc de triomphe looming majestically to their left. the last time he’d been in paris had been three or so years ago, and he hadn’t had the chance to appreciate the beauty of the city itself. not that he would ever admit liking sightseeing. that was the sort of shit girls liked. but he had to be honest with himself, if no one else. and he had their free time planned to a t. today they’d visit disneyland, maybe tomorrow as well if they really liked. and then they’d go shopping, and…

       a soft snore brought his attention back to his best friend and he gritted his teeth, getting off the bed, clutching his pillow in his hand and climbing on the lump of otabek on the neighbouring mattress, his leopard-print underwear sliding down precariously as he sat firmly over what he assumed to be otabek’s thighs. then in one mighty swoop he hit his pillow on otabek’s shoulder, once, twice, over and again.

       “do you mind waking the fuck up? we’re wasting time!” he called out, his voice not so loud it would wake up everyone else on their floor. “come on, you’ve slept all night, let’s go and have fun, damn it! worst travelling buddy ever, i swear! i’ll bring yulia next time and you can stay home snoozing to your heart’s content!” a threat he knew would provoke no reaction whatsoever. “o-ta-bek!”


Note: Read the notes at the bottom for clarification, if anything, leave a comment or message me if something still doesn’t make sense. Remember, NO SPOILERS PLEASE, in the comments or anywhere on this account. I have not finished the novel. I stopped reading for now so I can translate. No copy/paste and all that other shenanigans either. Vote/likes are highly appreciated. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

The babbling some readers glance at XD: I didn’t think any chapter would be longer than the previous one, but I was proven wrong!! Warning, I DID add some more descriptions than what was given in the the novel. Don’t sue me and ignore grammar errors.        βακα?…_φ( ̄  ̄|||)

RATED: You know what.

As always, THANK YOU for reading and enjoying the journey our INSATIABLE boys:


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In the silent room masked by the sweet smell permeating from a small bottle held securely within Gu Hai’s warm hands, the remaining lubricant was squeezed on his own member. Making sure to thoroughly smoothened the oil evenly on that seemingly ebullient and scorching hot fellow, he pressed down on Bai Luo Yin’s waist.

Taking a deep breath, he slowly let his member face the target of its craving and little by little, inched its way in.

In that split second, Bai Luo Yin’s earthen eyes, once shut tightly from this sexual endeavor, instantaneously shot open.

Gritting his teeth hard against each other, as if his precious life depended on it, produced a distinct and beautiful outline of his lower jaw. For a moment in this indefinite space, his breathing briefly eased, making way for his face to stiffen with an overwhelming sensation. The large veins in his neck that pulsated beneath his brilliant skin was the only clear evident that his life has yet to be take away. That he was still alive.

Gu Hai’s breathe became stagnant for a fleeting moment when he squeezed inside a second ago. This time, he discovered that Bai Luo Yin did not shout nor bellow out in rage. With much relieve swelling in his once tightened chest, he warmly smiled. However, it could not be helped that there was a slight amusement in the way the corner of his lips curved.

“Do you trust me this time? I said I won’t let you be in pain so you definitely won’t be in pain.”

Bai Luo Yin stared blankly into space for a few seconds and without warning, he let out a wail of anguish: “I fucking trust you alright! How is it not painful? It fucking hurts so bad!”

There was a pause in Gu Hai’s movement as an expression of disbelief quickly drew across his face. “It can’t be huh? Just a moment ago, all three fingers went in…according to what I’ve read, there shouldn’t be any problems!”

“Three fingers, three fucking fingers……” Bai Luo Yin was fuming with anger between his already gritted teeth as he turned to look behind him. “What good is three fucking fingers huh? Are you fucking playing around, it’s more than five fingers already,” he cursed, still full of rage.

Gu Hai’s eyebrows rose simultaneously as he asked in a ridiculing manner: “Are you praising me or are you mocking me?”

Bai Luo Yin powerlessly lie on his stomach, letting the cool fabric kissed his skin as he blankly stared at the arabesque designs on the headboard of the bed. He incessantly chastised himself:

Serves you right! You don’t have enough brains to learn from the previous incident! He said it wouldn’t hurt and you fucking believe him?

Once again, Gu Hai pushed in a little bit more which made Bai Luo Yin felt as though his bones were grinding against each other. In all honestly, he could not bear it any longer. 

As he lied on his stomach, he shouted into the air.

This time, Gu Hai dared not budge; not even the slightest. He gently lowered his upper body, allowing his chest to meet with Bai Luo Yin’s smooth back, while their lower halves remained connected. Once their skin kissed, sparks ignited, unfurling throughout their sweaty bodies. 

With much compassion drowning in his eyes, Gu Hai reached over and allowed his hand to rub tenderly around the back of Bai Luo Yin’s neck. The hot intensity of his hand as it caressed his beloved’s neck left a burning sensation that spoke of the start of an inferno to come.  

Softly he asked, “It really hurts?”


“Then, what should we do?”

Bai Luo Yin scowled miserably, reproaching him, “Take it out!”

Gu Hai became helpless and without any other option he slowly withdrew.

But as a result, Bai Luo Yin shouted into the room, unable to bear even the slightest friction caused by the retraction.


“What exactly do you want me to do huh, go in or pull out?”

Bai Luo Yin gasped for air, the overwhelming sensation caused his internals to heat up and even when he tried to pull more air into his lungs, it still was not enough. His body felt weak as if all the strength once circulating within was forcibly removed.

With much effort, he powerlessly said, “Don’t move, just stay like that,” his voice was weak with almost a hint of pleading.

“I can’t hold it,” replied Gu Hai truthfully.

Who can hold it after coming this far?

“Even if you can’t, you still have to!” retorted Bai Luo Yin heartlessly, “Wait until it softens then take it out.”

In the end, little Hai Zi indeed remained inside, as Gu Hai waited, trying his hardest not to cause any sudden movement.

Several silent minutes passed by with only the sound of their breaths invading their ears. But even then, not only was Bai Luo Yin unable to relax, instead it became even harder for him to bear this excruciating pain.

At that moment, Gu Hai lightly patted his back, “Hey! Looks like it got bigger!”

Bai Luo Yin turned a shade of green when he heard those words sung out of Gu Hai’s mischievous lips.

Today, he has truly trod into a dangerous criminal takeover zone!

Countless emotions gushed into his heated heart and crowded the space once unoccupied. Ordinarily, this eminent and handsome face would not be frightened by any awe inspiring wave of emotion, but this time around, it tightened with such sped, even Bai Luo Yin himself was unable to take full control.

Toughening his heart against this natural desire, his eyes wandered off into the night. He watched the night sky stood high, crowded by the towering buildings displaying its brilliant lights as it competed with the inky canopy of the darkness, freckled only by the fewest of stars.

Where can I take shelter from this inescapable feeling?

Smitten with Bai Luo Yin various emotional adventure, a smile crept its hideousness on Gu Hai’s lips. If this smile alone was on Bai Luo Yin’s sweet lips, it would had burnished Gu Hai’s soul into a beauty it could never achieve on its own. Before they met, they were one, but now, they are half yet somehow even then, they had become so much more than before.

The longer he let his eyes run down Bai Luo Yin’s slightly moisten face, he felt his own spirit sink just a little deeper. Unable to contain this uncontrollable emotion, he reached toward his face and touched it light before the urge to kiss took over. Though his skin was beautiful and sweet like honey under his lips, it is the feel that sent Gu Hai’s mind into a sensual state of intoxication.

Bai Luo Yin restrained himself, ignoring those warm kisses and tickling sensations on his skin. This only provoked Gu Hai who then kissed him again, it was so delightful that he did not want to stop.

Gu Hai kissed his tinted cheek one last time and softly said, “That’s enough, we’ve already reached this point. It will be over once we’ve endure it for a few more minutes. Even if it hurts, the pain will only last for a moment. Last time you messed with me, in the beginning it was painful, but afterwards it also felt good. I’m not lying to you.”

Bai Luo Yin’s eyes immediately brightened up, a flash of light danced beautifully across them, “How about we switch again?”

“Don’t. Wouldn’t that mean you were in pain for nothing?”

Ouuucchhhh………Bai Luo Yin painfully pounded his fist on the bed.

Gu Hai smiled, actually it was almost a giggle as he squeezed some more lubricant on the root of his aching member that had not have the chance to feel the warmness inside yet. With much care and love in each of his actions, he slowly moved.  

The pace was extremely slow, so slow that even Gu Hai felt the pain of having his member consumed. Knowing well that Bai Luo Yin was also finding it unbearable, he tried as much as possible to excite and stimulate little Yin Zi so that it too, was not feeling much pain.

For the first round, a whole minute had been used up, Gu Hai looked at the time nearby. Based on his incredible physical strength, going at this speed, he reckoned even he would not be able to complete anything in one given night.

Summoning up all his courage, Bai Luo Yi braced himself and said, “Go a bit faster.”

“I’m scared you’ll be hurt.”

Having given up all hope, Bai Luo Yin could only weakly say, “Better to just get the pain over with, rather than to prolong the agony.”

Not listening to a single word that sung out of the other boy’s sweet lips, Gu Hai continued to followed his own, excruciating slow yet, enchanting rhythm. He heard Bai Luo Yin’s breathing become deeper, his posture altered a bit yet he stayed close, not moving away from his touches.

The second time he pushed in and pulled, it did not seem so difficult. It took half a minute for him to gently push in and pull again. Following that slow pace rhythm allowed for the third insertion and retraction to be even more smooth.

Within ten seconds……Gu Hai gradually quickened his pace.

Bai Luo Yin’s teeth were screwed tightly together and even if it hurt, he refused to utter a word. He remained this way until he could no longer tell if his rear was sore or if another sensation had replaced that soreness, but at the least he did not feel so tormented.

He tried to loosen his jaw, letting the muscle around it relax before he took in another deep breath. This time it was easier to breathe and he didn’t feel any particular pain. He twisted his head around to take a quick glance.

Gu Hai’s eyes were close with an expression of enjoyment kissing every corner of his face. This kind of joyous expression would make living creature envious.

Just seeing that pleasurable face of his made Bai Luo Yin snorted rather coldly.

Hmph! Don’t be pleased with yourself, sooner or later, you’ll also have to endure this.

Gu Hai had already occupied every inch of Bai Luo Yin’s tightly walled-in passage. He suddenly became aware of the short period of time, where he lied feeling wasted. He thought of the struggles that he went through, the were hardships and setbacks, but knowing that he was able to arrive at this moment made everything well worth it.

It felt so comfortable, so tight, so hot that the euphoria of the pleasure warmed his veins, coursing through them. It felt so incredibly good, that no words could sufficiently describe it. With such pleasure crawling to every inch of his heated body, the urge to urge loudly into the ebony night tickled his tongue senseless.

With breathless impatient, Gu Hai pushed in all the way, leaving no space between them. Bai Luo Yin once relaxed demeanor immediately became distorted again, his brows twisted together in disagreement.

His hand clung tightly onto the bedside as he pitifully spoke, “Ah…it hurts……”

Those words were so sudden it almost pulled Gu Hai out of his feeling of exhilaration. He carefully observed Bai Luo Yin’s face as he lightly caressed his forehead, “Feel out the sensation a bit, is it really pain?”

After saying that, he pushed in all the way again.

In the twilight room, Gu Hai’s fingers caressed his skin as if afraid a heavier touch would break the heady magic. Bai Luo Yin felt as though acupuncture needles were being placed on him. For a split second, a tingling sensation spread almost evenly on his entire body, beckoning him to name it, to cave into it but still he was unable to describe this ‘pain’.

After a while, that sensation was gone and his body became relaxed once again. But this time, it seemed even his bones had softened, it too felt intoxicated.

With ecstasy exciting every twisted nerves in his body, Gu Hai let his throbbing and hot member push in several times.

In that moment, Bai Luo Yin’s body curled, the upper half of his body slightly arched up. Before, he was all logic and feigned cool detachment to the sensation that he could not possibly named but that was only until a broken ragged moan inevitably tore its way out of his sweet lips.

Then something not only stirred in him, but it took over his thinking. As if a match has been lit and dropped on his already fuel soaked body, a scorching flames was set ablaze and eagerly circulated to even the tiniest and most hidden part of his being. Under Gu Hai’s electrifying touches, the rest of the world became an unimportant blur that had long been banished into the far recesses of his mind.

The lower half of his body trembled as waves of electric shocks seared about. Unable to bear this sensation, his hands shot forth to grip tightly on Gu Hai’s arm, even his fingers felt weak as it dug into the skin beneath it. He prayed, almost pleaded for him to stop.

And it was in this way that……Gu Hai moved incessantly, without any pause. Once again, he roughly charged in. With his member magnificently facing that part, he firmly thrust in with a mighty force.

Bai Luo Yin’s neck perked up, a painful expression painted exceptionally well on his face. But, along with that pain there was also an intrinsic difference to it. At that moment, Gu Hai could clearly sense that Bai Luo Yin had absolutely reached or at least touched upon that delightful state of euphoria.

Once again, Gu Hai pushed roughly in then with his low and beguiling voice, tuned with an unearthly charm, he asked, “Do you feel it?”

Bai Luo Yin could feel the heat, along with the redness, gradually growing on his cheeks. By now, they must be beyond attractive rosiness, possibly bordering an embarrassing bruise. They marked him, giving the other boy an insight into his emotional state. He felt as though his insecurities were writ blindingly across his face and there was nowhere for him to hide away this internal atrocity.

As the realization of this sensation became known to him, his brows wrinkled together and his lips remained sealed, refusing admittance even if his life begged otherwise.

Gu Hai slightly straighten up the upper half of his body and from that angle, he concentrated on intensely stimulating that tight spot. This increase in friction cause Bai Luo Yin’s waist to give out and tremble, almost violently.

His toes tingled as if candle wax had been poured on them causing them to curl as they dug deep into the bed sheets. His eyes were closed, shielded by a heavy and unspoken passion. His breathing was quick and shallow and his seductive lips were slightly parted as beads of sweat danced closely to each other on his forehead, telling him that they want to roll down his heated face.

In the now heated room, their breaths had long intermingled in a chaotic dance.

“Do you feel it?” he whispered in a warm, breathlessly husky sigh, in a voice that draped around over them like a warm blanket on a cold winters night.

Bai Luo Yin’s expression was written with shame and resentment as he endured silently, still unwilling to admit anything.

A second later, Gu Hai became so wild and erotic, it was almost as if he was lost in a state of confusion. His roguish nature unearthed from its deeply hidden confinement and started a rebellion. He wanted so strongly, so desperately to know the answer to his question.

He forcibly leaned Bai Luo Yin on to one side while at the same time, lifting one of his leg and placing it on his shoulder before pressing down firmly on the other leg. In this posture, it was easier for him to access that spot and strongly thrust in.  

Bai Luo Yin’s waist was held down by Gu Hai, and both of his legs were spread wide open. Without even the chance to feel the shame or the humiliation that should have attacked his heart and mind, all of his emotions were yanked forth by the numerous and consistent frictions that excited his nether region.

A pleasurable and tantalizing feeling gushed from below. This incredible, indescribably searing sensation erupted from deep within his belly and thrashed about wildly. Waves upon waves of exquisite ecstasy unfurled throughout his body in ever increasing maelstroms of heat. While series after series of thrilling electric currents pulsed outward from the deepest and most hidden part of that private vital center buried within his pelvis. Feeling the strained, intense need, soar high in himself, Bai Luo Yin completely lost all of his mental capability. Enchantment has brushed his senses and his logic aside, and in its place, all he felt was hot, fiery desire.

The rapture of Bai Luo Yin’s wild throbbing responses sent fierce shivers of pleasure over throughout Gu Hai’s member. It then crawled its way up his body, carrying his five senses on an endless, swirling crest to the pinnacle of passion, then lingered there in brilliant, timeless bliss.

Gu Hai’s waist was like an electric generator, both the strength and its frequency were astonishing. He looked carefully, with lust and seduction in his supercilious eyes at Bai Luo Yin. His formidable and imposing manner appeared as though he wanted to take Bai Luo Yin and swallowed him whole.

A shattered moan squeezed its way out from Bai Luo Yin’s stiffened throat. He felt as though he was going crazy and his entire body refused to listen to him, as it took control of itself.

When Gu Hai heard the alluring moan flowed out of Bai Luo Yin’s mouth, he brought his head forward and stared down. He saw his tinted face when he looked deeply into his lovely eyes. Even with the faint starlight and the light from the distant moon, he could see the rich contour of his handsome face. His eyes were bright, eager, and sultry with passion that betrayed the words that escaped his lips.

Gu Hai pinched Bai Luo Yin’s moistened chin and faintly asked: “Do you feel it?”

Bai Luo Yin clung on obstinately to his last bit of self righteousness. When Gu Hai thrust into him with high intensity once again, Bai Luo Yin could instinctively feel that he could not hold on much longer. Even more so, little Yin Zi was already swollen so hard, to the point that it was aching.

Every single moment, Gu Hai connected with him, it pushed him to the edge of exploding, however there was always that little bit of hindrance that stopped him. He felt that if he was tormented with this sensation again, he would indeed lose his breath and die.

He tried to use his own hand to relieve and free himself of his overwhelming sensation, however, Gu Hai’s quick hand flew forth and stopped him from doing so.

Then, immediately afterwards, Gu Hai’s fingers pirouetted its ways slowly from his Bai Luo Yin’s knee, and trailed inward along his inner thigh. As his fingers danced along, teasing him and leaving a trail of tingling hot sensation, it finally met little Yin Zi and held tightly on it.

Not only did he not help him release, he even went so far as to prevent him from releasing. Second later, his rear end was cruelly thrust against just as before. For a long while now, the taste of this pain had already changed.

Bai Luo Yin felt as though his body was burning in a sea of flame. Little Yin Zi was already pumped to its full capacity. It was held on and strained to the point where even breathing was difficult for him. The consistent electric currents in his rear was like a tidal wave flowing endlessly as it made its way toward and connected with the shocking current in his member. He can feel it so vividly; he won’t be able to bear it much longer.

Gu Hai suddenly slowed down. But even then, one by one, with every thrust, there was strength and accuracy.

Every time he closed in on the gap that dared to separate them, he asked over and over, “Do you feel it? Do you feel it? Do you feel it?………”

Finally, Bai Luo Yin crumbled. A warm, reeling sensual sexual awareness took control of his body. His brain said one thing, but the overwhelming power of his desire made his heart and loin say something else. As he collapsed into this pleasure, there was a sudden pause in his breathing before he shakily replied in a low roar, “I feel it.”

The admittance of his near climax sensation felt relieving.

Hot beads of sweat rolled eminently along Gu Hai’s warm cheeks and flowed down toward his chin. He licked the salty sweat from the corner of his curved and arrogant lips.

“Good, let’s come together.”

In that split, inevitable moment in time, as if a magnificent force made up of ten and thousands of men and horses had charged force and arrived at the battleground, it became hard to predict and sought out where the high frequency of their excitements began and where it ended.

Bai Luo Yin’s entire body and even his fleeting soul was placed in the midst of a scorching heatwave that sought to engulf and consume him within its raging flame. This flame refused to ease as it continued to burn and set him on fire……

It felt as though an ammunition was secretly hiding within him and in any given moment, it was going to abruptly split open and explode. Every single nerve in his body turned fluid and molten as they convulsed in a lusty spasm of passion.

In one moment, he had instantaneously freed his soul from redemption, then right after this mirage changed and he was now soaring high toward seventh heaven. As this unearthly pleasure consumed him, he fluttered about in this seemingly false reality.

Once Bai Luo Yin returned from his state of euphoria, an extremely greedy guy had already gazed upon and taken in the whole intoxicating scene. Even more so, he had carved this image into his brain and allowed it to travel through his veins like drugs for an addict.

Today, Gu Hai’s felt so good that he exploded in a sea of ecstasy.

Especially during the last moment.

He tightly hugged Bai Luo Yin’s heated body and as if to become one, he thrust into the pinnacle of his breaking point. It was hard and full of grandeur that even he was unaware of. Though swiftly diminishing to shadows of their initial ecstasy, spasms continued to shoot vigorously through his body like wandering, aimless rockets.

Being able to hear his moans, out of control and in its animalistic nature right next to him, along with the feeling of his hot breath hovering over his ear, made Gu Hai wanted to simply take him over again and connected with him until he died!

Physically satiated, the aftertaste of it made Gu Hai still a little dazed as he plastered like super glue on Bai Luo Yin’s sweaty and still hot body.

Excited and full of joy and expectations, he held tightly onto Bai Luo Yin’s shoulder and said: “Baby, what do you want, you can tell your big brother!”

Bai Luo Yin’s tightened fist swept past the left side of Gu Hai’s face, “Who is older and who is younger hmmm?”

Gu Hai immediately caressed the left side of his own face in a sulky manner, before mockingly saying, “Fine! Looks like you still have some strength left in you. This is proof that I didn’t fuck you hard enough just a moment ago! How about we go again?”

After saying this, he faced Bai Luo Yin and pressed hard on him again. But Bai Luo Yin quickly responded, his hands snaked toward Gu Hai’s neck and firmly gripped it, wishing he could choke him to death.

The two tussled about on the bed for a while. But even then, their touches were soft, their voices laced with unspoken sweet words.

In the end, it was Gu Hai who loosen his hands and let go first, before softly saying, “Okay okay, go take a shower. Afterwards, we can sleep a bit earlier.”


Are you addicted?

The original novel is written by Chai Jidan

I do not own any of its content

I am merely an amateur translator/editor

Wait - Cassian Andor x Reader

The reader and Cassian are both captains and spies for the rebellion. Little tales ensue about how each of them patiently waits for the other to come home.

Warnings: fluff, some sexy talk, and angst

Enjoy. xx

The mission had gone off without a hitch. Your team was a little bit battered and bruised but there were no casualties and that was all that mattered. Honestly, you were just glad it was over so you could get back home, to Cassian.

With the rebel base in sight, you make the descent into your designated landing pad. Once landed, you switch off all power and turn towards your team.

“Everyone did great today. I’m really proud to call you my team. Now get some rest and I’ll see you all tomorrow,” you call out wholeheartedly. You walk out of the ship and make your way to the mess hall, where you know he’ll be.

Even after being with him for a year, just the thought of seeing him makes butterflies erupt in your stomach and in your heart. Walking through the walkway and into the cafeteria, you realize you’ve come at the busiest time. No matter, you could spot your lover in a sea full of people. You immediately catch a glimpse of familiar dark brown hair that’s seated at a table in the middle of the hall. A grin breaks out on your face and your legs move towards him on autopilot. About halfway to the table, his dark brown eyes catch yours and he is upright in a second. You both weave your way around people and finally collide in a hug. You smell Cassian’s sweat and his soap, you feel his arms around you and it is home.

“I’m so happy to see you, mi amor,” he whispers into your ear. He gives your midsection a squeeze before pulling away, just enough to look you in the eyes. As you look up at Cassian, you see the small but affectionate smile he wears only for you. You want to tell him that you missed him so much, that every thought you had while on the mission went back to him, and that you are so happy to see him too. But something about that small, affectionate smile tells you that he already knows all of these things to be true.

“I love you,” you say to him. Before he can respond, you pull him down for a passionate kiss and Cassian follows your lead. Forgetting where you are, you deepen the kiss, which Cassian seems to thoroughly enjoy based on his groan.

“Get a room! Geez, I’m trying to eat,” your teammate Akira calls out. Her comment then draws the attention of the room and everyone begins to clap and whistle teasingly. Cassian seems determined to kiss you as he maintains contact with you but shoos the comments and others away with his arm.

You break the kiss to laugh at him and at the reaction of your comrades but your laugh is cut short as Cassian brings your lips right back to his. You decide to follow his lead, knowing he waited patiently for you to come home.

Cassian’s mind is somewhere else. More specifically, it’s with you. Both of you were captains of your own teams so it was very rare for you two to work together. So whenever you were gone, he could only worry and hope that you were okay.

“Cassian…Cassian!” At the yell, Cassian notices that K-2SO is suddenly looming over him.

“I’m sorry, Kaytoo. What do you need?” He replies to the droid as he gets back to the task of checking that all of the ship’s gears are working correctly.

“Captain, you seem awfully forlorn. Is it that you’re missing Y/N?” The droid asks him, unafraid to sugarcoat what he means to say.

Cassian chuckles at his droid companion. “I am, friend. She’s been gone for two weeks. Doesn’t that seem a little long to you for a simple supply run?” Cassian asks this out loud, mainly because he wants the droid to ease his worry.

The droid begins to walk out of the ship but turns at the last minute. “If I were you, I would not worry about Y/N. She is almost annoyingly resourceful and clever. I also think that it may be important to mention that Y/N can "kick ass”…. yes I believe I have used that term correctly,“ K-2SO replies before continuing his departure.

Cassian breathes a sigh of relief, knowing that everything the droid said was right. It’s just so hard to wait and wonder how you are. He wants to always protect you and keep you safe. He can’t do that when you’re a million miles away and he feels helpless. Before he can return to his task, he hears a knock on the wall of the ship. Turning around, there you stand with a smile on your face.  

Cassian races towards you and picks you up in a hug, spinning you gently. He hears you laugh and his worry is gone. His mind is no longer somewhere else. His heart is right here.

You turn onto your right side but it doesn’t feel comfortable. You try your left side but it’s just as bad. You’ve been tossing and turning for the past hour and you know why. Cassian was on a mission and you always slept best when you were cuddled into his warm body. He would wrap his arms around you and sing you to sleep if you needed it. When he was a million miles away you worried.

You think back on the last conversation you had with him before he left. That had been four days ago.

"Mi amor, I’ll be okay. Try not to worry,” he had told you. He had his head nestled into your shoulder while his arms held you tightly.

You sigh. “It’s impossible for me not to worry. Every time you leave me, I’m afraid I’ll never see you again,” you whisper in a defeated tone with tears springing from your eyes and falling down your cheeks. Cassian hates to see you cry because it just makes him want to stay with you even more.

“Mi amor, don’t cry. Please. I love you so much. I will come home to you. I always will. Even if I was an entire galaxy away, I would find a way back to you,” he says confidently while looking you in the eyes. “Now kiss me, Y/N.”

You nod at your lover’s words and kiss him softly on the lips. Cassian weaves his hands through your hair and you clutch his arms. When you both pull away, you smile and let him go. He gives you one last kiss before running towards his ship. He turns back to you before boarding.

“I love you!” he shouts. At these words, your sad smile is replaced with a grin.

“I love you too! I’ll be waiting for you so come back to me alive!” you shout back with equal strength. You see his bright smile through the distance and hear:

“I’m planning on it!”

As you return your thoughts to the present, you wonder how much time has passed. You’re actually starting to feel sleepy so you decide to welcome the feeling and close your eyes.

When Cassian returns, its nighttime and the sleeping quarters are quiet. As he enters your room he finds you asleep but you continue to toss and turn. He thinks about waking you up so you can know he’s back but he decides against it. Instead, he changes into more comfortable clothing and climbs into bed with you. He pulls your body against him and he breathes in the scent of your hair, which is still damp.

“I’ve come back to you, mi amor,” he whispers into the room while he wraps his arm around your waist. As he settles into sleep he feels you turn one last time, closer into his body warmth. Then you become still and you both sleep soundly for the first time in days.

You’re guessing Cassian’s mission hasn’t gone according to plan based on the small gash on his forehead and the slight limp in his walk. Of course you are excited to see him and want to jump into his arms but you figure that’s not the best idea at the moment. Cassian limps towards you and pulls you into a hug. You can hear his wince almost immediately so you pull away.

“Cassian, I’m taking you to the med bay,” you tell him before he can ask why you withdrew from him. You notice your lover’s pout and roll your eyes dramatically.

“But Y/N…,” he begins to say and then draws closer to your ear to whisper, “I need you.”

You know exactly what that means and it takes every ounce of your willpower to not give in.

“Please, Cassian. Just get checked out so we can make sure you don’t have any broken bones or a concussion or need stitches. Please, do it for me,” you reply while making sure to show him a pout of your own.

Cassian looks into your eyes and gives in, sighing dramatically. “Alright, but afterwards can we please go back to your room so I can make love to you? I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too, Cassian. So much,” you say before you grasp his hand and help him get to the med bay. All the while he pretends to need your support but he’s really just whispering filthy things in your ear like:

“I need you so much.”

“I’m going to love you so good tonight.”

“In fact I’m going to love you all night long and every night from here on in.”

Before you reach the med bay, you groan at Cassian’s words.

“Please stop for now. I don’t have much willpower left and if you keep going we might have to use the nearest closet or your room at the med bay,” you tell him.

Cassian smiles and gives your bum a squeeze. “You know mi amor, I have no problem with that.”

As your sit Cassian down you can’t help but laugh at his antics.

“I can’t believe I missed you.”

This time is different. When you return back to the base after your latest mission you learn that Cassian and his new team have decided to sneak off to Scarif to steal the plans to the Death Star. By the time you find out what the situation is, you notice that some of the rebel fleet has returned. Their numbers are small and you instantly worry about Cassian, more than you ever have before.

You attempt to ask the returning pilots if they’ve seen him or if they have any news. Most of them appear to be in shock and ignore you but a few of them give you reassuring smiles and comments that they’re sure he’s okay and on his way home. Those comments do nothing to ease your worry. It’s not until three hours have passed and more survivors have returned that your superior pulls you aside only to tell you that the love of your life is gone. She also tells you that he and his team have saved the rebellion and given hope to many.

You try to keep that positive thought in mind while you return to your room but as soon as you open the door you break down. The tears stream furiously and your sobs are loud and uncontrolled. You feel anger that Cassian has been taken away from you. In your sudden rage you throw the first thing you see across the room. You do a double take of the object and realize that it’s Cassian’s jacket. You immediately run over and pick it up, holding it close to your chest. You smile slightly when you recognize the scent of his sweat and soap, which seems to be embedded in the fabric.

You walk towards your bed and see a letter. You quickly reach for it and try to control your tears enough so that the words are legible.


I am so sorry I wasn’t there to greet you. I had to do something that I felt was important and if I succeed then we still have a fighting chance. Please don’t worry. I will come back to you. Just wait patiently and I promise I will see you again. I love you so much, mi amor.

Keep fighting.


After you read the letter, you feel a certain peace wash over you knowing that he at least said some sort of goodbye. But each word also makes your heart break more and more until you can do nothing but lie down and cry. And wait. And wonder. You begin to wonder just how long you’ll have to wait for your Cassian and the small, affectionate smile he wears only for you.

If you are reading this, I’m sorry if I have cause you emotional pain! This idea popped into my head last night and I couldn’t sleep until it was written. I am thinking about writing an alternate ending for this in the future so stay tuned. xx

janett234  asked:

I'm very much liked the ending of season 2. But I'm haunted by some questions, please no spoilers. If you'd did get a season 3 for the show. Will you plan to introduce new characters, apart from those, who already appeared in season 2 or to remove someone from a main or minor? What inspired the creation of the character Dominator? And what is the probability that she will appear in season 3?

Aw, hey thanks!  I did too!

1) We had planned, at the very least, three new mains for Season 3 and a couple new regulars.  And there was a surprising status quo change for Barry the Watchdog.

2) The idea was always that she’d be a REAL, competent villain, almost like an anime villain, that would invade our stupid cartoon show.  Like if Michael Bay was making the gritty Wander Over Yonder reboot in 30 years.  In terms of personality, we wanted her to challenge all our mains, so we decided she was more evil than Hater, more excitable than Wander, tougher than Sylvia, and smarter than Peepers.  We talked briefly about introducing a number two to  play off of her, but we realized that if she was really better than all our mains, she wouldn’t actually need anybody else.  And that’s when we realized her character flaw.  The person who says they don’t need anyone really needs people the most.  We just had to strip her of all that.

3) If it did come back, she’d be in it.  In fact the first shot we talked about picks up with her directly after the season 2 finale.

spaceandstarlight  asked:

I know your prompt list huge... But I have to, because certain concept arts of TOS era from 1977 are blowing my brain and my dash. So: Space Husbands return to Enterprise after first shore leave as a couple, and see their quarters refitted to be bigger place for the two:) New bed makes them happy.

Note: I love this prompt so much!! I changed one minor thing–that they’re arriving on the Enterprise to start their second five-year mission together instead of returning from shore leave.

Jim grasped the broad strap of the large travel bag hanging heavy from one shoulder; despite the existence of the padding sewn into his uniform, he knew in the back of his mind that there would be a red mark on his skin when he finally put it down. However, that was the furthest thing from his thoughts, so he absent-mindedly shifted its weight to a more comfortable position once again while they made their way down the final stretch of elegant corridor.

The space was positively bathed in warm afternoon sunlight streaming through the pristine windows, all of which ran the near entire length from floor to ceiling. The natural light softened the harsh edges and contrasts of modern Terran design—hardened steel and transparent aluminum appearing hazy and practically glowing. It seemed almost unreal.

In fact, all of this suddenly felt like something from a fantasy—the view of the glistening bay with its waves gently rolling toward the shore, the expanse of blue sky entirely bereft of clouds, the final moments of feeling the warmth of Earth’s sun kissing his face… Spock at his side as they approached the doors of the lift…

It was both a fitting farewell and an exciting new beginning, and that, alone, had Jim’s heart beating a little faster.

This situation was something Jim had dreamed of an infinite number of times since the conclusion of his first command tenure, but this day was no figment of wishful thinking or imagination. It was as real as the place in his mind which stretched out into a completely different dimension and forever linked him to Spock. He sent a pulse of affection over it, just for good measure.

The lift chimed softly as the silver doors split, and Spock walked inside.


Indulging in one final view of the bay and sky, of the bustling view of San Francisco from this vantage point, a smile pulled at Jim’s lips. Farewell. He bent his knees as he shifted the bag again, and then stepped in beside Spock.

“Perhaps you will allow me to carry our belongings now,” Spock offered, his hand reaching forth to take the luggage but Jim moved away.

“The answer is still no, Mister Spock,” he replied lightly, his eyes soft and sparkling as he flicked them up to his companion’s. “Transporter room.”

The lift doors closed and they were on their way.

“May I point out that attempting to impress me is unnecessary, as you have already succeeded in doing so long ago?”

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Chapter 132 : A GROWN son, CAN’T be KEPT at home EITHER

Note: Read the notes at the bottom for clarification on certain things, if anything, leave a comment or message me if something still doesn’t make sense. Remember, NO SPOILERS PLEASE. No copy/paste and all that other shenanigans either. Vote/likes are highly appreciated.

One a side note, this chapter is quite long, so it took me a while since I wanted to make sure certain scenes are describe perfectly. I had a lot of fun translating this chapter so I’m quite happy about it!!


As always, THANK YOU for reading and enjoying the journey with our FINALLY REUNITING boys:

Gu Hai & Bai Luo Yin

(๑˃̶͈̀ ᵕ ॣ˂̶͈́)*。̀ ̫ 。́)ॢ)


Chapter 132 :: A GROWN son, CAN’T be KEPT at home EITHER

It was almost the middle of the month, and the streets once enclosed with peacefulness, at long last, began to bustle with noise and excitement. Once the sun rose, early in the morning, Bai Luo Yin and Yang Meng rushed toward the main street’s entranceway, which had been completely decorated with the traditional features of ocean decorations and Chinese lanterns. As they promenaded around, their eyes absorbed the lively sceneries. They encountered various performances from traditional Chinese opera, magic shows, acrobatics to……even the distinguishable characteristics of old Beijing’s vendors, loudly broadcasting and advertising their products.

When the blazing sun soared into its’ brightest peak and basked the entire street with it brilliant, they joined the horde of people, happily watching and applauding the lion and dragon dance show as it paraded down the street in all its’ magnificence.

Their eyes were dazzled by an endless array of mouth watering delicacies that laid out in front of them, tickling the five senses that entangled their taste buds. This exhibition was indeed a feast for their hungry eyes. It was just like that, that Bai Luo Yin and Yang Meng could no longer let their stomach suffered in such agony. So, as to cure their hunger, they strolled through the street and tried as many things as possible until their stomach hit its’ capacity and satisfaction settled in.

“Hey, those lanterns over there with the riddles on them, if answered correctly, there’s a prize,” proclaimed Yang Meng in excitement.

Bai Luo Yin followed behind Yang Meng to have a closer look at the riddles.

Before him was a large plaque with a red paper attached at the top. Several string of riddles were written boldly on each sheet of red lantern paper; the powerful strokes that permeated with each characters were visibility delightful.

The rule on the plaque read:

All those who guess correctly, will receive a sticky rice ball in sweet soup or sticky rice dumpling. The more you guess correctly the more you receive but one wrong guess, and it will game over. No second chance.

When it was Bai Luo Yin’s turn, he answered the first two riddles with much ease. Yang Meng, who stood to the side, was given the responsible of holding onto the prizes. Once those precious prizes were within his grasp, no one could pry it out of his hands. But toward the end, there were so many prizes nestled against his chest and in both of his hand that he could barely hold on to them.

Embarrassment wormed its’ way on to the stall owner’s pallid face. If this continued, in less than five minutes, all the riddled on the plague would sooner than later be decoded.

Bai Luo Yin continued, “The fifth riddle on the third row, that idiom is, “A crowd of good friends gathered together.”

The girl in charged of verifying all the answers looked extremely petrified as she said “Incorrect,” with a very low voice, almost inaudible.

The stall owner, whom beforehand stood to the side, interrupted. And in a loud, ear splitting tone, he roared, “Wrong! Next!”

“That’s impossible!”

Bai Luo Yin firmly believe in his answer. There was no doubt, in his mind at all, that he had answered correctly. He snatched the answer book from the girl and as expected, with just one look at it, his answer was verified.

“Are you serious, how can you be like this? We obviously answered correctly and you still have the nerve to accuse us of being wrong? Or is it that, you can’t give us our prizes?” bellowed out Yang Meng, using Bai Luo Yin’s fierceness to flaunt his momentary superiority.

In the end, the stall owner himself came out. With a smile adorning his lips, he confronted Bai Luo Yin and Yang Meng.

“It’s the Lantern Festival, a very auspicious day. It’s not that we’re unable to give you the prizes, it’s just that we encourage more people to participate and have a go at it as well. Two handsome men like yourselves, I know you’re both knowledgeable and are expert at answering these riddles. You want the prizes and you can easily obtain them. But the crucial point is, those people standing patiently at the side. You also have to give them an opportunity to win some prizes too right?”

Bai Luo Yin laughed to this statement and turn to leave the premises, with the dignity of a gentleman enveloping his stature.

“Wait a second, take these!”

Upon hearing someone called out to him, Bai Luo Yin turned around. With great agility, he skillfully caught the package that was tossed in his direction, by someone on the other side.

After he steadied his footing, he finally saw clearly what it was. Yang Meng couldn’t help but cry out in alarm, “That’s some freaking huge sticky rice balls! Is it……is it even cooked!?”

Bai Luo Yin’s eyes froze, somberness congealed the blood that once graced his picturesque features.

A memory flashed across his mind, and drowned out the loud noises of the streets.*1

Once dusk sauntered by, all the street lights turned on. Together, Bai Luo Yin and Yang Meng stood at the corner of the street. For a long while, they once again, admired and took pleasure in the beauty of all the lights as it illuminated across the street; painting a picture perfect illustration of the festival in all its’ glory and magnificence. Afterwards they made their way back him with contentment already poured deeply into their heart.

By the time Bai Luo Yin got to the courtyard of his house, food was already prepared and everyone was waiting patiently for his arrival. Once Meng Tong Tian saw Bai Luo Yin’s figure approached, he pulled a chair over and gestured him to quickly sit down.

“Come, come, come, supper’s ready,” announced Bai Han Qi loudly, excited intermingled with his voice, as his signature smile crept swiftly toward the corners of his lips.

Everyone lifted the cups in their hands, regardless of whether it was liquor or a soft drink, they toasted each other first before exchanging any words.

“Eat, eat.”

“Wait, we should eat the sweet sticky dumplings first.”

“That’s right! It goes without saying that our Tong Tian is the most intelligent.”

The whole family surrounded the table as they happily ate and chat at the same time. Their faces full to the brim with happiness and the events of the few precious days did not affect their mood even the slightest bit. It was as if they had mutually agreed to seal their lips and bury those unfortunate occurrences. It was the last day of the lunar month, they had long ago resolved to only talk about all joyous things and determined to perpetuate happiness and harmonious until the very last minute, last second of that year.

Bai Luo Yin calm and quietly looked at everyone smiling faces. He listened to them discussed each other’s cheerful stories, ate soggy sweet dumplings, and no sooner did a as a strong pervasive warmth infiltrated into the bottom of his heart.

It was unfortunate, that he had that kind of mother, but he was fortunate enough to have such a great family that forgave and love him dearly.

A gleaming reflection of tears in the light, shone on those earthen eyes of Bai Luo Yin. He willed them away, out of his sight before he placed his chopsticks down and walked out.

Aunt Zou noticed that Bai Luo Yin had left so she prodded Bai Han Qi and asked, “Why did Yin Zi eat so little today?”

“I’ll go and take a look.”

Bai Han Qi followed behind his son’s shadow.

Bai Luo Yin returned to his own room, simply gathered up some things and dragged his luggage out. A bag of sticky sweet balls, that he had won earlier, was held tightly in his hand as he pushed the door open and made his way out.

Bai Han Qi stood planted at the front door, looking at Bai Luo Yin with amazement. His eyes continued to drown in astonishment as Bai Luo Yin got closer.

“Where are you going so late at night?”

Bai Luo Yin silently allowed his gaze to reach his father’s face, “Dad, I have to go back.”

“Today is the fifteenth day of the lunar month, the time when the whole family are together. Why don’t you go back once the holiday ends?”

Bai Luo Yin didn’t move.

Bai Han Qi looked the expression on Bai Luo Yin’s face, knowing full well that he will undoubtedly leave, but at the same, he still urged and wished for him to stay.

“Why don’t you at least finish eating your meal before leaving?”

Bai Luo Yin’s heart struggled for a second, a mini war broke out from deep within, but still he faced Bai Han Qi. And, with a stern tone, he said, “I finished eating. Please talk to my grandpa and grandma and let them know that I’ll be back in two days.”

Bai Han Qi let out a long sigh, his heart somewhat unwilling to let go. However, he still patted Bai Luo Yin’s shoulder and looked at with understandings, an air of approval permeated from his gaze.

“Go then. There’s still a whole family here, even with one less member, it will still be lively. Da Hai’s dad went to the army base, so don’t let him celebrate the New Year alone at home.”

Nobody understands one’s son better than his father.

And, no words escaped Bai Luo Yin’s lips as he remained unresponsive. He merely turned around and walked out of the courtyard.

Bai Han Qi stood against the strong whistling sound of the Northern wind and watched as Bai Luo Yin’s shadow gradually disappeared into the distance. A bitter sadness welled up in his chest, and he couldn’t help the tears that reared its’ way around the corner of his eyes. It is said that when a girl has come of age, she will not remain at home any longer, how can it be that a grown son can’t remain at home either?*2

Gu Hai was dragged from slumber and into consciousness from his position on the sofa. The lights in the room remained on and the windows were still opened wide. He was unable to distinguish whether it was daytime or nighttime, even worse, the exact time or date. He wasn’t certain at all, how many days he had spent in this bemused and hazy frame of mind. His eyes, once like two pristine stones of onyx, now lifelessly wandered toward every and all corners of the room.

The whole room was in complete disorder, almost as if it had been replaced with an uninhabited jungle. Bottles upon bottles of liquor were scattered everywhere, covering the floor as it laid unwavering in the silent room. Some bottles were full, some half consumed, and some completely empty of its’ intoxicating content. While some were strewed across the floor upside down, others were standing upright……. aside from liquor, his stomach was empty of all other solid substances that were needed to sustain life. The agonizing pain of hunger, scorched and set aflame the heartache and sorrow that ate at his internal, relentlessly tearing apart every vitality that once resided within.

Only when his lips pressed roughly against the liquor bottles, that refreshingly cool yet bitter taste flowed down his throat, and extinguished the painful attacks of the fiery flames. He allowed the liquor to consume his consciousness until he could no longer perceived any sense or emotion, and only then, was he able to rest his head and resume the slumber that was unfairly taken away from him.

Gu Hai stood upright, from his bones to the muscles, these two mechanisms that allowed him to be mobile, ached and sore painstakingly. He dragged his tired and somnolent feet over toward the windows, and with one swift motion, he pulled open the curtains, revealing the darkness of the night that had devoured the city. His solemn eyes swept across the landscape. The lights outside were stunning to his vision. More than art, more than aestheticism, life presented beauty in thousands upon thousands of variations; it was indeed, a gigantic panorama of eternal change that befell his eyes.

Large crowds of people spread out all around the streets beneath his looming shadow. Blossoming and dancing amongst the unseen clouds in the midst of the Southwestern night sky, were fireworks. It soared higher and higher into the vastness of the heavens and scattered in all directions before fading into the shadow of the sparkling stars…

Stupefied and taken aback, Gu Hai drew the curtains close, sealing his sight from the gatherings outside. His hand gripped the refrigerator door open, only to find that nothing was in there. His eyes like a global positioning system, mapped out and stalked the floor below his shadow, and not before long, it located a bottle of red wine that had not been opened yet. He then fished around in the tight crevices of the sofa and found the wine opener that had secretly hid itself. With skilled hands, he jabbed the corkscrew into the secured cap of the wine bottles, twisted it several times and unplugged the cork. The bottle kissed his desolated lips and the intoxicating liquid rushed inside his awaiting tongue.

Gulp, gulp, gulp. He chugged it down, but after only two gulps, the doorbell suddenly rang.

His throat paused its’ motion, practically stopping for a moment. Pretending not to hear the invading sound, he continued to force down several more gulps.

The doorbell rang again.

With a sullen, yet calm demeanor, Gu Hai dropped the wine bottle on a nearby tea table, straightened up his spine and walked toward the front door.

A burst of pain shot throughout his forehead from all the alcohol. All ten of his fingers, that had not been active for days, felt clumsy and awkward as if they were not apart of his body. He struggled to turn the doorknob several times before he, somehow, unknowingly, managed to finally jerk it open.

Outside stood a lonely figure.

Gu Hai stared, blankly. Dumbfounded.

Bai Luo Yin was still wearing the same down jacket that he had wore the day he left. He dragged the same luggage as before. And, his hands were encased and kept warm by the same pair of gloves that Gu Hai had given him, that Christmas Eve, all those weeks ago.

His hands gripped tightly onto the bag of sticky sweet dumplings, as two attentively red ears peered down at Gu Hai.

At this moment, time ceased.

Neither of them said a word to each other. They silently observed each other while an undercurrent of immense and passionate emotion swept under and surrounded them.

At long last, Gu Hai strode over, each step lessened the proximity between them. He suddenly pulled Bai Luo Yin toward him, held him tightly within his arms and trapped him in his never ending warmth.

No one can describe that feeling of when you recover everything that you have lost. That feeling was the same one that engulfed, possessed and overwhelmed Gu Hai at that very moment. It tortured and continuously attacked his heart, causing him to teeter on the verge of collapsing. As if any second now, the edge of the cliff will crumble, sending him into an endless pit.

Nor can anyone put into words or even come to understand what Bai Luo Yin felt at that very moment, how precious…how dear Gu Hai was to him.

Gu Hai wrapped one of his arm firmly around Bai Luo Yin’s back, as if to embed him into his own body, while the other hand, curled around the back of Bai Luo Yin’s head. With his face slightly turned, his cold lips gently caressed the outer edge of Bai Luo Yin’s ear, allowing himself to take solace in Bai Luo Yin’s body heat.

Originally, Bai Luo Yin’s heart was very calm. Even when he pressed the doorbell, he didn’t have any particular feeling or expectation that could be pinpointed. But once Gu Hai hugged him with such intensity, all kinds of emotions effervescence to the surface. Sparks of electricity ruptured throughout his body, igniting his nerves and encased him in a feeling that he refused to word.

After what seemed like an eternity, Bai Luo spoke first.

“Gu Hai, I’ll remember this, you owe me one.”

Gu Hai’s body stiffened for a second, as he momentarily released Bai Luo Yin before a steadfast resolution rain over him.

“I will repay you back!”

With a faint smile, Bai Luo Yin almost relieved, urged Gu Hai to take his belongings inside.

Gu Hai peered down and noticed the bag in Bai Luo Yin’s hand, then asked, “What’s this?”

“Sticky rice balls, I won them by answering all the riddles on the lanterns correctly.”

Gu Hai took the bag and glanced over at the digital clock hanging on the wall. It was only then, did he realized that today was the Lantern Festival.

For a moment, he felt extremely touched. A twinge of happiness manifested within his soul.

“Then, let me boil them, you just need to sit here and wait.”

After he said this, he hurried into the kitchen. And, just as he was about to turn the gas in the stove on, his eyes caught sight of Bai Luo Yin who had joined him inside.

“I’m warning you. You better try and cook them thoroughly in one go this time. If you keep on tasting one and throwing one out as you go, there won’t be anything left for us to eat.”



*1 This reminded Bai Luo Yin’s of when Gu Hai cooked dumplings for him, and before he gave it to Bai Luo in, he would check to see if it was cooked or not.

*2 This refers to when a girl gets married and move out to live with her husband, so to Bai Han Qi, how can it be that this notion would apply to a son too. XD You funny man you!

** I will update notes on sticky rice balls (yuan xiao) and sticky rice balls with sweet soup (tang yuan) later since I find that it is an important part of the Lantern Festival **

The original novel is written by Chai Jidan

I do not own any of its’ content

I am merely an amateur translator/editor

It’s been almost seven months since Belle arrived at Blaine and Kurt’s home in tears over an unwanted pregnancy and the boys deciding to adopt it from her. Since then the boys told the babies about the new baby and Blaine was right Addison freak out with excitement and Bay seemed to be happy to just not as much as his big sister. Belle is getting bigger and bigger each day at least that’s how she feels. And she is over more and more something that Addison loves. And the house hunt is going well. Now lets return to the boys

*looks over his computer at a house and smiles* Kurt. Come here I think I found the house! In my office!

Love Is (Him)

Relationship: Derek Nurse/William Poindexter

Rating: Teen & Up

Words: 3.8k

Summary:  Nursey falls quiet again, nothing but the sound of asphalt beneath the tires and soft music filling the cab of his truck. When Dex glances over he’s just barely smiling, looking stupidly good with one of Dex’s hats pulled on backwards and aviator sunglasses shading his eyes. Dex abruptly realizes he wants to kiss him, wants to curl his hand around the back of his neck and tug him across the center console. Instead, he scowls and takes another sip of the ice coffee Nursey had insisted on stopping for, hoping the bitterness will quell these obnoxious feelings.
The traffic gets lighter and the buildings get smaller the farther south they get, until the highway is lined with trees and Dex is flying along at a good clip. He can almost taste the ocean, even though they’ve got a few miles yet. There’s excitement thrumming in his bones, and he wants it to stop. This feels like a Big Deal, like something could happen tonight. Something momentous.
This is the worst.

{also on AO3}

(a/n: I started writing this before I realized that Dex might be from Maine?? I’m still not super clear on it, but as a live long Rhode Islander, I wanted to write this ode to my little state. And Derek Nurse’s face. But you know. Also there’s a poem in here. It is not good. Poetry is not my thing, so please accept my apologies beforehand.)

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“The Milky Way Over Seeley’s Bay”

I haven’t been posting photos as often lately because my family and I are in the process of moving to a new house. We’re almost done, but I also feel like I’m almost dead! It’s been hard on us all. My dad and I started the day off with a truck full of stuff for the dump that weighed 1284Kg (2824Lbs) Then we went to the old house to load the truck again for the 9th time. I think one more load should do it, but that’s been said before!
On the bright side, I’m super excited for the new location. (Seeley’s Bay) It’s further north, so there’s less light pollution, which means better astrophotography. It’s also cottage country, so there’s tons of good views close by.
I took this photo on my first night at the new house. (this beautiful spot is just a few minutes drive from the new house)
I was amazed at how dark it is here. My ISO was set to 6400 for this shot! (I usually don’t go higher than 3200 because of light pollution)
I can’t wait to start exploring the new area!