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Christmas Wishes (Newt x Reader)

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my wonderful followers, just in time– here’s your Christmas special! (I tried to squeeze in the all the recent Christmas requests I got in, hope you enjoy!)

Words: ~3000

Rating: Y’all are gonna need to be resurrected after all this fluff! <3

Hope you enjoy!

Newt Scamander could barely contain himself.

The magizoologist’s fingers would drum along the railing of the boat for a time, then he would pace a bit on the deck as the salt-dusted wind tugged at his mop of honey-hair, fidgeting with the handle of his suitcase to keep the excitement at bay as he observed the dock inch closer with every wave that lapped at the ship’s metal exterior almost hungrily.

When he would grow just a bit too impatient, he would unfold the creased paper in his vest pocket, having almost memorized your latest letter to him by this point.

“My dearest Newt,”

He already had to pause, a giddish grin cracking across his freckled face, his heart leaping in jubilation from such loving words coming from someone he deeply cherished.

“It finally started snowing here in New York, just in time for Christmas! You’d enjoy it this year, it’s not too chilly, but just cold enough to keep the ground covered in sparkling white. Jacob, Queenie, and I already convinced Tina to build a snowman the “No-Maj” way in Central Park yesterday, and he looked very handsome with his scarf and button nose. I wish you would have been here, I could have used you on my team during the snowball fight that ultimately ensued–beware of Tina, she is unstoppable when given enough frozen ammunition!”

Though he enjoyed re-reading your letters whenever he had the chance, Newt skimmed to the bottom of the letter with a surge of nervous excitement.

“It’s sweet of you to ask, though to be honest all I truly want this year for the holidays is to see you again. I’ll be thinking of you as I always do, but I’ll miss you all the more this season.

Yours always,


Newt could barely suppress a light chuckle of excitement, rocking on his heels in anticipation as the ship finally docked on the shore of New York, his second home. Home was where the heart was, and you were certainly proof of that. Newt had never quite felt the same since he had left you in New York, though the consistent letters you two would write to one another certainly kept him going for the last few months.

It was your most recent letter that had pushed him to go through with the Christmas gift he had spent weeks mulling over in his mind. Checking his pocket for the hundredth time, he felt reassured when his fingers brushed over the sealed envelope, tracing the indentation of your hastily scrawled name in the middle.

With tremendous excitement and determination practically seeping from his pores, Newt scurried off the ship and hastily crunched through the snow-coated cobbled streets to his destination, smiling through his tightly wrapped ragged scarf all the way.

“It’s a Christmas miracle, Jacob!”

“It’s somethin’ alright.” Jacob chuckled, revelling at the sight before him. The baker had barely brought Newt from the front door into the kitchen before Queenie appeared from the parlor and enveloped the magizoologist in a loving hug, practically squeezing the poor wizard to death.

“We’ve all missed you so much honey, you didn’t tell us you were comin’ over for the holidays!” She giggled giddily, planting a chaste kiss on Newt’s cheek and giving a grin as she finally pulled away.

“Bit of a surprise,” Newt chuckled in response, “Though I do hope I’m not intruding–”

“Oh no, honey, you’re always welcome!” Queenie quickly informed him, gingerly helping remove his navy coat and striped scarf to hang on the coat rack, adding over her shoulder with a smile, “In fact, we might just make you stay this time, right Teenie?”

Newt turned to where Queenie was looking over his shoulder, revealing Tina walking into the kitchen with a grin on her face. “Well hey there stranger,” she welcomed playfully, embracing Newt warmly, and much less constricting than her sister. “Happy Holidays!”

“You as well,” Newt smiled back, indulging in the warmth of the apartment and it’s inhabitants he had missed dearly, savouring the sight of the merged Christmas and Hanukkah decorations strewn about the apartment, converging traditions and decor that made the space all the merrier and festive. Upon feeling the unmistakable sensation of the envelope in his vest pocket shifting, his herbal eyes lit up, darting around the apartment curiously. “Where’s Y/n?”

“Oh honey, I’m sorry, she’s hasn’t been home for a while…” Queenie trailed off, placing a hand on Newt’s shoulder comfortingly with a sympathetic expression.

Newt felt a wave of dismay wash over his form, the room suddenly feeling much more empty despite the company of good friends. He inwardly berated himself for not notifying you of his visit, though he never thought you would just leave without letting him know, perhaps you didn’t want him to know, or–

Queenie’s eyes immediately widened, pursing her lips in slight embarrassment as she read his thoughts, “Oh, no sweetie I didn’t mean like that, she’s just been out shopping since this morning–”

The distinct unique creaking of the old wooden door to the apartment sent electric shocks of hope and thrill through Newt’s nerves as he swiveled on his heels to find the manifestations of his affections walking through the doorway.

“Sorry I’m late, Mrs. Esposito gave me a lecture on wearing a dress out in the snow a-and….” you trailed off, E/C gaze meeting with sparkling seafoam eyes you hadn’t seen in what felt like ages. You almost thought he was an illusion, standing there in his crisp brown vest, white dress shirt sleeves rolled up asymmetrically on either arm and a disbelieving yet gleeful expression upon his freckled face. A genuine grin tugged at the corners of your lips as you let out a curt laugh of surprise and joy, dropping your bags and instantly dashing toward your beloved wizard.

Newt felt as though he would burst with delight as you jumped into his open arms, relishing in your enchanting giggle as he spun you around excitedly. He set you down gently, pressing a light kiss to the crown of your head as he hugged you tightly to his chest, savouring the warm feeling of you in his arms and your alluring scent of rose petals, rainwater, and what he could only describe as the comforting smell of home.     

“You brought me just what I wanted!” You squealed happily, feeling tears brim your eyes in elation as you craned your neck upwards to relish in the sight of the shy smile you thought about every moment of every day in his absence.

Newt gave a sharp inhale, at first assuming you somehow knew of the contents of the envelope that was snugly hidden in his pocket, though upon seeing the look of adoration in your E/C gaze, he realized you had wholeheartedly meant your humble wish to see him for Christmas. The fondness in your genuine smile, paired with the sensation of your warm hands still entangled around his neck brought him on the verge of melting in bliss. 

Though difficult, he resisted the urge to present his true Christmas gift to you right then and there, instead electing to embrace you once more, eliciting another delighted giggle from you as he grinned, “I missed you terribly.”

“I missed you just as much,” you chuckled into his chest, absentmindedly tracing the curvature of his vest buttons. “If not more.”

“I’m positive I missed you the most,” Newt smirked with raised brows, as if daring you to challenge him on it.

You almost considered it before Jacob spoke up with an admiring laugh. “Neither of you are gonna win that argument, but I’m thinkin’ you both agree on dinner.” He gestured to the dining table, where Queenie and Tina were quickly preparing while humming along to a holiday tune, plates and silverware gently drifting to their respective places on the table before the steaming food floated to the festive platters.  

As you lead Newt to the table, your eyes lit up with anticipation, “I’m so glad you’re here, I have your gifts wrapped but they’re in my bedroom,” your face flushed slightly, “I was going to send them in the mail so they’d get to you on time, but I guess I was secretly hoping you’d be here to open them yourself.”

Newt’s heart swelled at your thoughtfulness, feeling Billywigs flutter in his stomach when you clasped his hand in yours, tugging playfully toward the bedroom, “I can’t wait for you to open them–”

“Y/n, you know the rules,” Tina raised her voice with a knowing smile thrown your way as she pulled an extra chair to the table, nodding for you and Newt to take a seat.

“Presents after dinner.” Queenie finished in a sing-song voice, flicking her wand to finish lighting the candles that were strewn about the kitchen. “We’ve gotta hear all about Newt’s adventures since he’s been gone, don’t we honey?”

“Oh, yes, well, I did recently discover a new ability the Swooping Evil has,” Newt raised his brows excitedly, “Which assisted me in catching the Niffler when the little bugger got loose in a museum.”

“Well now I gotta hear about that,” Jacob chuckled, tucking a napkin in his collar and sitting eagerly before the steaming meal.

Supper conversation drifted on into the evening well past when the meal was finished, Newt recounting his tales of new creature discoveries and the various times the Niffler managed to escape during the most inconvenient of times. The magizoologist was captivated by your ecstatic re-telling of what Jacob called the “most unfair snowball fight in history”, since it was the muggles versus the wizards, though the baker advocated that your persistence during the fight was practically medal-worthy.

Tina took notice of Newt’s entranced staring more than once, and it didn’t take her mind reading for Queenie to know Newt was just as smitten with you as you were with him. The blonde Goldstein sister did, however, find herself suppressing a giddish grin behind her fingers that muffled her giggles as she listened to Newt’s hurricane of anxious thoughts as he subtly traced the outline of the envelope in his pocket in hidden anticipation.

 After the holiday dinner, you all participated in the lovely lighting of the first candle of the menorah that sat patiently upon the windowsill that overlooked the snowy city streets, Queenie and Tina leading you all in reciting blessings as the sky darkened and nighttime approached. 

The rest of the night consisted of gift giving and light conversation. Though the moon rose high and the hours ticked on, the five of you were still huddled by the fireplace in the living room,  trading and unwrapping gifts by the decorated Christmas tree.

Tina was ecstatic with her new coat you had bought her, as you were with the perfectly-fitting boots she had given you. Queenie adored the perfume you found for her in a heart-shaped bottle she wouldn’t stop cooing over, and assured you she would spritz it on every day.

Newt was grateful for the four of you having chipped in on a collective gift of a new charmed suitcase, just in case he would need just that extra bit of room for some new creatures. He thanked you all profusely, and you practically melted at his endearing grin of appreciation.

You adored the little teddy bear Jacob had given you, and the baker was very flattered with your thoughtful kitchenware set gift, “I can’t wait to use these, you’ll have to be my number one taste-tester,” he grinned.

Eventually there were only a few gifts left to open. Though you knew it was silly, you figured the slower you opened each gift the longer Newt could stay.

“This one’s from me,” Queenie bit at her bottom lip eagerly, handing you a bag with light pink tissue paper flowering at the top. You eagerly dug through the paper, only to come into contact with sultry blue and pink silk with decorative lace–”O-oh my, Queenie,” you blushed profusely, covering your mouth with your hand as you gasped surprise, “Why would I need–?”

You paused as Queenie gave you wittily raised brows as her knowing gaze flickered between you and Newt suggestively. “Queenie!” Tina hissed with a playfully reprimanding light slap on her sister’s arm, Jacob only subtly chuckling as Newt shot him a questioning look.

“Scandalous,” you tsked with a giggle, quickly covering the contents with the tissue paper once more. “But thank you,” you added with a ghost of smile on your face, giving Queenie the giggles too.

“What? Did…Did I miss something?” Newt asked innocently, looking to your bag with confusion written on his features.  

“Ladies things,” Queenie shrugged, biting back a grin, waving her hand as if it dismissed the issue entirely. Newt was still unsure of what exactly she had meant, but felt his cheeks heat in slight embarrassment all the same.

You quickly slid a carefully wrapped box with Newt’s name on it toward the magizoologist, flicking at the golden ribbon atop the lid playfully. “This one’s for you.”

Wonderment quickly took over dissipating embarrassment as Newt tugged off the ribbon and tore the festive wrapping paper off. He gingerly pulled the lid off of the box, eyes widening in bewilderment as he pulled out a familiar lengthy striped scarf, admiring the soft texture and tight weave between his freckled fingers.

“Made the muggle way, but I guess you can’t really tell,” you shrugged, fiddling with a piece of stray ribbon on the carpet. “The last time I saw you I noticed yours was looking a bit, um, “loved”, and figured you could use a new one.”

Newt’s heart leaped at your words, looking to the scarf in a new light. The hours of time you had spent, knitting every loop by hand all while thinking of him, the fact you noticed he loved his scarf and you were willing to hand-craft him another, it was enough to practically melt the magizoologist’s heart.

“I adore it,” he breathed sincerely, herbal eyes sparkling as he looked to you appreciatively, “Thank you so much Y/n…”

“I’m so glad!” You sighed in relief, pride swelling in your chest.

Seeing you so pleased and contented with such a simple gesture, Newt felt the impulse to give you his secret gift, and quickly scrambled in his vest pocket for the envelope, “This, ahm, this one is for you,” he stated, a wave of anxious thoughts washing over him as he handed you the sealed gift. He took note of Queenie’s sharp inhale and attempted to bury his thoughts should she accidentally spoil the surprise.

“Aw, thank you Newt,” You smiled as you gently tore open the envelope and peered inside, noting Newt’s anxious lip-gnawing expression from the corner of your vision. Your brow furrowed in curiosity as you gingerly pulled out two slips of paper with times and dates…tickets.

One-way tickets.

One-way tickets…to Britain.

Exuberance blossomed in your chest as you felt your cheeks heat in excitement and hands quiver in disbelief as you lifted your gaze to Newt’s in wonderment. “I-is this…”

Newt swallowed thickly, unsure of how to read your reaction, though the shaky smile you wore gave him the surge of confidence to take your quivering hands in his and confide to you, “Y/n, there’s not a single day–moment, really, that I don’t think of you.” He inhaled deeply, glancing about to his friends for a moment. Queenie was already in tears, having likely read his mind, Tina with a hand over her enormous grin and Jacob staring with delight and raised brows. They all practically oozed with enthusiasm, encouraging him to continue, “I’d love nothing more than for you to, ahm, accompany me in my travels, and I’ve got your room set up back home already,” his cheeks immediately flushed at his confession, his gaze flickering to yours nervously. “O-only if you’re interested, of course, I wouldn’t wish to make you uncomfortable or–”

You cut off the stuttering wizard with a firm kiss of eagerness, taking him by surprise when you cupped his face and repeatedly murmured, “Yes, yes, yes,” in between smaller, tender kisses of devotion along his jaw, cheeks, and nose.

Queenie couldn’t suppress a small squeal of approval, burying her face in her hands as she leaned into Jacob, who chuckled gleefully and gave a thumbs up. Tina gave a giggle of amusement, eyes shining with praise as she smirked at the now intensely blushing magizoologist.

Newt couldn’t contain the jubilant chuckle and glowing smile at your fervent response as you leaned your forehead against his, entwining your fingers with his freckled ones lovingly. “I’d love nothing more,” You murmured, a grin cracking across your face, nose gently brushing Newt’s and sending a shiver of delight up his spine. “Than to go home with you.”

Newt felt his breath slightly hitch at hearing you refer to his home as your own, feeling his heart rate skyrocket and cheeks warm with fervent jubilation. He let out a chuckle of relief and excitement, lost in the heat of the moment as he wrapped you in an affectionate embrace, your laughter like perfectly tuned bells reminding him your presence in his life was something he was eternally grateful for.

Tina and Jacob started a miniature applause, Queenie squealing her endorsement as she showered the both of you in ribbons from the unwrapped Christmas gifts, “Oh Teenie, it’s another Christmas miracle!” She hissed excitedly, giggles bubbling from her chest as a few of the ribbons caught in Newt’s amber-curls and tangled in your H/C hair, the two of you now blending in with the Christmas decorations.

The rest of the night drifted on in comfortable quiet, the twinkling of the lights on the Christmas tree and the crackling of the fireplace eventually lulling the apartment’s inhabitants into a contented slumber. Jacob had fallen asleep in Queenie’s lap, and she too found herself drifting off with Tina on her shoulder as they stared into the fireplace. Newt, however, found sleep almost impossible, feeling as though he were already in a dream as it was. He propped his elbow on the armrest of the couch, head in one hand as he gazed about the tranquil livingroom, his other weaving through your H/C locks in a calming rhythm, counting down the hours until the boat ride home in the next few days.

Home. He smiled at the thought, seafoam gaze drifting down to your sleeping form curled up against him. The wizard was almost in disbelief you had chosen to be a part of home for him, though he would make sure you would know he was grateful every moment of every day in your future together.

While attempting to count every lovely eyelash upon your flickering eyelids, Newt felt the familiar pull of sleep tugging at his conscience. He gave in when you snuggled further into his chest, placing a tender kiss to your head before drifting off.

Though the chilled snow floated through the crisp night air outside, those in the apartment slept soundly and warmly, you and Newt cuddled together, cozy and contented with Christmas wishes fulfilled.

Happy Holidays to you all!

Hope you enjoyed!

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the-little-red-queen  asked:

*humbly approaches McSpirk AU god* Opinions on Captain!Spock, First Officer! McCoy, CMO!Jim?

Y’all are really challenging my creativity with these role reversals. Also check out part 1 and part 2 if you’re interested. 

  • Jim enters the Enterprise as a nurse. It’s his first time actually in space and he’s excited. It’s gorgeous, from his own sleeping quarters Jim’s just in awe when they pass stars, planets, and colorful nebulas. And Captain Spock and his First Officer McCoy are notorious in Starfleet Academy for their work and dedication to the job. Surely, this adventure in space is going to be great.  
  • “I swear to God, Spock, if you try and pull this stunt on me without informing me one more time I am going to report you and your pointy ears to Starfleet…” Jim looks up when Leonar walks into med bay, he’s almost dancing around his Captain to get his attention, but Spock walks, stoic and with purpose, like an unstoppable tank. “Mr. McCoy, I fail to see how me informing you of my every move is relevant,” Spock says simply, walking up to their current CMO for their conference meeting. Leonard stalls as Spock walks into the CMO’s office, muttering “Green blooded, pointy eared, emotionless Elf…” under his breath before he steps into the office as well. Jim frowns. Maybe they’re not as close as he originally thought.
  • He’s been shadowing the CMO for a while, getting better at his job, and frequently diagnosing Leonard with stress symptoms, which he then blatantly ignores because “the only reason to get rid of this headache is to get rid of his Captain” and “if you’d just shove him out of an airlock, I’ll make it look like an accident”. And Jim’s just in complete shock at how much these two seem to dislike each other. This isn’t like the stories at all.
  • Jim’s career as a nurse comes to an abrupt end when the ship’s under attack close to a strange planet. They’ve lost comms with the outside world and the enemy ship seems to attack the Enterprise with something that resembles tentacles, piercing through the Enterprise’s shields and ripping it apart like the wrapping paper of a Christmas present. Jim does his best to pull people back up on his feet. He’s in med, stabbing people with hypos left and right, he’s pressed a small tool to fix internal bleeding against one fallen ensign while he tries to remove glass from someone’s chest with the other. He lets out a relieved sigh when he receives a message that his CMO is on his way back from the Bridge, because that means he’s gonna get some help, right? 
  • Seconds later, the ship’s literally falling apart. The gravity stabilizer is failing on them, which makes Jim’s job significantly harder, and the sounding alarm sends the ensigns able to walk to their evacuation pods. Jim helps the others get to theirs, and he sends them off into space before he climbs out of med bay to find others. “Kirk,” Spock says, and Jim spins around to see his Captain in the hallways. “What are you still doing here?” “I just wanted to make sure everyone got out,” Jim explains, grabbing on to Spock’s arm as the ship turns violently, “where’s McCoy? And the CMO?” “McCoy is evacuating the crew on the upper floors. Our CMO has fallen. You’re the CMO now.” Spock says, grunting a little as he stands up straight. Jim is speechless, but Spock doesn’t give him the time to realize it. “Get to a Kelvin pod. I’ll see you on the ground, Doctor.”
  • When Jim wakes up, everything hurts. And the only reason he’s abruptly awoken is because a hand grabs onto his uniform and drags him out of his escape pod. “Wake up, Kid,” Leonard says, and Jim groans, head pounding, but he’s stumbling to his feet alright. “Where are we?” Jim asks. “Some class M planet. We gotta go find Spock and the others.” Jim nods. “Let me grab my med kit.” “Your pod had a med kit?” “No, I brought one. I’m not an idiot,” Jim says, and Leonard snorts a little. Jim grabs his kit, then stumbles after Leonard.
  • “So why do you hate the Captain so much?” Jim asks. “Excuse me?” Leonard replies, looking confused. “You and Captain Spock are always arguing over everything.” Leonard laughs, an arm sliding around Jim’s shoulder, and Jim feels the warmth of Leonard’s body against his own. It’s not unpleasant. “You can love someone to the moon and back and still disagree with them.” Leonard says, and Jim smiles lightly. “The moon’s not that far, you know.” “Shut up, smartass.” 
  • They find Spock with the rest of the crew, and the moment Spock sees Leonard, that whole rigid attitude of his just drops and he pulls Leonard in such a tight hug. He lets out a relieved sigh, and Leonard wraps an arm around him, too, before going: “Spock, Vulcan strength, buddy.” and Spock lets go of him. Spock even greets Jim with a smile and a brief arm around his shoulder. “I’m glad you got out okay.”
  • The place is abandoned, except for them. Jim spends the initial first few days healing the crew. Scotty’s building a radio tower to try and communicate with the rest of the universe. Others are building shelter, exploring, hunting for food, and Jim loves it. The whole exploring, getting to know new lands, eating strange foods, and he feels a whole lot closer to the crew already. Spock checks up on him frequently, but Jim’s fine. He sits against a tree and watches the improvised sickbay when Spock sits down at his side. “Help is coming,” Spock says, “we received a message today. We are going to be out soon.” “Okay, good.” Jim says, glancing up at Leonard as he sits at Jim’s other side. “Your performance is remarkable for someone with that little experience,” Spock continues, and Jim snorts. “Thanks.” “See, Spock, you gotta ease into these compliments. This sounds more like an insult,” Leonard says. “Excuse me, McCoy, you believe everything I say is an insult.” Spock counters. Jim listens to them bicker for a while, and he mostly just end up laughing at how logic battles emotion. It’s funnier than it should be. Spock catches on, and he’s smiling ever so lightly. “I can love Leonard to the moon and back, that doesn’t make him right.” “Again, the moon’s not that far. It’s the 23th century, keep up,” Jim replies, and Spock makes an insulted sound. Leonard laughs. “Remember Spock, I told you this kid was gonna be one of us.”
Chapter 132 : A GROWN son, CAN’T be KEPT at home EITHER

Note: Read the notes at the bottom for clarification on certain things, if anything, leave a comment or message me if something still doesn’t make sense. Remember, NO SPOILERS PLEASE. No copy/paste and all that other shenanigans either. Vote/likes are highly appreciated.

One a side note, this chapter is quite long, so it took me a while since I wanted to make sure certain scenes are describe perfectly. I had a lot of fun translating this chapter so I’m quite happy about it!!


As always, THANK YOU for reading and enjoying the journey with our FINALLY REUNITING boys:

Gu Hai & Bai Luo Yin

(๑˃̶͈̀ ᵕ ॣ˂̶͈́)*。̀ ̫ 。́)ॢ)


Chapter 132 :: A GROWN son, CAN’T be KEPT at home EITHER

It was almost the middle of the month, and the streets once enclosed with peacefulness, at long last, began to bustle with noise and excitement. Once the sun rose, early in the morning, Bai Luo Yin and Yang Meng rushed toward the main street’s entranceway, which had been completely decorated with the traditional features of ocean decorations and Chinese lanterns. As they promenaded around, their eyes absorbed the lively sceneries. They encountered various performances from traditional Chinese opera, magic shows, acrobatics to……even the distinguishable characteristics of old Beijing’s vendors, loudly broadcasting and advertising their products.

When the blazing sun soared into its’ brightest peak and basked the entire street with it brilliant, they joined the horde of people, happily watching and applauding the lion and dragon dance show as it paraded down the street in all its’ magnificence.

Their eyes were dazzled by an endless array of mouth watering delicacies that laid out in front of them, tickling the five senses that entangled their taste buds. This exhibition was indeed a feast for their hungry eyes. It was just like that, that Bai Luo Yin and Yang Meng could no longer let their stomach suffered in such agony. So, as to cure their hunger, they strolled through the street and tried as many things as possible until their stomach hit its’ capacity and satisfaction settled in.

“Hey, those lanterns over there with the riddles on them, if answered correctly, there’s a prize,” proclaimed Yang Meng in excitement.

Bai Luo Yin followed behind Yang Meng to have a closer look at the riddles.

Before him was a large plaque with a red paper attached at the top. Several string of riddles were written boldly on each sheet of red lantern paper; the powerful strokes that permeated with each characters were visibility delightful.

The rule on the plaque read:

All those who guess correctly, will receive a sticky rice ball in sweet soup or sticky rice dumpling. The more you guess correctly the more you receive but one wrong guess, and it will game over. No second chance.

When it was Bai Luo Yin’s turn, he answered the first two riddles with much ease. Yang Meng, who stood to the side, was given the responsible of holding onto the prizes. Once those precious prizes were within his grasp, no one could pry it out of his hands. But toward the end, there were so many prizes nestled against his chest and in both of his hand that he could barely hold on to them.

Embarrassment wormed its’ way on to the stall owner’s pallid face. If this continued, in less than five minutes, all the riddled on the plague would sooner than later be decoded.

Bai Luo Yin continued, “The fifth riddle on the third row, that idiom is, “A crowd of good friends gathered together.”

The girl in charged of verifying all the answers looked extremely petrified as she said “Incorrect,” with a very low voice, almost inaudible.

The stall owner, whom beforehand stood to the side, interrupted. And in a loud, ear splitting tone, he roared, “Wrong! Next!”

“That’s impossible!”

Bai Luo Yin firmly believe in his answer. There was no doubt, in his mind at all, that he had answered correctly. He snatched the answer book from the girl and as expected, with just one look at it, his answer was verified.

“Are you serious, how can you be like this? We obviously answered correctly and you still have the nerve to accuse us of being wrong? Or is it that, you can’t give us our prizes?” bellowed out Yang Meng, using Bai Luo Yin’s fierceness to flaunt his momentary superiority.

In the end, the stall owner himself came out. With a smile adorning his lips, he confronted Bai Luo Yin and Yang Meng.

“It’s the Lantern Festival, a very auspicious day. It’s not that we’re unable to give you the prizes, it’s just that we encourage more people to participate and have a go at it as well. Two handsome men like yourselves, I know you’re both knowledgeable and are expert at answering these riddles. You want the prizes and you can easily obtain them. But the crucial point is, those people standing patiently at the side. You also have to give them an opportunity to win some prizes too right?”

Bai Luo Yin laughed to this statement and turn to leave the premises, with the dignity of a gentleman enveloping his stature.

“Wait a second, take these!”

Upon hearing someone called out to him, Bai Luo Yin turned around. With great agility, he skillfully caught the package that was tossed in his direction, by someone on the other side.

After he steadied his footing, he finally saw clearly what it was. Yang Meng couldn’t help but cry out in alarm, “That’s some freaking huge sticky rice balls! Is it……is it even cooked!?”

Bai Luo Yin’s eyes froze, somberness congealed the blood that once graced his picturesque features.

A memory flashed across his mind, and drowned out the loud noises of the streets.*1

Once dusk sauntered by, all the street lights turned on. Together, Bai Luo Yin and Yang Meng stood at the corner of the street. For a long while, they once again, admired and took pleasure in the beauty of all the lights as it illuminated across the street; painting a picture perfect illustration of the festival in all its’ glory and magnificence. Afterwards they made their way back him with contentment already poured deeply into their heart.

By the time Bai Luo Yin got to the courtyard of his house, food was already prepared and everyone was waiting patiently for his arrival. Once Meng Tong Tian saw Bai Luo Yin’s figure approached, he pulled a chair over and gestured him to quickly sit down.

“Come, come, come, supper’s ready,” announced Bai Han Qi loudly, excited intermingled with his voice, as his signature smile crept swiftly toward the corners of his lips.

Everyone lifted the cups in their hands, regardless of whether it was liquor or a soft drink, they toasted each other first before exchanging any words.

“Eat, eat.”

“Wait, we should eat the sweet sticky dumplings first.”

“That’s right! It goes without saying that our Tong Tian is the most intelligent.”

The whole family surrounded the table as they happily ate and chat at the same time. Their faces full to the brim with happiness and the events of the few precious days did not affect their mood even the slightest bit. It was as if they had mutually agreed to seal their lips and bury those unfortunate occurrences. It was the last day of the lunar month, they had long ago resolved to only talk about all joyous things and determined to perpetuate happiness and harmonious until the very last minute, last second of that year.

Bai Luo Yin calm and quietly looked at everyone smiling faces. He listened to them discussed each other’s cheerful stories, ate soggy sweet dumplings, and no sooner did a as a strong pervasive warmth infiltrated into the bottom of his heart.

It was unfortunate, that he had that kind of mother, but he was fortunate enough to have such a great family that forgave and love him dearly.

A gleaming reflection of tears in the light, shone on those earthen eyes of Bai Luo Yin. He willed them away, out of his sight before he placed his chopsticks down and walked out.

Aunt Zou noticed that Bai Luo Yin had left so she prodded Bai Han Qi and asked, “Why did Yin Zi eat so little today?”

“I’ll go and take a look.”

Bai Han Qi followed behind his son’s shadow.

Bai Luo Yin returned to his own room, simply gathered up some things and dragged his luggage out. A bag of sticky sweet balls, that he had won earlier, was held tightly in his hand as he pushed the door open and made his way out.

Bai Han Qi stood planted at the front door, looking at Bai Luo Yin with amazement. His eyes continued to drown in astonishment as Bai Luo Yin got closer.

“Where are you going so late at night?”

Bai Luo Yin silently allowed his gaze to reach his father’s face, “Dad, I have to go back.”

“Today is the fifteenth day of the lunar month, the time when the whole family are together. Why don’t you go back once the holiday ends?”

Bai Luo Yin didn’t move.

Bai Han Qi looked the expression on Bai Luo Yin’s face, knowing full well that he will undoubtedly leave, but at the same, he still urged and wished for him to stay.

“Why don’t you at least finish eating your meal before leaving?”

Bai Luo Yin’s heart struggled for a second, a mini war broke out from deep within, but still he faced Bai Han Qi. And, with a stern tone, he said, “I finished eating. Please talk to my grandpa and grandma and let them know that I’ll be back in two days.”

Bai Han Qi let out a long sigh, his heart somewhat unwilling to let go. However, he still patted Bai Luo Yin’s shoulder and looked at with understandings, an air of approval permeated from his gaze.

“Go then. There’s still a whole family here, even with one less member, it will still be lively. Da Hai’s dad went to the army base, so don’t let him celebrate the New Year alone at home.”

Nobody understands one’s son better than his father.

And, no words escaped Bai Luo Yin’s lips as he remained unresponsive. He merely turned around and walked out of the courtyard.

Bai Han Qi stood against the strong whistling sound of the Northern wind and watched as Bai Luo Yin’s shadow gradually disappeared into the distance. A bitter sadness welled up in his chest, and he couldn’t help the tears that reared its’ way around the corner of his eyes. It is said that when a girl has come of age, she will not remain at home any longer, how can it be that a grown son can’t remain at home either?*2

Gu Hai was dragged from slumber and into consciousness from his position on the sofa. The lights in the room remained on and the windows were still opened wide. He was unable to distinguish whether it was daytime or nighttime, even worse, the exact time or date. He wasn’t certain at all, how many days he had spent in this bemused and hazy frame of mind. His eyes, once like two pristine stones of onyx, now lifelessly wandered toward every and all corners of the room.

The whole room was in complete disorder, almost as if it had been replaced with an uninhabited jungle. Bottles upon bottles of liquor were scattered everywhere, covering the floor as it laid unwavering in the silent room. Some bottles were full, some half consumed, and some completely empty of its’ intoxicating content. While some were strewed across the floor upside down, others were standing upright……. aside from liquor, his stomach was empty of all other solid substances that were needed to sustain life. The agonizing pain of hunger, scorched and set aflame the heartache and sorrow that ate at his internal, relentlessly tearing apart every vitality that once resided within.

Only when his lips pressed roughly against the liquor bottles, that refreshingly cool yet bitter taste flowed down his throat, and extinguished the painful attacks of the fiery flames. He allowed the liquor to consume his consciousness until he could no longer perceived any sense or emotion, and only then, was he able to rest his head and resume the slumber that was unfairly taken away from him.

Gu Hai stood upright, from his bones to the muscles, these two mechanisms that allowed him to be mobile, ached and sore painstakingly. He dragged his tired and somnolent feet over toward the windows, and with one swift motion, he pulled open the curtains, revealing the darkness of the night that had devoured the city. His solemn eyes swept across the landscape. The lights outside were stunning to his vision. More than art, more than aestheticism, life presented beauty in thousands upon thousands of variations; it was indeed, a gigantic panorama of eternal change that befell his eyes.

Large crowds of people spread out all around the streets beneath his looming shadow. Blossoming and dancing amongst the unseen clouds in the midst of the Southwestern night sky, were fireworks. It soared higher and higher into the vastness of the heavens and scattered in all directions before fading into the shadow of the sparkling stars…

Stupefied and taken aback, Gu Hai drew the curtains close, sealing his sight from the gatherings outside. His hand gripped the refrigerator door open, only to find that nothing was in there. His eyes like a global positioning system, mapped out and stalked the floor below his shadow, and not before long, it located a bottle of red wine that had not been opened yet. He then fished around in the tight crevices of the sofa and found the wine opener that had secretly hid itself. With skilled hands, he jabbed the corkscrew into the secured cap of the wine bottles, twisted it several times and unplugged the cork. The bottle kissed his desolated lips and the intoxicating liquid rushed inside his awaiting tongue.

Gulp, gulp, gulp. He chugged it down, but after only two gulps, the doorbell suddenly rang.

His throat paused its’ motion, practically stopping for a moment. Pretending not to hear the invading sound, he continued to force down several more gulps.

The doorbell rang again.

With a sullen, yet calm demeanor, Gu Hai dropped the wine bottle on a nearby tea table, straightened up his spine and walked toward the front door.

A burst of pain shot throughout his forehead from all the alcohol. All ten of his fingers, that had not been active for days, felt clumsy and awkward as if they were not apart of his body. He struggled to turn the doorknob several times before he, somehow, unknowingly, managed to finally jerk it open.

Outside stood a lonely figure.

Gu Hai stared, blankly. Dumbfounded.

Bai Luo Yin was still wearing the same down jacket that he had wore the day he left. He dragged the same luggage as before. And, his hands were encased and kept warm by the same pair of gloves that Gu Hai had given him, that Christmas Eve, all those weeks ago.

His hands gripped tightly onto the bag of sticky sweet dumplings, as two attentively red ears peered down at Gu Hai.

At this moment, time ceased.

Neither of them said a word to each other. They silently observed each other while an undercurrent of immense and passionate emotion swept under and surrounded them.

At long last, Gu Hai strode over, each step lessened the proximity between them. He suddenly pulled Bai Luo Yin toward him, held him tightly within his arms and trapped him in his never ending warmth.

No one can describe that feeling of when you recover everything that you have lost. That feeling was the same one that engulfed, possessed and overwhelmed Gu Hai at that very moment. It tortured and continuously attacked his heart, causing him to teeter on the verge of collapsing. As if any second now, the edge of the cliff will crumble, sending him into an endless pit.

Nor can anyone put into words or even come to understand what Bai Luo Yin felt at that very moment, how precious…how dear Gu Hai was to him.

Gu Hai wrapped one of his arm firmly around Bai Luo Yin’s back, as if to embed him into his own body, while the other hand, curled around the back of Bai Luo Yin’s head. With his face slightly turned, his cold lips gently caressed the outer edge of Bai Luo Yin’s ear, allowing himself to take solace in Bai Luo Yin’s body heat.

Originally, Bai Luo Yin’s heart was very calm. Even when he pressed the doorbell, he didn’t have any particular feeling or expectation that could be pinpointed. But once Gu Hai hugged him with such intensity, all kinds of emotions effervescence to the surface. Sparks of electricity ruptured throughout his body, igniting his nerves and encased him in a feeling that he refused to word.

After what seemed like an eternity, Bai Luo spoke first.

“Gu Hai, I’ll remember this, you owe me one.”

Gu Hai’s body stiffened for a second, as he momentarily released Bai Luo Yin before a steadfast resolution rain over him.

“I will repay you back!”

With a faint smile, Bai Luo Yin almost relieved, urged Gu Hai to take his belongings inside.

Gu Hai peered down and noticed the bag in Bai Luo Yin’s hand, then asked, “What’s this?”

“Sticky rice balls, I won them by answering all the riddles on the lanterns correctly.”

Gu Hai took the bag and glanced over at the digital clock hanging on the wall. It was only then, did he realized that today was the Lantern Festival.

For a moment, he felt extremely touched. A twinge of happiness manifested within his soul.

“Then, let me boil them, you just need to sit here and wait.”

After he said this, he hurried into the kitchen. And, just as he was about to turn the gas in the stove on, his eyes caught sight of Bai Luo Yin who had joined him inside.

“I’m warning you. You better try and cook them thoroughly in one go this time. If you keep on tasting one and throwing one out as you go, there won’t be anything left for us to eat.”



*1 This reminded Bai Luo Yin’s of when Gu Hai cooked dumplings for him, and before he gave it to Bai Luo in, he would check to see if it was cooked or not.

*2 This refers to when a girl gets married and move out to live with her husband, so to Bai Han Qi, how can it be that this notion would apply to a son too. XD You funny man you!

** I will update notes on sticky rice balls (yuan xiao) and sticky rice balls with sweet soup (tang yuan) later since I find that it is an important part of the Lantern Festival **

The original novel is written by Chai Jidan

I do not own any of its’ content

I am merely an amateur translator/editor


Imagine the interaction of Narset and Jace. One a student of an Elder Dragon, the other at war with one. I digress. Both are forever students, and while Jace tends to study the minds of the people; Narset would be intrigued by this man who can read minds, and be able to give him some insight as to what she has learned in life. Then from there, Narset teaching Jace on how to clear his mind. Similar to Tamiyo (When she helped him keep Emrakul’s mind flayer abilities at bay).

Just picture Narset reading one of the many books in Jace’s Sanctum; happens to be his favorite. Jace proceeding to get excited that someone is reading, and then asking what she liked about the book, what things she didn’t. Both of them  talking into the night about it. 

Honestly, I cannot wait for these two to interact with each other. The thing is, almost everyone in the Gate Watch can be paired off; not even just romantically. Gideon and Chandra get along, because they’re passionate about protecting the things they love. Nissa and Chandra are opposites, but have a love of life. Gideon and Nissa were fighting for Zendikar, before the Gate Watch. While Liliana, isn’t really set for anyone, her and Chandra did get along. Yes, we could argue that Liliana and Jace have a friendship, what I see with Narset and Jace. It’s just that they click.

They’re equals in the field of knowledge. Where as everyone else in the Gate Watch has more of a practical knowledge and life experience. 

ask-us-m-n-o  asked:

in enough time, the spiders have been attacking the hounds for a long time and now a queen spider had left the nest and began to reproduce more spiders, which approach the bones mounts that were in the desert ready to attack the hounds, in other part not so afar the three brother get away from they camp, the full moon was close, that means The giants who lived inside of the brothers almost will appear so nabaru with torch try to get away so far as he can, The sensation of transformation begins.

Wilson heard the panicked baying of the hounds that told him that a threat was on the march. He scrambled to gather the weapons he’d aquired from the hounds hoard as well as those he’d constructed himself.

When he came to the surface he saw the spiders approaching. Oh great. He hated spiders. What was it about full moon that drove the wildlife mad… Something in his chest stirred. Was he excited? That was utterly mad! But there it was, the bubbly feeling he got when he was excited.

He was becoming acutely aware of where the other hounds were. It was almost like he could feel their presence… And they could feel him. There were no verbal or even visual orders. Just the feeling of which direction the Alpha thought was best to charge from.

“The Milky Way Over Seeley’s Bay”

I haven’t been posting photos as often lately because my family and I are in the process of moving to a new house. We’re almost done, but I also feel like I’m almost dead! It’s been hard on us all. My dad and I started the day off with a truck full of stuff for the dump that weighed 1284Kg (2824Lbs) Then we went to the old house to load the truck again for the 9th time. I think one more load should do it, but that’s been said before!
On the bright side, I’m super excited for the new location. (Seeley’s Bay) It’s further north, so there’s less light pollution, which means better astrophotography. It’s also cottage country, so there’s tons of good views close by.
I took this photo on my first night at the new house. (this beautiful spot is just a few minutes drive from the new house)
I was amazed at how dark it is here. My ISO was set to 6400 for this shot! (I usually don’t go higher than 3200 because of light pollution)
I can’t wait to start exploring the new area!

But what if Hawke realized He may have some feelings for Fenris in a jest?

Isabela: “hmm I’m sensing you got your eyes in someone already Hawke?”

Hawke laughs and says: “Yeah! I got my eyes in a certain person” and he looks at Fenris is a playfully way. Eyebrows high.

Fenris at first look at him confused and the he realizes what Hawke is saying. He blushes and snap Hawke’s huge arms lightly. Almost smirking, but holding it at bay.

“Festis bei umo canavarum. Stop being so Charming” Fenris says and leave the rest of the party, everyone laughing.

But Hawke is biting his lips in excitement. Fenris is joking too, he knows, but he’s feeling lightheaded and can’t wait to talk with the elf, get to know him better.