the exam make me crazy right now

Just doodle that scene of Frostbitten by arialenelove 

OMG, you’re killing me. Still stuck with my exams. But can’t help myself.

O M G, I LOVE Olaf. dat ‘some people are worth melting for’ thing awsdfsaskdsdfh ya joking right? MY FEELLLLLLLLL

OK, I suppose that Elsa could built Olaf again, somehow, but what about Henrik? Could you two just make him again? Wait, what…

I am hosting a Phandom meetup for those of us phan-students who are either struggling through exams, just finished, or are preparing like crazy for them right now! Let’s give each other some phan support!

Drop me an ask, and/or follow my blog (<– blog link here) for more info, and make sure to mention me if you’d like so I can give you some smol words of encouragement and reblog your post!!!! : 3 : I will be using and keeping an eye out on the following tags for this event: #phandom meetup and especially #student phandom meetup 

The meetup will be ALL DAY on the 18th of December! Starts at 12am ETZ (Eastern Time Zone for America) and runs all day. Don’t worry if you show up a bit late though! Everyone can feel the phan-love, and you can submit all day on the 18th even if it’s past 12pm where I’m at!!!!

Open to all students middle/high/college(uni) etc… All ages, (a)genders, races, identities, orientations, etc. (ILY all, seriously!)

Hope to meet some new faces! (Kindly signal boost, because I am trash, @phanout @youraphanguy @phandommeetupwatch tag anyone else who could signal boost??? @amazingphil​ & @danisnotonfire​ , your phans need good luck on our exams!!!!!!)