the exactly same face

vinyl ch 2 preview | PG | Steve/Tony


“Oh my babies,” Tony said when they arrived at the garage.  He reached out like he couldn’t help it, ran his fingers across the glossy paint job of the nearest car with the exact same reverence his wife did.  And he made exactly the same face, the sour frown of resignation, when they stopped in front of the truck.  “Cap,” said this Tony who barely knew him, “did I know about this before the wedding?”

 “You bought it for me.”  He motioned back at the other cars, the sleek, small beautiful machines. “We can take one of those if you want, but the paparazzi have been known to swarm any time they see one.”

 “We’ll take your stupid truck,” Tony said.  He went around to the passenger side and climbed into the cab. “Not bringing your shield?” he asked.

 “I wasn’t anticipating running into any super villains at the mall,” Steve said.  There it was again, that spike of worry about the world his wife had been thrown into. It was small and pointed, like a burr that got trapped inside a boot, digging into the meat of his calf.  “I try not to take it anywhere I don’t want to start a fight.”

 Tony snorted.  “I’ve never known you to turn down a fight.”

 “Not all fights are worth fighting,” but more importantly, “seatbelt.”

 Tony laughed to himself, at some joke he didn’t feel like sharing, as he pulled the seat belt around and buckled it.  When he was finished he put his hands on his thighs and looked at him expectantly, “I’m all ready, Cap.”  

 They were all the way out of the drive before Tony said, “all of them are coming?  All the Avengers?”

 “Yeah,” Steve answered, “I can’t call Thor but I left a message with Maria Hill about Dr. Selvig and Jane Foster.  I don’t know what happened but there aren’t many people I know that are smarter than them, and you and Bruce. If it’s science, you can figure it out and if it’s not—”

 “You can punch it?” Tony prompted.

I don’t know about you peeps, but one thing that sorta bugged me about Ashi in Season 5 – Actually, what bugged me about the Daughters of Aku in general were how…

Like, when it’s showing them as kids, their… Faces…?

… Like, their bodies are different, but their faces are exactly the same? I mean, their faces show absolutely no sign of aging. At all.

After all these years, there’s been absolutely no change to her face…

At least Jack looks like a little kid when it’s showing flashbacks. But Ashi and the other Daughters of Aku? There’s been no change to their faces. Like, if you just ignored the body, and payed attention to just the face, you would not know if Ashi was an adult in the first picture.

The only way to tell whether they’re an adult or a kid is by looking at the shape of their bodies!

That’s one criticism for Season 5…

i can’t decide between quoting lucky i’m in love with my best friend and lucky we’re in love in every way from this song that resonates with this picture, and my feelings, perfectly

seamus and dean you guys

Happy Birthday To The Precious Neets! 

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Then one foggy earth-day eve, Pink Diamond came to say, “Jasper with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my palanquin tonight?” Then how the quartzes loved her, as they shouted out with glee: “Jasper the perfect beta, you’ll go down in history!”

AIRY ITS ONLY SEPTEMBER OMFG LOL also like, damn other quartzes shoulda been nice to her in the first place B^T im just sayin


Robert Sugden + The Nicola King Face™

*Princess Zelda voice* “It appears the Sheikah Slate’s camera rune can be used to capture images of ourselves, called self-portraits… Link. Link, this is important. I shall dub these self-portraits as “selfies” and it is CRUCIAL that we take them all over Hyrule. For research, of course. Just research…. wait Link loOK AT THAT FROG WE MUST TAKE A SELFIE TOGETHER WITH THE FROG”


“Phil, why are you sitting in a different location?” Phil reads off of the chat accidentally. Not even five minutes into the show and he’s already seeming suspicious. Nice. Phil’s cheeks tint pink and he hopes that it goes unnoticed to the people watching. He feels like he should care more about what he looks like, especially since Dan is kneeling just out of shot, mouthing over Phil’s growing length. (prompt here)

genre: smut

warnings: public kink, voyeurism (not rly tho is it), blowjobs, deepthroating ;)

word count: 1790

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a/n: heyoooooo this was a fun prompt, i’m so happy i wrote this. i also got really awesome prompts today so i gotta get on those. i’ll keep this short, but just reminding you that i’m updating The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty tomorrow!!! get hyped!!!!!! i hope you all enjoy <3333

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There are no two groups within the community that face exactly the same struggles. And the community was never intended to be a gathering of people who fell under the same umbrella. What the LGBT+ community was meant to be was a gathering of many, varied types of people whose relationship to their own sexuality, whether by theory or manifestation, was abused, oppressed, and locked out of the hegemonic discussion around “acceptable sexuality”.

Over the generations it has included many groups which have nothing to do with today’s fringe conversation about same gender attraction, and while the specific language for members to discuss themselves and their experience typically doesn’t come until much later, this in no way means that they have not historically always been represented somewhere. Language changes after all and there are many terms and umbrellas which have been retired but which originally grouped very different people together.

Asexuals and aromantics are frequently villainized, abused, and locked out by hegemonic society and by the definitions Straight people use to explain “acceptable sexuality”. Their experiences cannot, by definition of intersectionality, be the even as each other’s. but because they are oppressed and abused as are other members of the community, the community is and has always been a place where they are able to come and find empowerment, protection, and support.

There is absolutely nothing to be gained, as a community, by grouping ourselves exclusively by like experience. Bisexual women and gay men are not likely to have much of anything in common about the way they experience their oppression, and black lesbians and white trans men certainly don’t share much in the way of common experience. What all these people share, including asexuals and aromantics of all types, is a common motivation and a common need. Every single one of us needs society’s hierarchy of sexuality and gender destroyed, and the oppression that is built off that system erased from cultural interactions. Working individually in small groups towards this goal is fruitless. Working together as one massive coalition is what has brought us, incredibly quickly and imperfectly, to the place we now stand where in five years we watched national sentiments on same sex relationships invert itself to majority positive, and in the three years following that are watching an international conversation about gender and the rights and dignity of trans folks. That speed is the result of MANY groups working together and acknowledging, unlike hegemonic society, that difference is not to be feared or shoved aside, it is to be celebrated.

Request: Loved

Request: May I request Mary (season 12 reference) coming to the bunker with dean and meeting the reader (she is a relationship with dean and told his mother about her)? :)

Word count: 1,130


“Dean?” Your voice is barely a breath as you answer the phone, escaping as a transparent cloud on the cool spring air. It can’t be him – Amara and the bomb and Chuck and Rowena and… all of the jumbled, clouded images flit through your head at once and then disappear completely as he speaks again.

“Yeah, it’s me. Y/N, where the hell are you? Were you with Sam?” He cuts to the chase, and you quickly pick up on the panic in his voice – you’d know it anywhere on Earth.

“No.” There’s more shame in the word than you’d like him to hear – it wasn’t that you’d abandoned them. It wasn’t at all. It was more that the goodbye with Dean had been too much for you to bear, and you needed a few hours to be alone with your thoughts. The world may have been saved, but yours had been irreparably shattered, “And I’m about a mile away from the bunker. Probably less.”

“Good. Sam’s gone, there’s blood, and- and-“ His voice sputters and dies, “I can explain when you get here. Can you just…?”

You don’t have to pause, “Give me a minute. Maybe five.” You tell him, and then he’s ended the call – and that’s how you know it’s him, not some sick perversion like it was last time or a cheap imitation: there’s no goodbye, no ‘see you soon’. That’s it, it’s a given that you’ll be there.


“Dean?” The door creaks and clanks as you haul it open, gun in one hand. You creep down the stairs, not quite knowing what threat to expect, if any. However, by the time he’s taken three steps out of the war room, you’re on him, throwing your arms around his neck as the gun clatters to the floor and his arms wrap you up, strong and safe, lifting your feet clean off the ground. Dean buries his face into your shoulder, vaguely reminiscent of the hug you’d last shared – except this one is joy and relief, where the other had been sorrow and fear.

“God, Y/N.” His breath is warm and face scratchy and he’s alive. The last thing in the universe that you want to do is pull away, but when you finally open your eyes and look over his shoulder, you’re startled into pulling back.

A blonde woman stands behind him, watching you both with a mixture of intense confusion and affectionate amusement. You look from her, to Dean, and then back to her – for one, she’s wearing your shirt, and for another, she looks familiar in a way you can’t place.

“Y/N,” His arm remains tight around your waist, although he does let you back down onto the floor, “Meet my mom, Mary. Mom, this is Y/N.”

She quirks an eyebrow, and for a split second you realise that the mannerism belongs to Dean – many of her features do, in fact. It’s only then do you recognise her as the woman from the photographs Dean never has out of arm’s reach.

“This is Y/N?” She asks, and Dean nods in confirmation, smiling proudly – like this is a moment he’d always wished for; to introduce his girlfriend to his mother. Mary takes a slow step forward, looking you up and down – not scrutinising, but examining. Wanting to familiarise herself with you.

“You mentioned me?” You glance up at Dean, but his mother cuts in before he can even think of an answer.

“Oh, you’re all he mentioned. I was starting to think I’d had another child I didn’t remember until he specified that you were his girlfriend,” She smiles, and you can’t help but laugh a little at that, “Oh, Y/N, you’ll love Y/N. She’s so beautiful and smart and funny and…”

“Mom!” Dean interrupts indignantly, his face flushed red. Both you and Mary manage a laugh at that, despite the situation at hand – but the confusion and anxiety soon cloud her features again, and you look between the two of them for a few moments.

“Dean, babe, have you tried calling Cas? He came back here with Sam, and if that’s an angel-banishing sigil I see over there, he definitely was here.” You offer, lifting up to kiss his cheek before withdrawing, “Mary, I feel like you could use a cup of tea… milk and extra honey?”

For just a moment, she hesitates, looking between the two of you – and then she nods, relief flooding her features – an excuse to avoid the stressful situation for a little while, and to get her out of Dean’s high expectations so she can take a few breaths. You couldn’t be happier for him, but you know as well as anyone that he can be a bit of an overexcited puppy every now and again.


“So… you’ve done this before?” She asks, heaping more honey into the tea. You nod, giving a small smile and sipping your drink slowly.

“Once or twice. Sam and Dean have too, but we all lost count a few times ago.” At the look of horror on her face, you reach over and rest your hand over hers – the idea of her sons dying and coming back must be awful to her. Especially when her own experience of it seems to be going less than smoothly for her, “They always seem to come back. Dean always used to say it’s because angels were watching over them.”

Mary’s eyes widen slightly at her own words being echoed back from the mouth of an outsider, but she doesn’t seem to have the words of her own.

“There isn’t a day goes by when he doesn’t think about you.” You tell her softly, giving a small smile, “Don’t take that as pressure. But take it to know that you’re loved here, and always have been. I get it, fitting back in can be awkward. But I’m here, and so are Sam and Dean. And if you need to be stupid and quiet and go and get our nails done or do something menial, I’m always up for a girls’ day out.”

Again, she only seems to stare at you, and you fear that you’ve overstepped the mark – after all, you’re practically a stranger to her. But, instead, after a few moments, a wide, warm smile spreads over her face and her eyes wrinkle in exactly the same way that Dean’s do.

“I get it.” She says softly, her eyes twinkling, “I understand completely… what he sees in you. Why he loves you so much. Why you love him.”

All of those thoughts you’d had, growing up, about meeting your boyfriend’s parents and trying to impress them… this couldn’t be further from that if it tried. But you wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

Imagine when the Winchesters hug they pull you in without a thought, giving you the chance to make an important announcement. Just like Dean does.

You looked with a smile on your face as the three Winchesters hugged, the younger one being the tallest; able to wrap his arms around both his mother and older brother. You bit your lip as after one last glance you turned and walked away carefully; not to disturb them. You didn’t want to ruin the moment and considering they’d have quiet a few things to talk about it was better to leave them alone.

“And where the hell do you think you’re going?” it was Dean’s voice that caught your attention. You turned around to look at them, your eyebrows shot up as you blinked several times.

“I uh- I was gonna- I thought-” you stutter, shifting several times in your place; lips parted as you didn’t know what to tell them.

“Get your ass right here before you make me do it.” Dean said seriously but still had a playful smile on his face.

“I thought that you three wanted-” you mumbled, taking tentative steps towards them.

“What? A family moment?” Sam asked with a small smirk.

“(Y/n) you are part of this family, even I get to say it.” Mary added with a fond smile as you bit the inside of you cheek.

“I’m-” you fidgeted with your hands “I only thought that you wanted this to be amongst the three of you. You know, a Winchester thing?” you shrugged softly as Dean opened and arm for you to walk towards him.

“And since when are you not a Winchester?” Sam asked with a chuckled and you bit your lip to keep your smile from get wider.


“What? Not officially?” Mary asked with a smile “Well, that can be arranged. Right Dean?” she looked at her older son who shifted uncomfortably in his place. He cleared his throat as he gave not only his mother but also brother a dirty look.

You giggled, leaning up to peck Dean’s cheek who did exactly the same, burying his face at the crook of your neck for a moment “Sweetheart” he spoke up before finally looking you “You are a Winchester, I don’t care what our fucking DNA might say or what the papers say. You are one of us, end of discussion.”

“Agreed, besides you are more like both me and Dean than we are similar to each other.” Sam added with a chuckle as he looked down at you.

You bit the inside of your cheek as you looked at three of them, Dean’s arm around your shoulders made your heart beat all the more fast. Should you really say it? You had been wanting to for quiet a long while but was this really the right moment?

“Exactly” Mary said with a smile “Besides, to be honest I feel like I owe you. You had been taking care of my boys ever since you met them.”

“I love them, there is no questioning that. They’re both very important to me.” you wrapped one arm around Sam and the other around Dean, rubbing his back softly.

“Well, one might be just a little more than the other.” Sam said with a sly smirk and you hit the back of his head.

“Jealous Sammy? Can’t help if I have a thing for men in leather and terrible jokes.” you shrugged just as Dean exclaimed.

“Hey!” he looked offended for a moment and you giggled at his expression.

“Don’t worry (Y/n), that’s what they use to get all the girls. Trust me, been through that.” Mary said giving you a look and a sly smirk and you giggled as the Winchesters made a face at her words.

You chuckled as no other words were exchanged and Dean and Sam tightened their holds on you, squeezing you tightly. You couldn’t help but grin as Dean kissed the top of your head, resting his forehead against yours as he smiled down at you softly. It wasnt as big as you’d like but it true and that was all that you needed for the moment.

“Whoa easy there, you’re gonna squeeze the life out of us.” you giggled as Sam and Dean pulled slightly away.

“I mean don’t get me wrong, we’re Winchesters: death is out bitch-” you chuckled “But we need to be born first, don’t we?” you placed a hand over your stomach and all smiles faded as their eyes widened.

“What?” Dean breathed out and you bit your lip, looking at your boyfriend.

“Thought I should wait a little more to tell you but seeing as this is all a family thing I thought I should tell you that… the family’s getting bigger than you think.” you said with a shy smile and Mary was the first one to react.

“Oh my gosh, (Y/n)! Congratulations!” she grinned, tears welling up in her eyes as she hugged you tightly and you giggled.

“Thanks Mary, must be all weird to think you’re going to be a grandmother now when your own son is older than you.” you chuckled and she shook her head.

“We’ve already established, we are like no other family out there.” she said before turning to look at Dean who had an awestruck face on “So, are you not going to say something or what?”

“I- I- what should- I- I’m going to be a father?” he breathed out after a lot of stuttering and you smiled, nodding your head softly.

“Well, it’s obviously not only the pie I have in here.” you chuckled and he shook his head with a laugh. In an instant he wrapped his arms around and picked you up, spinning as the both of you laughed. A squeak left your lips as he set you down but you didn’t have time to say anything as he grabbed your face and pressed his lips hard against yours.

“A baby- it’s- I’m-” he breathed out a laugh, not being able to form the right words “Hear that Sammy?” his grin was hard to contain “You’re going to be an uncle. It’s- Another Winchester’s coming.” he bit his lower lip, looking back at you as he rested his forehead against yours “Baby Winchester.” he breathed out, closing his yes for a moment and taking your breath away as you saw the single tear run down his cheek.

“And while we’re at it-” Mary spoke up with what could only be described as a knowing smirk “Dean, how about you make that (Y/n) Winchester more official huh? Would be about damn time.” she said as you looked with a frown between her and Sam that had an arm wrapped around her shoulders.

“Wh-what?” you blinked, looking back at Dean who had a nervous smile on. His one hand was already in his pocket as he was fidgeting with something in there.

“Dean?” you whispered, frowning.

“Well, I gotta admit I would real like to hear that (Y/n) Winchester once or twice to be honest.” he breathed out with an awkward chuckle.

“What… do you mean?” you mumbled but your eyes widened and all air got caught in your lungs as you saw him move down… on one knee and pulled that one small thing from his pocket.

anonymous asked:

Do you ever visit your kids, or do you just pay the child support?

Their mum’s usually only want me to pay support, i mean, i’ve met a couple on tours, actually i have a picture with one of my daughters! let me find it really quick.

Good kid, she has eyes like i used to, and well, hair like mine too.

If I’m not too busy and can find a long enough time off i sometimes try to pay a visit to any i still have some form of contact with. They didn’t chose to have me as a father, a never around rock star dad and all that, so, dropping by and proving rumors true at schools is usually pretty entertaining.

I screwed around in my past and i’m not gonna make them feel like they are a burden from that.