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VIXX reaction on their crush calling them ‘adorkable’

I love using the word adorkable ++ IT’S EXACTLY WHAT THESE KIDS ARE

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Of course he’s cute, there’s no doubt but who are they calling a dork?? He would probably make a huge deal out of the use of the words ‘adorable’ and ‘dork’ in the same word AND ESPECIALLY when it’s describing him this drama queen but he would still appreciate it though~


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He would turn all shy-shy-shy and try to not to show it to them, failing miserably of course. Being the shy bean he is he would try to answer something cute back but end up mumbling to the ground because, yeah, he’s standing in front of his amazing crush of course.


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He would get all mushy and stuff trying to not to squeeze their cheeks at that exact place– you know, fuck it he will squeeze them anyway. After that he would turn into the aegyo-filled Ken we know and go around telling how cute they are but how he’s even cuter!


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“I’m not adorkable, I’m swag and tough and–” He would boast how tough and mature rapper he is but literally 0.0003032 seconds later turn in his best cute gestures hoping that his crush would realise how cute and talented guy they could be dating!


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He would giggle and start thinking if he really is that adorkable they are saying, trying to catch their attention again by doing something stupid adorkable and continue getting these cute nicknames form his crush (SUCCESS YAY). He would probably think about the compliment every single night before sleep <3


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Well, everyone knows he’s the most adorkable from all of the adorkables, so he would probably admit it and continue doing the lame jokes he has and being the little bun he is! He would probably return the compliment though, because if his crush is with him they are probably as adorkable as him too!

I have gills, you do too

Take your finger and touch the base of the bottom of your ear. Now move your finger forward so it’s under your lobe but still a little behind it. Press firmly and draw your finger down towards your shoulder. Feel any ridges or bumps? You don’t? Try placing your finger in the depression at the base of your ear where your neck meets your jaw. Press firmly and pull your finger down. You should be able to feel a series of minor ridges that are very thin lines of cartilage. They are on the exact same place on your other ear. In some people these are pencil thin and in others they are not large but are a bit larger.

 That’s what remains of your gill structure. Small little cartilage vestiges from when we were all fish. 

im also going to elaborate on what im talking about with the chica thing

besides her place with the ‘missing her beak’ thing, something scott had to tell us directly, how much have you seen chica be heavily involved in lore theories? really think, how heavily does chica preside in the story?

in fnaf 1 and 2, it was all about foxy (this includes mangle) and freddy.

fnaf 3 was all about bonnie, and his previous incarnatiosn

fnaf 4 focused on the people, but foxy was involved a lot in trying to link phone guy and purple guys exact place in the game

scott is not someone to let a character whiz by without any weight behind them, especially not a character whos part of the main four

chica has a party world, and theres obviously something we don’t know about her

and its probably not very pleasant

He will find out

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He will find out

Peter Maximoff x reader

Prompt:“Can you please do a story where reader is Charles daughter secretly dating Peter Maximoff and Charles finds out when he reads her mind while things are getting heated with Peter and her so he like runs in and stops them”


Warnings: swears? Sexy stuff (nothing too bad)!

You walked down the wooden hallways of your fathers school to your next class when you suddenly felt a rush of air and you were suddenly outside far in the back of the courtyard. You looked around at the empty courtyard, you were so confused you had no idea how you had gotten to the spot you were at. There was a rush of wind beside you again and you were farther away  from the school already. You heard the sound of the school bell, which symbolizes the beginning of class.

“Shit,” you started to run back to the building but you somehow appeared in the exact same place in the courtyard as before.

“What the heck is going on,” you groaned as you walked in vain back to the mansion to again be brought back to where you were again. Suddenly Peter appeared inches away from your body.

“Hey babe,” he said holding in a laugh.

You hit his arm with the book in your hand, “what the hell Peter, you could’ve just told me that you wanted to see me. Then I would’ve told the teacher that I was going to be a little late for class.”

“Sorry (y/n), I forgot,” he said as his arms wrapped around your waist.

“I forgive you but just remember next time Pete,” you wrapped your arms around his neck and he looked you in your eyes.

“Probably won’t,” he smirked before leaning in for a hungry kiss on your lips. You broke from your kiss and smiled.

“I gotta go Pete, I have class, and my dad will freak out if I skip it,” Peter sighed as he you let go of his shoulders.

“Ok but I’ll see you tonight at 7pm in my room,” you nodded and smiled. Peter grabbed the back of your head and you felt a whoosh of air and you were suddenly outside your classrooms door.


It was after school, you had just finished your last class of the school day when you heard your fathers voice in your head.

(Y/n) please come down to my office.

You hated when your father went inside your head and told you things or went looking for private information. Once when you were younger you had a bad habit of lying to your father and friends but your father put an end to it by threatening to pick information out of your mind. You never lied to your Father again maybe besides about dating Peter which you really hope he didn’t pick out of your mind.

You said goodbye to the friends you were walking with and left to go toward your father’s office. Quickly you walked toward the door and grasped the brass door to open the door.

“Hello dear, I heard that you skipped the beginning of your science class today,” you sighed and put your head in your hands.

“Dad, I can explain, I was held up in the courtyard with a friend. It will never happen again,” you explain.

“I hope not (y/n), because if it does I will find out why,” your face turned pale and you froze in fear as you would not want your father to find out about you dating Peter.

“It will never happen again dad, I promise you that.”

“I hope that you are right (y/n), now off back to your friends,” you nodded and left the room to your own.


“Your father doesn’t even know (y/n), he is going to to kill you once he finds out that you lied to him,” Jubilee told you as she took out her yellow hoop earrings  

“I know but I’m just afraid that he will be angry at me for dating him,” you
explained as you pulled on your favorite t-shirt and leather jacket from your closet. Jubilee is the only person that knows about your relationship with Peter, the both of you have been friends for so long that it was almost impossible to keep secrets from her. Plus you shared a dorm together.

“He going to be more mad when he finds out (y/n). You should really just tell him.”

“I know it’s just…. You’re right, I think I’m gonna tell him tomorrow,” suddenly Peter sped into your room.

“Hey Pete,” jubilee said from her nightstand. Peter gave Jubilee a small wave and continued to focus on you.

“Ready to go?”

“Hell yes but we gotta get back by 8:30ish or my dad will freak out again,” Peter nodded and grabbed the back of your head and sped off to his room.


Charles p.o.v

“I tell you Hank (y/n) is keeping secrets from me,” Charles explained to Hank who was walking down with him toward cerebro.

“It is part of being a teenager you know. Your hormones make you act different than usual sometimes and (y/n) might just want some privacy,” Charles opened cerebro and wheeled himself inside. “Are you sure you just want to creep up on her like this,” he asked.

“It’s for her own safety Hank,” Carles put on cerebro and searched for your mind.


Peter led you into his dorm room which had an assortment of snacks and treats he also had a pile of ten movies that you could pick out from.  

“This is awesome Peter,” you said as you grabbed a coke from the table.

“It is pretty awesome all of the snacks,” Peter said as he grabbed another coke for himself from the table. “Want to chose a movie, I have a bunch from my collection,” Peter said with asked smirk.

“Ok um..,” you looked through the stack of movies beside his tv. “How about back to the future, that’s a funny one,” Peter put the Movie into the tv and flopped onto his bed.

*“This isn’t that bad Hank they are just watching a movie no big deal.” Charles talking in cerebro*

“You’re gonna make me sit here all alone are you,” you rolled your eyes and sat down next to him. Peter wrapped his arm around you and rested your head on his shoulder.

*”Oh no Hank, they aren’t just friends.”Charles talking in cerebro*

*Movie finishes*

“Man I love that movie, it’s so good,” you said as you got up from where you sat on Peters bed.

“Agreed,” Peter rolled off the bed and stood beside you. Blushing a little bit you looked up into his eyes.

*“No she is blushing she wants Peter to kiss her. Please my daughter don’t.”Charles talking in cerebro*

“I had an awesome time tonight Peter,” you pronounced as Peter eyes met your.

“That’s great,” Peter head quickly swooped down and kissed you lips.

*“No Peter why must you betray me.” Charles talking in cerebro*

You dropped your leather jacket you were wearing and kissed him back. Peter brought you up to his hips and you wrapped your arms around his neck and your hand tangled in his silver hair.

*“Oh my god it happening I thought she would only want to have sex in college but no.” Charles talking in cerebro*

Peter and you continued to make out until the both of you fell onto his bed backwards. The both of you laughed when you hit his mattress and you continued to kiss him.

*“I can’t take this anymore get me up there Hank.”Charles talking in cerebro*

You layed on Peters bed while he kissed you passionately, how did this happen. Peter took off his silver leather jacket and leaned down to kiss you again when Charles barged into Peter’s room.

“Peter get off my daughter!” Charles yelled from his from his wheelchair. Peter jumped off you and you sat on the edge of his bed.

“Dad I can explain, it’s just that me and Peter have been dating for a while and things got a little out of hand,” you pronounced as you walked over to Charles.

“When did you start dating, why didn’t you tell me about you dating Peter,” Charles asked.

“A few weeks ago and I thought you wouldn’t allow it,” Charles rolled his eyes.

“Well I would’ve said yes and you are grounded for a month. And you Peter are getting detention for a month to,” you sighed and grabbed your jacket from the ground.

“I’m sorry dad,” you said with your head looking at the ground.

‘Sorry professor,” Peter added.

“I forgive you both, now off to bed it’s late,” you gave Peter a smile and he smiled back. You walked back to your room.


You slumped into your bedroom, Jubilee was in her bed reading a book for class. She looked up from her book and smirked.

“Your dad found out,” Jubilee asked.

“My dad found out,” you said as you flopped head first onto your bed. Sigh, well it is at least better than not dating him, you thought to yourself.

Much of my art is what I call 360 degree art, in that it is rotatable and reads differently from every angle.

Here is an example, the same image right side up and upside down. It’s subtle, but in the left image there is just visible a bearded one-eyed man. He is Odin, a god of Norse Mythology, often accompanied by his pair of ravens, Huginn and Muninn. On the right, is the same image reversed. From this angle, in the exact place of Odin’s face, is now the face of a great Raven, and a wing extending down. The “Raven-God”.

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Guys, a latino or latina is not a person from a single country, please stop referring to it as though it’s one single place with one single culture. Latin America refers to central and south America, it’s encompasses a bunch of different countries with VERY different cultures, values, laws etc.


My trip to Highclere Castle, it was absolutely beautiful and I was just in awe of it all. Going around all of the house and seeing how it is a real home :) my nan said throughout my time there I was smiling the whole time :) I even stood in the exact place where Anna and Bates stood when he came back to her in the S5 CS :D safe to say my feels went into overdrive! I absolutely loved it and I already wish I was back there.

Wow okay so that episode blew my entire theory out of the park. I noticed three significant things this episode:

1. The killer seemed to be getting some of Ms. Lang’s information. I think she was lured out of her room so the killer could get one of her tapes/files on the Lakewood 6 (maybe Audrey’s) as we saw the killer sneak in to get it. Whatever information this person took, they are obviously willing to go to great lengths - even murder - to get it. Must be something incriminating or a crucial piece of information.

2. The burning of the Estate House - FIRSTLY - did anybody notice that this was the exact place where Jake trespassed? Wasn’t he attacked by the killer here? Like didn’t he walk through that barbed wire fence which Eli and Emma crawled through? I could swear that was the same fence. Anyways. My immediate thought was this is a case of BURNING OF EVIDENCE. Someone managed to set the whole house on fire very quickly so they must have had a plan in action for if somebody accidentally stumbled upon it. The other interesting thing to note with this is that the person who set the house on fire must have either been watching Eli/Emma or randomly turned up, realized there was people there and acted quickly to incinerate what was inside. I’m leaning more towards the latter as otherwise the person would have acted more quickly.

3. The recurring pig imagery. This keeps coming up. What does this have to do with everything? This really has me confused and I’m drawing blanks as to the relevance of it all. Does it have something to do with all the barn imagery as well? ie. Jake getting killed in a barn, Emma/Brooke and later Emma/Maggie investigating the barn from Emma’s dream etc…?

I still think Kieran is trying to make Emma afraid and “keep her safe” by scaring her into staying home and not investigating the killings through telling her to cooperate with police etc. I still believe it was Kieran at the fairground in the killer costume and also at Emma’s party when he appeared in the woods..but I just don’t see a motive for him to harm people. I really don’t think he’s working with the killer. 

Who are other people suspicious of? Brooke’s Dad? Stavo? Kieran’s Aunt? Emma’s Dad? Brandon James’s Brother? The chick who “pranked” Audrey in Episode 1? Somebody else? My mind is racing.

So Stressed Right Now

Now, I don’t know whether or not this is the exact place to put this, but right now I’m just kind of desperate and looking for advice.

I’ve been following this blog for awhile now and in the process, I have been looking for my first job. See, I’m 18, never been hired, and I’ve applied to about 16 places now while under the pressure of my parents.

I have a list of places that I’ve applied to and out of that number above, five of them have already been crossed of.

At the moment, I’ve failed two interviews and it’s really gotten me down in the dumps, like, under the pressure that I’ve been going through and the fact that I’ve been searching high and low I’ve just about have had three panic attacks.

And it’s been so long since either of my parents have gotten a job that everything they’re suggesting to me is so… outdated.

I have stopped it places at their request and got four paper applications out of the number above. I have called places back quite a few times and have so far not gotten, but only one reply. On top of that, I keep trying so hard to explain that a lot of people are going to be trying to get back to me this week, but they just won’t listen; I can’t afford my gas, medicine, or just about anything that they want me to pay for at the moment.

On top of that, the only place where I can go to look for a job is 20-30 minutes away because I live far out in the woods and I’ll be attending college in that area.

I just need advice on applications, or assessments, or interviews, or just anything. I’m desperate and I’m getting tears in my eyes just writing this.

I’m sorry for complaining, but I’m just so stressed out.

I’m just writing this to remind myself that Taylor is in Australia
Which is the exact same place I live In a house
& go to work everyday
Okay thanks

Okay okay friends and followers, I want to know something about you guys:

What’s something that you could probably get anywhere, but specifically reminds you of your home or a certain time in your life?

Mine has to be vienna beef cheesedogs with ketchup, slightly soggy fries, and a big, white styrofoam cup filled with ice and very nearly flat root beer.

What’s yours?

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Heyyy Daisy! 💕 Just wondering, do you know any places to get cute slightly dressier shoes? I need some because my feet grew and now I only have 1 pair :'(

i don’t know any exact places but some stores i’ve bought shoes from are novo, country road, zara, hannahs, kmart, warehouse, number 1 shoes; it is better to try on shoes in store. i’ll recommend some cute styles of dressier shoes instead:

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omg, give me your headcanons of rebelcaptain <333333333333

  • Cassian does almost all the cooking and home tasks, she refuses to do stuff and she can’t cook for dear life. Jyn tries her best to help him with some of the tasks, but she is kind of messy. So… no. And he is one of those persons that NEEDS everything in the exact same place he left it, so she prefer to not touch anything.
  • She felt kind of weird living with him when she first move in to his quarters, she has always been a loner and now she has this charming man kissing her good morning and good night every day. It was odd, but a good kind of odd.
  • First time Cassian actually sat and talked to Jyn’s dad, the man sighed in relief when he realized Cassina is just a big nerd and a dork. 
  • I also have this headcanon that Jyn’s dad is a dork and a nerd, too. So he can’t help but think of himself and Jyn’s mother when he sees them together. He also likes talking mechanics and science with Cassian.
  • Jyn once tried to chose a pet name for Cassian. She was so concentrated to find the right one, people started to tease Cassian about it back at base. If she called him ‘babe’ in front of people, 10 minutes later, everyone on base knew and was calling him ‘babe’ too.
  • Finally, she got only ‘Cass’. Is shorter and no one else, for some reason, call him that. So this one is hers and she can use it to call him, he knows it is out of love and he likes it too.
  • She is ‘muñeca’ (’doll’) in private, he promised to not call her that in public because she blushes too much.
  • Jyn blushes way too much, but Cassian is like the biggest charming dork ever and always says cute things without even realizing.