the evolutions


ART CONTEST: Mega Monoxious

One of these above poisonous monstrosities will be the Mega Evolved form of Monoxious! Which of these myriad takes do you, the community, most favour?

1. ericsart40′s fang-fisted draconic brawler

2. seizurecube’s mushroom-headed mystical take

3. furrycutie1210′s radioacative-green fungal fusion

4. alexanderstarhero’s titanic toxic terror

Only one can win!


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Summer of Evolution

Fukuoka Opening day!!

Kenta (x
This guyyyyyyyy (T_T)
Tatsunari came to see us
He had fun.
There’s no happiness like this.
I’m going to do my best too!

Translated by @nimbus-cloud