the evil genius


Citrus Wasp Primrose for Morgibritt’s MMBC

Evil//Genius//Dramatic//Loves the Heat//Good Sense of Humour//Witch

LTW: Alchemy Artisan

Citrus Wasp Primrose was born into the sweetest yellow berry family imaginable, and everyone presumed that she would follow in her parents sickly sweet footsteps, but boy, where they wrong. As a child, Citrus would use her magic to harm others, in the way of pranks, and not to help, and it only got worse the older she got. Most of her so called pranks were harmless, I mean, no one got hurt, that was until she turned 20. After a event with a certain apple and the mayor’s daughter, she was banished temporally from her town and she just so happened to see a thing for a playboy and his cruise, what a better way to let the heat cool down then escaping on a boat, for a few weeks?

I hope you like her Morgan, and I hope that she isn’t the first to die. I’ll be sending her, and her CC list over momentarily. Enjoy! 

Also, all the love to Annie for helping me with her name. <3

Rupaul fan’s consider this...

@spicywillgraham and I had an idea.

Spy movie featuring Alyssa Edwards as super secret spy™

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Bianca del Rio as evil genius™

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Complete with a tropical island lair, her very own pit crew to do her dirty work, and two evil goons™

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One of which is Russian for no explicable reason

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Jinx Monsoon as double agent™

And of course Rupaul as Head of Super Secret Spy Organization™

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And whenever anyone gets shot/dies, they do a deathdrop. 

If anyone has any ideas/more queens they want to add, just message me!!

Sorry for long post, I just really needed to share this idea.

Rick: *jumps out of the portal* “Be careful morty, everyone here except 3 people is horrifically short and nobody knows why.”

Morty: “Gee rick thats- that’s kind of offensive y’know.”

Rick: “Well it’s true morty, besides, they don’t really seem to care. everything is sunshine and rainbows to them… well except this one guy.”

Morty: “Doesn’t that get old? y’know like-like-like sesame street or something? i mean they gotta have some seriousness sometimes.”

Rick: “Yeah its almost just like sesame street morty, they’re puppets and they dont even know it.”

Morty: “What about those 3 other people you were talking about? The normal sized people?”

Rick: “Two of them are obnoxious as fuck morty, they never stop moving, they sing about exercise.”

Morty: “Wh-what about the other one?”

Rick: “He’s an evil genius… or at least thats what he likes to call himself. Oh, here he comes now- ROBBIE ROTTEN! YOU UNHEALTHY BASTARD HOW ARE YOU?”

Villains vs. Heros
  • Aries: Hero
  • Taurus: Hero
  • Gemini: Evil Genius (Villain)
  • Cancer: Hero
  • Leo: Super Villain (the Joker of all Villains, basically)
  • Virgo: Heroic Genius
  • Libra: Sidekick/Apprentice (can be Villainous or Heroic)
  • Scorpio: Anti-Hero
  • Sagittarius: Anti-Hero
  • Capricorn: Villain
  • Aquarius: Anti-Hero
  • Pisces: Inventive Sidekick (Hero)

Professor Moriarty:  Did you know that dust is largely composed of human skin?

Sherlock Holmes:  Yes…

Moriarty:  Doesn’t taste the same, though.  You want your skin fresh–just a little crispy.  

Sherlock:  Won’t you sit down-

Moriarty:  That’s all people really are, you know?  Dust waiting to be distributed.  And it gets everywhere, doesn’t it?  Every breath you take  Dancing in every sunbeam. All used-up people      

-”The Abominable Bride” (”Sherlock”)