the evil dead are in my shed!

This scene broke my heart.
Rumpelsiltskin relies on having a mask to protect him. He can’t let people see his weakness especially the Evil Queen.

But throughout their conversation, his mask slowly drops.

“So, she needs a home?”

His voice cracked and the mask fell away.

The Dark One - who most probably hadn’t shed a tear in centuries- cried.

His true love was dead and he was alone once more.

.. {He almost certainly blames himself for sending her away.}

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What was your inspiration for Cas's true form in CODB?

OH BOY HOWDY i’ve been waitin for somebody to ask me this. here’s the passage:

“I have eight wings of various sizes and shapes. They are all translucent, except for a milky film over the pair that’s made from my dead skin cells instead of feathers.”

“Dead skin cells? Angels have dead skin cells?”

“I shed every so often, yes. My skin is like that of a snake, but tougher. I have two heads, one facing left and the other right. They are both phoenixes. One has six eyes, and the other has seven. My limbs are…difficult to describe in human terms. I suppose they are more like tree branches than arms and legs, random and varying with my body as the trunk. My ‘roots’ sink and burrow to allow me to ‘walk.’”

“What color are you?”

“My skin? Blue, like my eyes.”

“You mean like your vessel’s eyes?”

“No, this is my color. Jimmy’s eyes were brown before his body was permanently etched with my grace.”

  1. eight wings: so cas is a seraph, and traditionally seraphim have six wings. i gave cas eight honestly because of naomi’s line about him having a “crack in [his] chassis.” i like to think that cas is different even in a physical sense.
  2. translucent wings: so the definition of translucent is “not completely clear or transparent but clear enough to allow light to pass through,” which i feel like is pretty self-explanatory when talking about cas. canonically, a lot of cas’ identity is in his wings. cas has many times toed the line between good and bad, soldier and rebel, angel or human. it is not completely clear (see what i did there) what exactly cas is or isn’t, but there is enough clarity for his heart to shine through. oh my god that was the cheesiest thing i’ve ever written.
  3. wings made from dead skin cells instead of feathers: honestly this doesn’t really have a deeper meaning, i just like the idea that angel wings aren’t all just feathers and that they could have wings based on insects instead of birds.
  4. snake skin: i wanted a visual representation of cas’ resilience, of his ability to withstand anything and shed the “dead” parts of himself before moving on. also, deanlovestaylorswift (my beta, btw) pointed out to me that snakes, especially in christian tradition, are seen as evil, and often the devil is described as a serpent. so on the one hand, cas is really tough. on the other hand, cas is dangerous. 
  5. two heads facing left and right: i purposely didn’t give him a face facing forward because i like to think that cas is constantly torn (see #2) and that he never /quite/ knows exactly where he’s supposed to be going or what he’s supposed to be doing. 
  6. phoenixes: rising from the ashes and all that, i think this is self-explanatory. just read harry potter or watch x-men 2.
  7. six eyes on one face, seven on the other: in the bible, six is traditionally an imperfect or unholy number–like 666 being the mark of the beast. whereas seven is typically a perfect or holy number–like God creating the world in seven days. again, this was to show the crack in cas’ chassis–one face is perfect and the other is imperfect. one sees holiness and righteousness while the other sees hopelessness and destruction.
  8. tree branch limbs: trees are sturdy, immoveable, powerful, useful. hell, Jesus died on a tree and it later became one of the main symbols of christianity. the fact that the parts of cas that are tree-like are also the parts of him that help him to move and navigate is contradictory to what trees actually are. and once again, we return to the dichotomy of castiel. 
  9. blue: i wanted SOMETHING of cas’ vessel to be inherently /his/ and not jimmy’s, and i thought what better than misha’s most striking feature?

clearly not all of this is biblical, and i know i didn’t really stick to how wings function in nature, but i DON’T CARE I JUST LOVE CAS OK

Anti-septiceye as handsome Jack. I got the idea while watching @therealjacksepticeye play the last episode of tales from the borderlands. Man was that a hell of an emotional ride. So many tears were shed, and apparently there is going to be a “second season” that will be possibly be coming out later this year, so I guess that’s something to look forward to since there were a few things that did exactly make sense in the end. And yes I did cry when “dead” handsome Jack finally disappeared. Yes he was evil, and tried to kill Rhys, but I just have always had a soft spot for him since he’s my favorite character-next to loader bot of course-.

Anyhow, I absolutely adored jacks play though of the game, it was very funny and really kept me interested the whole way through.
Whelp I think this is where I stop talking before I ramble on for to long.
So, I hope you enjoy my attempt at interpreting an Idea I had in my brain into drawing form.
Bye for now