the evil cloud


Her blue gaze is deep and mesmerizing, her reflections are always fascinating and just as bright… but how do you tell her she’s not the one?
Her restrained passion can only be guessed, streaming between brick walls made to outlast sea storms…  so which words should you choose to break her heart?
The shine in her smiling waves is offering you sweets from her latest travels and her eyes are offering you everything, everything she has… then how can you tell her, her everything is not enough?
The depths of Copenhagen are calling on you everywhere you go to remind you, there’s business to be solved as soon as you’ll be back. You may take the time to think the options over a drink, but as aromatic the hops can be, if the foundation is missing, The (Good) Bad Evil is just an average Danish brew. And nobody deserves the average… and She definitely doesn’t deserve average either.


Hello today guys, gonna upload something I did last two days, tonight!

a finished artwork of Cloud Strike and Chris Redfield!

My next project on the line is…well I decide to skip Sol Badguy and Siegfried especially due to how I need to study Siegfried’s ice armor so I’ll skip it for the meantime…

technically I can go with Timbersaw and Lux very next. then Squall Leonhart, Janna Windforce, Dante Sparda, I’ll see what I can dig up this next week.

stay tune for the next episode post.