the everywhere project


The Subject Woman Project is still going strong!

Subject: Woman - Women are in charge of their own voices, their own bodies, their own lives. We are the subjects of our stories, not the objects. Proceeds still benefit Childreach International’s Taught Not Trafficked Campaign for which over $1500 has been raised since @chewiesgirlfriend wore it at Chicago Wizard World Convention in the summer of 2016. Be a Voice for the Voiceless - Be an Abolitionist

Nevertheless, She Persisted: Indeed, she persisted. #WeWomen did. In January, women across the world wore their Subject: Woman shirts as they rallied in the Women’s March. #IWontKeepQuiet became our battle cry, and many are still in the fight, pussy hats and all, ready to fight for justice for all persons regardless of race, gender, nationality or creed. “Nevertheless, She Persisted” is our newest campaign and proceeds will benefit Planned Parenthood.

If you haven’t already, click here to be pre-order “We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere” written by Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel.


THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE AGAIN AND HAPPY PALLETSHIPPING DAY TO ALL OF YOU LITTLE SHIPPERS!!<333 \( >u< )/ May your day be filled with lots of two dorks in love and fluff and porn! \o/ I shall submit something later tonight for it<3


~Ultimate Lifeform in Action~

seeing eoin and bradley together makes me so incredibly happy.

how amazing would it be for the merlin cast to reunite for a roundtable TV special or something? where they talk about all the projects they’re doing and about how they’ve grown as actors and people?

i just miss them all so much. ): i see katie and bradley and eoin and colin everywhere in separate projects these days, but i miss them together.

Time to clear out my junk pile of accumulated warmup doodles again!
Part 3: Gravity Falls junk

what do you do when there’s something literally loose inside your laptop and it keeps being projected everywhere and hitting the insides of the computer when the fan starts working?

the signs' worst high school memory
  • Aries: detention. detention everywhere.
  • Taurus: group projects
  • Gemini: being caught talking in class
  • Cancer: crying in the bathroom
  • Leo: yelling out the wrong answer really confidently
  • Virgo: lunch
  • Libra: classes without any of their friends
  • Scorpio: not being aloud to kill anyone
  • Sagittarius: not getting a test back for like 8 years
  • Aquarius: having to pretend they're normal for like 7 hours a day
  • Capricorn: getting a bad grade
  • Pisces: stress bc marks and learning and stuff