the everything love signs book

Honestly it’s so bittersweet. It feels like just yesterday we were still waiting for movie news at all and then having movie news, and rumored directors, and then waiting for the cast to be announced. Will Poulter being the first to be officially announced as Gally, Blake Cooper being rumored to be chuck, twitter going crazy trying to get Blake the part for Chuck. And then the rumor that Sangster was going to play someone but we weren’t sure who and then word got out that he might play Newt and the fandom went crazy, some happy and some not. AND THEN HEARING THE NEWS THAT DYLAN O’BRIEN, THIS KID I WAS A FAN OF SINCE 2011 GOT THE PART OF THOMAS. i legit thought it was a joke, i was so surprised hearing about Dylan getting the role. Like i didn’t even know he knew of the series??? AND THEN GETTING CONCEPT ART, anD THEN GETTING OUR FIRST OFFICIAL AND REAL MOVIE POSTER?? how freaking insane is that??? AND ALL THE STILLS. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE THING. this book i had a deep emotional connection with was finally being turned into a movie. It was so UNREAL to me. SUCH a bittersweet moment, i’m still in that state of “wow this is really happening, my favorite books are actually being turned into movies, how utterly crazy this is”. and i’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting Wes Ball and Dashner (twice) and getting my book signed. everything is so great, i love this fandom and these books so much