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the only other option for an ancient eygpt au is if i go full The Mummy on this and have todd as some rick o'connell type explorer in the 1930s who accidentally stumbles into a buried temple long ago hidden by the sands, and wakes up a load of angry/hungry/hangry mummies, one of whom is really too godamn happy for a dead guy and kinda attractive and insists on todd helping him solve a 4000 year old murder mystery while wearing jackets of varying ridiculousness.

  • <p> <b>Bob:</b> Bellamy cares more about Clarke than anyone else.<p/><b>Bob:</b> Clarke helped shape who Bellamy is as a person.<p/><b>Bob:</b> The writers are pushing to show that Bellamy has romantic feelings for Clarke.<p/><b>Also Bob:</b> There's no way for me to sum up in one statement what Bellamy might have said in that moment.<p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> ......are you absolutely sure about that?<p/></p>
I’m rewatching Transformers G1 and I forgot how much of this series is pure gold

“If I’m not back in five minutes… come get me.”


plus basically everything that comes out of Starscream’s mouth

tagged by @jaeminniemouse whose,,one of my faves,,,I guess,,,, jk ily to post 10 facts about myself~

♡ im a highkey BgA stan talent stan BgA

♡ ok fr uh… I have a fear of the dark… and clowns… and faceless people… and basically everything if I’m being honest

♡ i have arab and chinese in my genes ^^

♡ none of my siblings and i look really alike tbh, we all look like we’re from different countries because of our different skin tones xD there’s five of us, and my older sister and my little brother look like Arab-white people, while my older brother looks lowkey Indian, my other older sister looks Chinese, and I look Egyptian, or Pakistani, according to Rae

♡ my goal is to become proficient in multiple languages to eventually teach English in countries like Japan, Korea, Malaysia etc. and maybe study abroad before that ^^

♡ I once actually threw myself out of a window before… uh, tl;dr it ended with a nearly broken bone and a really deep wound that had me unable to walk properly for months ^^’ (whoo way to go me)

♡ I’m not funny but for some reason I just say stuff and people laugh and I genuinely don’t know what they’re laughing at tbh

♡ I’m a happy smol child ^^ or I try to be, I just want the world to be happy okay honestly why ya’ll gotta be so negative

♡ I get really excited,,, over really small things lol it’s one of my favorite things about myself though xD

♡ when I was a wee little bean™ just out of the womb jk lol my mom told me I used to roll under tables a lot,, lol  

♡ if ya’ll ever happen to meet me irl…just know, that mark and chenle are my spirit animals (meaning, I laugh at everything and I am confident I can compete with Chenle’s dolphin screaming xD)

♡ I hate ketchup…and tomatoes..with a passion. If ya’ll ever give me tomatoes or any form of it you are blocced™ unfollowed™ unfriended™ and you’re dead™ to™ me™ lol jk just don’t give me tomatoes okay I’m a bit allergic

~ ~ ~

that’s me~ I don’t know who to tag and I don’t want to be bothersome so I’ll only tag a few people ^^ @iiharu-chanii @flawlessjeno @sammymunchiecheerios @hyuckshijabiwife and @fairyprincerenjun // completely optional~ ya’ll are still cool if you don’t want to do it lol ♡

Alright so here’s how this shits gonna work from now on (or at least when I realize I fucked it all up and have to start over because my standards are unreasonably high)

Anyway Pizzazone which was formerly maximumwarpart is gonna be my dedicated dumping ground for basically everything including fanart, original stuff, and nsfw shit.

On the new maximumwarpart I’m only gonna be posting completed stuff that I’m relatively happy with. 

Blame my increasingly pretentious standards.

Pros of watching an anime after it ends:
-you can binge watch it

Cons of watching an anime after it ends:
-dead fandom
-no weekly excitement for the new episode
-everything blends together and you don’t remember which episode specific things happened in
-no suspense bc you can immediately watch the next episode
-you can’t speculate on other people’s theories bc they’ve already been proven/disproven
-if the fandom is still alive, spoilers fuckin everywhere

How to be a good KPOP fan

Step 1: learn how to RESPECT other fandoms and groups


Step 3: REMEMBER they are humans too