the everyday adventures of crimson christina

Let me tell you about the time I walked across my high school with flux in my hair. 

So, I was late from jewelry design and rushing through the halls to my next class and I made awkward eye contact with this couple in the hall that kept staring at me. Generally I would have just smiled at them and moved on but they were openly staring at me and I had no idea why so I just looked away all awkward and embarrassed.

Finally I get to my next class, everyone still hasn’t sat down, so my friend comes up to me and says “dear, you have flux in your hair”


I had that in my hair, a big dollop of it, and no one from my class said anything. No one. And at first I was mad about that and then my friend said “and I know what it looks like to people who don’t know what it is”…

and suddenly I remembered the couple in the hall…

“well, fuck”

Since my dog’s name is Dude it just constantly sounds like I’m yelling at my drunk fratboy friend and it’s the best thing ever “Dude! Don’t eat that!” “Dude, come here” “Dude! Quit licking that!” “Dude….Duuuude…..DUDE! Get inside NOW it’s cold out there!” “Dude, stop that” “Dude, no” “Dude, he’s my friend, be nice” “Dude, quit licking yourself” “Dude, that’s gross”