the everlasting song

Some good contemporary audition songs for tenors!

(in my opinion :) )

Santa Fe (Newsies) : This one may be a bit overdone, but for good reason! It’s a great one to really show off your range and if you have pipes like Jeremy Jordan, I’ll envy you forever

Meant to Be Yours (Heathers) : This one is a great substitute for Freeze your Brain, which is done quite a lot. You can still show of your acting abilities and two different sides to your voice with the softer, legato chorus and more staccato and rough verses

 Seventeen (Tuck Everlasting) : A lovely light song to contrast any darker, heavier pieces in your repertoire. It can also be very endearing if acted well!

Michael in the Bathroom (Be More Chill) : This one is an amazing acting piece, showing anger, sadness and a plethora of other emotions. It also has some gorgeous vocal moments.

Words Fail (Dear Evan Hansen) : Another one like Michael in the Bathroom, shows off your acting abilities and vocal range, while not being used as much as For Forever or Waving Through a Window

You’ll Be Back (Hamilton) : Now this one can be some almighty fun to perform and can really show of your voice while still being light.

Go the Distance (Hercules) : If they ask for Disney, this is a great one to go for. Lovely range and sweet acting abilities with a real strength towards the end

Proud of your Boy (Aladdin) : Although I’m also wary of doing Disney if not asked, this is a really tender yet powerful nature

Raise a Little Hell (Bonnie and Clyde) : One of my favourite songs for tenors, yet it isn’t ever really overdone. I think it’s a real contender if you want a more obscure contemporary piece

That great thing about cast recordings is when people listen to them before they see a musical. They stage their own unique version of the musical all in their heads! How the characters react the dance breaks..EVERYTHING!! I don't know about you but I think it's magical that one musical can have so many different versions because of what people create in their heads. And that is what makes musical theatre magical!
Emotionally Crippling Movies.
  • The Perks Of Being A Wall Flower
  • The Fault In Our Stars 
  • The Notebook
  • A Walk To Remember
  • Keith
  • The Lakehouse
  • Dear John 
  • The Vow
  • Charlie St Cloud 
  • The Lucky One
  • The Time Travelers Wife 
  • Tuck Everlasting 
  • Remember Me 
  • The Last Song
  • Pride and the Prejudice
  • Silver Linings Playbook
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Odd Thomas(Even though its too devastating for this list)

Coming soon

  • If I Stay
  • The Best Of Me

Add your devastating movies to the list. 

What if the moon is in love with the sun? What if the sun is also in love with the moon? But it’s a forbidden love. Between them, love is not as powerful as it is between two people– What if that’s the reason why we have night and day because they keep on chasing each other, every second, every minute– Isn’t it sad to think that if they’re really in love, it’s sad to see and to think that they’re really not meant to be together.” She said while looking in the beautiful twilight.
He looked at her watching the soft glowing light from the sun and said, “Well, it’s not that sad. You see, they found a way to meet twice a day. The Sun And Moon make love in the dawn and dusk– and I think that’s beautiful.
—  @lunaloveswolf

The next cover song has been revealed to be “The Everlasting Guilty Crown”, to be covered by Roselia. Here’s the beatmap preview of the song, which will be released in-game on 8/18!

So I used both these prompts. Thank you @scully-loves-ruthie and @ladystelladumaurier! (prompts were that trespassing sign and 12. “I am not your secretary!” + 67. “How much does it cost to rent you for cuddling purposes?”)

Mulder tries to think of a clever thing to say to Scully that won’t make her go off at him. Again. So far he has a 100 % success rate of making her angry with him today. He is not sure what’s going on and when he asked her earlier all he got was an I’m-fine-Mulder-shut-up-and-drive speech and a matching expression. He is not going to ask her again.

They have spent plenty hours in cars together of course. There have been silent moments, both comfortable and uncomfortable, screaming matches and even laughter. That must have been a long time ago, Mulder thinks, fumbling with the radio dial. Nothing but fancy static. They’re not even in the middle of nowhere, but technology seems to be on Scully’s side.

“Did you bring the Henderson’s case files with you, Scully?” His voice sounds too loud here in the silence, but at least the question seems innocent enough.

“I’m not your secretary!” Or not.

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FanFiction Update | A Twist in Time
Chapter 38: Cross to Bear

A/N: I now present chapter 38/41. This was a challenging but exciting one to write. I hope you like it! :)

About the story

Title: A Twist in Time
Summary: With Konoha on the verge of destruction, Sakura is sent on a last-resort mission to save her world by travelling to the past. Join her in coping with her old body’s shortcomings, testing the natural laws of time, falling in love all over again, exploring the depths of her mind and rediscovering who she is. Time-travel. SasuSaku.

About the chapter

Chapter 38: Cross to Bear
Song: Everlasting - Max Legend
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Sneak peek:

“Well, we’re still going on an adventure to save the world, when you think about it,” Sakura whispered, her voice shaking. “J-just not quite the one we had in mind.”

Everlasting Arms
Vampire Weekend
Everlasting Arms

Oh I was made to live without you. 
but I’m never gonna understand, never understand.
Oh I was born to live without you.
but I’m never gonna understand, never understand.


If you’ve been made to serve the master,
you’d be frightened by the open hand, frightened by the hand.
Could I be made to serve the master?
Well I’m never gonna understand, never understand.