the evening mood


Help me with my hair???? I straightened it today just so I could see how damaged and long it really was, and it’s really frizzy and just blah. My natural texture is coarse and curly, and I already have 2/3 of it shaved (like a mohawk, sort of) but it’s kinda long on the sides and back right now because my head gets cold in the winter. Please remind me that my nose is too big to pull off a **edit: fully** shaved head, ‘cause big mood.

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Nico flashed Will his first grin since they'd come down here, though it lacked lustre. "I'm 85, and you could be my great grandchild." Moving onto the next questions, Nico's answers were more on point and less humorous. "My mama is Maria di Angelo, my father is Hades, god of the underworld. We live in camp half blood, I'm in the Hades cabin, which still needs to be redecorated because apparently people think I'm a vampire." Pressing his fingers to his temples again he resisted the urge to swear.

Will had smiled at Nico’s snarky responses, the uncomfortable feeling in his gut almost fading completely. Nico seemed to be feeling much more himself, especially if he was feeling well enough to make a joke. Nico didn’t joke much when he was even in an average mood. Will started to feel better himself until Nico touched the side of his head and grimaced like he’d been electrocuted. The smile quickly turned into a frown, his hand coming to rest on Nico’s shoulder gently. “Nico?” Will asked softly, trying to pull his attention away from his own pain and onto something else that would distract him from it for a moment. If he still had a headache, Will apparently hadn’t done a good enough job healing him. “Hey, what’s wrong? Does your head hurt?”