the eve thing everyone is doing


Nick: I’m so glad that I could hang out with you tonight, sweetheart.

Judy: Me too. (giving him a smile)

Nick: You know, A lot of amazing things happened this year. I became a real police officer, and I also fell in love with a bunny. though it’s hard to predict what’ll we be confronted with next year, I’m not afraid since you’re by my side. 

Judy: So do I. (Hugging Nick’s waist)

Nick: Happy new year, Judy…

Judy: Happy new year…

(They shared an long, affectionate kiss with each other.)

Happy new year, guys! I can’t even believe that today is the last day of 2016. Everyone seems to be excited about the New Year’s Eve Celebration. But I, in contrast, have to face the exam… I’m like TT ~~

Anyway, I wish all of you can have a great time celebrating this special moment. Furthermore, I also look forward to the year packed with possibilities and surprises. ^U^ 

All I Wanted; C.H. 12

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 , part 5, part 6 , part 7 , part 8 , part 9, part 10, part 11

“You know what we should do? We should hold our own Christmas party.” Meredith suddenly speaks up, breaking the silence of our group sitting at the bar, aimlessly staring at things in our surroundings. I sigh, my pointer finger tracing the rim of my almost empty glass in front of me. I never was one to look forward to the holidays. It was the time I felt most alone, days where everyone was hyping about family time – my own Christmas eve was the same as every other day of the year, instead I got to eat a hell of a lot more without my dad throwing foul looks in my direction.

Christmas was creeping up on us. Even if you didn’t want to, you were thrown into it and had to swallow its jolliness. All those family parties everyone thought were too much, too fake, too everything. They were impending, with Christmas break just around the corner there wasn’t anything I could do about it but undergo them.

“That’s actually not a bad idea.” Luke suddenly speaks up. My eyes cast a glance at the blonde besides me, eyebrow raised as he sticks out his tongue in my direction. “What did you have in mind?” Calum joins us, drying his hands on the towel in front of him as he lets his eyes wander over his mates occupying the bar. “Like a general party, food, presents, happiness and being together.”

I can feel my courage sink into my shoes and a frown immediately etches onto my features, something Calum clearly sees. I absolutely loathe all the present shopping and receiving them, because you could immediately see on my face if I liked your gift or not – and let’s just say I’ve not been one to receive anything useful in a long time. He smiles brightly at me though and I can’t help but stare at him in wonder before he speaks up. “Sounds like a lot of fun. We should do it.”

“Oh?” Meredith reacts, holding her empty glass out to her brother who takes it without a second thought and gives her a refill. Apparently she didn’t think he would comply with her preposition and to be honest -  I wasn’t either. Calum didn’t really seem the holiday type, but somehow it made him all the more attractive. He motions to my glass and I nod as well, holding it out to him. His fingers brush along mine for just a split second and I can feel my cheeks heat up as he throws a wink my way.

“We should pull names and then everyone can buy one thing for someone else, that way it’ll be a bit cheaper than buying one thing for everyone.” Luke preposes and I nod my head ferociously.
“Yes, yes please. I’m a broke college kid.” Luke and Michael laugh, at my expense of course, as Meredith shakes her head.

“Are you seriously forcing me to celebrate even more Christmas?” I whine against Meredith, who simply rolls her eyes as the words leave my lips. “Stop being such a Grinch, it doesn’t suit you.” Meredith replies equally as whiny, her flat hand pushing against my shoulder as I almost go tumbling down the bar chair. Meredith glares in my direction and Luke and Michael laugh in the back, probably amused with our shenanigans.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” I announce to no one in particular as I hop on the floor, dusting off my jeans and already heading out without waiting for a reply from anyone.

“Why are you so grumpy, baby?” Calum laughs as he pushes my hair off of my shoulder, lips softly pressed against the exposed skin of my shoulder. A sigh leaves my lips, my eyelids fluttering as I discard washing my hands completely. “Tell your boss to make separate bathrooms, Cal.” I laugh and shrug him off of me, turning around and wiping my hands on one of the towels against the wall.

“It could be fun, I have a Christmas present I’m sure you’ll love.” Calum suggestively speaks as he steps closer, his hands gliding along my waist as he stops, body pressed against mine.
“How are you so sure I like your dick that much, baby?” I whisper, I can’t suppress my smirk as Calum glances down at me rather shocked.

“Who says I was talking about my dick?” Calum chuckles in return before he presses his lips against mine, a breathless sigh leaving my lips. “Wasn’t it?” I laugh, pressing my back against the wall as I let my fingers ghost over Calum’s bare, tattooed arms.

“Initially, yes. But I actually have something in mind that I’m sure you’ll love.” I smile goofily, I am aware of that, as I pull Calum closer by his crisp, white shirt. “Well, what is it?”
“If I’d tell you that, it wouldn’t be a surprise, baby.” Calum seems a bit too pleased with himself as he closes the distance between us again, shutting me up effectively.

“Ah, Cal, come on.” I whine against his plump, warm lips. It only seems to fuel him up even more and his hands roam to my bum, fingertips digging into the flesh of it as he pulls me closer.
“What are you doing tonight?” He mumbles against my jaw, leaving a trail of kisses as he waits for my answer.

“I’m right here, what do you think I’ll be doing?” I laugh, nails lightly scratching through his hair, something I had learnt – last time we had spent a day in bed together – he enjoyed an awful lot. “You know damn well that’s not what I meant, Y/n. After this – tonight.” Calum pulls away, his dark brown eyes boring into mine while he slowly licks his lips.

“I don’t know – what will you be doing?” I smirk, hands lowering along his neck over his chest all the way down to his pockets of his tight jeans, pulling him closer again.
“Hopefully you.” Calum groans as he kisses me briefly once again but pulls away quickly.

“We’ve been here too long. You go, I actually have to pee.” Calum taps my ass as he pulls away from me completely, his warmth disappearing sending a chill over my spine. I shake my head, which is a bit light headed from the sudden show of affection Calum had granted me with – out of nowhere if I could say it like that – and watch Calum disappear into a stall before I hurry back out.

I slowly drag my legs along the disgusting floor – Calum should really clean it after his shift – towards my mates. I let my eyes wander over all the other costumers as I walk by them, smiling at some of the familiar faces I recognize.

“So what do you say, Y/n? You in?” Meredith grins as I retake my seat at the bar, eyes glued to Calum who emerges from the bathroom. Before he steps back behind the bar, his usual spot, he throws another wink in my direction and points to his cell phone. A small grin makes its way onto my lips as I start to toy with the pocket of my jacket in search for my phone.

“I guess it could be fun, yeah.” I smile at my friend. She holds out her glass to raise a toast and I can’t help but roll my eyes but follow her lead. “To Christmas with friends, because that’s so much better.”
“Amen.” I breathe as I find Calum’s gaze again. Luke coughs loudly and when I turn, I see him smirk in my direction, glance at Calum, back at me, before he winks. What?

Bear with me; I’ve almost finished my exams!

Let me know what you think xox

I Can’t Save Her: Part 8

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, Sexual Tension, Fluff

Word Count: 3286

Catch Up Here

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings for him are.

Author’s Notes: So it’s Thanksgiving Eve in America and I wanted to do something nice for all of you because I am thankful for all of the kind things you say (and the fact that you take the time to read the ramblings of a tired English major)– so this part is extra long and extra fluffy. The dress returns – trust me. Tags are at the bottom. Let me know if you would like to be tagged/untagged.

Originally posted by lowkeysebastianstan

“Oh Y/N!” I heard Wanda call as she knocked and casually walked into my room. I started at the sound. I had forgotten that everyone was going out today to try to find outfits for Tony’s Christmas Gala. It was the inaugural year of the gala – Tony had gotten the idea when he had visited a children’s wing in a hospital last Christmas. Everyone had to swear on their life that they would go – except for Bucky. It was usually a given that he wouldn’t go to events with a lot of people or press. He still wasn’t ready for the attention – especially with his past. Wanda stopped by the door and giggled at the site of Bucky draped across me deep in sleep as I struggled to wiggle out from under him. “I see that you two made up,” she said as she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

“It’s not like that,” I snorted. I wouldn’t have minded if it was though. “How late am I and how pissed is Tony?”

“You are not late because I am a wonderful friend and know your habits all too well. You have an hour to get ready,” she said as she waved and walked out of the room. I yawned and stretched as I sat on the side of the bed. Suddenly the bed moved and Bucky’s arms wrapped around my waist.

“Where are you off to?” he asked sleepily.

“I have to get ready – I promised Tony and the others that I would go get fitted for the gala that Tony is hosting,” I mumbled sleepily. I was still trying to pep talk myself into actually standing.

“Well you better get to it doll, you know how Tony is when people are late,” he replied as he sat up and stretched. “I’m going to go take a shower I think,” he said as he got off the bed and shot me a grin before walking out the door.

“Barnes you better not use all the hot water again!” I shouted after him. If that wasn’t motivation to hurry and get into the shower nothing was.

I was ready with exactly five minutes to spare. I strolled into the common room and heard an audible scoff from Tony. I raised my eyebrows quizzically but also as a warning. “What is it now? I’m ready on time,” I complained.

“Well I mean… the place we are going to is a little more upscale than joggers and a hoodie,” Tony quipped with a hint of exasperation in his voice.

I had opened my mouth with a witty, albeit equally petty, remark when Bucky strolled into the room. “I think I might come too, if that’s okay with you Tony,” he said quietly. Steve raised an eyebrow, shocked, and Tony, for once, was visibly speechless.

The dumbfounded look finally broke from Tony’s face as he said, “Wait Barnes… so you want to actually be around people that are not us… willingly? Absolutely. It’s about damn time! Come on everyone, let’s get to it.” He strolled to the elevator with the rest of us following suit. Bucky and I hanged towards the back. I looked up at him curiously as we followed the others.

“What is it, doll?” he asked with a smile on his face.

“Oh, you are just full of surprises James,” I said with a laugh. At the sound of his name his smile widened and made the corner of his eyes crinkle. I wanted more than anything to stop him and kiss him in front of everyone there – consequences be damned.

“Oh, you have no idea,” he whispered in my ear as we entered the elevator. He playfully squeezed my hand as it hung by my side.

We were interrupted by Tony— which was usual. “Y/N, Barnes, Rogers, and Wilson, you can ride together. We don’t have enough room in just one car.” He threw me the keys and gave me a wink.

“Shotgun!” Bucky yelled as he smirked over in Steve and Sam’s general direction. “And I’m not moving the seat up,” he teased. Sam rolled his eyes and actually laughed, while Steve looked both confused and happy to see his friend in high spirits. This was a side of Bucky that we seldom saw. He winked at me as he grinned at his friends in triumph.

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dean and cas being all gross and domestic and loved up

and dean (and cas but mostly dean) making stupid puns and jokes about the ridiculousness of their relationship

like one morning sam asks him how he wants his coffee and he says: “how I want my men; strong enough to raise me from the dead.”

and one day dean is refusing to do something for cas, like cleaning the dishes or fetching his book, and cas says: “you raise a man out of hell and he won’t ev-” “OKAY FINE IM GOING”

or their teenage daughter embarrasses herself and dean tells her: “everyone does stupid things in front of their crush, I stabbed mine in the chest.”

or someone asks them how they met and dean tells them: “I was going through a really hard time in my life, it was literally hell, and then I met him.”

and when strangers compliment cas, dean always says: “yeah, he’s an angel”.


guys, remember that one fanfic idea i had a while ago, involving 80s!got7 and jaebum being the new kid in town who shows jinyoung the world? i made a trailer for it. 

summary: park jinyoung has a monotone life and is on the edge of a depression episode when, in the 1987 new year’s eve party, one of his best friends’ cousin from the big city, im jaebum, comes to the town. at first, everyone is fascinated by the fearless way the new kid carries his life, meanwhile jaebum couldn’t be more bored. and from the deepth of his boredom, jaebum comes up with an idea that would make his stay in the city a bit more interesting: a bucket list. he makes his cousin’s group of friends write down all the things they always wanted to experience but are too afraid to do it, promising that, with his help, by the end of that year, they’d have accomplished all the items in their list.

Happy 2017!

Quick list of things to remember during the coming year:

-be kind to yourself
-be kind to others
-feminism is important
-standing up for yourself is important
-bullying is not good
-freedom is important
-LGBTQA+ people are valid
-everyone is valid
-stereotypes are also not good
-people love you
-take care of yourself, mentally, physically, and emotionally
-relaxation can do a body good
-a little laughter is important also
-stay healthy
-stay fit
-stay alive
-and above all, what is life without love? (now remember this could be a love of food, a person’s love, anything. passion is what makes the world go round. may you find your passion in 2017).

Last New Years Eve night I drunk texted everyone I love, the reasons I love them and how much they’ve made my year better…even my ex who I wasn’t speaking to at the time but am now very close with. I cried uncontrollably that night, partly because of the liquor.

Out of everyone I texted, only three are still in my life and I’m okay with that. I really think I stared my new life this year and I love it.

fleur-de-pivoine  asked:

Seeing that you reblogged her book, what are your thoughts on the latest controversy regarding Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie?

I feel like what Roxane Gay said on this matter is on point. What Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie said was bad, and it’s crucial that feminism include all women. However, her statements don’t negate her entire body of work. We Should All Be Feminists is an excellent piece of writing, and it’s quasi impossible to find feminist works written by writers who are not at least slightly problematic. If we negated everything ever written by feminists who’ve said problematic things, then we’d end up with VERY little. Feminists the main stream loves? Virginia Woolf? Nope. Gloria Steinem? Nooooope. Eve Ensler? Ugh. Lena Dunham? Excuse me while I lay down on the floor and laugh. The entire first and second waves of feminist literature would need to be burned and many third wave feminists would need to be ignored. What we need to do instead is learn from mistakes and evolve. Pick the good out of everyone’s different feminisms, critique the bad, and collectively grow. 

Day #24 – Favorite Jamie Scene (25 Days of Outlander)

No, I still cannot make decisions (just wait for tomorrow). Sam was able to really bring Jamie through a slow journey of healing that was really fantastic. In the midst of a lot of plots, he knows his Jamie. Watching eps 1 and 13 and the difference in Jamie’s posture, let alone the rest, is astounding. Red Jamie FTW! He reached that pinnacle of the sacrifice he was going to have to do, for which he had been preparing and his full dedication to Claire is the best… I want Sam to tear my heart out in season 3! Merry Christmas Eve avec Samwise!


There was this place inside me I a place I think everyone has that they keep to themselves. A fortress Where the most private part of you lives.
Maybe it’s your soul, the bit that makes you yourself and not anyone else.
But after Wentworth, it was like my fortress had been blown apart.
The thing that once lived there was suddenly exposed, out in the open, without shelter, without That’s where I’ve been ever since, Claire.
Trying to hide under a blade of grass.


I see. And now you claim your debt.
I can’t make you see reason any other way.
Jesus. God, Claire.

You’d stop me taking vengeance on the man that made me play his whore The man that lived in my nightmares and in our bed Who almost drove me to take my own life. I’m a man of honor. I pay my debts. So tell me now, is that what you’re asking of me? To pay you with the life of Black Jack Randall? Yes. A year. Not one day more.
Do not touch me.


Go ahead. Try to ravish my wife. And after she’s done with ye, I’ll send in the maid to sweep up yer remains.


We canna continue with this carelessness Not from anyone. That includes me.


If it’s words of comfort ye’re looking for, I’ve none to give. In Paris, I almost lost my marriage trying to stop all of this from happening. I failed.
We. We failed.
If there’s any solace, I feel much the same way you do.
Aye. It is.


God shield my beloved, my white dove. And the child that she may bear. Preserve her from violence and from harm. In this place and every place, on this night and on every night. 


This holiday season, @iwatobies will be hosting a Secret Santa event for anyone and everyone interested in a gift exchange focusing on Rei, Nagisa, and the two of them together! 

Sign-ups for the event are open until the end of FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25th. You will be contacted with information about your giftee and other details. Postings for the event will begin December 19th and last until New Year’s Eve. Tag your entry with #iwatobiesgift to be reblogged and shared with everyone!

Contact mod Kyra with any questions. 

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Newsies New Year’s Headcanons
  • They all celebrate it at Katherine and Davey’s apartment
  • Unlike Thanksgiving, they don’t make food. They get a bunch of frozen appetizers and there’s always something in the oven the entire night
  • Katherine refuses to unlock the door to let anyone in until 4pm
  • Because every year, Jack, Specs, Mush, Blink, Elmer, and Albert make it a personal competition to see who gets the “best” New Year’s hat that’s about 6 years old
  • One year Mush snuck in through the window to get it an hour early
  • Katherine locks the windows now
  • They play “Never Have I Ever” as a group except only stuff they did in the past year
  • One year they all tried doing New Years Eve in Times Square but it didn’t turn out to well
  • It was way too cold and it just ended with everyone complaining to Katherine and Crutchie, the squad moms, and everyone crashing at Specs, Romeo, and Smalls’ apartment because it was the closest
  • Everyone is forced to say one thing they enjoyed about the past year by Davey
  • Similar to Thanksgiving, every year Race says “Spot’s ass”
  • They also play charades based off of stuff that happened to them in the past year
  • The year Spot and Race got together, Jack and Crutchie picked that card
  • So naturally they just started making out with each other
  • It was guessed pretty quickly
  • Race was dying of laughter, Spot was not amused
  • They often have a card tournament 
  • Usually it ends with Katherine vs Jack
  • It’s the last showdown between them of the year
  • And it gets very intense 
  • They go up to the rooftop a few minutes before midnight to watch the fireworks
  • Luckily no one else in the apartment building goes up there so they’re the only people up there year after year
  • The night usually ends with everyone passed out all over the floor, most of them drunk except for the entire Jacobs family, Crutchie, Katherine, and Race
Raclette (ReaderxSoldier:76)

Also on AO3

The team all had different ideas of what to do for New Year’s Eve, rather than sit in a cold cottage far away from anyone’s home, far removed from civilisation. The heat was supposed to be working, but abandoned for nearly six years, the old Overwatch safehouse has seen better days and the central heating was the first to give out. It was a nasty surprise to arrive to, having to break open the ice in the toilet bowl and making various impromptu repairs, but by now everyone has gotten used to it, in a quiet, miserable way.

They’re all sitting in their own corners, doing their own thing, counting the seconds to when they’ll be free of this hell hole, and bemoaning the fact that this is, with a few scattered exceptions, the worst New Year’s they ever had.

Reinhardt is the first to break under the pressure of a horrible holiday.

“This will not do.” he says and stands up with the single-minded passion of a man who will not let his family be sad on a day that should be about joy and hope. He marches toward the kitchen, followed by half a dozen pairs of eyes who can be bothered to take a break from brooding. What he returns with is a tabletop grill.

“My family did this every year on Silvester.” he explains as he plugs the device in. It heats up slowly, and the warmth more than Reinhardt’s sudden enthusiasm sways the team towards that idea he’s having.

“Angela insists it’s a Swiss tradition but she is not here so I will tell you that it is a thing we do at home. We don’t have the proper cheese, but Raclette is all about improvising.”

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i don’t have much to offer so heres my bois standing idly in badly photoshopped new years glasses, heartfelt 

it’s 2017 in the uk already! i hope everyone has a happy new year and had a good holiday time ☺

i wanna apologize for my absence, the sims 4 is a little empty to me currently and with other things going on i lost my motivation :( hopefully the new year brings fun new packs and some drive to create 

have a fun new years eve whatever you do!

The Librarians + My Favorite Dynamics: Ezekiel Jones & Cassandra Cillian

Ezekiel: “I’ll be your other senses. Shut your eyes and see the map inside your head. I’ll lead you through.“
Cassandra: “You really trust me to do that?“
Ezekiel: “I’m the thief that bails on everyone. I’m sure you’re the one trusting me.”

anonymous asked:

Elesis(BH) pranking/teasing/memeing everyone in the elgang and how they would react ;)

Elsword: He joins her in pranking everyone else.

Aisha: She whines about it and can’t believe that (actually she can) that Elesis would do such a thing.

Rena: She’s surprised, but somewhat amused on what humans do for fun.

Raven: He gets embarrassed to fall for something like that and tries to stay composed, but you can tell he’s trying not to react.

Eve: She is confused on why humans enjoy pranks and spends more time asking Elesis questions than reacting to it.

Chung: He is embarrassed and yells at Elesis about it with his face red.

Ara: She is flustered and falls over when she chases after Elesis with Eun laughing in her head.

Elesis: She is busy pestering the Elgang and is laughing the whole time.

Add: He growls at her to get out of his lab and fumes even more when she keeps teasing him.

Lu: She thinks it’s fun and joins Elesis in teasing others.  She even offers Elesis some ideas for future pranks!

Ciel: He ignores most of it and asks Elesis if she wants a cookie.  She takes the cookie before running off to her next victim – I mean person.

Ain: He is confused and doesn’t get it.  The stares he gives her makes her go away.

The signs and why you should hate them
  • Aries: Superior complex, arrogant, gets fired up about every little thing, challenges and wants to one-up everybody, acts like they're tough when all they do is cry at night
  • Taurus: Stubborn, doesn't change their minds eve when they know they're wrong, acts like the world is ending whenever they're a little sick, shallow, materialistic, uses everyone, jealous, lazy and expects you to do everything because no one matters but them
  • Gemini: Two faced, fake, acts like your friend only to make fun of you to their real friends, fucks you over just to have something to laugh about, acts like they know everything, makes up lies to prove their points, tries to debate everyone even though they play the devils advocate and have identity issues.
  • Cancer: Moody as hell, must walk on eggshells with them or they'll cry in their bed at night, pessimistic, they could nag the paint off the walls, clingy, paranoid as shit, needs constant reassurance because their self esteem does not exist..
  • Leo: Conceited, acting like they're the shit, whines about fucking everything, sore losers, refuse to do anything at all because it might hurt their inflated ego, possessive, acts like they think they're pretty but in reality they're jealous of all of their friends and wish they could be them
  • Virgo: Psycho, makes everything seem more complicated than it actually is, throws hissy fits like a child all the time, criticize others but can't take advice because they see it as an insult, expects everything to be perfect, never pleased because of their need for perfection, judgmental as fuck.
  • Libra: Superficial twats, they think they're charming so they lie and tell people what they want to hear because that's all they know how to do, unreliable because they lie so much, conceited and always looking in the mirror, lazy, cant make up their mind, boring as hell - physically and personality-wise but thinks they look like a fucking god.
  • Scorpio: Jealous of everyone they ever come in contact with, resentful, will probably sleep with their best friends significant other to feel better about themselves, manipulative, they have anger issues so they always want revenge, hides their emotions because behind closed doors they're always crying, too black and white about everything, fucking insane and belongs in a mental hospital, acts sexual but never gets laid because they're boring
  • Sagittarius: Careless about everyone and everything... except themselves, immature, feels bad about themselves so they make fun of everyone and call it being "straightforward", if you don't do things their way they tell you you're wrong, likes to control people, acts like they want to help people but in reality they want to bring everyone down to their level
  • Capricorn: Nervous about everything, acts like everything is okay when they are falling apart on the inside, they are so stubborn and think they're perfect so they will never change their views, wants everyone dead all the time, easily hurt over the tiniest things, bad attitudes, moody, all they care about is what they look like to other people
  • Aquarius: Unpredictable tempers, likes to freak out over stupid shit, god complex, they literally think of themselves as gods but really they are spoiled little children, they don't know how to shut up and listen, they think they're smart so they always offer advice, they can't keep a relationship because they're the most unromantic detached emotionless twats you'll ever come across, they got literally nothing going for them which is why they always get rejected
  • Pisces: Cry babies, pretending to be innocent while getting everyone else into deep shit, a backstabber, flakey, if you ask them to do one little thing it'll take them 3 years to do it, they're all drug addicts and alcoholics, they're lazy and oversensitive (they're probably crying while reading this right now), if theres a speck of responsibility strolling their way they will avoid it at all costs, only does nice things for people so they can get something in return, has anger issues, cries nonstop, distant in every relationship they have, loves their exes more than their current boyfriends, they will fight for human rights but spit in a persons face, they like to escape reality and have the rest of us deal with it because they're weak cowards.
Azusa likes spicy things
Mukami Azusa
Azusa likes spicy things


Azusa: Girls likes sweet things, right? I like spicy things, what about you, Eve? Do you like spicy things?

Azusa: It’s limited? How much…? It’s hard huh…

Azusa: Are you okay with spicy curry? Then, if the shichimi is about a bowl of rice, is it okay?

Azusa: Eh ‘no’? Hmm, I see. Then, is it 'more’? 'More’ will make you cry, huh…?

Azusa: I like shichimi, so I thought if you like it too. Like this, it’s difficult right…?

Azusa: When I think “It’s not spicy” Everyone says “It’s too spicy!”

Of course they are, Azu-nyan:3

anonymous asked:

hiii kim :) do you have any recs for christmas / new years stony ? thank you and happy holidays 💚

Hi Nony ♥ It’s that time of the year, I looooooovee Christmas fics (or any holiday fic tbh. lol). So here you go:

Summary: Christmas Eve. For the first time in years, Tony wouldn’t spend this day alone. And okay, there might be a little millennia-snowstorm involved, which had ruined everyone’s plans to spend Christmas at home with their families, but that were just details. Tony would take what life threw at him, and this, well… it was safe to say that life, in all of Tony’s short but extreme experience living it, had never been better.He only needed to survive the evening without making a complete fool of himself by doing something like grabbing Steve’s Ugly Christmas Sweater and just kiss the guy.

Summary: “It’s a Christmas tree, Tony. People put them up in December.”

Summary: There’s only one thing Tony wants for Christmas, and he’s got a plan to get it. Though he unfortunately seems doomed to failure from step one, unbeknownst to him, a better strategist than he has a plan of their own.

Summary: Tony Stark was a liar.Life didn’t return to normal “soon enough”. It had been three weeks. Three weeks and, if anything, it had only gotten worse. New headlines were popping up everywhere. Every single photo ever taken where he had so much as glanced in Tony’s direction were suddenly irrefutable proof of their love affair.

Summary: Mr. Stark is an extravagant gift-giver: he has the money for it, after all. As Iron Man, Tony has the opportunity to gift Steve even more presents that, while less expensive, are more heartfelt. Having a secret identity means Tony gets to have his cake and eat it too when it comes to showering Steve with presents.Until Steve starts developing feelings for his armored companion, and all the benefits of living a double life are turned on their head for Tony Stark.

Summary: So here’s Tony at a Christmas party surrounded by people he doesn’t actually hate and who apparently don’t hate him, and that is enough to make him need to get rip-roaring drunk.

Summary: Apparently, Tony finds his lack of holiday cheer damn near offensive.

Summary: In which Tony makes assumptions, and Steve disproves every single one of them.Aka a “five times Steve surprised Tony, and one time Tony surprised Steve” story.

Summary: Steve and Tony’s friendship finally appears to be heading for more. Now if only Steve could find the right time to tell Tony the truth. In which many things are resolved, Steve is clueless, there are Christmas presents and mistletoe and kisses, and oh yeah, Tony makes it snow. 

 Part 3 of the The Mission series

Summary: Tony Stark doesn’t really give a shit about Christmas. I mean, sure, he’ll enjoy a glass of nog, and he’s always thought mistletoe was a great scam, but Christmas is about home and hearth and family and nostalgia and, let’s face it. The Starks had a lot of things, but not a lot for Tony to be nostalgic about.This year, however, nostalgia is the name of the game. This year, Tony’s throwing a motherfucking party.

Summary:Tony’s starting to think that tackling the whole teamwork thing, the sobriety thing and the holidays thing all at once might have been overly ambitious. AKA: Steve and Tony throw the first Annual Avengers Non-Denominational Winter Holiday Party.

Summary: In which Tony avoids Christmas because of reasons and Clint is not okay with this.Featuring bickering, unresolved childhood issues, cookies, eggnog lattes, unicorn tree-toppers, man-eating snowmen and Steve being the only sane person in the tower.

Summary:It’s four days to Christmas, there’s a city in shambles, and the nation is in mourning because of the actions of a single man.

There are a lot more amazing Christmas fics so, as always, feel free to link any other fic you love/send me an ask ♥

Happy New Year!

As always, I want to wish you a happy new year 2016

I know it is not already 2016 in some countries, in mine there is though. So enjoy the night!

Let the gay people rise even more this year, let discrimination not only gays but discrimination of everyone be the past and the most important thing is: wherever you are, whatever you are doing - be happy. Be happy and enjoy your life in all circumstances!

Ok back to drinking now, bye! ♥