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Hallows eve is Basically a Robbery

So a bit of context: we banded together to have a halloween game early (we called it part 1 because we were gonna do an actual one on halloween) everyone in the party knows what Hallows eve is except our tank (what we call our knight) who grew up with wolves. So we had to explain in character what hallows eve is.

Druid (me): so we basically dress up in costumes and are given free stuff

Tank: So like… a robbery?

Bard: no! You go to a place and are given stuff in spirit!! *as said with the most pure tone*

Tank: so… a festive robbery! *begins to pull out their sword*

Bard, Druid, and Rogue in unison: n O!

baby fever - dad!tom

Summary: Tom reaaaaally wants to have a baby.

-when you and Tom got married, you planned on taking a year or two to enjoy married life together before you began thinking about starting a family

-it’s been a little over a year now and Tom has been hinting that it’s something he wants sooner rather than later

-just little things like always pointing out cute babies to you and saying things like “I can’t wait to do that with our kids”

-it gets worse at Christmas, spent in London this year, when you meet Tom’s cousin’s 10 week old baby girl for the first time

-his cousin and her husband are staying at a hotel nearby Tom’s parents’ house and they come over christmas eve along with all Tom’s family nearby

-everyone has already met the baby except for Tom and you so his cousin is holding her and saying, “these are your cousins, Tom and (y/n)” and Tom says “can I hold her?” and picks the baby up under her arms being really careful and making sure her head/neck is supported and saying “hiii babyyy” in that coo-ey baby voice as he settles her against his shoulder

-Tom is smitten he holds that baby so much over the three days that his cousins are around

-after presents are opened he lays on the floor next to her while she’s just laying under one of those pack n play mat things kickin around at the little dangly things in her face and he’s just watching her with this wistful smile and you just know he wants a baby asap

-his cousin says something to you like “Tom looks right at home in dad mode. have you two thought about when you’ll start a family?” and you’re like “we’ve talked about it as something in the near future but I’m pretty sure after this weekend he’s gonna be on my case about it” bc look at him he’s like in love

-at one point you’re holding the baby and she falls asleep and you’re thinking okay she is freaking adorable but anyways Tom’s watching you fondly for a while and then comes over and puts a hand on your back and whispers in your ear, “you holding a baby is kind of turning me on” and you’re like “Tom” widening your eyes at him to tell him to shush

-when you guys leave after the holiday his dad says “start working on my grandchildren soon, will ya?” and his mom elbows him and is like “Dom, leave them alone” and turns to you guys and is like “don’t let him pressure you, take your time” and you just like laugh awkwardly

-and on the way to the airport Tom’s like “so what my dad said…maybe we should start thinking about it” and you turn to him and teasingly are like, “oh, I know you’ve been thinking about it already, baby whisperer”

-you visit your family back home over new year’s and your extended family has already left so you’re like phew just the parents and siblings no babies but then at one point during the weekend your sister goes “you know what this family could really use?” and you’re like “what” and she’s like “a baby” and she’s staring at you deadass and you’re like “thanks for the hint pal” and Tom’s just sitting there looking at you like see everyone agrees with me

-like two weeks later one of your best friends has her first baby and you go down to visit in the hospital and you text Tom a picture of the cutie and he responds “let’s have one”

-so when you get back home you’re telling Tom all about the new baby and after Tom’s like “I was serious when I said we should have one”

-and you’re like “now?” and he’s like “why not?” and so you have a looong conversation about life and careers and how you could make it work in the next year and half or so and the pressure you’re feeling from everyone to have a baby and whether or not you feel ready but at the end of it all you call and schedule an appointment to have your IUD removed in two weeks

-he’s with you when you call and he’s just like all smiley as you hang up the phone with your gyno’s office

-later that night you guys have some really great sex and afterwards he’s looking at you all dreamy-eyed and says “i can’t wait to have a baby with you” awW

-so you get your IUD removed and you’re keeping it to yourselves that you’re trying to get pregnant

-and all the trying-to-make-a-baby sex is like, really hot tbh, like it just has this greater purpose and makes you feel so connected and just mmm yeah it’s real good and you’re not stressin even though it’s not happening right away because you know it takes your body a bit to get back on track after all the years of birth control so you’re just enjoying the ride ya know

-like 3 months after you start trying, Tom’s parents and uncle are in town and you all go to dinner and the uncle is Dom’s brother, the one whose daughter had the cute baby who you met at Christmas, and Uncle Mike starts talking about his granddaughter and Tom just squeezes your knee under the table

-after a while Mike is like “Dom, are you bitter I got a grandchild before you did?” bc Mike is Dom’s younger brother and they had this race going in their heads I guess and Dom laughs but half seriously turns to you guys and says, “yep, still waiting”

-Tom without thinking goes “we’re working on it, Dad, relax” and his mom is like “you are?!” all happy and excited and you give him a lil side eye like dammit TOm 

-but they’re very happy to hear that you guys are trying and bc you know Tom’s mom will tell your mom if you don’t,  you casually slip it into a conversation with your mom over the phone the next day that you and Tom are trying to get pregnant and she’s so so happy too and starts gushing about how great a dad Tom will be and it makes you smile

dad!tom dad!tom dad!tom dad!tom ahhhhhhh sorry if this is a tease bc he’s not technically a dad yet in this but STILL its STARTING

also like we said earlier this is not the end of boyfriend!tom we still have lots of ideas and things to post we’re just skipping all around the timeline bc that’s how we like to do things

xoxo, L & A

anonymous asked:

Pls tell us you're headcanons about bilingual licht! There are people who know German who can help you with that if you want to!

Well… when I said “Licht bilingual headcanons” I actually meant “LawLicht headcanons with German included” (?). Ahahahahajhasd is that still ok for you Anon-chan? xD Welp, here they go anyway lol:

1. Licht starting to trash-talk in German to Hyde, thiking he wouldn’t understand, but then Hyde responds in German and Licht is shocked xD And… maybe a little turned on(?)

2. Licht being used to English so much (or Japanese) that he only talks in German when feeling homesick/sentimental.
3. That said, if Hyde sees him somewhat down, he goes and talks to him in German so he can relax.

4. Sometimes when Licht is practicing piano, Hyde starts singing in German to accompany Licht’s music. Licht secretly enjoys it.

5. I mentioned in a post some time ago that I like the idea of Hyde’s humming or singing calms Licht down. Well, Licht feels specially comfy when Hyde sings in German.
6. When abroad, Licht and Hyde like taking walks while talking in German, even if they know the local language of the place they’re in. Surpisingly, Licht feels more comfortable and expresses himself more openly when he’s talking in his mother tongue.
7. Licht’s speech becomes slightly different and becomes more talktative with Hyde in German. Not because of the language itself, but because of the type of message he’s saying. Some things he find it less embarrassing to say in German -wink wink-
8. Licht gives Hyde German nicknames. Sometimes, sweet nicknames that the rest can’t understand (“the rest,” referring to Mahiru and the other Eves www)
9. Hyde dirty talks to Licht in German 8) Successfully(?)
10. ^He actually says kinky stuff in German to Licht in front of everyone cause he has no shame knows no one will understand. Except they actually do, since his Servamp siblings probably know a bunch of languages too ww.

Pretty sure I’m missing one or two headcanons, but there you go xD

Btw, that was sweet to say that people might want to help me out with the German, Anon-chan ( ´ ▽ ` ) I haven’t actually written any story yet regarding this, but I’d like to ask, how abouy you, people? I’d love to hear more headcanons about this :pp Specially from the German fandom, who can actually think of some better ideas, I’m sure xd It’s your time to shine ☆ (?)

Thanks a lot to my friend Dave who helped me with the German!! And to Faun for singing in German(?) hahaha

QN Evolution Concert Twitter Round Up/Report


This is a really long post so I put it under the cut! I haven’t put everything I could onto this post but if there’s things you want to read up on you can read more about the live with #カルライレポ2017 on twitter!

Also no DVD/BD announcement yet

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dean and cas being all gross and domestic and loved up

and dean (and cas but mostly dean) making stupid puns and jokes about the ridiculousness of their relationship

like one morning sam asks him how he wants his coffee and he says: “how I want my men; strong enough to raise me from the dead.”

and one day dean is refusing to do something for cas, like cleaning the dishes or fetching his book, and cas says: “you raise a man out of hell and he won’t ev-” “OKAY FINE IM GOING”

or their teenage daughter embarrasses herself and dean tells her: “everyone does stupid things in front of their crush, I stabbed mine in the chest.”

or someone asks them how they met and dean tells them: “I was going through a really hard time in my life, it was literally hell, and then I met him.”

and when strangers compliment cas, dean always says: “yeah, he’s an angel”.

Newsies New Year’s Headcanons
  • They all celebrate it at Katherine and Davey’s apartment
  • Unlike Thanksgiving, they don’t make food. They get a bunch of frozen appetizers and there’s always something in the oven the entire night
  • Katherine refuses to unlock the door to let anyone in until 4pm
  • Because every year, Jack, Specs, Mush, Blink, Elmer, and Albert make it a personal competition to see who gets the “best” New Year’s hat that’s about 6 years old
  • One year Mush snuck in through the window to get it an hour early
  • Katherine locks the windows now
  • They play “Never Have I Ever” as a group except only stuff they did in the past year
  • One year they all tried doing New Years Eve in Times Square but it didn’t turn out to well
  • It was way too cold and it just ended with everyone complaining to Katherine and Crutchie, the squad moms, and everyone crashing at Specs, Romeo, and Smalls’ apartment because it was the closest
  • Everyone is forced to say one thing they enjoyed about the past year by Davey
  • Similar to Thanksgiving, every year Race says “Spot’s ass”
  • They also play charades based off of stuff that happened to them in the past year
  • The year Spot and Race got together, Jack and Crutchie picked that card
  • So naturally they just started making out with each other
  • It was guessed pretty quickly
  • Race was dying of laughter, Spot was not amused
  • They often have a card tournament 
  • Usually it ends with Katherine vs Jack
  • It’s the last showdown between them of the year
  • And it gets very intense 
  • They go up to the rooftop a few minutes before midnight to watch the fireworks
  • Luckily no one else in the apartment building goes up there so they’re the only people up there year after year
  • The night usually ends with everyone passed out all over the floor, most of them drunk except for the entire Jacobs family, Crutchie, Katherine, and Race

Building a pillow fort with Fred and George would include…

- As the days would get colder in autumn, most of the time you could be found with a cozy blanket wrapped around your shoulders

- While your best friends Fred and George would occasionally make fun of you for walking around like that, you wouldn’t bother too much about what they said

- That was, until they decided to hold you down while wrapping you in a blanket from head to toe

- Feeling like a giant spring roll, you came to the realization that being surrounded by a fluffy blanket wasn’t too bad after all

- Enthusiastically telling them about your idea, you were honestly a bit surprised that they agreed this fast, be it their actual curiosity about this, or the chance to put Ron’s blanket on the living room floor for ‘a valid reason’

- Soon the three of you would be collecting every pillow and blanket that you could find in the whole Burrow

- While Molly would be more or less tolerating it, Arthur would be very enthusiastic to ask you about the origins and traditions that are behind the muggles’ fascination for pillow forts

- Ginny would eventually join the three of you for a bit, but she soon would announce that even though this was indeed comfortable, she would much rather not constanly have to make an effort to not get an ellbow in her ribs

- You wouldn’t really care about this, since your fort had just the perfect space for you three

- Actually you would be surprised as you noticed at some point, that you indeed spent the whole day in there, also since it was rare that the three of you would just spend an entire day with a certain thing, if it wasn’t for the planning of a prank on someone

- But while joking and talking about everything and everyone, you didn’t even feel time passing at all

- You would let the eveing fade away with a big glass of butterbeer and loads of candy that the boys had horded

- There was not a second of silence between you three, not even after your stomaches were hurting from laughter after trying to find out, who could do the best impression of each of your teachers

- All of you were certainly up for repeating this at some point, especially as by the time you would slowly feel yourself falling asleep, you would notice the soft rays of the morning sun glimmering through the sheets of your fort

hey fandom! can we all please make a collective pinky promise not to loose our shit if not every single malec thing doesn’t go as expected? i know it’s disappointing sometimes if an episode doesn’t live up to expectations, but please try and remember it’s impossible to please everyone. the show has lots of other great characters that deserve just as much time and respect and magnus and alec do!! please keep that in mind while watching and happy shadowhunters eve!!!!

Family (a.i. imagine)

Summary: You’re Luke’s sister. He treats your twin sister better until you get pregnant with Ashton’s baby.

Requested: yes

Warnings: none

Okay, so your request said I could continue it on from where you left off, so I just made it past tense and then put the imagine into present day. I titled it as an Ashton imagine because I wasn’t sure how to title it. This was really challenging to write, but I hope you like it! I tried to make it as long as I could.

Your family was big. There was no denying that fact. You had three older brothers and a twin sister. Growing up in the Hemmings household was always fun when you were a child, though. There was always someone there to play with. Your brother, Benji, taught you how to ride a bike. Your other brother, Jack, taught you how to climb trees. Your twin sister listened to you ramble about the boy you thought was cute at the time. Luke, the youngest of the boys, was always around to crack a joke or sing a song to make you smile.

As you got older, though, Luke became less existent in your life. He started spending more time with (Y/S/N); started treating her better and bought her anything she wanted. When he left for tour, he sent her money so she could buy things. You always felt slightly left out, but never thought too much into it.

That is, until you met a certain golden haired, giggly drummer.

Ashton visited once when the band was on a break from touring. As soon as you met him, you guys clicked. He ended up visiting a lot more often, always claiming to be there to work on songs with Luke, but always ending up in the kitchen to talk to you. He made you laugh and listened to you talk about anything and everything. He paid attention to you.

Which is why he noticed that Luke treated your twin sister better. He noticed that Luke and you barely spoke somedays, and on the days that you did, it was to argue about something stupid. Ashton wanted to talk to Luke about it, but you refused to let him do that. You didn’t want to start a fight between the two boys, or between your sister and you. It was just better to let things be.

One night, while the whole band was visiting, you and your sister went out to a New Year’s Eve party with them. You usually weren’t much of a drinker, since you usually had to drive (Y/S/N) home from parties.

But Calum had been so insistent on making sure everyone got completely wasted.

And Michael kept ordering another round of shots.

And Ashton promised that it would be okay.

When you woke up the next morning, things were not okay. First off, your head thumped so hard that it felt like your head was breaking in half. Second, you were naked. And third, Ashton was beside you sleeping, also naked. You had jumped out of the bed and grabbed your clothes, almost escaping until the floor creaked underneath your feet. Ashton had been shocked just as much as you, but neither of you remembered anything.

You both agreed to forget it ever happened, since you wanted to keep the friendship you had blooming.

It worked out great. For the most part.

Things went back to normal. You two still laughed about inside jokes and had movie nights. When he went back on tour, you called each other every night. You sent each other stupid snapchats. Ashton was your best friend.

That all came crumbling down the day that you discovered you were pregnant. It was supposed to be a normal check up, but ended with you in tears after hearing the news from your doctor. You knew that Ashton was the father, since you hadn’t slept with anyone else.

You decided that you had to tell Ashton as soon as possible, and that’s just what you did when he called later that night.

“Pregnant?” He had echoed, sounding confused. Then realization clicked. “Oh my god, it’s mine, isn’t it?” He had asked. “Yeah, Ash. It’s yours.” You had whispered.

Ashton took the news better than you expected. He was so excited to be having a baby with you. He couldn’t wait to start picking out baby things.

You both agreed to wait until the next time he and Luke were home to tell Luke. You told your parents and other brothers that same night, and everyone was overjoyed.

When Luke finally heard, he was not.

“You knocked up my sister?” He asked Ashton, his eyebrows furrowed. “I wouldn’t put it that way. That sounds so offending towards her.” Ashton said. “Don’t get fucking smart with me, Ashton. You know I told you she was off limits to anyone in the band.” Luke snapped, standing up. Before Ashton or you could say anything, your twin sister walked into the room.

“What’s going on?” She asked, touching Luke’s arm. “(Y/N) is pregnant with Ashton’s baby.” Luke said through gritted teeth. Your sister turned and smiled at you. “Really?! That’s so cute.” She said softly. You smiled a little. “No, it’s not!” Luke yelled, before turning and storming out of the house.

**present day**

It’s been three years since Luke stormed out of the house. He stayed away for a week, before calling you one night and actually talking to you about it. He even asked if he could still be a part of your baby’s life. Obviously, you agreed.

Things are going really well. You and Ashton fell in love quickly after your second trimester. He treated you like a queen.

Your little girl came two weeks early, but was healthy and adorable. She had golden curls like Ashton and your eye color. Ashton loves her so much. He absolutely adores her. He hates leaving for tour now, but always calls home every night to “see how my favorite two girls are doing.”

Luke started spending equal amount of time with you and your twin, and stopped giving her money. She threw a huge fit at first, but eventually got her act together and is now a successful businesswoman. Your daughter loves her uncle Luke; always asking if he can come visit.

Things were finally starting to become amazing for you. You had a loving family and a beautiful baby girl.


Lemon Mint Witch Giveaway!


Hi everyone! I know I’ve been talking about doing this for a while and I should have posted this already, but hey, life gets in the way of things sometimes, and I am able to give this to you today!


This is my first official giveaway! It is for the month of October and the celebration of Samhain/All Hallows Eve!


There will be one winner for this giveaway, and it will end on November 1st, 2017


What you get if you win:
  • 1 Honey Stick
  • 6 bags of tea: 2 Irish Breakfast, 2 Chai, 2 Pumpkin Spice (1 is decaf one is normal of this)
  • 9 Large Acorns (not all pictured)
  • 1 Tiny Acorn Pair (Pictured)
  • 1 Packet of Powdered Ink
  • 1 Index sized Sigil Card (In the picture is a sigil I created for myself for protection, especially in the winter months, you can choose this pattern or request something else on yours)
  • 1 Handsewn Herbal Sachet, Either Lavendar, Peppermint, or Spearmint
  • 1 Ginseng Bar Soap
  • 1 Eight pack of Tea Candles
  • Assortment of Crystals


  • Must be following me to enter!
  • Must be 18 or older, 16 with parental permission
  • Likes and Reblogs Count as one entry each
  • Do NOT spam your dash!
  • Do NOT tag this as a giveaway
  • US only, I’m sorry if you live elsewhere, I can only do US shipping at this time
  • I will personally message the winner. You will have 48 hours to respond to me, or I will have to pick a new winner


You have from now until midnight November 1st, 2017 to like and share! Message me if you have any comments/concerns/questions!


Happy October! ^_^


The Ipliers Interact (part 9)

The Host: The conference room continues to be filled with shouting voices and angry exchanges, Wilford Warfstache and Google having risen to their feet.

Google: What have you done?! This is NOT our PR-PRi-PriMARY OBJECTIVE. You’re going to ruin ev-Vverything! That was n-o-ot your dec-cision!

Warfstache: Sit down before you blow a fuse! I know what’s best here! I posted Markiplier TV because I wanted to! I DECIDE WHAT GETS POSTED AND THERE’S NOTHING ANY OF YOU CAN DO ABOUT I͔ͫ̏T̖̙̩͍!

The Host: Darkiplier rises to his feet…. 

Darkiplier: Let’s get o͋̐̾̕nͬ͑̍eͨ ̈́̇ thing very ̞͍̻͍c̠̙l̬͡ę͈͓̱̠͖̥̺a̯͍͍̰̲r̜̱͔͍̤͘ ͏͇̼͕, ͚̩W̠̙̱ͬ̅̈́̈́ͪ͡ȁ̅̆͑̒ŕ̞͇͈̠͕̣͋̉ͧ͑f͓̳͈ͅs̻̮͉͙̩ͧ̅͛ͦͮ͞t̛̫̻̥̘̟̩̎ͬ͐̿a̸̱ͦc̥̆̓͐͑̿̌ͭh̼̯͉ͧ̈́̀͞ͅe̩͔̙͍̊͗̅̒̊̏͌

The Host: …. Everyone get down… 

Darkiplier:You do N͇̬͈̻͕̘͎ͮ̒̑͋̋̾́Oͫͦ͛̈́͏͉̩̳̮T̤̀̽͂̽ͮ̄ͯ decide what’s b̫̫͍͠e̞̬͔̦̥ͅś̻t̶̥̜̤̞̥͒̽̋́ ̧fo̶͕̺̲ͫ̏͒ͅr̘͚̜͆̌͂͌̈̈̚ Ȁ̷͉͎̖ͩ̈̆ͩN͐̕Yͦͩͫ͏̱̩O͇̪̫͔ͦ̆ͅN̵͕͔͎ͨE͋́,͕̼̩̪̲̠̗̈́ͪ͋͠ ͈͔̼̟̠̰ͩͩ͞b͚͓̟̰̹͎̩ͪ̊̀e̸̺̠̳̖c̽̾ͨ̆҉a̟͉͐ͮu̻͕̇̃̃͜s͇̹̦̰̭͓̜̽ͩ̃e̵͎̻̣͓̘͎͊ ͭy̮̞͕͉̗o̬̠̳̣̘̝ͪ̊̌͝u̸͍̩̪͉̫͖ͤͣ ̗͍͇̘͙͇̎̄̀͑͘ḁ̞̮̤̑̉̉̄r̜͑ͣ̆ͬͥͪe͕̟̖̣̘̅̄̐̑͌͗ͫ́ ͖̩̳̳̙̑̌͊͊̓͗͝n̛̼̭̘̮̊ͩͮ̈ͫ̓ͅõ͈̹͎̩̬̏͂̿̈́̓ẗ̟́̚ ̐̊̎͏̥̱ẗ̓h̗ͦe͚͚̟͇̫̻̻ͯ̚ ̺̹̰̲͇̭͑ͪ̽̓̉̔ŏ͎ͫͭͯ̌̋̓n͚͎̻͊̈̽͒ͭ͛̿e̴̝̖̘͎̝ͅ ̨̭̗̇͆̃̑͗̿̍w̟̫ͯ̃̉̈́̕ͅh̘͉͚̥̋ͭ̌ͪ͐͜ͅo̷͔̱̳̗̻̣ͫ́̎͊ͅ ͙̫̪͔͎̼̿ͣ͑͞L͚̼͎͇͙Eͨ̒ͯ̆A̶̝͉̣̿͂̋͛̓͂D͖̩͖̖̏̑̀́̇̕Sͯ͆̊ͥͅ ̔̋̒U̻̲͓S͍̲͚͓̣̩̥̔̏͐.̗ͨ̌̄ ̢͐̎ͤ͗̊̋

The Host: Dark… You’re glitching reality… the room is turning gra̡y҉… 

Warfstache, growling: B̵̲͍̝̯͓i̝̞͓t͔͟e̸͚̺͈͖̦̥ ̪͍͓͍͍̟M̘̫͞e͓̪͎͙͜ͅ,͍̪͓̩͉͍̬ ̯̹͖̱͔Ḑ̪̬̰̳͔̈́͑́͒̚ͅa̘̠̿̉ͩr̞̗͑ͪͅk̘ͥi̧͕̟̠̹̔͌͊p̢̳ͦl̴̗͑́ͦ͂ͮ̊ì̔ͬ͌͗͟e̞͓̬̲ͬͨͭ̀r̄̓̿̂̀

(Requested by Anonymous)

(Requests are always encouraged!)

Alright, if you love Jehanparnasse (and Montparnasse) you are going to ADORE the show Librarians. One of the main characters is Ezekiel Jones, greatest thief in the world. Recruited by the Library to protect the world from dangerous magic. He’s introduced as completely self absorbed, cocky, and hilarious. He’s also a tiny Asian Australian. However, as the show goes on you begin to get more and more insight into his character, including one of the most devastating and heart-wrenching episodes in the show. (We do not speak about what happened in the video game). INCLUDING (SPOILER ALERT) an episode where it’s hinted he falls in love with a extremely quirky but insecure androgynous girl who wears COMPLETELY MISMATCHED CLOTHING and LOVES FLOWERS. She is deeply insecure and has used magic to make everyone love her. When he confronts her it’s revealed his thing for stealing is compensation for his POOR CHILDHOOD and his own insecurities. Not to mention the possibility for Enj/Eve and Flynn/R parallels. Did I mention the math genius is a very feminine petite girl, the art/history guy is actually a country boy™, and the most badass of them all is A FEMALE FORMER NATO COUNTER TERRORISM AGENT who is absolutely amazing? Anyway, what I’m saying is you need to watch this show NOW and I might end up writing a fanfic.

Watch on

guys, remember that one fanfic idea i had a while ago, involving 80s!got7 and jaebum being the new kid in town who shows jinyoung the world? i made a trailer for it. 

summary: park jinyoung has a monotone life and is on the edge of a depression episode when, in the 1987 new year’s eve party, one of his best friends’ cousin from the big city, im jaebum, comes to the town. at first, everyone is fascinated by the fearless way the new kid carries his life, meanwhile jaebum couldn’t be more bored. and from the deepth of his boredom, jaebum comes up with an idea that would make his stay in the city a bit more interesting: a bucket list. he makes his cousin’s group of friends write down all the things they always wanted to experience but are too afraid to do it, promising that, with his help, by the end of that year, they’d have accomplished all the items in their list.

New Year

“I can’t believe we’re spending New Years on the jet. I should be out in a club, getting my groove on. This sucks.” Derek Morgan was complaining loudly as JJ quickly poured the champagne she’d hurriedly bought into beakers.

It did suck. It totally sucked all sorts of ass. You should be out with your colleagues and friends, celebrating in style. Instead, you were stood in the aisle of the BAUs jet, flying home after spending the last four days on a case.

Still, at least Christmas hadn’t been interrupted. And at least you were together.

But, there was no way you’d be following through on your plan tonight. Nope. Not when you couldn’t blame it on being drunk if it backfired.

“Guys, get ready.” JJ called out.

You all huddled together, you shoulder to shoulder with Hotch and Emily.


As you all loudly counted down, you snuck a look at your colleague Spencer, squished in between JJ and Derek. He gave you a small smile, raising his glass at you. You smiled back, somewhat sadly. He’d been your plan. You’d been crushing on Spencer Reid for the whole time you’d worked at the BAU and you were certain he shared them. Penelope had told you time and time again that Spencer liked you, but you were both too shy to actually do anything about it. New Years Eve together would have been the perfect time. A kiss at midnight, in a crowded room where everyone would be doing the same thing. But not here, not now when it was just the team.

“THREE, TWO, ONE. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!” You all cried in unison, hugging each other and pecking each other on the cheeks. You lingered in Spencers embrace for longer than you should have, inhaling the smell of him as you kissed his cheek, sure you heard him do the same.

You pulled away sadly. Maybe you’d just get drunk at Penny’s birthday party in a few weeks and tell him then.

Probably not.

There was always next New Years Eve.

“Y/N… We’re here.”

You shook yourself awake as Spencer pulled into a car parking space outside of your building. You must have drifted off. You lived in the same direction so he offered to drive you both as you’d had another glass of champagne on the jet and he’d stopped at the one.

“Thanks Spence.” You reached to the back seat and grabbed your bag. “I’ll see you in a few days.”

“See you, Y/N.”

You slid out of the car and closed the door behind you, making your way up to your apartment.

You’d been inside for less than a minute when you heard a knocking on your door. Opening it, you saw it was Reid.

Had you left something in his car? You didn’t think so, and he didn’t have anything in his hands.

“Y/N… I… erm… I wanted to… Earlier, on the jet… I… ” He stood awkwardly, stuttering over his words.

This was your chance, take it or lose it.

You placed your hand on his arm gently and smiled at him. You leant towards each other at the same time, your lips meeting in a sweet, soft kiss. You couldn’t help but smile against his mouth, feeling Spencers arms circle your waist as you reached up and linked your hands around the back his neck, pressing against him as you deepened the kiss, your lips moving against each others as if you’d done this a thousand times with each other before.

A few moments later you released each other, standing back and looking at him.

“Happy New Year, Y/N.” He said shyly.

“Happy New Year, Spencer.”

“I… I should go.. ” He went to turn away but you’re reached out for his arm.

“Wait! You don’t have to. I mean… We’re off tomorrow and… I know it late but we could re watch the New Years celebrations together. I Tivo’d them. You could stay…my couch is comfortable….”

“If we rewatch the celebrations, do we get another midnight?” He asked, closing your apartment door behind him.

“Yes. We can replay it over and over again if you’d like.”

“I would.”

You grinned widely at each other, knowing that now you’d had your first kiss together, it was going to be the beginning of many others.

New Year, New Relationship.

Translation: “Ao no Exorcist” Chapter 88 Translation Summary (SPOILERS!)

So, I do this with Noragami every month, but this may or may not become a monthly thing depending on my schedule.  Anyway, I did it this month, so I figured I’d throw it up here.  If there are mistakes or typos, my bad, I type this up as I read it.  Spoilers, obviously:

The title is “Happy (Merry Christmas) Birthday! Eve”

Rin is upset about Shiemi’s decision to quit being an exorcist.  There’s a flashback to her suggestion about a big birthday party for everyone.  Yukio tells them to have fun but Shiemi says “No, you are going, too!  That’s obvious, right!?”  Yukio gives in, and Rin says that’s the first time Shiemi’s ever been so forceful with Yukio and the others agree.  Rin says “this just occurred to me, but… could she be dying…?”  The others stare at him, but Izumo says “I also thought that”, and Bon says it, too.  Izumo says “I’m serious, isn’t it strange that she would suddenly do that!?  She was fixated on becoming an exorcist, and she worried about being opposed!”  She keeps going until Yukio tells them to calm down.  He says it’s not very probable because her health examination was excellent, and everyone calms down.  Rin decides he’ll ask her directly, and Yukio and Izumo hold him back and tell him it’s a their secret.

Shiemi gives everyone their assignments for the part (Rin and Miwa on food, decorations Yukio and Suguro, and cake is Shima and Izumo).  She takes on the tree duty.  Rin tries to bring it up again and Yukio grabs him and they leave.  Afterwards, the group is discussing it again and Yukio says there’s no way she’s dying, but there’s a high possibiity that something else happened. Konekomaru thinks it might be a hopeless situation instead.  They think of some really…strange…reasons, and Shima laughs and says “she just wasn’t suited for this and wanted to do something else, and maybe she just wanted to have fun with everyone at the party.”  Yukio agrees, and then we see them go on their separate ways.

Izumo and Shima are together (in the Cake Team).  Izumo wonders why she’s stuck with him, and he says “Let’s have some fun.”  She replies that she’s worried about Shiemi, and asks “Do you know something!?” but he replies that he’s not a spy like that and that he doesn’t know anything.  They come to the cake shop, but there’s a really long line out the door.  Shima balks, but Izumo says there’s no many opportunities to buy a whole cake, and that if he wants to go home, he can.  He says he won’t because it’s his chance at a date with her.  They fight about him being a spy some more, and she says that she never thought she’d do thinks like stand in like for christmas cake or worry about Shiemi Moriyama.  Shima says Izumo is different from him now, and she says they are the same.  They get into the shop and she is very girly over the cake while Shima calls her “cute”.

The Decoration Team, Yukio and Suguro, are shopping.  Yukio says he’ll leave it to Suguro since he’s not good at this sort of thing, and Suguro tells him that if he’s busy or still too hurt, Yukio can go home and just come to the party the next day.  Yukio refuses, and he says Suguro must also be busy, and Suguro agrees.  Yukio realizes that he was mistaken about who invited him…that the other party is the Arch Knight Lightning, and there’s no way to refuse him.  Yukio says “I heard that Lightning is taking you around everywhere, it must be tough”, and Suguro says he he likes it.

Rin and Konekomaru are on the Food Team, and they are pricing out Turkey (and wow, it IS really expensive - $200), and they decide on karaage and chirashi (yum yum) instead.

Back with Suguro, he’s going through documents while Lightning sleeps on the couch.  He says “Lightning has slept straight since then” and as he starts going through the clone paperwork, he sees the name “Shiro” for number 004.  When he looks at the picture, he’s shocked because it’s Shiro Fujimoto, the former Paladin.  He was Azazel’s clone.  He then notices that the experiment record for 005 is missing.  Lightning wakes up and asks him what he’s doing, and he says “005 is probably Satan” and asks to take out more materials on it.  He then says “Furthermore, Shiro Fujimoto is Azazel’s clone, so does that mean the Okumura brothers inherited the blood of Azazel’s nephilim…?”  Lightning tells him “You should get a little rest, Ryuuji”, and to leave it to him.  Suguro gets mad because all he’s done since coming back from Azazel is sleep, eat, sleep and sleep.  Suguro wonders what this world is, and what Gehenna is.  He then asks lightning what Satan is, and Lightning says that’s something he also wants to find out, but they have to find the Illuminati’s headquarters first.  Lightning says Mephisto isn’t reliable on that, and that he sleeps when he reaches an impasse.  Suguro asks to go to the party the next day and Lightning says yes.  Lightning tells him “Listen, if I give you an order, it’s not like you have to abide by it” because he’ll go crazy if faced with ‘that kind of thing’ directly.  Suguro says “I understand, now let me sleep” and tucks Lightning back in.

Elsewhere, Shura tells Yukio he can go to the party, too (she’s drinking juice, btw).  Yukio says “Honestly, if you could give me a mission, it would help me out.  I don’t really know what to do at parties.”  She tells him that he needs to have fun with people his own age sometimes, and he says he’ll trade places with her.  She says she’s busy for the next 24 hours, and he asks if it’s a date.  She says it’s a dating party because she wanted to start looking for a lifelong partner after she got back from Aomori.  He says she’s changed, and she says that she has a longer lifespan, so she’s even watching her health (wow).  He says he’ll pray for her happiness, and she notices something off screen (but we don’t see what).

We see Rin and Shima celebrating as the semester has ended.  Shiemi has found this magnificent tree, and Suguro and Yukio start decorations.  Suguro thinks that Yukio’s arm is still too broken to make decorations, but he says that he’s just always been bad at arts and crafts.  Yukio says “But it brings back memories…we had to do this kind of thing when I was little, this time of year the monostary was busy with this event” (Obvioiusly, it’s Christmas).  He says that he and his brother were clumsy and made awful stuff, but their father didn’t care and would use them to decorate anyway. “Quantity over quality” he would say, but they didn’t improve at all.  Yukio stops when he sees Suguro’s face, and asks him what’s wrong.  Suguro says “It-it’s nothing, I was just thinking that’s a nice story, let’s finish decorating.”

Yukio says “Forgive me…” “-ther” and we see a flashback.  Little Yukio asks where their real parents are and what they are like.  Shiro asks “Do you really want to know?” and Yukio says yes, and Shiro says he knew this day would come.  He says he found them on a cold morning under a bridge on Dec. 27th, and that he doesn’t know who their real parents are.  He says that they don’t need to worry since he found them, and to eat, brush their teeth and get in bed, because Santa (not Satan, for once) is coming.  Little Yukio thinks “he’s lying” and says “He definitely knows!  Why does he hide it?” and Rin says “if he says he doesn’t know, he doesn’t know” and “I’m fine with not knowing.”  Little Yukio asks “Why?” I don’t know think Rin wants to know.  Then older Yukio thinks “I want to know.”

And that’s it.  There’s a little extra story after, but I’m not going to bother with that right now.  Enjoy!

Christmas Day Eleven: Sneaky Mistletoe

Request: y'know the little trope of the younger brother saying he’s going to date/marry the older brothers gf? could you do that with Damian saying he’s going to marry Tim’s s/o telling them why he’s ‘better’ than ‘that Drake’ and he’d probably lowkey meaningfully threaten poor Tim? XD I think it’d be funny

A/N: Have a very Merry Christmas (Eve), lovelies!

[•] [•] [•]

Everyone knew that Damian had a major crush on you. It was simply too obvious to ignore. The only thing stopping him from confessing his feelings was none other than your relationship with Timothy Jackson Drake, his adoptive brother.

You and Tim have been dating for about three years now, and ever since he met you two Christmases ago, Damian has found himself wishing you were his.

How could someone as perfect as you love someone as annoying as Drake? He knew for a fact that he could treat you one-hundred-percent better than that annoying pest. But how could he get you see that?

Well, it took him a couple of hours to think of a plan, but Damian soon found a solution to his problem. He would have to get you to kiss him under a mistletoe. Only then would you register your love for him.

It wasn’t as easy at it sounded though. You were constantly by Drake’s side and it irked him every time you two would kiss. He even teamed up with Todd to gag over it.

Glaring at the sight of you playing with Drake’s hair, Damian quickly put his plan into action.

He glanced over at the mistletoe hung high on the doorway, and smiled a pleased smile. Unbeknownst to him, everyone (but you and Tim) were trying to disguise their laughter.

“Y/N!” Damian exclaimed, rushing over to you. He eyed the hand Drake had on your thigh before swiftly kicking his brother’s shin.

As Drake winced in pain, Damian grabbed your hand and pulled you up from your spot on the couch. You sent the preteen boy a confused and slightly dazed look as he literally dragged you over to the doorway.

“Damian, what on earth are you doing?” You asked, glancing back at your boyfriend who was rubbing his aching tibia.

Damian, noticing that your attention was elsewhere, pulled you harsher towards the mistletoe. You, not wanting to trip or fall, turned your head back around and stared at the younger boy in bewilderment.

As you both came to a stop, you blinked. “Was that really necessary, Dami?” You asked.

You could hear Jason and Dick cackling with laughter, Bruce telling them to be quiet, and Alfred’s amused chuckle. This left you even more confused. What the hell was going on?

Damian took in a deep breath. Seeing as he was slightly taller than you, due to his genes, he looked down at you with unusual nervousness written all over his face.

“I will marry you one day, Y/N!” Damian suddenly declared, shocking you.

“Not a good way to start off your confession, demon spawn!” Jason said, still howling with laughter.

Damian growled angrily at the antihero before looking back at you. “You will realize sooner or later that you’ll need a real man, not a weak, unqualified fool like Drake.”

“I’m sitting right here!” Tim called, rightfully annoyed.

Damian rolled his blue eyes, “But you won’t be for long if you interrupt me once again.”

That was when you warily decided to look up.

Mistletoe. Great.

You, like everyone else in the room knew that Damian somewhat liked you. The kid wasn’t as good as he thought he was at keeping his feelings hidden.

Hating the hopeful look Damian was giving you, you sighed.

Not wanting to hurt his feelings, yet not wanting to awkwardly be his first kiss either, you slowly leaned closer to him, and…placed a sisterly kiss on his cheek.

Stonathan Week 2017

Hey everyone! So after some thinking I’ve decided that it’s been two seasons of Stranger Things so we deserve an event for Stonathan! It will be a week-long event, from December 18th to December 24th, exactly a month from now. You can post whatever you like, edits, fics, fanart, even music playlists! Anything pertaining to the daily themes!

Below the cut is the description of the daily themes and the rules!

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All Hallows’ Eve Request #5!! Dick Grayson/Nightwing X Reader

Part 3 to ‘Please Stop’ and thank you for 900 followers!!  Also originally requested by @abigailredgrave.

Part one

Part two


You had been relieved from patrol ever since that night, and you were glad.  You let out the beast and this is the fallout.  Ever since you woke up, Damian would always be by your side and everyone else would do their best to avoid you.  It broke your heart knowing that you were right about one thing: your family would abandon you when they found out.  You knew that you had to leave and that would hurt Damian, but you needed to go back to your mother.  You knew that you were too far gone to look for redemption, but you tried anyway.  Your bag was packed only a few days prior and a letter already wrote to Damian and nobody else.  You did not have to explain to them why you had to leave, their actions have spoken louder and louder each painful day.  The letter was placed on your bed and the bag slung on your back.  You surveyed the room one last time and placed your old mask on.  You slipped open the window and became one with the shadows, beginning your journey back to your mother and hopefully a better life.


Dick paced in front of your door, hoping to find out what to say to you.  He knew that he was being an asshole by leaving you alone when you needed him most.  He knew you had Damian, but even he said that he was having trouble speaking to you.  You hadn’t uttered a single word after that night and Damian’s news was worrying him.  When he finally gave up, Dick turned the doorknob and entered your empty room.  His eyes widened when he saw the note and ran out to find Bruce and Damian.  He ran as fast as he could down the hall and stairs, nearly falling down them towards the kitchen.

“(Y/N) is gone!”

Damian immediately bolted from the chair and ran towards your room.  Bruce and Dick followed and found Damian clutching the letter.  Tears were running down his face and when he looked away from the letter, his sadness soon became anger.

“This is all your fault!” Damian shouted, “This is the reason why she never told you!”

Damian threw the letter down and made his way to the Bat Cave.  The letter was written in Talia’s code and Damian knew that is where you are heading.  He slipped his old league of shadows uniform and went to the Bat Wing.  


He turned around and saw his father in his Bat suit.  He scowled.  There was no way that he is allowing him to find you.

“I’m doing this alone, father.  You and the other imbeciles have already done enough.”

A hand was placed on his shoulder and stopped him from boarding the plane, “We will find her together.”

Damian’s scowl deepened, “Do you really think she wants to be found by you?  You were her family and when she needed you most you abandoned her!!  You have dealt with villains that are more malicious than her, so why avoid her like the plague?  I guess Todd isn’t the only one who knows what it feels like now.  If I’m going to ask for help, it’s from him.”

Damian removed his father’s hand from his shoulder and boarded the plane, leaving his father dumbstruck.

“Where’s Damian?”



“They did what?”

“They did what I told you, Todd,” Damian said, “Are you going to aid me in finding her or not?”

“Yes, but do you know where she’s heading?” Jason asked.


Jason’s eyes widened, “Oh no.  Why is she going back to her?”

“In her letter, she said if they thought she was a monster, then they should see when she embraces it.  She said that she didn’t want to bring me down the path Grandfather guided her to.  She said that I could be saved, but she could not.”

That was all Jason had to hear.  He grabbed everything he had and shoved his weapons in a duffel bag.

“Does Bruce know about this?” Jason asked.

“Yes, but he is not involved, none of them are.  Their actions have already done enough harm.”

“Why didn’t you call me?”

“You were busy annoying the Black Mask, and your phone has been dead for the past few days.”


“Let’s go, Todd.  We’ve wasted enough time already.”

“Let me get my charger.”


I’ve been working with Stone and Ezekiel, trying to get everyone where they need to be, but you’re the one I can’t help. I don’t understand magic like you do. I can’t imagine what it’s like having a gift like yours. Still, I’ve seen the future you, and you’re amazing. And I know you’ll eventually get there. The Library chose you. Not for your gift, but for your ability to know when to use it and when not to. When the time comes, I know you’ll do the right thing.