the eureka machines

Ok so I’ve been yelling this at racethewind10 but bear with me as I ramble as I am terrible with words. Actually feel free to ignore this whole thing ;D

POI/Warehouse 13. Pretty easily linked with Amy Acker and obviously Machine 13 is a prime example of how well it works.

Now. How about we add in the Fringeverse? But three! How would that work? 
The Fringe team and the warehouse 13 are pretty close. Ran into each other on a strange case and since it’s a “Fringe event or artifact?” scenario and phone calls. 

Now we’ve got that in how about add in Sanctuary? It’s pretty easy to fit in with the Warehouse as it’s essentially a warehouse for ‘abnormals’. Not only that it fits in brilliantly with Fringe too. Any 'abnormals’ created with fringe science can be safely housed at the sanctuary.

Why stop there. Abnormals exist (Except “we like to be called fae”) so throw in some Lost girl. Which also fits warehouse because fae related artifacts pinged the warehouse long ago. (No need to send Agents Artie. We got this it’s a fae thing)

Imagine the relationships if they all ended up meeting at some point. (Hg and Helen, Myka and Olivia… don’t even get me started on Harold and Claudia who can’t stop gushing over the machine he built. Or how Henry/Claudia/HG cause more than one explosion in their time creating new stuff for Shaw to kick ass with. Too many to mention here but lets face it all of them are epic and everyone  would love Leena and Astrid.)

In short there is an epic connected universe with brilliant potential relationships and probably many more shows could be added.

All saving the world in their own special way. They all lose someone they love to pay the price of saving the world too because whats an awesome universe without angst and pain.

Top and bottom of it. Machine 13 has caused me to imagine a huge ass interconnected world of epic. Thanks for that.