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I found this by accident and I’m so glad I did

@kidzbopdeathmetal tagged me to list 9 albums and tag 9 people so here we go!

  • Meliora- Ghost
  • Mutter- Rammstein
  • The Demon King- MCC
  • The End is Nigh- Apocalypse Orchestra
  • Do or Die- Eureka Machines
  • Got Your Six- 5 Finger Death Punch
  • Chronus- Chronus
  • The Rabbit Hole- The Great Discord
  • Broken Crown Halo- Lacuna Coil
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I’m just gonna go with recent listens I guess and pretend there’s no theme whatsoever linking most of these……..

1. life is often beautiful (Chris catalyst)
2. dead end kings (katatonia)
3. epitome of darkness (repugnant)
4. champion the underdog (Eureka Machines)
5. infestissumam (ghost)
6. the satanist (behemoth)
7. opus eponymous (ghost, again)
8. eternity, in your arms (creeper)
9. no cure no saviour (polar aka the lads)

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@evokingourmaster tagged me to post 9 favorite albums of mine. so here they are, in no particular order.

1. Infestissumam by Ghost
2. Remain In Hope by Eureka Machines
3. The Rabbit Hole by The Great Discord
4. Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park
5. Popestar by Ghost
6. Meliora by Ghost
7. Life Is Often Brilliant by Chris Catalyst
8. Shape Shift With Me by Against Me!
9. Opus Eponymous by Ghost.

[i should have just listed Ghost’s entire discography]

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Relationship: single af

Favorite color: red and purple :D

Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick on me….i cannot rock lipstick. but love it on others :)

Last song: scream eureka - eureka machines

Last movie: something on syfy, no clue what it was lol

Top three shows: firefly, catfish, and inkmaster

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@haunterrr (thank you bb!!!) tagged me to list 9 albums (I’m gonna list my faves that I own) and tag 9 people. so here we go!

1.) Infestissumam - Ghost

2.) The Demon King - Magna Carta Cartel

3.) Five - Hollywood Undead 

4.) Epitome Of Darkness - Repugnant 

5.) Altars Of Madness - Morbid Angel

6.) New Wave - Against Me! 

7.) Die For The Government - Anti-Flag

8.) Brain Waves - Eureka Machines 

9.) So Far So Noir - Subvision

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Real Ghoul Names Ahead!!!

Ok so I was doing a little thinking about the Nameless Ghoul lineup we just had. AND it’s completely possible for Ghost to have the same guitarists at the very least next year.

Aether- So Chris’s band Eureka Machines is putting out a new album in March. Ghost’s new album isn’t due till April and touring won’t start probably till May. SO he will totally be freed up by then to tour with Ghost of he wants to.

Fire- We know Ben and Vincent (half tour Earth) have their new band Diamond Black but they are doing all their releases before Christmas. So they could both be free by the summer to tour as well.

This is all speculation of course, and hopes and dreams lol

Water- Honestly I have no idea about Par’s other projects but from different sources I hear he had fun on the tour so chances are he’s willing to do it again.

Air- I have my doubts Baird will be back, not because of the keytar issues but because of the break of kayfab with the whole Puppet Master Twitter beef. I really feel like any keyboardist is gonna get the same treatment from PM but there is a general feeling that management didn’t like the way he handled it.

Earth- First half Earth like I said is in Diamond Black with Ben Christo and timing dictates he could come back. Last year he had previous engagements that kept him from the North American tour, this year who knows.

I was tagged by the wonderful @lilytook to post the first 15 songs that come up on my shuffle so here we go folks!

  1. Prime Mover by Ghost
  2. The Red Rabbit by The Great Discord
  3. Secular Haze by Ghost
  4. Dark Art by Septicflesh
  5. I Get Off by Halestorm
  6. Sleep Deprivation by Eureka Machines
  7. Hail to the King by Sabaton
  8. S.E.X. by Nickleback (don’t judge)
  9. Fatlip by Sum 41
  10. Daughters of Darkness by Halestorm
  11. Champion the Underdog by Eureka Machines
  12. Bar ünd Imbiss by Alestorm
  13. Zombie by The Cranberries
  14. The Impression That I Get by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  15. Omen by The Great Discord

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Ok so I’ve been yelling this at racethewind10 but bear with me as I ramble as I am terrible with words. Actually feel free to ignore this whole thing ;D

POI/Warehouse 13. Pretty easily linked with Amy Acker and obviously Machine 13 is a prime example of how well it works.

Now. How about we add in the Fringeverse? But three! How would that work? 
The Fringe team and the warehouse 13 are pretty close. Ran into each other on a strange case and since it’s a “Fringe event or artifact?” scenario and phone calls. 

Now we’ve got that in how about add in Sanctuary? It’s pretty easy to fit in with the Warehouse as it’s essentially a warehouse for ‘abnormals’. Not only that it fits in brilliantly with Fringe too. Any 'abnormals’ created with fringe science can be safely housed at the sanctuary.

Why stop there. Abnormals exist (Except “we like to be called fae”) so throw in some Lost girl. Which also fits warehouse because fae related artifacts pinged the warehouse long ago. (No need to send Agents Artie. We got this it’s a fae thing)

Imagine the relationships if they all ended up meeting at some point. (Hg and Helen, Myka and Olivia… don’t even get me started on Harold and Claudia who can’t stop gushing over the machine he built. Or how Henry/Claudia/HG cause more than one explosion in their time creating new stuff for Shaw to kick ass with. Too many to mention here but lets face it all of them are epic and everyone  would love Leena and Astrid.)

In short there is an epic connected universe with brilliant potential relationships and probably many more shows could be added.

All saving the world in their own special way. They all lose someone they love to pay the price of saving the world too because whats an awesome universe without angst and pain.

Top and bottom of it. Machine 13 has caused me to imagine a huge ass interconnected world of epic. Thanks for that.