the ethics of stealing a bike

like i just don’t get it. of course you cannot consume ethically under late capitalism. obviously. i am never going to advocate being one of those terrible freegan anarchists who live in some sort of squat and steal all their food out of bins and think their bikes are going to save the world. but the alternative of doing basically nothing and never examining your behaviour ever is anathema to me. i wish i had to money to buy fair trade clothes! my dad buys the food i eat – which is the only reason i can afford to eat like this – and believes pretty much the same things as me, and as such buys only free range eggs, local organic food where possible, fair trade products where possible, and is transitioning back to vegetarianism. not buying the products of large corporations will make basically no difference. but you know what will? buying products from smaller ethical companies who usually treat their staff well that rely on loyal customers to survive. that can make quite a lot of difference indeed.