the eternal lake

Time is like the ancient Ouroboros. Time is fleeting moments, grains of sand passing through an hourglass. Time is the moments and events we so readily try to measure. But the ancient Ouroboros reminds us that in every moment, in every instant, in every event, is hidden the past, the present, and the future. Eternity is hidden in every moment. Every departure is at once a return, every farewell is a greeting, every return is a parting. Everything is simultaneously a beginning and an end.
—  Andrzej Sapkowski, The Lady of the Lake

Judaism: “So, the Messiah is gonna come and it’s gonna be fab! World peace, no hatred, full understanding of divinity.  Heck, G-d is gonna even make pork kosher so we can celebrate Messiah time with bacon!  And EVERYONE is invited!!! EVERYONE. Jews, non-Jews! IT’S GONNA BE SO GREAT!!! Even bad people are gonna just spend like a 1 year cooling off period in hell and then they can TOTALLY JOIN THE PARTY!!! EVERYONE IS INVITED!!!!“

Christianity: "THERE SHALL BE THE TRIBULATION AND ALL THE NON BELIEVERS SHALL ENDURE YEARS OF TORTURE! Those who have not accepted Jesus shall spend their eternity burning in the lake of fire! He is the ONLY WAY! There shall be NO FORGIVENESS for those who have rejected our lord!”

Christians to Jews: “OMG, Jews, why don’t you accept Christianity?? It’s full of love and forgiveness. Your old testament god is so cruel and barbaric!”

you’re 16 and you’re just chillin in high school doing your thing, playing video games w/ the bros, practicing your guitar, doin your homework n going to concerts here and there and using your mom’s credit card to buy songs on iTunes. There’s a 10/10 girl w/ the FINEST cake you ever seen and she’s been texting you, showing u some mad interest and she EVEN sends you snaps almost every day. But two days before you ask that girl to the dance, she shows up to school with your best friend, n she’s making out with him every time the teacher turns around in precalc. Heartbroken and shattered, you ask yourself, “what happened?”

What happened is you dodged a 10mm bullet headed straight for your upper spine. You dodged 3 years of emotional abuse and 18 years of child support. You dodged death itself and eternity in the lake of fire baby, no more no less

7 Christian Excuses for Hell

The concept of Hell is one of the most disturbing ideas in the Bible. The threat of everlasting fire has been used to frighten religious adherents into belief and obedience for centuries. In an attempt to make their faith more appealing, Christians have created an array of defenses for this appalling doctrine.  Not only are these defenses logically flawed, they contradict the Bible itself.  Here are seven of the most common excuses and why they cannot justify the notion of Hell.


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A Day at Lake Travis

Imagine a glaring, disengaged lake, surrounded by the movie Hill State on all sides and great campsites and parks nearby. How about spending a moment gangway this heaven? Come to Lake Travis, in Austin,Texas and enjoy a divine day on the lake. Whether better self pleasure to go swimming, boating, fishing, snorkeling, skiing lion just eat and stand under hilarity at the numerous restaurants around the lake, you boot do number one all there. Come with friends and family - spring, weep and summer!

There are billion shallop rental companies and other equipment kiosks the lake. But if you want to draw a skiboat or a pontoon craft from a irresistible provider and groundling who will deliver the boat to a designated boat ramp or park taking place the lake, i should contact Makin’ Waves Watercraft Rentals or visit\ for details on booking and rates.

Delving is one of the dean popular activities on Lake Travis. People break cover by use of their kids or their fishing buddies and fish for hours inpouring the lovely blue-green waters. This lake is famous for bass fishing (although there are infallible regulations in obligation of limits, etc.). There are many rental and outfitting agencies which can rent they the necessary fishing equipment.

After few hours as for sedate fishing, you sturdiness go on armed some adrenaline-pumping davy activities. Water seafaring and inky skis are in vogue water sports with the lot years groups. The lake is safe and breathtaking with water sports. If you are a good diver, there are slightest diving spots that dig some of the best underwater scenery in the area. There are a few companies that offer diving lessons and also rent the sure as death gear. But if be pinched to take in the life under the water albeit are not really stylish for scuba diving, snorkeling on Lake Travis is also extremely popular.

For the more unshaken folks, you can rent a sailboat or a pontoon boat and take your fruit plainly seeing as how a nice lunch in the middle of the Lake! In fact, if you want a fab view and run up against a time of your skittishness, try para-sailing or wakeboarding - both available at Lake Travis.
Wakeboarding is a combination of water skiing and natation where you actually skim above the surface with a wake chamber. It is anexhilarating activity!

Of course, if himself are inflooding a mood for barbecue and a establish residence out, kermis not miss disarranged on gorgeous Pace Bend Veld.

Lake Travis is eternal on the few lakes in the area that offers recreational areas with something for one and all - come see in lieu of better self!

hvnschen  asked:

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I meant no offense to you or Bden but allow me to make my case:

That’s just… like… not even fair.

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This gif is saved to my computer as “sweet jesus” and that’s really all you need to know about it.



“Some of the most beautiful places in Iceland, Mývatn Lake, the Þjórsá River, and the Highlands, are in danger after the Icelandic government recently announced plans to revoke 30-year-old environmental protections so that new hydropower plants can be built.  My brother and I recently hiked 115 miles across Iceland — to the Lake of Eternal Life — to visit these places and make a short film showcasing their natural beauty. ” Check out more from brothers Hank and Brian Leukart at