the eternal child

3 types 

1st type - cute, bubblegum eternal child 
2nd type - impulsive antagonist 
3rd type - seductive, fiery risk taker 

1st type - earthy artist 
2nd type - mature and maternal figure 
3rd type - gluttonous pleasure seeker 

1st type - childlike clown 
2nd type - sophisticated socialite / academic 
3rd type - disorganised basket case 

1st type - aggressive, moody sensitive 
2nd type - empathetic counsellor 
3rd type - pillar of strength, resolve, and emotional mastery

1st type - exuberant performer 
2nd type - wants to save the world 
3rd type - hates themselves openly 

1st type - self critical nervous wreck 
2nd type - cool and composed problem solver 
3rd type - exemplary server 

1st type - lonely, dependant, and sensitive relationship seeker
2nd type - formidable leader, justice seeking and moral
3rd type - airy flirter and artist 

1st type - brooding, silent, angry at the world, unstable 
2nd type - curious, fascinating emotional lover, interested in the world and complex 
3rd type - powerful magnetiser, arousing and seductive 

1st type - uncontrollable and impulsive trickster 
2nd type - philosophical and wise guide 
3rd type - travel hungry, life absorbing wanderer 

1st type - consumed labourer, contributing and sacrificial 
2nd type - lazy and lethargic, melancholic and paranoid 
3rd type - regal leader, success story, overcomer of obstacles with grace 

1st type - introverted and misunderstood outsider 
2nd type - playful child, interested by everyone and everything, cool and kind
3rd type - eccentric madman, drunk professor 

1st type - spiritual temple, compassionate comforter 
2nd type - addicted daydreamer incapable of dealing with reality 
3rd type - gossipy trickster, two faced and complex 


Dan's Cameo
Dan's Cameo

“Blessed evening… Welcome to Red Wash… Pinstripe’s resort of ultimate pleasure. Please sign the guest registry… Hmmmm.. what a beautiful signature… Please note that tonight is especially special… The ceremony will be held when the moon is full… It’s not every day Pinstripe finds a fresh and plump child… So, Mr. Pinstripe has requested that all residents witness… The eternal adoption of the child…”

Some of Dan’s audio from the new game Pinstripe. It is frighteningly, spookily wonderful. Who knew the boy had it in him? For his other end-game audio you will have to get the game yourself! Support the creators!

Inner Moonlight 

aries: the moon can be overwhelmed by the energy and restlessness of aries. moods can be unpredictable and change too quick for comfort 

taurus: comfortable because moon exalts in taurus. reinforces security and stability measures, can source the natural creativity of mother goddess

gemini: the moon can feel nervous by gemini’s fluctuation, commanding intellectual activity, and inability to settle. but she can also appreciate the eternal child in gemini 

cancer: moon is at home in cancer. sensitivity, psychic activity, dream, and lunar cycle inspired emotional states enhance to the extreme

leo: lunar shadows are absolved by the sunlight in leo, emotions are heartfelt and demonstrated to be validated 
virgo: the moon can relish in the concern and service directed toward others that virgo displays. but she can be troubled and anxious by virgo’s critical and systematic intellectualisation 

libra: the moon loves libra for its sympathy, desire for unity, aversion to conflict, and freedom to express its sensitivities. moon also enjoys dreaming with the dreamer 
scorpio: the moon falls in scorpio and so does the ability to control the mood. scorpio rattles the moon so the emotional state rarely remains still or comfortable

sagittarius: the moon can be disturbed by the sign’s lack of urgency to settle, reflect, and conserve. but she can also relish in the internal dream and prophecy of this sign and its search for home on earth in the mother goddess
capricorn: capricorn is the detriment moon, personal conditions and needs are suppressed and sublimated into concern for others and being the stoic support system

aquarius: the moon can tremble in aquarius, she faces difficulty making emotional sounds louder than thoughts and experiencing abrupt and unstable changes
pisces: the moon adores pisces because emotions are a universal experience. she also likes the way pisces is sensitive and psychic with outside emotion


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But love, sooner or later, forces us out of time. It does not accept that limit. Of all that we feel and do, all the virtues and all the sins, love alone crowds us at last over the edge of the world. For love is always more than a little strange here. It is not explainable or even justifiable. It is itself the justifier. We do not make it. If it did not happen to us, we could not imagine it. It includes the world and time as a pregnant woman includes her child whose wrongs she will suffer and forgive. It is in the world but not altogether of it. It is of eternity. It takes us there when it most holds us here.

– Wendell Berry, Jayber Crow

:: Archetypes ::
  • Sun/Leo: The Ruler King, Father, Performer, Divine and Chosen Child, Creator
  • Moon/Cancer: The Queen, Sorceress, Caregiver, Lunatic, Mother Goddess, Abandoned Child, Wet Nurse, The Mystic
  • Day Mercury/Gemini: The Trickster, Jester, Comedian, Eternal Student, The Child, The Academic, The Messenger
  • Night Mercury/Virgo: The Maiden, Healer Goddess, Servant, Nurse, Mother Medic, The Innocent, Teacher, Analyst
  • Day Venus/Libra: The Lover, Peacemaker, Temptress, Justice Seeker, Counselor, Mediator
  • Night Venus/Taurus: The Seductress, Earth Mother, Enchantress, The Artist, The Builder
  • Day Mars/Aries: The Hero, Destroyer, Fighter, Warrior, Pioneer, Adventurer, The Infant
  • Night Mars/Scorpio: The Villain, Angel of Death, Guardian Angel
  • Day Jupiter/Sagittarius: The Explorer, Omniscient, Philosopher, Storyteller, The Professor, The Wanderer, Spirit Guide
  • Night Jupiter/Pisces: Spiritual Healer, The Visionary
  • Saturn/Capricorn: The Wizard, Wise Old man, Father Time, Sage, Crone, The Judge, Mentor, The Alchemist, The Wayshower
  • Uranus/Aquarius: The Rebel, Genius, Scientist, Outlaw, Change-bringer, Revolutionary, Mother of Humanity
  • Neptune/Pisces: The Wounded Healer, The Fool, Martyr, Heavenly Mother, The Psychic, Mystic Medic, Dreamer, Addict
  • Pluto/Scorpio: The Magician, Detective, The Wise One, Fortune Teller, The Scapegoat, Reformer, The Witch, Hypnotist

few women are controllable, gemini is completely uncontrollable because a baseline rarely exists. geminis can be dizzyingly confusing to people, often downright contradicting themselves and seeing no trouble at all with this. and the gemini must be free as a bird, the spirit becomes quiet, withdrawn, and dull when confined, they need to escape at a moment’s nice, be given opportunity to share what’s on their mind. they can become very frustrated at possessive behaviour. gemini is an eternal child, but many gemini women are coated with an intellect of class and adaptability, dynamic and engaging socially. they make tremendous writers, comedians, and journalists. a message is always on the tip of their tongue 

When your heart and the heart of the Earth and the heart of the Sun are connected together with love, a special vibration enters into your spirit, and at that moment, the Holy Trinity is alive on Earth. Your Divine Mother and your Divine Father and You, their Divine Child are One in love.

~ Drunvalo Melchizedek

Red Child, Eternal Youth

I’ve mentioned it before, but this all might mean that ghouls in general age more rapidly than humans, only it isn’t noticeable because the process is slowed down so vastly by their intake of regenerative RC cells.

If that’s so, it makes sense that the Garden kids are just ghouls who can’t (or are told they can’t) replenish RC cells. That’s why Furuta– who rarely fights and has a synthetic kakuhou– has black hair at the same age Arima’s was almost completely white. 

Kaneki made a point when he said that his hair was going black again because he was eating regularly at the CCG and not expending any RC cells. The buildup allowed his hair to regenerate. It also explains why his hair went all black very rapidly after eating Eto’s kakuja (it was a massive influx) and completely white after Yamori and Arima in cochlea (expending his stock too quickly).

And speaking of Eto, I wrote a meta a while ago about her ability as a sort-of “fountain of youth”. It seems like she has a gift of longevity (despite her comments about “getting old”), since her body is constantly replenishing itself on top of cannibalization.

Flowers grow on decomposed materials

She’s also able to “give” her “gift” to others, possibly by depositing parts of herself in others (like when she tore out Banjou’s ribs) and thereby giving them a huge boost in highly-concentrated RC cells.

She’s the opposite of what the Garden kids are. 

Plus, the “medicine” being given to Okahira must be the same thing she was telling Amon about. 

In essence, it takes tons of ghoul bodies ground down into a liquid to reach a concentration similar to Eto’s. It must be what’s keeping Okahira animated, as well as the black-cloaked V agents*

*Remember, Hirako said they’re like an “advanced” 0 Squad, although they are all clearly much older than Arima.  

To create, you must first destroy.

The eggshell has to be broken for the life inside to be born, right? >:)c

So, according to Furuta, I wouldn’t be surprised if these little white-haired husks of the Oggai are able to come back if enough RC cells are pumped back into them. Like @mawjaw​ said, “death mirrored [the made-up kanji for Oggai] is life”. They do look a lot like yolks running from an eggshell imo.

And even if they don’t come back, this is the beginning of something new.

Hermeticism– the belief system that classical Tarot art is based on– states that the universe is ever being born and recreated on every plane of existence no matter how big or how small. There are no ultimate endings, only new beginnings and so on. Kaneki is Death on legs right now, but the fact that he’s ever-multiplying his stock of RC cells means he’s also the foundation for new life. 

sleepingobsidian  asked:

Do you have any Shisui headcanons?

(Happy!AU again bc I want to and you can’t stop me.)

- Voted Most Likely to Die Before Puberty 12 years running.

- Only Child™

-  Eternal Child™

- Also scary as fuck

- (It’s a delicate balance.)

- Found out that his grandfather shagged the Nidaime and didn’t know whether to be jealous or horrified.

- Decided it was something to aspire to instead. 

- Kushina was his jounin instructor. It was the best/worst decision Sarutobi ever made and he Regrets.

- Once planned out an elaborate mission in order to spy on the men’s baths, more for the challenge than anything, and entirely forgot that he could just walk in through the front door.

- Tried the same on the women’s baths only to be found by Kushina.

- Will never try that again. Ever.

- Makes a game out of terrifying as many enemies as he can before he kills them. Itachi loves him, but he is Suffering. 

- Had a brief period where he was crushing ridiculously hard on Orochimaru and spent a week in the depths of the library, finding the weirdest, most obscure jutsus just to impress him. 

- Does not talk about it. 

- On an entirely unrelated note, Sasuke has so much blackmail on him he could probably take over Fire Country. 

- The human incarnation of the Uchiha tendency to be Extra Stupid around pretty, powerful people. 

- Generally known as That One Uchiha in other villages. Everyone has a story about meeting him. Most involve bloodshed and terror. A few involve flailing but are generally laughed at. 

- Sets Itachi up on dates whenever the opportunity even vaguely presents itself.

- #1 reason Itachi does not want to leave the house. He used to be twitchy about enemies everywhere, now he’s paranoid that he’ll somehow end up on a blind date the minute he sets foot outside. 

- Has been in ANBU since he was 14 and will probably stay in it until he dies.

- (Largely because he read the burnout statistics and his entire existence can be summed up as “Shisui no.” “Shisui YES”)

- Hokage candidate.

- When the other villages find out there’s a mass wave of panic. 

- Sarutobi Laughs. Finally a chance to inflict Shisui on other people. 

- It works beautifully. 

- (Well. Not for the Hokage’s guards. But Tenzo has only tried to murder him twice this week, so that’s probably progress.)

Once Upon A Dream (1.4k) - art + fic for X-Men Remix Madness 2017

Charles fell in love with a human boy, who lied beautifully to him and left him for dead in a forest in Genosha. Blinded by heartbreak, when the human boy became king of the neighboring land of Westchester and had a son, Charles cursed the child with eternal sleep. But Charles meets the child, watches him grow up, and finds himself making a terrible mistake…

(bonus sketch included)

Inspired by the talented @butterynutjob‘s fic True Love’s Kiss  

★*゚‘゚・ Stephen King’s It (1990)

❝ I told you to stay out of this. ❞
❝ Six kids missing or dead is cause for alarm. ❞
❝ There’s something wrong here. ❞
❝ You didn’t have to take this job. We don’t need the money.  ❞
❝ I took the job to be with you.  ❞
❝ Swear to me that if It isn’t dead…we’ll all come back. ❞
❝ Please, ______, tell me a story. ❞
❝ Go bug somebody else, I don’t feel so hot. ❞
❝ Be careful. ❞
❝ Aren’t you gonna say hello? ❞
❝ Don’t you want a balloon?  ❞
❝ I’m not supposed to take stuff from strangers. My dad said so. ❞
❝ There’s cotton candy, rides and all sorts of surprises down here. And balloons, too, all colors. ❞
❝ They float. And when you’re down here with me… you float too! ❞
❝ He didn’t just die. He was…murdered. ❞
❝ Why are you stuttering? ❞
❝ What happened? Tell me. Damn it, talk to me. Let me help. ❞
❝ You’re scaring me. ❞
❝ We live in dangerous times, boys and girls. I want you to be careful. ❞
❝ You’re gonna die! ❞
❝ Elmer Fudd has a lisp. It’s Porky Pig that stutters. ❞
❝ Now don’t insult my intelligence. ❞
❝ You’re doing fine. You can handle this. ❞
❝ Listen to me. There’s been another murder. ❞
❝ I’ll show you how to float down here. They all float down here! ❞
❝ You gotta help me! Somebody, please! ❞
❝ In the basement! There’s a werewolf! ❞
❝ We were lucky we didn ’t get ourselves killed that summer. ❞
❝ I didn’t see a werewolf. Just a clown. ❞
❝ It’s an evil being that can read our minds…and take the shape we’re afraid of. ❞
❝ Couldn’t it be just a guy dressed up in a clown suit?  ❞
❝ I got bones to pick with you, but I’ll let that go for today. ❞
❝ I’ll kill you all! ❞
❝ I’ll drive you crazy and I’ll kill you all! ❞
❝ I’m every nightmare you’ve ever had! I’m your worst dream come true! I’m everything you ever were afraid of! ❞
❝ We gotta do something. ❞
❝ They don’t see what we see. ❞
❝ You grow up, you stop believing. ❞
❝ It kills kids, damn it! ❞
❝ It’s scared of us, you know. I can feel that. I swear to God I can. ❞
❝ I want to kill it. ❞
❝ Help me. Please, help me. Help me. ❞
❝ You promised. ❞
❝ I think this is crazy. ❞
❝ On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country. ❞
❝ …you guys don’t have to do this. ❞
❝ What are you afraid of? ❞
❝ Before you die, I want you to think about every rock you threw…and everything you’ve said. Think about that before you die. ❞
❝ Wake up, hot stuff. That ain’t Daddy. ❞
❝ I am eternal, child. I am the eater of worlds…and of children. And you are next. ❞
❝ It sounded like It was dying. ❞
❝ How could I have forgotten? ❞
❝ I’m not afraid of you.❞
❝ I got a balloon for you. Don’t you want a balloon? ❞
❝ You’re too old to stop me. You’re all too old! ❞
❝ You’re in my mind. Only in my mind. ❞
❝ I wasn’t gonna hurt you. I don’t even know you.  ❞
❝ Reliving your childhood? ❞
❝ Just saying hi to some old ghosts, you know. ❞
❝ Get out of Derry while you still can. ❞
❝ What the hell is happening? I mean, what is going on? ❞
❝ When they pulled him out, his hair was white. He was babbling. About a clown. ❞
❝ Why are we the only ones that can see this? ❞
❝ It’s true what they say. We all float down here. And you will too.  ❞
❝ ______’s dead. ❞
❝ Let’s get the hell out of here. ❞