the essex county


Essex County Hospital Center

WARNING: please, if you are visiting this location, stay on the outside of the barricades and do not attempt to go onto the campus/inside the buildings for the time being. It has been a hotspot for multiple arrests as of late August

Debuting at TCAF 2017 - Toronto Comics: Yonge At Heart by Various Artists

Toronto Comics: Yonge At Heart is 210 colour pages of all-new comics, brought to you by 40 local indie veterans and first-time creators. From world-saving TTC controllers to secrets hiding between the shelves at Honest Ed’s, from giant robot battles over overpriced condos to the true heritage moment of the Clown Brothel Riot, this anthology celebrates everything we love about Toronto (and some of the things we don’t). With a foreword by Jeff Lemire (Moon Knight, Essex County, Justice League United) and a new nostalgic cover by Adam Gorham (Rocket!, The Violent), this is our most ambitious work yet.This is a standalone anthology, so you don’t need to have read any of our previous books to enjoy the stories. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a first-time reader, this is a book for you.

Price: $20 CDN
ISBN: 978-0-9949374-4-5
Specs: 6” x 9”, 210 colour pages


March 2016

I will never stop going here until it’s all gone.

Took a trip to the hospital today and plenty of things were going down. My friends and I were in the breezeway hallway when we heard the sound of a generator and noticed a white van down the road towards building 5. We also noticed a dumpster next to the van. Moments later, the van drove off through the campus and we didn’t see it again. Multiple cars drove through the campus while we were inside. After it was quiet for a bit, we headed toward building 5 to see what was up. It was noticed that there were microwaves and chairs covered in plastic - unfortunately, the demolition process for the hospital is underway. There was a large dumpster outside with plenty in it, so they have began to remove materials from inside. Please, if you are visiting the hospital anytime soon, be aware of the fact there may be workers inside, and try to avoid the building 5 area. Be safe!! There is still 24 hour security and now workers on campus.


Random things in Overbrook yesterday that I haven’t really shot much of before!

Debuting at TCAF 2017 - ROUGHNECK by Jeff Lemire

Published by Pocket Books

From the creator of Essex County, Descender and The Underwater Weldercomes an all-original graphic novel about a brother and sister who must come together after years apart to face the disturbing history that has cursed their family. Derek Ouellette’s glory days are behind him. His hockey career ended a decade earlier in a violent incident on ice, and since then he’s been living off his reputation in the remote northern community where he grew up, drinking too much and fighting anyone who crosses him. When his long-lost sister Beth shows up, on the run from an abusive boyfriend, the two escape to a secluded hunting camp in the woods. There, living off the land, they reconnect with each other, the painful secrets of their past and their Cree heritage… and start to heal. But Beth’s ex-boyfriend is hunting them. As he circles closer, he threatens to shatter this newfound peace and pull both Derek and Beth back into the world of self-destruction they’ve fought so hard to leave behind. Touching and harrowing, this is a deeply moving and beautifully illustrated story about family, heritage and breaking the cycle of violence.


Essex County Hospital Center - January 2016

A risky trip into the hospital this week to see and shoot once more before demolition begins. Been here so many times and it’ll always hold a place in my lil urbex heart.

This campus is guarded by 24 hour security. They do rounds over the whole campus hourly and leave the gates open in the front, I’m sure for any local cops to come through if needed. If you are looking to go here anytime soon- PLEASE be mindful of these circumstances.