the essence of decadence

The best part of the Riverdale pilot is that it achieves in an hour what no Batman movie has ever achieved even once

It distills decades of comic canon and takes the essence of the characters, while also updating them for a post-modern audience

It fundamentally understands what made these characters work for so long

Like the fact that the best sides of Betty and Veronica (as characters, not a trope) came out with each other, not with Archie (their supposed love interest)

With Archie, they’re cardboard cutouts. With each other, they have dimensions

Betty makes Veronica sweeter and more generous, someone who can be flighty and spoiled, but who enjoys teasing her friend (because Betty is and has always been her friend and ally) and views their “rivalry” as a friendly competition, nothing more

Veronica makes Betty clever and kind-hearted, the “straight man”, so to speak, the grounding force of the two; Betty can also confide in Veronica in a way she can’t with anyone else



WIP Wednesday

(Idea stolen from @rcmclachlan)

Yuri knows the house is haunted even before he signs the lease. He comes from a family of mediums. Ghosts don’t scare him, not even the more sinister ones. He’s long been trained to see and speak with the dead, but also ward them off when they turn out to be malevolent.

What he didn’t know before he signed the lease is that the ghost that haunts his house is annoying as fuck, and what he doesn’t know now is how to ward off a spirit that is harmless, but tirelessly obnoxious.

The ghost is named Victor. He’s been dead for at least a half century, and ever since he found out Yuri could see and hear him, he hasn’t shut up.

“Yu-ri, this smells like death,” he sing songs, half faded into the steam coming from Yuri’s macaroni tuna casserole.

“Yuri, you don’t actually get to sleep when you’re dead,” he says at four in the morning when Yuri is throwing on three layers to get to the rink for practice before class.

“Yuri, you’ve seen this episode of Treetop Cat Rescue at least three times,” he says, gliding past and hovering next to Yuri delicately on the couch with his legs crossed. The channel changes to Food Network on its own accord. Victor has haunted the house for so long that he is the house; the air feels heavy with static electricity scratching at the tip of Yuri’s nose, a constant irritation. Victor is everywhere, and he is everything, his essence having seeped in and saturated through to the foundation decades ago.

“Yuri,” he says softly, and it’s the final straw, having Victor be everywhere like this, because whether out of desperation or being an old, forgotten thing he’s also forgotten his manners, and is wrapped around Yuri in his bed while Yuri’s got his dick in his fist and his lip between his teeth. “Who is ‘Katsuki?’”

Yuri throws his comforter up in Victor’s face, even though it just passes through him, which is even more frustrating. He tugs his pajama bottoms back up from where he’d kicked them down around his ankles, and tries to curl over where he’s still hard and pitching a tent in the flannel.

“The fuck?” he manages, eventually. Victor is looking at him curiously, smile divided where he taps at his mouth with his pointer finger. “Personal space, Victor! Privacy! These things aren’t new to the twenty-first century, Jesus Christ!”


The Chronological Superman 1963:

Lightning Lad rejoins the living (or does he?*) thanks to the sacrifice of Chameleon Boy’s shape-shifting pet Proty, in Adventure Comics vol.1 No.312. The amorphous blob from the planet Proteus is pretty quickly replaced by his effective duplicate, Proty II, particularly as a member of the Legion of Super-Pets.

(*One storyline, briefly in canon before one of the many reboots suffered by the DC Universe during the last few decades, suggests that devoted Proty’s essence inhabits the long-dead corpse of Lightning Lad, and noble Garth Ranzz had never rejoined the living…)

       Imagine….. after Sebastian takes Ciel’s soul, he is doing fine for some years,going on with memory of his master….until slowly the always emotionless demon starts to break…to crack by every memory he recalls…

“Too late, the melody is over 
The joke seems to be on me cos I’m the one not laughing 
Down here on the floor

Deflate, the mystery of living
In the most heartless fashion I could ever Imagine
No pretense of decor…..”

     Coming back always on that one day in December…. create something which longer no was needed, not for ‘him’ and demon himself. Yet the pulling was so strong, beyond what he ever had happened to him…

Another place and time, without a great divide 
And we could be flying deadly high
I’ll sell my soul to dream you wide awake

Another place and time, without a warning sign
And we could be dying angel style
I’ll sell my soul to dream you wide awake

I’ll dream you… wide awake

    A demon who never shall be gifted with the knowledge of what affection,adoration is-how it feels. Because such sentiments were not meant for him, they would slowly tear apart the essence inside of him, of what had stayed after all decades which moved in a steady pace, only for him tho they would seem longer than thousand years.

With me, disaster finds a playfield
Love seems to draw dark, twisted pleasure tearing at me
Cos I can’t let you go

Mercy, like water in a desert
Shine through my memory like jewelry in the sun
Where are you now

Another place and time…

I’ll dream you… wide awake


  And yet…..right.

It’s like I’m racing to the sun, blindly face the blazing gun
Cos I’m afraid I will be left here without you
Like I’m racing not to run, give more when I have none
Cos I’m afraid I will be left here without you… wide awake

   Continuing to exists no longer held any meaning beside devouring soul, killing,destroying, there was nothing but a memory to be held in an immortal mind.

    Would that make the boy immortal then as well….ah….yes, yes he would exist beside his butler- no, beside his demon.

Another place and time…

I’ll dream you… wide awake.

Song by Poets of the fall - Dreaming wide awake
Artwork by Yana Toboso

So C.S. Pacat + That’s Normal blog = Captive Prince slumber party. (Video is HERE)

A lot of things were discussed and fangirled over in this chat – Laurent’s potential jealousy levels, his hair length, what Damen and Laurent like about each other, speculation on when Laurent fell for Damen, why the Regent’s end scene was written the way it was, the ambiguity of the heir, why Laurent made the choices he did (sexually) with Damen when he thought time was running out, the subverted wedding/propsal scenes snuck in throughout, ETC ETC.

I did my best with a transcription of sorts under the cut again for you guys. (A few things like introductions or random comments I didn’t completely type out to save my fingers but basically everything is there.) Enjoy! <3

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Love always comes with a price.

After the murder of a dirty Los Angeles detective St. Louis Alexander aka Lou-Loc found himself a hunted man. Trying to stay one step ahead of the gas chamber he flees to New York to try and pick up the pieces of his life.

Fate throws him a curveball when he meets Satin Angelino and finds himself head-over-heels in love. Satin is young, fine and keeping a secret that could cost him his life.

In 2002 K’wan hit the scene with his debut novel Gangsta. What started as a therapeutic release went on to become a part of urban-lit history and an Essence bestseller. Over a decade after its original release Gangsta is back and in digital form for the very first time.

Eightball, MJG And Rap From Memphis 20 Years On (via nprmusic)

Two decades ago the essence of adolescence was leaving hip-hop. In 1993, the wild success of cinematic albums like The Chronic and Doggystyle had shown corporate America just how large the appetite for rap was, but the next wave of musicians had something more serious in mind. A pair of young rapper-producers from Memphis straddled the tonal shift, and you can hear, on the two albums they released between the summer of ‘93 and the spring of '94, the unease of an industry flooded with money just as regional markets were wolfing down less commercial, grittier records. Last year, right around the 20th anniversary of the first of those records, Comin’ Out Hard, I went to the birthplace of both and to hear the story of Premro Smith and Marlon Jermaine Goodwin, better known as Eightball and MJG. [READ MORE…]

chimeridae  asked:

Sorry bro, but between your comments on god!Asriel and that one hentai joke about Frisk and Onion-San, it's kind of hard to hold your opinion on this kind if stuff too credible...

So that one time I used debug mode to disable collision and walked so it looked like Onionsan, the anime stereotype character, had a tentacle wrapped around Frisk, and I added the meme “I’ve seen enough anime to know where this is going”? Pretty obvious that was a joke and no inappropriateness was shown. Only reason why Frisk was the character was because I was using debug mode and moved there, if I edited a sprite in there obviously I would have used Fukufire, what with the Japanese schoolgirl outfit. She’s a green fire, don’t start questioning the legal age of a living combustion reaction.

I don’t know what you are talking about with the god Asriel stuff, do you mean his adult form? Boss monsters don’t age with time, it involves soul power being siphoned from parents to child. Asriel could have been born hundreds of years ago from the unknown point in time when Frisk fell down. With all the souls together, Asriel used that power to enter that form, they basically grew up in a second. It’s not a one way process like in humans, when he stops fighting he reverts back to the form he was before absorbing Chara’s soul. Plus as Flowey, Asriel’s essence and memory experienced decades of life, when you total all the time he spent resetting and doing every single thing you can do in the underground and resetting the timeline.

I mean, the form the artists in the humorous video I shared drew him in the most manly homoerotic way possible. He had the ass and thighs of a Greek god’s statue, and a chest and 8 pack like Zangief. Judging by the black censor boxes, he was drawn with a fire hose for a penis. That’s not pedophilloic. There’s nothing childlike or prepubescent about a body like that.

I may not be homosexual or a furry, but the way they drew him certainly showed the appeal. Rawr.

Anyway, I donate to charities for Child Sex Abuse victims and for catching predators, and the brave people that do what I find our local police seem to lack imitative to do. I work with children and actively look out and will put my life on the line for them if I see a child predator attack them. I am not and never will be sexually attracted to children. The very accusation sickens me to my core and is so serious I’m actually willing to pay thousands of dollars in court costs just to stop these people spreading defamatory statements.

top of the world [bellarke ficlet]

• T O P   O F   T H E   W O R L D •

Fandom: The Hundred (Bellamy/Clarke)
Words: 994
Summary: My take on the Bellamy/Clarke reunion after the fight at Mt. Weather. One-shot.                                                               by sgtbucks

                                      MY WRITING | MY BELLARKE WRITING

The story of the escape from Mt. Weather would be told through many generations to come. Details and perspectives would change, Bellamy knew, but the essence of it, the grandness… it would live on through decades, if not centuries. 

Because as he was standing there, in the cold, wet halls of the mountain, while his people were storming past him and screaming in rage and triumph and happiness all at once, he had never felt more on top of the world. An army like no other, built of Grounders and Sky People and revolutionary Mountain Men alike, and it would go down in history as the collaboration of the century. 

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Two decades ago the essence of adolescence was leaving hip-hop, but a pair of young rapper-producers from Memphis straddled the tonal shift. Here is the story of 8Ball & MJG’s Comin’ Out Hard