the essence of being me

Namaste means the light in me recognizes and bows to the light in you. By light, we mean the creativity, the love, the God, the differences between us that make us valuable to one another. Your essence, your presence, just being yourself, for sharing that with me, the people in this room, the people in your own life that you don’t even know that you affect. Thank you just for being who you are. I thank you and I honor you, and I encourage you to offer to your neighbor to your left and to your right ‘namaste’.“ I think that the sad thing is that it has been shrouded — like a lot of things that are inherently good but shown to us by other races or people — as something that is unattainable. When you realize that spirituality itself, it’s just there.
—  Brandon Copeland
Walk Through Fire
i love riza hawkeye so much help
Walk Through Fire

*writes songs way out of my vocal range and then weeps when the notes are hard to reach*
I wrote another song about Riza because I’m obsessed with her. If you listen, I hope you enjoy ;-;

I’ve sacrificed all but my name
for the years I stole.
It means nothing without the pain
so I endure

all the suffering.
Deface and burn me
until the monster is free.

Corpses remain, collecting their debt.
Pull the trigger and never forget
which hearts rest in your hand
or how this all began.
I’ll walk through fire.
Wear the honor of a liar.

Memories cut across my skin,
scarring everywhere.
The war will never end within
and it’s mine to bear.

But now there’s more to lose.
I’ll die protecting you.
I won’t avert my eyes
Until we’ve earned that right.

Death wishes buried.
Tomorrow will save me.
We are the monsters
condemned as we’re free.

Corpses remain, collecting their debt.
Snap your fingers and never forget
which hearts rest in your hand
or how this all began.
I’ll walk through fire.
Wear the honor of a liar.

My sins will never be rectified.
We’ll fix all we destroyed this time.
Keep our eyes ahead.
It’s not over yet.

Corpses remain, collecting their debt.
I’ll pay my toll and never forget
which hearts rest in my hand
or how this all began.
Beyond the ashes
We are free to rest.

How important it is for her to be a positive influence in the world and the work that she does outside of comedy with (online women’s community) Smart Girls and with Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

She has taken the spirit of being part of the solution and really shaped an entire life and career for herself based on that.

That’s why it’s so beautiful and perfect that she is the voice of Joy in (2015 animated film) Inside Out, because to me it’s the essence of her being that she is brought on this Earth to bring joy and to spread positivity.

Also, my four-year-old is really obsessed with Joy and I love that I get to tell her that Joy is a friend of mine.

—  Tina Fey on what do you admire about Amy Poehler.

Your smile drives me wild,
Your eyes pierce through my soul.
Every time you look at me,
I want you to take me whole.
Your every essence of being draws me in,
Though I cannot have you,
For you are my forbidden sin.
The temptations forever getting stronger,
So hard not to give in,
What I wouldn’t give to feel your lips upon my skin.

This is just me being a sap but I feel like Victor is doing the things he wants to do just in order to feel okay.

Going sightseeing, eating ramen by himself at night, drinking away until morning, teasing the boy who inspired him, and laughing even though he might not really be feeling it.

I don’t know. Being in my mid-twenties and after going through a lot, I feel like I can somewhat relate to his fickleness. The facade of joy. Seconds of silent contemplation. 

There are moments where you feel passionate about things, but then the next moment they slip away and you are left to chase after the next thing just so you’re not running on empty.

I feel happy for Victor in that something has caught his eye enough to make him stay true to his original intentions and not wander off to the next thing. Yuuri is the person who will make Victor less selfish, more inspired, and be truly happy. In that sense, Yuuri is special to Victor, as is Victor to Yuuri, and I feel as though this will only become more apparent as the series progresses.

Because, meeting somebody who inspires you to live your dreams and living those dreams together…that’s something beautiful. 

Mum and I at mall, notice movie theatre
Me: *checks what’s playing*
Me: *seee batb*
Me: mum
Mum: no
Me: mum
Mum: no
Me: please
Mum: no
Me, yelling: it is the essence of my being, my will to live, the fresh breath of air you get on a cool autumn morning, the sunlight streaming through a forest of pines, the–
Mum, noticing the small crowd gathering around us: *sigh* fine, fine. We can watch it again
Me: *grins*
Me: *adds twelfth tally to notebook*
Me: one step closer to nirvana


A symphony of limbs, a cacophony of skin
Voices like an ocean with the tide coming in
Everything I want is contained in you
Reconciling flesh with soul, connecting me to
Your essence, your being, your whole

And to make room, I have banished my meekness
Vanity through you, my strength and my weakness
Eating you with a fervor I have never felt before
Relentless, contradictory, your angel and your whore
“Yes” the only word we use to communicate

Abdicate your snow-white throne
Vanquish me, your very own
Evanescent, sticky-sweet
Repeatedly my tongue to meet
Yawning maw and curling feet

stars-swords-and-mystery  asked:

Opinion + Meta Knight

“I’ll say it again. I hate him. With all of my very being and essence. Everything that makes me him, and everything that makes up him is me, and I hate being so aware of that weak part of his personality-”

“We get it, Onyx. You want revenge, you hate him, blah blah blah…”

“At least I have a concrete opinion of him, Snow.” Dark Meta Knight mocked back, “One minute you dislike him, the next you stand up to him? I don’t understand what you see in someone as merciful as he.”

“He didn’t try and kill me on the spot. Of course I’d have a better opinion of him than you and Fuschia,” Lady Galacta snapped back, “We’re done here before this blows into a full argument again.”

Book character: “I don’t feel like a trauma victim. I feel like a house after a fire. And sometimes like someone who died but stayed in his body. And sometimes I feel like someone else died, like someone else sacrificed everything, so that I can have a normal life.”


I sail with you on the ocean of my dreams to a far away distant place of great beauty and tranquility, where suffering and pain do not exist. Where we give praises for our joy and happiness, where our love intertwines with a love for all things. Oh my beloved companion of my heart, you have reached out and touched the Essence of my Being. You have shown me the way, your Love has awakened me
—  Rumi
Wasted potential

To me a soul is the essence of being,
everything we are, stripped clean
of social constructs and
personal history.

Life –
is a journey
in which we must achieve
to become all that we can possibly be.

Even more so, we must allow ourselves
to be entirely free of prejudice and fear
when aiding another in becoming
all they can possibly be.

Now, what social construct divides us,
trampling on women, homosexuals,
even people who eat what
they want to eat;

what social construct propagates
a state of submission,
stating we are
of being free, and therefore
becoming all that we can possibly be;

what social construct actively and
unabashedly instills
prejudice and

what social construct could that be?

All that knowledge and personal growth,
lost to the ages; souls in cages,
the jailer
but a figment of human

Will there be no end to this insanity?

- M.A. Tempels © 2016