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Favourite Berena fanfictions - tropes and canon divergence

Who doesn’t like heaps of unresolved sexual tension or reading ‘platonic’ bed-sharing for the 100th time?

The Gathering of Stones by Sapphicsarah

Bernie and Serena away on a conference together. Bed-sharing. Mutual pining. Breath-taking writing. Delightful reading.

you cut me open and I keep bleeding love by fortunate folly

Serena and Bernie on holiday to the Amalfi coast. Sun, sand and serious sexual tension. Achingly beautiful slow-burn. The struggle of sharing a bed together.

don’t care what you’re doin’ (just keep doing it with me) by PotofCoffee

Bernie and Serena are on a cruise. Marcus is there. The solution: Fake dating. Sharing a bed. Blurring the lines. A lot. Delicious slow-burning.

Amnesia by RossettiMucha

Bernie wakes up thinking Serena is her wife. Pretend dating. The exploration of post-Kiev Serena and Bernie that is messy, beautiful, intelligent and captivating. A trope that transcends it’s near-cliché status and then some.

Make Believe by ddagent

A remake of an old Serena scene. Edward is troubling Serena. Serena needs a date. Bernie just so happens to be near. Clever and funny and sweet.

Major Arrival by ddagent

Enemies to friends to lovers? Who could resist. Bernie and Serene rub each other up the wrong way, then very much the right way. The exploration of Serena’s bisexuality is beautiful.

Anger Management by Ames78

JUST READ IT. JUST READ IT. Fall in love with the slow burn. Cry over the slow burn. Hunger for more. Cry some more.

Exquisite collections of prompts/ one-shots full of gorgeous AUs, smut and tropes:

all i know is we said hello and your eyes looked like coming home by missparker

Breath-taking writing. A guardian angel AU! A World War II AU! Everything that could you ever wish for. Honestly.

let’s head for the stars by lavenderseaslug

Fluff. Smut. Domesticity. AUs. Canon divergence. Just do yourself a favour and read it. Every single one. Maybe twice. Maybe more.

The Major and the Consultant by ddagent

Please read this alone for “I’m terrible. Got you into lesbianism, got you into nudism. The next thing you know, you’ll be drinking white wine.” Also the ESCORT AU. HOLY FIDDLESTICKS. the escort AU.