the escort quest

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what is something you cant stand in games regardless of genre?

Zack: Escort quests.

Nikko: Immersion breaking female armor. I refuse to play certain games because it seems just ridiculous to me. Like this:

This makes me so mad, not for the obvious reasons, but because it just breaks any sense of the world being real (which is important to me, follow the rules of your universe however dumb). If it’s a fantasy world where everyone’s skin is made of stone- fine- let ALL of the characters run around in skimpy armor. But when the female armor looks like this compared to the male armor… it breaks any sense of immersion to me. I completely ruined Tera for me along with other games (Nier). 

Justin:  Escort quests, yeah. Or..  Like fan service…just why.  But yeah escort quests, fan service, and uhhh shooting games…regardless of genre.

So I’m stuck on the flower quest in Hollow Knight and I have to give the game credit for not only making a very difficult escort quest but one that I feel awful about being bad at in that my efforts to let this poor lady grieve her dead lover in peace I have brought about the senseless destruction of numerous heartfelt memorial gifts.

Grey Mourner, I’m so sorry that I’m apparently the only delivery service in Hallownest who can do this for you and I’m even sorrier that this many things want to maul me.

Maybe the Knight should just like. fill some orange balloons with water and tape them to weird places on their body to convince the infected they are One Of Them. 

Finally! After ages here
staring ghostlike out at the bone,
at the ossified insides of your cage,
they finally fucking notice
and they’re finally fucking here,
and of course you’re window dressing,
background flavor, isn’t that goddamned
hilarious? Lup, you’re a page from
a book that no one remembers.

After ages here in a cobwebbed cave
gathering dust and grime,
your wonderful idiot brother,
your cherished, useless friends:
they’re finally back again
and you’re a shadow in a skeleton,
you’re fantasy flavor haunting the text…

How could they forget you?
God! Taako! How could he forget?
What a cruel, ironic turn,
what a shittily cruel twist of fate:
you’re trapped inside the writing
in some nooby escort quest
and you don’t like this cycle at all.

But your name’s Lup, it’s Lup, it’s LUP:
how could they FORGET?
The ship will turn back time!
The universe will break and bend
upon itself, it’ll loop-de-loop
to mend your wounds
and free your spirit from its pyre
and like a phoenix from the fire

you’ll be back,
you’ll be back—finally.
How could anyone forget?

They really shouldn’t have made the Quona escort quest and the fish monster swarm available at the same time, cause when you accept both you just straight up take a little girl into a war against the fish things during what was supposed to be a quick trip for fresh air

Way Too Realistic Character Concepts: Cleric

A devotee who has studied long and hard to gain knowledge, only to find themself saturated by academic concepts and no understanding of how to practically apply them.  Now they are filled with dread at the prospect of finally having to leave the arcane library and face “the real world.”  The overcrowded temples do not need another average cleric, with the few openings going to students with much better connections or the few exceptional students who were able to make a name for themselves while at school.  This one must move back in with their parents and find a way to make ends meet with mundane escort quests.  What was once a fiery passion for their faith has been replaced with the nagging doubt that they have wasted their devotion.

Petty Theft

(( A collaborative story by mayugehero​ and myself based on this prompt! ))

“Sometimes I steal flowers from your garden on my way to the cemetery, but today you’ve caught me and have demanded to come with me to make sure the ‘girl is pretty enough to warrant flower theft’ and I’m trying to figure out how to break it to you that we’re on our way to a graveyard” AU - awful-aus

Arthur’s garden was his pride and joy.

For a single man in his mid-twenties, perhaps it was an odd hobby. If his grandfather were still alive, he would have called him a poofter, which… actually wasn’t wrong, it turned out. But his sexual orientation aside, Arthur had always loved gardening, ever since his mother had brought him outside when he was no more than five years old and helped him sow the seeds of his first rose bush.

Even now, far from where he had grown up in England with all of those fond memories, he continued to make his own by cultivating a lovely sprawl of all sorts of flowers. It was a year-round job, maintaining the perennials he grew and preparing for the annuals he would plant in the spring. Building support structures and stakes, keeping pests and animals away, meticulous pruning, watering, fertilizing–there was always something to be done. But he didn’t mind.

It gave him something to do while he wasn’t at the office, something other than romance to put his heart into because his endeavors in the latter always ended awfully. Plus, freshly-cut blooms always made a delightful present for others, and his own kitchen table vase was never empty, keeping his home from becoming too dreary with just a dash of yellow, red, or violet.

The entire neighborhood envied and admired the fruits of his hard work, both figuratively and literally, as he had decided to start growing fruits and vegetables in the backyard last summer. Arthur would have been perfectly happy, had his flowers out front remained untouched.

Recently, however, something strange had begun to happen.

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“Princess” Elise the Third the Deer
AU Design Concept

No surprise Elise in my RPG AU is a “Princess” as is any Princess stated in any media of the Sonic Series. Also no surprise, Elise is a Mobian, I haven’t decided if the human race exists in this AU yet so expect to see many human characters converted to mobian counterpart designs. First I’ll explain her being a Deer, I mean you don’t think of Deer ever being sad really, they are quiet, gentle and timid creatures. I see a Deer being very fitting for her personality. I used many references from Elise’s original design to inspire this one. I opted the black tights from the orange ones to better tied back to the deer species.

 I haven’t decided if all her backstory from 06 will be entwined in this AU’s backstory (You know, Iblis) but I continue. I haven’t come to a complete 100% idea for Elise in this AU yet but I have some ideas. Unlike Sally or Sonia, Elise does plan on taking over her city when her Father (Whom is alive at least in the beginning of the AU…) leaves office. Before any tragic events happen, visiting the city Elise’s family runs she doesn’t offer any available quests not until you’ve gained some standing in the city by doing quests for others. She mostly will give you information gathering quests or the few enemy killing quests in the near by area. Once she takes over the city, she will have many more missions, such as escort quests for her and more political related quests as she adjusts herself to her new position in her city.

The signs as bad things about wow
  • Aries: ganking
  • Taurus: incomprehensible lore
  • Gemini: warlords of draenor
  • Cancer: escort quests
  • Leo: elitism
  • Virgo: everyone saying the game is dying/dead
  • Libra: trade chat in general
  • Scorpio: bad rng luck
  • Sagittarius: semi-toxic dungeon finder community
  • Capricorn: standing in aoe
  • Aquarius: obligatory troll raids
  • Pisces: shipyard

I’m just a cartoon that plays video games. Video games are my life. You’re either joining or are an obstacle in the way of rescuing Princess Zelda/an escort quest.

I found some cute mutuals last time, kind of after that again. I don’t mind chatting and exchanging @ twitter handles but I’m not looking for serious relationships. It’s not you, it’s me, I still love you anyway. xoxo

I’m always taking questions.