the escapist artist

The 12th House

sun in 12th: compassionate, insecure, imaginative, creative, confused, introverted, sensitive, reserved, hard working, wise, calm, dreamy, mystical, misunderstood, illusive, martyr

moon in 12th: spiritual, intuitive, withdrawn, emotional, closed off, perceptive, caring, vulnerable, secluded, lonely, private, quiet, unsatisfied, hidden

jupiter in 12th: humanitarian, generous, strong morals, intuitive, optimistic, spiritual, lucky, prefers to be alone, selfless, understands the world on a deeper level

mercury in 12th: sensitive mind, introspective thoughts, imaginative, talented writers, creative, knowledgeable, overwhelmed, anxious, overthinker, disconnected

venus in 12th: sympathetic, loving, compassionate, guarded, feels lonely, people pleaser, hurt easily, mysterious, reserved, slow to trust but quick to love

mars in 12th: self-motivated, private, fights for beliefs, doesn’t like to show anger, hates confrontation, kind, creative, hides true feelings, spiritual, intuitive, compassionate

saturn in 12th: artistic, old soul, intuitive, selfless, feels trapped, self sacrificing, compassionate, empathic, understanding, healing

uranus in 12th: ‘closet rebel’, inventive, insightful, unique, misfit, revolutionary spirit, self-defeating, scared of not having freedom, fear of judgement, contradictory

neptune in 12th: highly sensitive, dreamy, unrealistic, feels like they don’t belong, thick-skinned, escapist, intuitive, artistic, gifted

pluto in 12th: hides who they really are, psychic, powerful but hides it, naturally spiritual, passionate, hates not having control, prefers fantasy over reality

aries in 12th: energetic in seclusion, less competitive, inwardly aggressive, works best behind the scenes, excellent strategist

taurus in 12th: anxious about finances, inwardly fearful, sees the ‘heart of the matter’, indecisive outwardly, indulgent

gemini in 12th: active mind in seclusion, lets emotions cloud judgement; impulsive, knows how things should come together by instinct

cancer in 12th: hides emotions, can be taken for granted, compassionate, seeks to help those in distress, can smother people unknowingly

leo in 12th: inwardly powerful, doesn’t show off, loves humanity, manipulative, forceful but subtle

virgo in 12th: critical subconsciously, concerned about health, insensitive, wants to find a cure for everything; wants to fix everything

libra in 12th: fears depending on others, introverted, can be detached, too idealistic about others, spiritually gifted

scorpio in 12th: subconsciously powerful, guarded secrets, quietly mysterious, outwardly down to earth, incredible inner thoughts

sagittarius in 12th: subconsciously good at planning, privately religious/ philosophical, stoic character, feels a need to find the universal truth, deeper knowledge

capricorn in 12th: subconsciously conservative, never feels complete; feels inadequate, detached, can be manipulative

aquarius in 12th: interested in the subconscious, dreamer; can get lost in dreams,  humane nature, loves helping others

pisces in 12th: compassionate, soft inner self, sensitive to others; empathic, outwardly aggressive, inwardly a dreamer, has difficulty expressing themselves, prone to self-destruction

You are...

Aries- The initiator, the warrior, the baby, the fast paced, the clumsy footsteps, the blunt, the protector, the first, the empiricist, the adventurer. 

Taurus- The Sensuous, The loyal, the clairessence, the nostalgic, the steadfast, the consistent, the determined, the creative, the subtly authoritative, the internalized. 

Gemini- The trickster, the changeable, the twins, the doppelganger, the nonsensical, the curious, the witty, the intellectual, the trouble maker, the sociable. 

Cancer- The retrospective, the nurturer, the unstable, the lunar, the sensitive, the intuitive, the protector, the compassionate, the devoted, the homely. 

Leo- The theatrical, the ego, the benevolent, the loyal, the self critical, the truthful, the royal, the generous, the cheerful, the expressive.

Virgo- The internalized, the analytical, the helpful, the caring, the server, the compulsive, the attentive to detail, the worrier, the thoughtful, the dedicated.

Libra- The charmer, the socialite, the undecided, the balanced, the graceful, the diplomat, the intellectual, the creative, the romantic, the easy going.

Scorpio- The private, the paranoid, the oracle, the passionate, the tenacious, the investigator, the isolated, the committed, the omniscient, the obsessive. 

Sagittarius- The philosopher, the comic, the optimistic, the nomad, the wanderer, the free spirit, the freedom fighter, the restless, the blunt, the truth finder. 

Capricorn- The climber, the determined, the practical, the hard working, the provider, the organised, the internalized, the realistic, the clockwork, the composed. 

Aquarius- The eccentric, the futuristic, the humanitarian, the alien, the intellectual, the independent, the impartial, the objective, the electric, the detached.  

Pisces- The Clairvoyant, the believer, the empathetic, the hippy, the malleable, the artistic, the escapist, the stoner, the pacifist, the understanding. 


Kesha | March 1, 1987

Sun: Pisces (Imaginative, Risk-Taker, Emotional, Escapist)
Moon: Pisces (Misunderstood, Artistic, Deep, Thoughtful)
Rising: Sagittarius (Direct, Energetic, Quick-Witted, Eclectic) 

Virgo sun and...
  • Aries moon: high-spirited,combative,critical,demanding
  • Taurus moon: straightforward,controlled,logical
  • Gemini moon: logical,rational,controlled,collected
  • Cancer moon: harmonious,sensitive,intuitive,reserved
  • Leo moon: confident,positive,assertive,conscientious
  • Virgo moon: sincere,logical,understanding,appreciating
  • Libra moon: friendly,escapist,romantic,artistic
  • Scorpio moon: forceful,determined,dominant,emotional
  • Sagittarius moon: introspective,philosophic,blunt
  • Capricorn moon: ambitious,independent,determined
  • Aquarius moon: self-sufficient,understanding,sympathetic
  • Pisces moon: understanding,intuitive,trustworthy


Roger Moore and Patrick Macnee as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson 1976

Hallo again! Guess what ….. I’ve watched another Sherlock Holmes movie and more and more I become a firm believer of:

“We are going to need films - lots of films, older films, all the films!”  (you know what I mean!)

But let’s get started. First of all - this isn’t one of my favourite films and if you watch it - you will now why. Nevertheless - there are some VERY interesting features to be found too ! (rubbing my hands with glee :))))  yes … this kind of interesting  :)))  As before, I wont tell the whole thing to avoid spoiling …. just the ‘glee’ bits !


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Which Modern Family Character Are You?
  • Aries: Gloria - passionate, loud, egoistic
  • Taurus: Jay - indulgent, pragmatic, traditional
  • Gemini: Phil - witty, youthful, sociable
  • Cancer: Andy - motherly, dependent, sensitive
  • Leo: Cameron - theatrical, generous, dramatic
  • Virgo: Claire - industrious, nitpicky, reserved
  • Libra: Manny - romantic, classy, indecisive
  • Scorpio: Lily - intense, provocative, dark
  • Sagittarius: Luke - idealistic, optimistic, adventurous
  • Capricorn: Mitchell - reasonable, hesitant, image-conscious
  • Aquarius: Alex - scientific, distanced, individualistic
  • Pisces: Haley - escapist, subjective, artistic
Sign Profiles- Pisces

Ruled By: Neptune- The planet of illusion and disillusion.

Modality: Mutable

Element: Water

You Are: The Clairvoyant, the believer, the empathetic, the hippy, the malleable, the artistic, the escapist, the stoner, the pacifist, the understanding.

Think in rainbows, not black and white


WESTEN ZODIAC + KPOP | P I S C E S (February 20 - March 20)

The sign of dreaming. Compassionate and imaginative, but also lazy and oversensitive. Intuitive and artistic, escapist and pessimistic. Never judgmental and always forgiving.  Not typical people, they will never live a ‘run of the mill’ life. Workaholic to the point of obsession. Very friendly and selfless… but internalize many of their own demons.

The Enneagram Types Describe our Generation
  • 1: Hopeless addicts... The education system is fuqed up
  • 2: Cute and cuddly, why do you ask?
  • 3: Idk just pretty crazy *shrugs*
  • 4: We´re all artists... escapists... dreaming of a better world. We´re running in circles - this is tragic, because we know it, and still don´t make a change. We hide our tears behind self-defeating attitudes and hate. We project everything we are onto others, and vice versa... How can we chart a new course when our hearts are bleeding? The way we linger on expresses our true passive nature that longs for the good. Yes, we have to look for our own individual spark that lights up this goodness within us. But also, we have to realize that we are one collective conscious, interconnected to achieve greater things. *wipes away a tear, then hides*
  • 5: Our generation, hmm... Lonely souls, waiting for a sign?
  • 6: We´re contradictory in many ways but idc
  • 7: Hedonists, all of them... I mean, us
  • 8: This generation? Not rebellious enough imo... sheep...
  • 9: We´re pretty open-minded :)
the signs as characters from The Outsiders
  • Aries: dallas winston; warrior type, aggressive, head-strong
  • Taurus: mrs. curtis; stable, secure, loving
  • Gemini: sodapop curtis; hard-working, energetic, multi-tasker
  • Cancer: darrel curtis; protective of friends and family, over-sensitive, moody
  • Leo: curly shepard; warm, outgoing, passionate
  • Virgo: johnny cade; polite, critical of themselves, tender-hearted
  • Libra: two-bit mathews; laid back, easy-going, flirtatious
  • Scorpio: tim shepard; secretive, keeps to themselves, aggressive when pushed too far
  • Sagittarius: bob sheldon; restless, always pursuing something better, need to be told no once in a while
  • Capricorn: steve randle; always fighting, always moving, wants more than what they currently have
  • Aquarius: cherry valance; humanitarian, goes against the status quo, walking bag of contradictions
  • Pisces: ponyboy curtis; artistic, emotional, escapist