the eruption and junk

“Babe, we need to talk. When you cuddle with me, your knee always squashes my junk.” Tom Holland Drabble Prompt

Requested by anon!

You and Tom had a nearly perfect relationship. You two agreed of most things, and if you didn’t… you weren’t afraid to be open about it. Not only that, but you two had a connection that was so special. It was pure bliss, and you two were so in love. And, you weren’t afraid to show it. Harrison, as Tom’s assistant and best friend, he was constantly around you two. And, he didn’t enjoy it (”God, can you two get a room please? I hate you both.” “You know you love us Harrison! You’re our favorite third wheel.” “’Cause you don’t have any other third wheels! I’m the only one who ever puts up with you two!”). 

One night at a party, Harrison had enough of you two. So, when a game of “Truth or Dare” arose, Harrison seized the opportunity to embarrass you both.

“Tom,” Harrison started, “Truth or dare?”


“What’s something that you don’t like about Y/N?” 

Tom only paused a second, “Oh! I know.” 

Several murmurs and laughs sprung up across the room. 

“A little fast there… Better watch yourself, Holland,” you chuckled. 

Tom turned to you and sighed: “It’s really not a big deal… But, babe, we need to talk. When you cuddle with me, your knee always squashes my junk.”

The room erupted in laughter, as your cheeks flushed. 

“Looks like the perfect couple isn’t as perfect as we thought,” Harrison teased. 

“Shut up, Osterfield,” you laughed, Tom embracing you in an apologetic hug. 

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Business Class : Harry Styles

A/N: This is for the anon who asked for the Harry as a business man AU, where he is flying to do business, and you are his saucy air hostess. - Gee

‘Could passengers please put their seat belts on,we are experiencing a bit of turbulence, but we should be back to normal in a couple of minutes.’ I hung the phone back on the receiver and took my seat next to the kitchen area. I could see him, sat there in his seat, never taking his eyes off of me. I crossed my right leg over my left,and hitched my skirt up to just above the lace band of my stockings. Nobody else was looking this way, they were either too busy on laptops, trying to get important documents finished for impending meetings, or catching up on vital sleep. Except him. The passenger in seat B 3, the one and only Mr Harold Styles. He was the richest business man in London, known for his big deals, and hard demeanor. Even Alan Sugar petrified him. He’d made his first million by 19, and was now rumoured to be sitting on a massive £83 million pound empire. Not to mention the TV shows he was on, as a mentor, or speaker. He was a bit of a playboy too, always had some busty blonde on his arm. I unbuckled my seat belt and reached for the phone.

'You may now remove your seat belts.’ Sighs of relief were heard from a couple of passengers, as they unbuckled their belts and carried on with their activities. I replaced the phone and unbuttoned the first few buttons of my shirt. I walked around the passengers asking if I could get them anything, but I was waved off by most. I finally made my way to Harry, making sure to lean over in front of him, giving him a chance to peak down my top, and him seizing the chance to do so. 'Anything I can do for you Mr Styles?’ I asked, my voice low, as I batted my eyelashes at him.

He shifted in his seat and turned his body to face me, moving closer to my face. 'I noticed there was a problem with the bathroom. If you could meet me there in about five minutes, I’d be happy to show you what I mean.’ I blushed, this was something I really hadn’t expected. I didn’t know if he was trying to get me to the bathroom for a quick rendezvous, or if the toilet was backed up and he wanted me to sort it. I smiled at him and walked away, and heard him let out a low whistle. I busied myself in the kitchen area, making myself a drink and taking my time sipping at it. Straightening my skirt and fiddling around with my shirt, I was nervous. Either way, I would be in a confined space with Harry Styles. My heart was beating so hard, I was sure I could see it through my chest. Peeking around the corner, I noticed he had moved, and left his coat on the chair. Steadying myself with a few deep breaths, I made my way to the toilets, not earning a glance from anybody. I knocked lightly on the door, and it opened just a fraction, his curly hair visible and a piercing green eye looking at me. He moved further from the door and opened it wider, letting me slide in.

'So what seems to be the problem Mr Styles?’

'Well, it’s this’ he said, grabbing his crotch, my eyes drawn to the lewd action. Usually I would have scoffed in his face, but I wanted him so badly.

'And what is the problem that you have?’

'Well, every time you bend over, he seems to take over my thoughts. He wants to burst free and take a look for himself’ he said, hand still wrapped around his dick. I did my best to hide my laugh, he was talking about his penis as if it was a person for Christ’s sake!

'I see’ I said, trying to keep my voice normal. I wanted to laugh, whether it be nervous laughter, or the fact he had just talked about his penis like it was his best fiend, I could feel it bubbling. I mentally kicked myself and carried on. 'Well, we’ll just have to think of a way to solve your little problem then, won’t we?’

'That is what I like to hear. I’ll be giving this service a five star rating.’ He started unbuckling his belt, and slipping his trousers down his legs. Due to the limited amount of space, he managed to get them down, but he tripped back and fell onto the toilet. That’s when the laughter erupted. This wasn’t going very well, first he grabbed his junk and spoke about it, then he tripped over his own trousers. The tears started rolling down my face as I laughed hard, mascara probably running with it to. I grabbed onto the edge of the sink, calming myself down before turning to face him. He sat there, a smirk on his face. I’m glad he found this funny too, or else I would have been mortified. 'I don’t know how they make this look so smooth in films, because that was fucking hard.’

I looked down, and saw him stroking himself. I’d never done this before, I barely even knew the man. No sex would be happening though, I wasn’t on contraception, and I was doubtful he would have a condom on him. Setting myself on my knees in front of him, I licked my lips. He was a good size, not too big, and not too thick. I took him into my hands and moved them up and down at a tantalizingly slow pace. He looked down at me, lips parted and his breathing becoming irregular, as I teased him a bit more. 'Are you going to blow me then?’ He sure didn’t mess around, he was obviously used to getting what he wanted.

Taking him into my mouth, I let him hit the back of my throat. I’d always been good at blowjobs, or so previous boyfriends had told me, so I knew I would have the job done quickly. I started to move my head, sucking and slurping as I moved up and down. His hands came to a rest on my shoulders, pushing me back down every time I came up. desperate to finish as quickly as possible. I dragged my nails ever so lightly back and forth across his balls, adding to the sensation. He groaned and started to buck his hips up, holding my head in place. He moved at a furious pace, desperate for some kind of release. I let my mouth become a mold, fitting perfectly around his cock as he pumped himself into me. I heard him muttering some profanities as he emptied himself into my mouth, letting me milk him dry, licking up every drop. I sat back and wiped my mouth, then pulled myself to the feet. The strong, confident business man, was now a panting mess, lolled against the toilet. I turned to the door, setting my hand on the handle.

'Leaving so soon?’ He panted. 'I haven’t even given you your go yet.’

'Not for me Mr Styles. I have to get back to work, I wouldn’t want to let anybody down for bringing our five star rating down to a four’ I winked, as I made my way out of the toilet, leaving him to compose himself, and stare at me intensely for the rest of the flight.