the eridan experiment

ok so i know the whole highblood/lowblood lifespan difference thing is very tragic but every time i see somebody using that as a plot device in an erisol comic i just think of what a shitty old guy sollux would be. sollux using his age as an excuse to get out of everything. sollux turning his hearing aids off while eridan is talking. sollux running over eridans toes with a motor scooter.

You’re fighting a war….

And you have the option to bring back one of your dead friends…

One of them refuses to kill animals, one of them has only ever killed animals, one of them is still technically alive and one of them is A TACTICAL GENIUS WHO STUDIED MILITARY HISTORY EXTENSIVELY AND HAS SHOWN THEY ARE CAPABLE OF TAKING OUT A LOT OF PEOPLE WITH MINIMAL EFFORT!!!

and he isn’t even in the running….

lizardlicks said:

For the Kiss meme, erikar either 1 or 4, whichever you’re feelin!

4: Kiss on the Eyelid(s)

giant seadweller and his tiny mutant boyfriend

i swear every time I draw these guys they’re throwing themselves around all dramatic like the main characters of a romance novel there is SO MUCH DRAMA in this pairing.

ayyy if you’re even half as obsessed with eridan as i am, you fell in love with his amazing bishounen sparklegaze in that pxs panel and wanted to use it as an icon.

so i just cleaned up that annoying “text” so you can have the full eridan experience. nice.

use it if you want i guess why would you want to this shitty fish prince is garbage.