the equator man


That one scene from tonight’s Wynonna Earp episode between Waverly and Nicole made me tear up. That one scene where Waverly walks down the stairs, all smiles, with a beautiful dress ; while the person she loves (and loves her back) looked at her in awe. Except that time, that person was another woman. I teared up and sobbed and smiled so wide because of that little classic and romantic moment between two women in love. It’s a little trope I always loved. And I’ve never been one to fantasize about feeling like a “princess”, but now that I saw that scene, I think I might never have fantasized about it because I never felt it could be me. I never felt it could be me, or my partner, walking down the stairs slowly with gorgeous clothes and a smile so wide it becomes painful, because the equation always had a man in it. Those scenes were always gorgeous because, well, women are gorgeous, but something was missing. I knew what was missing. But when I got that very scene with Waverly and Nicole, I realized how much was missing, and I teared up. I teared up and smiled because that little cliché scene was finally whole.


Favorite Friday: Favorite Dramas of 2012

These are my favorite dramas of 2012. The ones that made me emotionally involved with the characters, and the ones that made me laugh the most. These dramas from 2012 are the best of the best in my opinion. But remember these are of the ones I have watched in 2012, I have not watched EVERY drama that came out in 2012. If a drama is still airing, now (2013) I still count it as 2012 since it came out then. So I hope you enjoy and tell me if you agree or disagree with me. (by clicking the title of the drama you can be transferred to a site to watch it!) These dramas are not in any particular order.

The Equator Man: This drama showed me passion, and extreme emotions when watching it. I thought this may have been the most emotional betrayal I had seen all year long. They story is gripping and compiling and it does what I love best, starting from the end, and showing us how it all ended up this way. It takes us back to childhood (yay!) and drags us through mud till we are at the starting point of the 1st episode again. Some may not say this is considered a bromance, but to me it was the biggest most difficult bromance I have ever seen in my life. Fabulously shot and with a beautiful OST, this story was breathtaking and tragic.

Missing You: What a melodrama, and though it is about to come to an end, and its 2013, I must say that this drama has taken me by the heartstrings and pulled me every direction possible. Its made me cry, and its made me very angry, and that's what I love about it. It makes me feel the pain and emotions that these characters are going through and brings them out in me while watching it. I may also be bias because my favorite actress Yoon Eun Hye is in it, but hey I cant deny that the rest of the cast has done a beautiful job and well, she is flawless in this as well. I may not always love the characters and want to punch them, but that's what makes it one of the best. 

Reply 1997: This is one of the best dramas ever, to be honest, and that is because it takes a look at real honest high school/childhood first love and doesnt put a censor on it. It shows the raw emotions of teenagers, who grow up and fall in love. It shows how awkward we all were (and still might be) and gives us something that we can really relate to, and not even just with love. The whole friendship and family aspect, and even the fangirling, there is something that we all can relate to in this drama and thats what makes it amazing. Also the fact that it gives us a sort of mystery to figure out, makes it even more that fascinating. From figuring out who ended up with who and what actually happened to them, it was a a great journey that I would take over and over again.

Ghost: What a different drama, and we all know that I love different. It wasnt a romance drama, like most of the dramas that come out and become popular, it was more of a crime drama and thats what made me fall in love. I love action, and I love a great mystery and I loved every single moment of this drama. It made me crave for more and more as each episode went on and I loved it for that. From the crime scene to the personal problems I enjoyed it, and it didnt force any type of romance line into it, which a lot of non-romance dramas do. It made us love the characters, and hope for the best in the end. It had a mystery unfold that we the audience may or may not already know the answer to (dramatic irony) and we watched as the characters put the pieces together. I loved this drama for that reason alone, and I could see myself watching it again and again and not being bored of it. 

The King 2 Hearts: This drama had me by the hair the entire time. Pulling me, forcing me to watch each episode back to back and thats what makes it a good drama. Something that I want to Overdose myself with, you know get a drama addiction to (lols). The fact that we have a royal setting in present day is one of the factors in making this drama as good as it was. The others being the fact that it also involved reuniting North & South which people of that country all have different opinions about as well. Also the fact that we get to know all the characters and love and hate them for different reasons is also another reason I enjoyed this. From the romantic side to the political side I never found myself bored with it, yet always extremely interested and wanting to know more. The acting and plot were to notch, and thats why its one of the best.

Golden Time: This was my first ever Korean medical drama, and I have to say it set the bar for any other medical drama for me to watch. It was intense and interesting and we got to see the life of a Korean style hospital and all the E.R patience that came through. Though it may not always have been correct in the way that they proceeded with each case, it still was interesting and kept me in its grip, wanting to watch each episode back to back. It also went into the more , “darker” side of the medical field, aka how a hospital is well, a business and whats not good for business may or may not be something that we all stand for morally. Through the business side, and a character who is trying to figure out what it truly means to be a doctor and whats right or wrong to him morally I found this drama to be very interesting and I loved every single episode of it. 

School 2013: Even thought the title has 2013 in it, it started out as a 2012 drama and for that it is being placed in the 2012 best dramas. I found this drama to be well, very addicting. Not the whole teacher part of it, but the bromance. This bromance has me in tears every time. The characters in this drama, the teenage drama that they all are going through, you know that high school is a bunch of pure crap kind of drama, really has me hooked. The kids and what they are going through, and the main two boys and their relationship have me wanting more, and frankly I am upset that its only 16 episodes  This is a drama I would of loved to have more and more of but 16 will have to do. This is probably the best bromance I have ever seen as well, and thats why its getting a spot in the top 2012 dramas, bromance alone, but the story of their bromance and the pain and suffering they have gone through is really the key to it all. The story is on point. 

The Moon That Embraces The Sun: My first ever historical drama and what can I say, it set the bar for me. I loved the story, though it may of been a little on the slow and repetitive side sometimes, I loved it either way. It may have been because of the acting. The acting was fantastic in this drama. The ost was flawless and the cinematography was great as well. With all those factors and an an interesting plot line, you really cant go all that wrong. It set up well, and ended well, and it made us interested and emotionally involved with the characters, and that probably all I can ask for, I cant be too greedy, and try to get everything possible. For my first historical drama, I think it went over well, and it explained enough for me to know what positions people were in and it helped me understand the politics of that time. The drama had me in tears most of the time, crying like a little baby, and for that I loved it and its one of my favorites of 2012.

Padam Padam: This drama has to be one of the most emotional roller coasters ever. I swear it had me up and down along the ride with it. The characters and the story were done beautifully. I immersed myself into this drama, as though I was actually there. There were so many meaningful things that happened in this drama, along with a lot of symbolic things as well, giving us a very strong message at the end, and something that leaves us with a message that rocks us to the core, how can it not be one of the best? The whole message of the drama is strong, and the actors and actresses, the characters, the music, the way it was shot, all were beautifully done and showed us the meaning of the whole message from this story. Dramas that have a deep message, and a deep impact on me, they are few, but this is one that rocked me hard, and made me think about life in a different way and I thank it for that. It was beautiful and I would have to say one of my favorites of all time.