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  • Wade: Am I right, Pete?
  • Peter: I'm almost certain you're not, but to be fair, I wasn't listening

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hey do you know any good kdramas about friendship?

OMG I’m so sorry for not answering this sooner! I’m currently going through my inbox, so please be patient with me.

Hmmm, good kdramas about friendship… I actually have quite a few to recommend! Just to note, this list is not in any order of ranking… just writing as I’m going and thinking of dramas. Hopefully you find drama(s) to your liking!!

1. A Gentleman’s Dignity

If you haven’t seen this drama… then YOU SHOULD!!! If you’re looking for a drama that focuses more on the friends than the romantic relationships, then this drama is the one for you! It’s about a group of guys and their hardships, relationships, challenges, etc. I thought I wouldn’t really enjoy this drama since it was different from the typical kdrama, but I was totally wrong!! At first, I only watched it for Jonghyun from CNBLUE, but then I ended up loving the drama for what it represented and showcased. This drama is very heartwarming and one of the most memorable friendships I’ve ever watched in a kdrama.

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2. Reply 1997 or Answer Me 1997 (The Reply series in general)

Oh man…. I love this drama SOOO MUCH! UGH, so much of my childhood in one drama lol… I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t seen it, so all I’ll say is that this is a classic drama about friends growing up together. You get to know each of the characters and how they struggle with growing up, relationships, personal identity, etc. The friendship aspect is just as important as the romantic aspect in Reply 1997. There’s also a very nostalgic and realistic feeling to this drama that will make you feel like you’re growing up with the characters too. I also recommend to watch the other dramas in the Reply series too (1994 and 1988).

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3. Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Tbh, I thought this drama was going to be the typical cliche and sickeningly romantic teenage drama… but I was totally wrong, lol. This drama was actually quite deep, despite the funny drama title, that is about a group of boys in a rock band. Likewise, this drama is similar to Reply 1997, in which it’s a coming of age drama that focuses on friendship, relationships, growing up, dreams/passions, and music. I particularly recommend this for those who like Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Flower Boys Next Door.

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4. Coffee Prince

How can I not mention Coffee Prince? Lol. Well, even though the main focus of the drama is more of the romance, the friendship quality in this drama shouldn’t be overlooked either. Tbh, the friendship aspect is really important in this drama because it introduces the love aspect. I’m not just recommending this drama because of Gong Yoo, but honestly, Coffee Prince should be watched by EVERYONE. This drama tackled such important topics and ideas that are important in our society today. Yeah, it has the cliche setting of the super rich kid and normal girl, but this drama dives deeper into the main characters’ relationship and how it came to be… how to form friendships and understand each other — also… most importantly… Gong Yoo.

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5. Dear My Friends

Okay…. so I learned of this drama because it got the “Best Drama” at the Baeksang Arts Awards…. and I was SUPER stingy because I really wanted Goblin to win, lmao. (I still kinda think Goblin should’ve won but that’s another story ahahahaha) Anyways, I HAD to watch this drama to figure out why it won, and omg… it’s such a good heartwarming drama that gives you all the feels. It’s about younger and older people coming together and how they face their challenges, becoming friends, understanding each other, and overcoming their obstacles together. This drama touched on a lot of important topics such as age, abuse, illness, family, and — obviously — friendship. I really liked the realism of this drama, which I believe was the selling point as to why this drama won the “Best Drama” award. The story is very well thought out and propels you to keep watching the next episode. I think this drama was worthy of the award it won and I can kinda understand why it beat Goblin… So give this drama a try :D

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6. Chicago Typewriter 

Do I need to say anything when I have clearly expressed my love for this drama in my review?? Lol… all I can say is that this drama is the definition of friendship, love, and loyalty. I freaking balled my eyes out, not because of the romance, but because of the friendship!!! PLEASE WATCH THIS DRAMA OMG. This drama is about a writer who experiences a “slump” while writing his book, but two important people come into his life and help him write it… while also a bit of reincarnation and time traveling to the 1930s during the Japanese occupation in Korea. If you’re interested, please read my review on this drama to see whether it’s your cup of tea… but be warned of spoilers… 

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Special Mentions: (Dramas I’ve watched but not going to give a brief description)

  • The Time that I Loved You, 7000 Days
  • Beethoven Virus (Yo… watch this if you love Classical Music *.*)
  • Man of Equator
  • Cheese in a Trap (Watch it if you love Kim Go Eun!!!) 
  • You’re Beautiful (Honestly watched it for Yonghwa and Hong-gi)
  • She Was Pretty 

Blind Recommendations: (Haven’t watched the drama but other people have recommended it to me lol)

  • Operation Proposal
  • Heirs (Maybe I’ll watch it someday for Minhyuk…) 
  • School 2013 

Oh Tony’s face here…how I love it. Its all about Bruce in this moment, about how the two of them are already on the same page with each other and they’ve known the other a few hours. How magnificent, brilliant, sharp, don’t give him any bullshit Bruce is. Tony just from this look on his face how gone he is already on all things Bruce. Just screams that’s my man :).



  • ’ What do you say we…don’t? ‘
  • ’ I think I know how you feel about me. ’
  • ’ You do love those books ’
  • ’ If I ask you something, will you answer me honestly? ’
  • ’ You are your mother’s daughter; therefore you are class. ’
  • ’ So I should just accept I’m simply not like them. ’
  • ’ No matter what you do, I’m on your side. ’
  • ’ There’s nothing clearer in my life than what I wish and feel for you. ’
  • ’ No matter what they say, you make me proud. ’
  • ’ No matter what the pain, we’ve come this far. ’
  • ’ I pray that you remain exactly as you are.  ’
  • ’ You’ll all I got. ’
  • ’ If we keep quiet maybe he’ll go away. ’
  • ’ It’s been so long since I’ve seen a real man. ’
  • ’ I just love older men. ’
  • ’ You are always trying to make me jealous. Well, it’s not going to work this time! ’
  • ’ You have all betrayed me! ’
  • ’ You’ve been dreaming, just one dream nearly all your life.  ’
  • ’ This equation, girl plus man, doesn’t help just you. ’
  • ’ We shall be a perfect pair, rather like my thighs. ’
  • ’ All roads lead to… The best things in life are… All’s well that ends with me! ’
  • ’ But thanks for asking. ’
  • ’ Hold on, old man. We’ve got to hold on. ’
  • ’ I don’t deserve to to lose my freedom in this way. ’
  • ’ You monster! ’
  • ’ If you think that what you’ve done is right, well then you’re a fool! Think again! ’
  • ’ Is this home? Is this where I should learn to be happy? ’
  • ’ My heart’s far, far away, home is too.  ’
  • ’ What I’d give to return to the life that I knew lately. ’
  • ’ As my life has been altered once, it can change again. ’
  • ’ Nothing lasts, nothing holds all of me. ’
  • ’ He may be your master, but he’s not mine. ’
  • ’ What’s going to go next? My mind? ’
  • ’ Besides, it’s rude. ’
  • ’ Why are you being such a bully? ’
  • ’ I simply made one careless wrong decision. ’
  • ’ Is there no one who can show me how to win the world’s forgiveness? ’
  • ’ I like this girl. I like her spunk. ’
  • ’ Act like a gentle man. ’
  • ’ If only he weren’t here. ’
  • ’ You had no right to be here! No right! ’
  • ‘ Don’t touch me! ’
  • ’ I see, but deep within is utter blindness. ’
  • ’ Hopeless, as my dream dies. ’
  • ’ If I can’t love her, then who? ’
  • ’ Long ago I should have seen all the things I could have been . ’
  • ’ Let the world be done with me. ’
  • ’ When she smiles at me…I get all choked up. My heart starts pounding and I can’t breathe! ’
  • ’ I’d love to read it again. Wait…you can read it first. ’
  • ’ Well, it just so happens that this is the perfect book to read aloud. Come here, sit by me. ’
  • ’ I never knew books could do that. ’
  • ’ We have something in common, you know. ’
  • ’ Where I come from, the people think I’m odd. ’
  • ’ I know how it feels to be…different. And I know how lonely that can be ’
  • ’ Little push, little shove, they could, whoosh, fall in love.  ’
  • ’ Let’s let some light in the room. ’
  • ’ What a…beautiful story. ’
  • ’ Me? With you? Well, that would be, I mean – Oh, yes!! ’
  • ’ I don’t take this girl for granted. ’
  • ‘ You must speak from the heart. ’
  • ’ I’m afraid she might…laugh at me. ’
  • ’ Dance with me. ’
  • ’ Are you happy here? With me? ’
  • ’ You’re no longer my prisoner. You haven’t been for a long time. ’
  • ’ No point anymore if she can’t love me. ’
  • ’ Condemned to wait for death to set me free. ’
  • ’ It’s funny…when I look around…I see the world differently. ’
  • ’ Now I realize that good can come from bad.   ’
  • ’ I never thought I’d leave behind my childhood dreams, but I don’t mind. ’
  • ’ Now I love the world I see. ’
  • ‘ In my dark despair I slowly understood, my perfect world out there had disappeared for good. ’
  • ’ She despises you! And she sent me here to destroy you! ’
  • ’ Oh, that’s a good one! Did you really think a girl like that would want a thing like you? What a fool! ’
  • ’ We are home. We are where we shall be forever. ’
  • ’ Don’t you know how you’ve changed me? ’
  • ’ I found home. You’re my home. ‘
  • ’ Two lives have begun now. ’
  • ’ Two hearts become one now. ’
  • ’ One thing forever true: I love you! ‘

A/N: @werkhvnty requested the dialogue prompt “It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.” for Merle/Reader. For this fic I made the reader gender neutral. I hope you enjoy :D Gif is not mine.

Word count: 1,335

Warnings: NSFW, blowjobs, spilling vodka.

You groaned at the sound of shuffling in your cell. As you squinted your eyes against the bright rays of sun peeking through the prison windows on the other side of the cell block, you watched Merle crawl back into bed with a bottle of something. On closer inspection, you noticed that he was uncapping a bottle of vodka.

“It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka,” you groaned.

Merle glanced down at you as he sat up in bed as comfortably as he could. Your arm had instinctively flopped over his body as you scooched closer to his warm body heat. “I’m a grown ass man and ya can’t tell me what I can and can’t have fer breakfast,” he said before taking a swig.

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“Man vs. Child is a hilariously honest look at parenting that even moms can appreciate. I mean, any book that encourages new dads to ‘vacuum and be nice’ is one I can get behind!”Ilana Wiles, blogger and author of The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting

“A taut, erotic thriller. This is a smart, dark look at  the human condition, our strengths and our weaknesses.  Doug Moe has done it again.  I did not read this book.”- Jason Mantzoukas, actor and comedian, The League

“Doug Moe is hilarious. I’d read anything he wrote, including this book, which I read and loved. Doug’s writing is funny and irreverent, which could lead one to think he’s a bad dad, and quite honestly, I thought that for years. “That Doug Moe, he’s one tantrum away from ‘going out for a pack of cigarettes’ and never coming back,” we used to think and not say. But then his wife seemed to be sticking around, and she seems chill, so you gotta think he’s probably OK. Shady dude, though.“- Jon Daly, actor and comedian, Kroll Show

“…a tongue-in-cheek guide for new fathers with awkward questions, including—but not limited to—“Is It Okay to Bring My Baby to a Bar?” The short answer is no, but there are plenty of long answers as well: Moe writes from experience, and casts an empathetic eye on the shifting representations of modern fatherhood. “Old Dads,” Moe claims, could father from a distance, while the “New Dads” of today are rightfully expected to share playtime duties. He goes on to describe the awed affection new fathers may have for their children with relatable humor and genuine insight, offering a promising resource for the curious and the clueless.” - The New Yorker


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