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Whoops I did it again - Pt.2 of my Cain Dingle and Robert Sugden BFF series.

Thanks @bluewinseverytime for the speedy beta.

“What are you doing tonight?” Aaron asked, before shoving a piece of toast in his mouth, as he watched his husband down the rest of his coffee.

“Nothing probably, why?” Robert said, taking his empty cup to the sink. He stole a piece of Aaron’s toast as he passed and stood to lean against the sink smiling, as his husband scowled at him over its loss.

“Boys night out with Adam. You can come if you want?” Aaron said, raising his eyebrow in question.

“Nah, it’s okay. You go do your thing,” Robert replied moving across the kitchen to Aaron and leaning in for a kiss.


Adam and Aaron were in the Woolpack, trying to decide if they could work up the energy to actually go into town or if they’d just keep it simple with darts and a few pints, when Cain appeared at their table.

“Where’s Sugden?” his uncle asked, sounding angry, but then that was pretty much his default setting.

“At home watching the new Star Wars movie or something equally lame,” Adam interjected, before Aaron could open his mouth. He felt like he should defend Robert’s life choices, but the truth of the matter was, he probably was sitting at home clutching a bowl of popcorn and talking to the television.  His husband is a massive nerd. Hot as fuck, but a nerd to his core.

Cain let out a grunt of acknowledgement and turned to leave, “Okay, I’m off.”

“You’re not sticking around?” Aaron asked, trying to work out if his uncle was acting weirder than normal.

“Got stuff to do,” Cain said leaving before Aaron could ask any more questions.

Adam laughed, “Was that strange?  It felt like he was being even more vague and shifty than normal.”

Aaron didn’t know what to say so he just shook his head, staring at the door his uncle had just exited. There had been quite a bit of unusual behaviour from his uncle lately.

“You don’t think Robert’s done something to piss him off do you?” Adam asked still laughing, the concern for his brother-in-law was touching really.

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Okay so you know how gundam was a series about how war is bad but we are all fuck yes giant robots?

What if America went the same way with Dr Seuss’ The Butter Battle Book? Like, imagine an alternate timeline where we just couldnt get enough of convoluted weapons of war and their equally convoluted counters. And new books came out and movies and deconstructions of convoluted weaponry and parodies and loving homages.

I cant stop thinking about that.

anonymous asked:

Okay, jumping in on the Hollywood is racist thing, so is Broadway, like didn t people get the Prince of Egypt musical or smth because they casted white people only, and someone complained that instead of finding poc actors for it, they just cancelled it, and someone rebbuted it saying it would be hard because new York is white af and someone said, no. Its actually filled with poc about equal, but movies, and tv shows show New York as all white with rare poc people are going to assume it as 1/?

2/? That people are going to see it as such and they can’t see it in person for whatever reason. Yeah I saw that post, and y'know as someone who lives in New Mexico, I hadn’t know about the amount of POC in new York, because of Hollywood, I always assumed it was mostly white, to learn that it had such a high rate of poc surprised me, because to me it was always white with few poc. That’s how Hollywood is racist, it doesnt have the variety, and think of horror films 9 out of 10 times first person

3/? The person who dies first, is guess what? Black, Indian, poc people. I love horror films, but I have seen so little where the whites are first to die and a poc person to survive to the end, and if they do survive, guess whos first killed off in the sequel? That right, the poc chara. The amount of horror films vs the ones where poc don’t die is like for every 100 movies 5 don’t have a poc die. That why my fave horror? Conjuring, conjuring 2, IT original, and so few more, cause of the racism.

4/4 That’s how Hollywood is racist, thats how Hollywood provides to the problem, that is the problem with Hollywood, that we are as people who have common sense are trying to change this problem, that why we need to support poc writers, playwriters, actors, and so much more. If you say there is no problem, in the words of a poc man, “Start the change with the man in the mirror.” You don’t realize it, but it is there. End rant, *mic drop*

oh shit anon’s serving up a hefty dose of reality for us!

you’re completely right. the ways in which white supremacy and racism manifest in hollywood is so often insidiously covert, and people really can’t see it unless they’re looking for it. even something like systematically killing of characters of color (which, btw, is the better phrase to use rather than “poc characters” because poc is not an adjective) reinforces poc as expendable or extra or unimportant. even going so far as to not cast poc in roles contributes to white supremacy

and these ideas are so completely socialized within us that it’s hard to see what it’s doing to us as a society, which Fucking Sucks because it makes it harder for us to improve, especially when you get complacent racists trying to tell us that hollywood isn’t racist lmfao

keyla-lovely  asked:

If you take requests, might I suggest some Blakes 7 love? That piece of British Sci-Fi is just so underappreciated.

No problem! Blake’s 7 absolutely holds up in terms of character, plotting, and stories.

For those who don’t know, Blake’s 7 was a 70s British TV show about the story of rebels against a corrupt empire, but since most of them were drawn from prison, except for the idealistic Blake, they tend to be selfish, cunning, amoral types with outsized character weaknesses like cowardice or sociopathy. It’s more like Mission: Impossible than Star Wars.

Rog Blake is one of my favorite scifi heroes, and he’s maybe the most British ever, in that he has a dry, understated wit and a stiff upper lip, prone to cool, cutting comments in the middle of a crisis. When his pilot said that she “might just splatter the lot of us over the cosmos,” and replied with, “Well, in that case, see if I invite you again.” There’s also a palpable sense that he’s a very damaged, wounded guy who has a lot of rage at the system that took everything from him, a very unusual trait in a moral-center, stiff-on-purpose leading man.

Also, Rog Blake looks exactly like a young Elliot Gould. One of the funniest things about the 1970s is that it was a time that regular, schlubby guys like Elliot Gould were leading men. If Blake’s 7 was made only a decade later, they’d have got a Harry Hamlin or Bruce Boxleitner type.

What’s amazing is that the set for the Liberator is still so unique. It still looks impressive and weird and very ahead of its time.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that the fandom for it has died down a lot. One of the big differences between TV buffs and movie buffs is that movie fans seem to discuss equally older films and new releases, whereas TV fans are more focused on the new. Because TV fans are focused on the new, low budget stuff like Blake’s 7 can be very jarring to many viewers. There’s definitely a high “cost of entry.”

To honor Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy, NYPL is participating in a citywide initiative that allows 27,000 7th, 8th, and 9th graders to see the film Selma for free through January 19. A team of expert NYPL librarians have also put together a list of books for all ages about Dr. King, Jr. and the Civil Rights movement to help continue the conversation beyond the film

Positivity Jar

For most of December I have been seeing posts all over the internet about 2015 being a horrible year for people.  This gave me pause. I looked back at my own life and what happened within 2015. Just looking at all the negative things that happened to and around me, I saw that 2015 was a horrible year; mass shootings everywhere, acts of terror occurring all over the world, the ignorance and hate towards other human beings, all the death and destruction. On a personal level, my heart had been shattered multiple times at the worst possible moments by people that I love. Even if they didn’t mean to, they still left me to pick up the pieces. My anxiety went through the roof because of the stress of college and roommate issues.  I constantly had to fight for my own happiness, though not completely by myself.

However, when I looked again I noticed all the positive things that happened. I passed all of my classes with flying colors, I gained new friends, my boyfriend and I celebrated our two year anniversary, and I got to spend time with amazing people that love me for me. In the US, major social battles were won, including the legalization of marriage equality, and gas prices even fell. Many great new books, movies, and songs were released. Artists started producing again, more celebrities came out with who they really are (such as Caitlyn Jenner), and bands, new and old, came out with some amazing music. 2015 was a pretty amazing year.

When I focused on the positives, my evaluation of the year changed drastically, this got me thinking again. What could I do to make 2016 an amazing year too? How can I help the people that want to make 2016 a better year? Then it hit me: focus on the positive. I know that’s harder than it looks, so why not make it physical? Things that are physical are easier for us to realize and remember. How would we make focusing on the positive physical, and make it last all year?

Get a jar. It doesn’t have to be something spectacular and expensive, it could be homemade and simple. Just a jar that speaks to you. Then, throughout the year, fill it with the positive things that have happened. For every positive that happens, write it down on a slip of paper with a date and put it in the jar. The paper doesn’t need to have much on it, just a sentence or two about the positive experience and the date, enough for you to remember the event when you read it a month or year later. You can write down anything positive like a compliment someone gave you, a gift, a fun experience with friends, making new friends, getting a good grade, receiving a raise, a special event, or even something as simple as reading an amazing book. Write down anything that made you smile through the year. Record anything positive that happened in the media that made you happy or feel good. Record them all on slips of paper and place them in the jar. Then, whenever something negative happens to you, pull out the jar and read every last note. As you read the notes, remember the experience that went with it and the feelings that consumed you then. Read each note and remember until you’re happy again and the negative no longer has power over your mood.

If you want to make this an event, it’s really up to you. The only prize at the end of the year is hopefully a better year than 2015 and a happier you. What I suggest, if you want, is to take a picture of your jar every week or month and make a post about the top 5, 10, 20, or so positive things that you recorded. You can tell everyone the experiences that went with them. Then, at the end of the year, take a picture of your jar tell us all the amazing things that happened to you this year. You can also include all the awful things as well, and judge your year based on both the good and the bad.

It’s a shame that we have gotten into the habit of focusing on the negatives. However, it is not our fault as an individual, but as a society.  We can work to change that. Doing this can help change your outlook and make you a happier individual.   And, I’ll be right beside you every step of the way, trying to focus on the positives.

To participate, just use the hashtag #positivityjar2016, from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016. I’ll be doing this myself, even if I am the only one, because I think it would be therapeutic for me, but I hope others will join me as well.  At the end of the year I hope that you are a happier person, and that more than just the negatives in your life affected your opinion of 2016! Good luck to everyone and I hope you have a fantastic year!