the equalizer casting

Wow people really seem to hate it when characters are changed from the source material

Oh wait, that’s only if the character is changed to anything other than a white straight person… cause we desperately need more straight white people represented in media. 

You would think that people so clearly invested in comic characters would have retained some of the messages comics have been telling for years, like equality, respect, fairness, compassion, unity, friendship and standing up for others just to name a few. but instead i’m sure they’ll just continue spouting this utter garbage. 

for everyone else disappointed in the media and tv this week for yet again killing off a mentally ill black character for shock value, and feel like they want to try and new show with actual good writing of race, religion, and sexuality, I suggest you try out Class, the new doctor who spin-off available in its entirety on BBC iplayer, which features:

- no straight white males in the main cast

- equal gender divide in the main cast

- a non-white sikh boy who talks about his religion and how he faces prejudice because of it, whilst also being the popular jock character who’s actually really smart, and a physically disabled amputee

- who also has the best familial relationship on the show with his dad

- a non-sexualised teenage black girl who is canonically the smartest person in the main cast and gets to be angry and nerdy and young and be a human instead of a walking stereotype

- a gay couple as the first romance on the show, one of whom being a polish immigrated man living with his boyfriend after his family kicked him out, who speaks with a heavy accent and talks about how he adapted to moving to another country 

- a girl who suffered parental abuse and came out of it as kind but also wanting not to be seen as fragile, who acts as a young carer to her disabled mom

- a diverse cast which doesn’t feel like it’s a diverse cast so it can make a point of it, but because that’s what the average London class looks like now and the writer understand teens and has always written inclusively (Patrick Ness, whose YA books I recommend above all others, his writing is amazing)

some iffy points:

- slight ableism in the disabled mom being magically cured by alien technology, as is Ram’s amputated leg, but he struggles with his prosthetic more

- the two alien members of the main cast are forcibly together, as Charlie has a piece of technology in Miss Quill’s head which means she has to obey and protect him, or she will die. they actively have debates as to whether this is punishment for her ‘war crimes’ or slavery, and I feel this will be a major plot point and absolutely shown as fundamentally wrong in the show, but just a minor warning that personal control does happen in the early episodes

all in all, this show has started really strongly and only got better, the most recent episode easily being the best by far, and I think it’s only going to go from strength to strength, so please please give it a chance and support it!

jared is top fucking billing and sam is the first to appear and one of two CO MAIN STARS on the god damn show is it really too much to give him his own character centered episodes and some development

  • someone who's new to the hamilfandom: "i love all the hamilton cast members equally. lin manuel miranda, phillipa soo, anthony ramos, jasmine cephas jones, daveed diggs, renee elise goldsberry, jonathan groff, leslie odom jr, chris jackson and.. *looks at smudged writing on hand* ... okay you're ready oh alligator"

(3/11/17) Michael Arden with Our Lady J Performing at Family Equality Council

*I’m working on captioning another video, I’ll do this one after*

Michael with Our Lady J on piano performing at Family Equality Council: “Los Angeles Impact Awards”.

you know what made me sad? Isaiah saying that the views will blow up to 1k only because matt showed up. I hate it when the cast members feel that way. I hate it even more that we’re the ones who make them feel that way.

Every CW Show, Ranked

3. iZombie
The CW’s loose adaptation of the DC Comics’ property may be young – Season 3 premieres April 4 – but the show’s first two seasons have proven that in the right hands (hands which belong to Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright) a show about a zombie who helps solve murders is not just quirky and fun, but can also be a complex metaphor about depression that effortlessly tackles season-long arcs on top of cases of the week. Let’s see The Walking Dead do that! With a lead that takes on a new personality each week as she ingests the brains of victims in order to solve their murders (and learns a bit about life in the process), and a supporting cast of equally multi-dimensional characters, iZombie isn’t just one of the best shows on TV, it’s one that constantly surprises us as it continues to exceed our wildest expectations.

I’ve recently been on a binge of new podcasts, since I’m caught up on almost everything currently subscribe to, and one of the podcasts I found is ars PARADOXICA @arsparadoxica. I sprinted the two full two seasons in, like, a week because holy SHIT it’s so good!

Do you like time travel? Best damn time travel plot I’ve ever seen. It’s so beautifully complicated without being confusing, and the stakes just keep getting higher. (Like… the Cold War, but with time travel on top of nukes.)

Do you like conspiracies? Hell yeah, me too! Honestly like very first thing that hooked me about this show was the fact that it starts with the Philadelphia Experiment–and each episode ends with a numbers station-style coded message and just?? My little conspiracy-loving heart was fully invested in this.

Do you like big, diverse, incredibly engaging casts with equally awesome voice talent? This podcast has you covered. Queer characters, characters of color, a metric fuckton of fantastic women, actual honest-to-god non-negotiable asexual representation. asdfjkl; Seriously. I love virtually everyone, and everyone has so much depth. The heroes get to have flaws and make mistakes, and the antagonists are still surprisingly human. (Though that doesn’t mean I don’t want to punch [spoiler] in the face.)

Also just, like, all around, the writing and production value is phenomenal. Season one was great, and season two absolutely blew me away. New characters (all of whom I love), bigger plot, a couple great twists, and ugh, that season finale killed me. I honest to god cried.

tl;dr: ars PARADOXICA is my absolute favorite podcast right now, and anyone who is even remotely interested in audio entertainment should give it a try right now. (And then go find their Patreon because these people deserve ALL the love and support.)

Trigger warnings for the podcast: gun violence (later episodes have a heads-up when necessary, which makes me really happy), emetophobia (it’s an audio drama and, well, time travel makes people nauseous), and gaslighting in a couple episodes in season 2. (Feel free to ask for more details on any of these.)