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Non-permanent Tunnel or Gouge Piercing BJD Modification

OMFG, so sorry folks I’ve neglected to update this blog for so long!
I am more active on Instagram these days.

Anyway! I thought I would show you how I’ve made this BJD mod of a tunnel/gouge earring/piercing on my doll. Please note that this modification does not involve altering the sculpt in any way and can be completely reversed.

There are several methods of doing this, the more popular one is perhaps using an epoxy based clay and sculpt an actual earlobe extension using it. The good thing about epoxy is that you can sculpt directly on the ear and it hardens by way of chemical reaction even if you sculpt under water. You can also sand and carve and even attach more clay on top once it is hard. If you want to go down this path, I suggest using the Miliput Superfine in white. However, I was concerned that I would have a hard time getting rid of the epoxy clay once it’s on as that stuff is pretty strong. I would need to scrape it off and in the process I may accidentally scrape the actual head. A method my friend Elfgutz suggested to take off epoxy is to heat it up using heat gun, but I haven’t tried this yet so I don’t know (*to experiment on another day).

So what I did was pretty simple. I owe this to LifeLike81, itsfansea and pocketsizedvampirepandah who helped discussed and showed me the idea.

Step 1: It’s preferable to do this modification BEFORE you paint the faceup on. But it is possible to do it after as well. I used an eyelet for the tunnel/gouge earring. It’s cheap and pretty easy to get :)

Step 2: Take a sculpey clay and mold the earlobe around the gouge. You may want to mix your clay into a colour that is quite close to your resin’s colour but please be mindful that some clay may darken a bit after they are baked. I used 2 brands of clay: Kato Clay in “white” and Sculpey Living Doll in whatever default colour they have. I mixed it in a ratio of 1 white+2 flesh, this for some reason seemed to match my Venitu pretty well, who is in Oriental Pureskin colour.

Step 3: Once I had like an earlobe shape I basically stuck this onto my doll’s ear and continued to refine the shape. I didn’t cover the ear with glad wrap plastic because I wanted to get the shape to fit as close as possible. I didn’t use any corn starch powder either like some people have done, but instead to stop it from sticking onto the ear I just used a bit of water (I wet the side of the ear that it’s going to go on and this seems to prevent the clay from sticking too well to the resin). Also I stuck this several times in the fridge as I sculpt along. Cooling the clay hardens it a bit so it helps me keep the shape when I don’t want my fingers pushing too much on it.

Step 4: Once I got the desired shape, I removed it from the ear and carefully placed my ear piece on a loose tile. Let any excess water dry then I baked the clay for about 10 minutes at 150 degrees (fan forced oven).

Oh I also made several pieces so I have some to choose from.

Step 5: Then quite simply, I used PVA or Wood glue to stick the earpiece to the doll head. You may notice that the lobe hangs a bit low, but that’s because as part of my character design (he wears a specific type of piercing, some bullshit symbols that only mean something to him yadda yadda yadda — I don’t know) I am having double earrings on that lobe so I need all that space above the gouge.

I used the glue to not just stick the lobe on, but also to fill in the gap between it and the doll’s real ear, kind of like mortaring bricks?

Step 6: Once the glue was dried and I reached quite a good seal, I covered the metal piece with craft tac (see below). This is so when I do my faceup, I don’t end up spraying the metal with my sealant.

Here it is midway during the faceup painting. The metal is nicely protected from any spraying.

And we’re done! Because I couldn’t find anything that suited, I made the “X” earring above it out of a black cardboard which I glazed with gloss after I cut it into the shape I wanted.

thestoryofagirlnamedjune  asked:

Hey! I totally ADORE your Sans mask! I want to make one myself but, I'm kind of a beginner at this thing... Would you maybe have the time to make a short tutorial of how you made it? It would help me out so much!

Well I don´t really have the time to make a tutorial now but I can at least tell you how I made…in short.
Uff, okay here we go:
First I searched for a 3D Model of Sans, luckily there are quite some very nice ones around. Then I contracted the artist, who made the model and asked if it would be okay to use the model as a base for my cosplay. With her approval I threw the model in a program called Pepakura. The program does this: it makes a paper pattern out of a 3D file. So you can print it out, glue it together and voila! Got a 3D object out of paper!

If you think this is the most anoying part, you`re wrong.
We hardend it with epoxy resin, the inside is also covered in glassfibre fabric to make it as hard as possible.
After it dried we used some sort of filler or putty, if you will to build it up.
Since I am from germany I can`t help you with the products you`ve got in your country. Sorry :C
We used putty that is especially for building minatures.
After that it`ll look like this:

So now this is where the actual fun part starts.
Brace yourself, you`re going to have a hard time.
I sanded him with a grinder, then filled in all the holes, sprayed him with special plastic primer, then sanded him again, then filled the holes, then sprayed him with primer. For days.

I think it took us a week until we could sand him with sandpaper and very very soft sandpaper sponges to polish him up.
This is a really time consuming process but it pays out.

Here are all the products we used on him:

Before you ask: yes…it was expensive…because you will need more than one tiny can of primer and at least two cans of the putty…and more than one set of epoxy….Also you`ll need some small tools to fill up the holes but you could take small slices of thick paper for that.

This is how we made it!

I can understand if that just…runs you over like a truck now…I couldn´t have done it without the help of a good friend who knows a lot about this stuff.

If you´re looking for an easier and cheaper solution, I recommend this little tutorial for you! I wanted to make it like this in the first place,too but…it was really hard to find some of these pumpkins in germany…and then my good friend came up with the pepakura idea.

by AttackGoose Sans Head tutorial

That reminds me…gotta post some new pictures here….

craftsman—a nuts and dolts drabble (663 words)

(disclaimer i dont know JACK SHIT about hardware or robotics repair)

“Are you sure? Maybe this isn’t a good idea,” Penny tittered nervously, half-flinching as Ruby carefully peeled back the rubbery skin covering the joint of her wrist. “It’s fine, really, I can get my dad to fix it—” She hiccuped.

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Simple BJD Eye Tutorial

I have had a few requests for an eye tutorial. I hope I am not spoiling the market for all the other eye makers out there, lol. Consider this a more amateur version.

Okay, so I intended to make 12mms and I have to start off with a prototype. You can use sculpey, epoxy clay, air dry clay, basically everything! Make a round half ball and measure it so that it is approximately 12mm or your desired size. Mine has some sort of a fail hole because I reworked it a second time. Yours doesn’t have to have a hole!

Use a pen or a brush end, something with a nice round end. My pen is cute, but yours doesn’t have to be. Press it into that thing. I make it rather deep because it has to accommodate crystals.

There you go! Measure it again as it will have stretched after making the hole, and sculpt it gently back to 12mm without mangling the hole.

Measure the hole! It should be around 6mm. If not, give it a few pokes with your pen and sculpt as desired to enlarge or reduce the hole and the sclera.

Make a mold of the eye. I am using siligum here, but you can use any mold making material. I love oyumaru but I don’t have any here. Its a reusable mold material that just needs hot water and is completely non toxic (as its for kids). I used to get it at my local daiso.

When the mold is done curing, mix up a batch of resin, colour it (white black red anything u want) and pour it into the molds. Wait again for it to cure.

The rest is easy peasy. Colour the hole, and place some crystals. Or you could just paint patterns or put in anything you want, like a butt. Then pour in epoxy resin following the resin’s instructions.You will probably have to do a second layer to have a slight doming effect. You don’t want the top of the irises to be flat.

I have some tips for resin at the end of this tutorial. Anyway that’s it! Your own crystal eyes. Limitless possibilities.


My favourite to use is epoxy resin. Polyurethane is really stinky and more toxic. There’s still precautions to take when using epoxy, like using gloves, being in a well ventilated room, etc. Also, certain epoxies may yellow fast, such as Casting Clear (I have two absolutely yellow bottles that I no longer use). My favourite brand now is Gedeo Crystal Clear. Get the doming type, as it means the dome on top of the iris will form more easily.
UV resin is a good alternative, but you will need a UV box/light (the nail salon type may work) and UV resin is definitely more expensive! I have not tried UV as I am very familiar with epoxy resin so I wouldn’t try, but I believe it has advantages like not having that uber long curing time.

I hope this tutorial is clear and easy to follow! Enjoy making your own eyes, and having so many pairs that your doll can bathe in them.

How to make a Monado replica out of styrofoam!

Okay!! Hello, Emy here. Before I start this “tutorial” lemme say one thing: This was my first replica I ever made so it is not going to be very professional and you might wanna search for a different tutorial if you want to make a perfect looking Monado etc. But if you’re still interested on how I made this, keep reading! Also, I’ll be including special information for German people, as I live in Germany right now and bought all the stuff there.

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