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Idols are humans too. They get acne, scars, pimples and have bad hair days just like each and every one of us. They make mistakes, say thing they don’t mean to or intend to say on accident. Idols don’t have to be the epitome of perfection for every single second of the day, they are allowed to have off days, and that should be considered acceptable, but in our society, it isn’t.

Let idols breathe, have fun, be themselves, without having to put up some kind of barrier so that fans think that they lead a perfect life.

On The Importance of Luna-P

I’m not really interested in comparing the manga to the anime directly for a myriad of reasons, but this was such a drastically different detail that I immediately started thinking about it. AND WHAT IS THIS BLOG IF NOT WHERE I OVERTHINK TINY DETAILS

Here, when Luna-P approaches Black Lady, she bats it away saying “What an annoying toy!” In the anime, we get this:

Black Lady hugs Luna-P to her (changing its crescent moon to the Black Moon mark) and says it’s her only friend. These two moments couldn’t be more different.

So why this change? The anime does have the additional element of this being when Usagi is forced to accept that Black Lady is really Chibi-Usa, but it’s not like this was the only way to do that, so it can’t have been the motivation behind the decision. Instead, I think it’s all about Black Lady.

There’s actually a lot of difference between the two versions of Black Lady, I think. In the manga, she’s really just more evil more than anything else. In my translation (assuming accuracy of course), her entire corruption at Wiseman’s hands is:

You have shown me the darkness in your heart. You were too strong for the world you came from, so you broke through all obstacles to reach me here, at the end of the world. There’s no turning back now. I can help you realize your unknown potential. Come with me. Come along with me.

She takes his hand, and that’s that.

It speaks, I think, to where Chibs is at in the manga, which is also a very different place to the anime. Manga!Chibs sees Pluto smiling at Endymion, becomes jealous because she thought she was special to Pluto and isn’t super cool with the idea of “sharing” her, and runs off to be found by Wiseman. Here, you can see elements of that darkness in Chibs. Her reactions are incredibly self-centered (which is not a condemnation; she’s a fucking child for fuck’s sake and her parents barely seem to care about her [who knows about the Senshi, they functionally don’t exist]) and you can see where she WOULD be angry. I’m not sure that motivation entirely bares out for me from there, as once she has power, she directs her attention to “claiming” Mamoru, who isn’t even PART of that situation. I think it would’ve worked much better for me had she focused on Pluto instead, but welcome to my manga experience, I suppose. My point being, Black Lady in the manga is born of selfishness and anger, and “evil” is mostly what she exhibits. By smacking away Luna-P, the response it elicits from us is “Wow, Black Lady is so bad! Chibi-Usa’s so lost to us!” Obviously I don’t know how her story is going to play out in the manga yet, but that moment’s intent is to produce hopelessness in the audience and the characters.

The anime handles this so differently. I think due in part to how we’ve, by necessity, spent so much more time with Chibi-Usa. We’ve seen her develop relationships not just with Mamoru and Usagi, but with Mako, Ami, Minako, and Rei. Her support structure is so much larger here, and so corruption by way of a smile just isn’t going to work. Because anime!Chibs has so much more she can draw on, the focus shifts from outside motivation (Pluto smiling at someone not-her) to internal. And the moment that sets events in motion frame this so well. What breaks her is that Usagi fails. Chibs has spent the entire season trying to heal her mother on her own, and then trying to trust the others enough to accept their help. By this point, she believes that Usagi will save her mother without question. AND USAGI FAILS. Unable to bear that her hero had failed, that everything she’d been through was for nothing, and driven by the guilt that her mother was beyond hope due to (she believes) her own actions, Chibi-Usa runs. This is when Wiseman finds her, and then spends the entire fucking episode confirming her fears, twisting her memories, and convincing her that nobody ever has or ever will love and care for her, the thing she’s most afraid will happen when the truth is discovered.

This is the part where the anime and manga meet on mostly the same terms: Chibi-Usa’s feelings that nobody loves her. Then they speed down different highways again. Rather than batting away Luna-P, in the anime, Chibi-Usa embraces it. It completely changes the face of the reveal: rather than the idea that Chibs is lost to them, the horror is in that this was done to her, that she could feel so alone to come to this. Black Lady hugging Luna-P reveals that however she looks now, in her heart she’s still just a desperate, scared little girl.

Despite how little I’m connecting with the manga, I do generally like how it’s handled Chibi-Usa. I’m not sure the Black Lady thing is working too well for me, though, but that’s for a variety of reasons, from what I feel is a misfire in her focus to Takeuchi’s over-reliance on brainwashing as a plot device to Black Lady being as generically evil as every other generic evil, when she should be packing a much greater emotional punch. Her batting aside Luna-P, though, as a moment, works well to further the divide between Chibi-Usa and Black Lady.

The anime’s choice to have her embrace it, however, furthers the connection between them. We’re seeing Black Lady, but also the Chibi-Usa who’s still there, and in pain. It does eliminate the element of hopelessness that the manga highlights and underlines, but trades it for a personal connection that, for me, resonates better in both the long and short term.

I think both are really interesting directions, though, and perhaps more than any single moment I’ve seen thus far, epitomize the differences between the two iterations of the story.



MULAN. ☽ ˣ @honoreflected

Man o’ man, where do I even begin with this girl?
Mulan, you and I have been friends for YEARS – you’re practically my baby sister by now. I remember the day we met like it was yesterday and I can’t believe that I didn’t approach you a day sooner, babes. For the longest time, I kept my distance from you; I had this crazy assumption that you were just a troll roleplayer, always joking around and hardly ever staying in character. But then you sent me that friend request and I figured that it was time to get to know the perfect person that is you.
I’m so glad that I did.
Honey, you turned out to be one of the most beautiful people on the planet. ON THE FUCKING PLANET. And not to mention, a great writer! Just ask your 900+ followers. c; You’re always thinking of others and you never fail to do what’s right or decide what’s fair for everyone, even if your gut tells you otherwise. I’ve seen your saddest times, your hardest times, and your happiest times and you’ve definitely seen all of mine. It’s just so crazy how you became such a huge part of my life so quickly. It was so quick, that it was almost impossible to believe and ever since we exchanged Roleplayer.Me comments, I beat myself up for not giving you a chance way back when first started. Now, I can’t even go a day without talking to you or I’ll probably lose it. Lol. Mulan… B.Cookie… you mean more to me than Jasmine does or ever will – and you KNOW how deep my love for this character is.
Basically, I love you best friend and I always will. That’s a promise!

MEGARA. ☽ ˣ @nxtmegara

You already know how much you mean to me. But… My darling! I can’t believe the circumstances of how we’ve met. Lol. Not only are you a bestie in RP, but you’re a bestie in RL, that is also my COWORKER. I just can’t. You’re an angel sent from Heaven, you just don’t know. When I was new at our crazy, slave-driving job, you welcomed me SO nicely without hesitation, along with other people too. You even bought me a Princess Jasmine pin for Christmas and a Rajah Tsum-Tsum plush randomly, just because. JUST BECAUSE. That’s how I knew we had a real thing going. AND THEN RECENTLY. You opened up to me about your personal life a little bit more, insanely revealing to me that you were into character-writes too. That literally blew my mind. Blew it. You’ve always been different than everyone else at our job but, it’s even more-so now that we have a deeper connection no one else around us will ever understand – and that’s pretty freaking cool, if you ask me. Work used to suck but, it’s worth showing up to everyday now, knowing that you’ll possibly be there, cracking up at dumb shit and avoiding mess with me. Lmfaoooo! I love you, my mermaid! Lots and lots! ~

GENIE / FLINT LOCKWOOD. ☽ ˣ @flintlockwood

My baby! Oh, guys. This is my heart right here. He is my beloved Meatball, Flint. But first and foremost, he is my main Genie of the Lamp. I have been roleplaying as Jasmine for a long enough time and for years now, I’ve struggled to find a Genie to have as a main / best friend. And then he came along and we instantly had more than an RP connection. / Fli-nie / , you mean so much more to me than some silly old RP account. Honestly, truly. That’s simply because you are absolutely incredible in character and out of character – just angelic either way. The bond that we share is irreplaceable; it’s gotten to where I can spot your editing / many, many profiles a mile away. You have made millions of other accounts to keep you occupied lately, all of which you’ve added me from. And even though your big, blue account is inactive, you’ve still held onto it just for me. That means something. I’m not going to lie, I miss having you there but being with you as Flint is just as perfect. You’re such a blessing! Just know that you will always be my number one Big Blue Baby Boo and my best friend forever!


MIRAGE. ☽ ˣ @femmexfatale-x

Mirage, Mirage, Mirage. We go waaaaay back – even farther back than Mulan and I. When I first joined the Disney verse, you were the very first one to speak to me, the first to write with me, and the first to co-own RPGs with me. We went everywhere together hand in hand and always had each other’s backs. Sadly, after a while, we grew distant as our RL’s grew busier and then you vanished completely, from time to time. But even still, you always made it a point to contact me as soon as you could and I was always willing and happy to hear from you! Then, thankfully last year, out of the blue, you made a huge come-back and things were back to the way they used to be between us. Ever since then, it has been like old times hanging out with you and catching up on everything we’ve missed out on. You’re the ride-or-die that everyone on the planet is wishing for and I’m so glad to call you mine. I love you babygal!

ICHIGO. ☽ ˣ @xkingshinigamix

You already know you hold a special place in my heart, Ichi. We haven’t known eachother for very long but, I already know for a fact that I can always depend on you. You’re my King, my Knight, my Protector. And I couldn’t ask for a better companion.

RAJA. ☽ ˣ @fireversed

My OTHER Raja + her muses. When I first made my account, before my hiatus, you were one of the very first people to speak to me here. I was SO new and SO nervous to post my writing but then, you were just so welcoming and sweet and the ice-breaking message you sent to me was too cute! You gave me the confidence that I needed and I want to seriously thank you for that. So now, when I call for my furrier Rajah, I have high hopes that you’ll come prancing from around the corner alongside him! xD ILYBBY.

POCAHONTAS. ☽ ˣ @ofthewiind

Just. Ugh. You’re the most amazing Indian Queen that I’ve ever met. Deadass. You give me such life and you’re such a beautiful and great writer. I didn’t think my love for Poca could get any stronger, TBH. Then here yo ass come, all flawless n’ shit. c; ILY, ma. Thank you for sticking with this basic-ass queen.

LOLA BUNNY. ☽ ˣ @hoopsheartthrob

#WCE right here. You’re the epitome of bunny badass and you slay me every single day. I had no choice BUT to include you on here. AND YOUR BIRTHDAY IS IN APRIL TOO? Please. Lol! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to potentially become your best friend in the whole entire world because we’re honestly meant to be when you think about it – I mean, come on now.

ESMERALDA. ☽ ˣ @murroyilodel

Esmeeeeeee! Oh, girl. You’re such a sweetheart in every way! I will never forget that day, a few weeks ago, when things weren’t going so well with me and you sent me that sweet, random message. That really made my day and it gave me the feel goods that I needed. Thank you so much, honey! That won you a permanent place on my besties list and you’re definitely A1 in my book.

MOANA. ☽ ˣ @horizoncrossed

Mo! You are beyond perfect, from muse to mun! It is a delight to see your bright, beautiful posts on my dashboard every day! You definitely do Moana a justice and I’m so excited to see where this friendship will take us! Expect tons of loving from me, okay? ~


Those of you that I’ve peeped and literally swooned over.
If anyone is / feels left out, I’m so sorry! That is not intentional!
But there are so many of you now and I’ve recently gained almost 50 more followers, so! Lol!

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Obviously, each and every one of my followers mean a lot to me! But these are just the few that have really stood out / have contacted me over the past few weeks! My list keeps updating so of course, more of you will be on the next Follow Forever post, for sure! I hope to get to know more of you soon!

smolpureflower  asked:

What do you think is the epitome of love?

It is understanding each other without uttering a single word. It is falling in love with everything they are, despite their flaws. It is supporting their dreams and always having their backs. And it does not have to be romantic love. We often forget about the strong love of friendship or the fierce way a parent loves their child.

3x06 and 3x07 - in which glee screws up by implying that outing someone is ok as long as they are a bitch, and by being kind of sexist

Still pissed about 3x06 and 3x07. The way Glee dealt with Santana’s outing was just horrible. Santana was obviously totally out of line in how she treated Finn, but Finn reacted in a way that was far worse. Had he blown up at her, yelled at her, insulted her, or slapped her, I would have been fine with it because she would have deserved it. Heck, even if he had outed her and then immediately apologized, that would also be easily forgivable. But outing her, and then worse, downplaying it and NEVER PROPERLY APOLOGIZING OR SHOWING ANY REAL REMORSE for it was just beyond horrible. Santana picking on him is mean and cruel, but it will not cost him his friends and family, and it will not put him at fear for his safety. Outing someone poses those risks, and more. Finn should know this - Kurt, who was relentlessly bullied, is his stepbrother for goodness sakes! And even though what Finn did was just unbelievably cruel and stupid, the show still tried to glorify him. Finn was presented as the “hero” of 3x07. He tried to help Santana “accept herself”, but his actions came off as incredibly cheesy and pushy. Knowing what he did, he should have sincerely apologized, left her alone, and let someone who actually understands Santana and her situation (Brittany and maybe Mercedes/Kurt) help her instead. Talking about Brittany, why the hell was she not a major part of 3x06 and 3x07? She’s Santana’s girlfriend/bestfriend, and she’s bisexual, so she would be very much impacted by Santana’s outing. Also, Brittany has been shown to be consistently protective and supportive of Santana. Brittany should have been a far bigger part of Santana’s outing. It’s demeaning to the wonderful Brittana relationship to not include Brittany in that storyline.
The Santana-Finn drama wasn’t the only thing wrong with 3x06 and 3x07. There was also Will Shuester, who was there when Sue revealed that Finn outed Santana, yet claimed that Santana slapping Finn was “unprovoked”. Are you kidding me? Having your deepest and most dangerous secret being cruelly revealed to the entire world is basically the epitome of “provoked.” Also, EVERY SINGLE main male character in 3x06 and 3x07 was a hero or an innocent victim. (Finn, Kurt, and Blaine tried to “help” Santana, Rory was attacked by Santana, Puck becomes a good father) while EVERY SINGLE main female character is portrayed as villainous (Brittany lies to get votes in the election, Quinn tries to sabotage Shelby, Santana is borderline psychopathic, Rachel betrays Kurt to run in the election and then cheats by stuffing the ballot boxes). Isn’t this just a little bit sexist? Especially in a storyline about an outed lesbian?

Cartomancy Readings Open

I picked up some rainbow playing cards for divination, and I couldn’t be happier. They were a dollar at 5 below, and are vibrant and beautiful! I use this* system to divine (I used to be scrying-with-skeletons), and am now including the colour correspondences I use that I wrote about here. Feel free to request a reading!

Cartomancy System 

The Joker - The Wild Cards

The Joker to me is a wildcard. They’re very loud and boisterous in appearance, masking the actions and thoughts below the costume. So, in cartomancy readings, the Joker can signify a surprise; big or small, positive, negative, or neutral. There is something hidden, and it will most likely only be revealed as time passes. The joker is a card of mystery.

Aces - The Theatre Cards

♥ Love, a passion or single joy. The epitome of happiness, almost fake. Also: foolish distraction from the present problems at hand, leading yourself with your heart and not your mind. Blind faith. Dramatic or overdone.

♠ Perfection, desirable outcome and stealthiness. The crowning jewel of a project or event. Also: fantasy, forgetfulness, a lack of foresight. Being absorbed in something so far that you forget what you need to focus on in reality.

♦ Imagination, wealth, and financial security. Happiness in marriage and all relationships, good fortune in deals and contracts. Also: Lack of self-control, overzealous attitude and a flair for the dramatics. Greed and loneliness.

♣ Luck, comfort, foundation. A joyous home filled with charms and magical delights. Happiness, joy, and pleasure. Warmth. Also: suffocating family or friends. Eating away at the inside out.

Twos - The Relationship Cards

♠ The two of spades represents a direct, straightforward relationship. Perhaps seemingly perfect, unparalleled and strong. However, this relationship could suffer due to the starkness and lack of affection. Like a plant, this relationship can grow with the proper care and nutrients. There is nothing wrong with an honest and open pairing, it just needs other aspects to thrive.

♥ The two of hearts is loving, caring partnership. There is joy, mirth, and most of all, happiness. True emotion is felt between all parties. In this relationship, there can reside a simplistic desire to always be together, resulting in missed opportunities/jobs and a loss of material things.

♣ A steady, strong, and healthy relationship is here shown. There aren’t any cracks or waves to rock the boat on this one. A harmonious pairing, and happy times ahead. These relationships can show the toughest pasts, though.

♦ A lustful, often Hollywood-like pairing. Little to no affection, truth, or loyalty. Money becomes the center of the relationship, often shows the partnerships where anything but the two’s+ happiness is important. These relationships are comfortable despite the unhappy conditions.

Threes - the Timeline Cards

The threes represent a timeline, a crossroads, and a time of change. Depending on the suit, each card has a different meaning.

♠ The three of spades represents an easy decision. Like a compass pointing north, it will be hard to stray from this course of action. Timewise, any events due to happen will be swift and obvious, not hesitating to leave a hard, impressionable mark.

♥ A decision that will tug at your heartstrings will leave you guessing. Your decision can go either way, and the more time that passes the harder your decision will be. Think over all the possible solutions, but don’t hesitate once you’ve worked everything out!

♣ Luck, choice, and good fortune will litter this time. You’ll find joy in the journey and be happy with your overall decisions. However, this time will pass soon, leaving you with a dreamy ending that won’t last long.

♦ Money will play a big role in the next few events of your life. Material things, lust, and shallow dreams will pull you on, but don’t get caught up in their glory! They’ll soon leave you behind, wading through the remainders.

Fours - the Foundational Cards

♥ The four of hearts represents a love letter. Perfection in romance, a steady heart. The four hearts form a foundation for a relationship to be built upon, or anything else to be formed with. Passion is a key word here, however, so is being blindsided. While you form the base for a new project or career, you may be crushed from behind.

♠ The four of spades is safety. Protection, cleansing, and warding are important at this time. Watch out for people attacking you or filling your home with negativity. Wear a charged crystal on your person for protection. Be wary though of paranoia, and don’t allow yourself to lose sight of what you love by ignoring it.

♣ Harmony. Smooth sailing. Beautiful homes lined with picket fences, and forgotten troubles. Living in a fantasy world, and making it a reality. Watch out for jealousy and those who wish to watch you crumble.

♦ Financial security. Attraction, peace in material struggles. A lack of fear and forgetfulness. Prepare, however, for though times in the future to avoid them completely.

Fives - The Support Cards

♥ You are loved and supported by many people. Your friends and/or family is accepting and cherishes you, and will back you up if you need them too. Take heart in this energy being sent towards you, it will strengthen you and bring you hope.

♠ Now is a time of communication, directness, and forethought. Use your support system to think and train, and be aware of your surroundings. They’re here to help you, so use their aid wisely. Watch out for “spies” and be sure your inner group is there only to be your guides, and not to harm you in any way.

♣ You will find support in your family, in your home, and in who you spend the most time with. Home is not just four walls and a roof, and this card calls to remind you of that. Be happy in the arms of those you trust as you rest and recuperate for future endeavours.

♦ You will soon find financial support. Whether this be from a new or bonus-bringing job, family, friends, or even birthdays, a bit of money is on its way to you. The universe has begun putting out what you have put into it.

Sixes - The Game Changing Cards

♥ Soon a decision must be made, one in the matters of friendship, love, and loyalty. It may be difficult and wearisome, but the outcome will lead to justice and the fruits of your labour will increase dramatically. Avoid dallying, now is the time to act.

♠ Act quickly and make a decision fast. Now is not the time for frolicking and dilly dallying. Shoot an arrow to the side you are joining, and leave to their camps before you get struck by your enemies. If you are stuck between two choices, pick the one your gut leads you to. Do not seek advice from too many people; a King has one right hand aid.

♣ A slow, easy decision is on its way. You will be able to put this decision at rest with peace in your heart and in your mind. Be comforted by the fact that all will be well in a few weeks or months.

♦ Finances are a big part of this decision. So are job opportunities. Make a decision carefully, and use your resources to the best of your ability.

Sevens - The Masked Cards

♥ Someone in your life is hiding their true selves. This could be representative of yourself, or inner thoughts as well. The reason they hide is due to shame and pain, and most likely fear. They are hurting on the inside and are afraid to reach out and speak, to get the help and love they need. THey may lack sympathy and empathy due to their internal struggles and seem very aloof and vague.  

♠ Poison slinks back to you in the form of a lethal sword. Do not touch it lest you be sliced and burned by its foul liquid! Be cautious and do not accept gifts from those you do not trust. If they seek you out for help, or offer their own services be wary of their intentions.

♣ A piece of your past, particularly your home life, is coming into view. This may be a positive or negative memory, or even a person or place. It may be a shock at first, but soon you’ll become comfortable with the unmasked piece of your past.  

♦ A rival at your workplace will soon become known to you. Perhaps this will be an up and coming salesperson, or a new boss. Whoever it is, try to befriend them instead of disliking them.

Eights - The Wish Cards

♥ Love is in the air! Someone is looking for their heart’s contentment, whether ion romance, friendship, or family ties. Now is a good time to look for helping others, and taking care of those who need your acceptance, joy, and help the most. Keep these people close to your heart for a while, and shower everyone with your gift of love!

♠ A striking, powerful occurrence will soon take place! Something spectacular that will leave you shocked and ecstatic! Look forward to a happy surprise!

♣ A star dazzles above your head! Soon a wish you made long ago will come true. It circles back around just in time to save the day, like a meteor stuck in an orbit around the Earth. Be sure to add your own power to it to be sure it comes true!

♦ Make a wish for something! It’s surely to come if you put some energy into it. If you make it truly sincere, and hope with all of your might, it may just come true after all!

Nines -  The Travel Cards

♥ Adventure, free spirit, and wanderlust are heading your way. Your heart will lead you to where it should be, however, you must be wary of danger! Don’t let your heart guide you so often that you forget to use your brain!

♠ Danger awaits! You’ll swim into rocks if you aren’t careful. Yo may find yourself saved by the skin of your elbows, so be very cautious for the next few weeks. Find solace in knowing that once you end your travels, the destination will be safe.  

♣ Travel back to a place where you have lived before, maybe an old home your family owns, or to a familiar state. It’s time to get back to where you were once before! Alternatively, you can have a staycation and have fun where already live!

♦ Spend some time alone this year, and think on what the next few months will have in store for you. Be open to the new things life has to offer, and also the old ones.

Tens - The Battle Cards

♥ You’re about to enter a battle with your emotions, perhaps with your desires and what you feel is right. Know that your intuition is correct, and that you need to listen to more than just your wants at this time. Wise counsel from friends and family will come into play, and know that they are doing what is best for you even if you cannot do it yourself.

♠ Canons rain down and make the blue sky turn black. Bitter winter will roll in, bring plague, and trap you in your battlements. This will be a rough season, something hard to tough out. Thinking ahead is key at a time like this.

♣ Your homelife may be rock at the moment, or it will be. But just lock down the hatches and know that you will get out of this soon. Stay sturdy like a rock, and don’t give up no matter what!

♦ Your financial life will go through an uneasy struggle soon. So save up now before it gets bad! Like someone preparing for a drought, stock up as much as you can.

Knaves -  The Forgotten Cards

♥ An ex-lover, forgotten friend, or a lonely person around you is looking to connect with you. Take heed and listen to their words. Forgive any mistakes but do not forget them, for the forgotten can make the worst messes.

♠ An assassin from long ago has finally found you. Watch out for old enemies, especially internal ones. They are hidden in the guise of gentle flaws. Think quick when they are revealed, and expect something unexpected to arise.

♣ You will soon find a lost object, friend, etc. Soon a nostalgic memory will appear, and flood you with the past. Don’t be wooed, however, for the past is never as it seems.

♦  A surprise is in store for you, totally invisible at the moment. Don’t be shocked when something utterly amazing happens!

Queens - The Regal Cards

♥ A flowering person is coming into your life! Look out for someone with roses in their hair, a smile along their lips, and joy in their hearts. They may be the dose of beauty that you need in your life, a gift from the Universe.

♠ A solemn, vampiric person will soon enter your life. You may find the sombre character appealing, but beware of their deadly fangs, and the energy they leech off of you while you are unaware.

♣ A maternal, kind person is on their way to you. Someone is looking forward to helping you and bringing you joy. Look for this archetype in your life very soon!

♦ A boss, entrepreneur, or even a rich friend is open to seeing you. Take this into account as you look forward to new times ahead!

Kings - The Royal Cards

♥ Throw off your cape and dance for a while! The battles are over or you’re in between them, and you could use a laugh! Try to dust off that solemn smile and play with some children. Having a good, hearty time will bring life into your weary bones.

♠ You are feeling down, perhaps on high alert. Know that you are in for a little longer of this mess and soon you will be free from it. A time of lightheartedness is in your future, so hold on tight until that day dawns.

♣ Return to your roots. Dig deep through your past if you can bear it, and

♦ It’s time to make a budget, check your inventory, and prepare for times ahead! It may be best to stop spending so much, and worry more about the spiritual side of things for a bit. Is your soul doing okay? Make sure to check up on that as well as your budget!

Arranged Love Pt.17 | Jungkook

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Summary: When you and Jungkook are forced into an arranged marriage for publicity, you never expected to find yourself falling for him - even if you know it’s wrong.

Word Count: 4,440

Genre: Fluff/angst

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In Defense of Zhong

Yuan Shu’s name has become synonymous with arrogance, and with good reason. In 197 he arbitrarily declared himself the first emperor of the newly-created Zhong Dynasty. This was certainly  the epitome of his foolishness and is often regarded as one of the single worst decisions made by any leader of the age. The course of historical events provides more than sufficient evidence to support this perspective. It gave Yuan Shu’s faltering allies, ambitious subordinates, and demoralized soldiers ample justification to turn against him. In one stroke, Yuan Shu’s arrogance stripped him of all true power, relegating him to an ineffectual petty tyrant for the brief remainder of his life. With the perspective of hindsight, it’s easy to see Yuan Shu’s decision for the colossal blunder that it was.

But without that knowledge of history, do Yuan Shu’s actions really seem so unreasonable?  Let’s look at Yuan Shu’s situation from a different perspective and, perhaps, reevaluate our opinions.

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Elsa’s Selflessness

To me, one of the most heartbreaking things about Elsa is that she suffers every bit as much as Anna, but that suffering is not as easily seen.

We know, of course, that Elsa is in pain any time she has to turn Anna away. But “Do You Want To Build a Snowman” is from Anna’s perspective, not Elsa’s. We see Anna’s loneliness firsthand, listen to her sing of her sorrow as she plays sadly with her dolls, as she feels the weight of the palace’s emptiness.

With Elsa, we only get glimpses – the desperation in Elsa’s voice when she tells Anna to go away… the way she recoils from her parents, her voice thin and fragile… the image of her curled up in a ball in her icy room after the funeral.

All this makes perfect sense within the context of the narrative. Elsa’s sacrifice is a sacrifice of her life… a sacrifice of her childhood, her innocence, of years she might have spent happy with Anna… all for Anna’s sake.

Elsa’s sacrifice is as heartrending and difficult as Anna’s decision to throw herself in front of Hans’s sword, but it is not as obviously dramatic. You cannot epitomize Elsa’s sacrifice in a single moment or act because Elsa’s sacrifice was ongoing for thirteen years. And, by its very nature, it was shrouded, it was hidden.

Elsa is forced to endure the despair of Anna, the confusion of her people, all in an effort to protect them. Everything she does to keep them safe, to care for them, only makes her seem more distant in their eyes. How devastating must that be for Elsa?

Elsa gives up her reputation, her good standing in the eyes of everyone she ever loved because she loves them more than anything. And, because of the nature of her sacrifice, there are still audience members that see her as “selfish,” when every choice she makes – with every consequence, for good or ill – is inspired by an unbelievable selflessness and love… a love that extends to everyone except herself.

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Your “Truth”

Okay - so we have another “trip” to LA for Claudia. Congratulations. You got Josh to whore himself once again.

You know what - at this point, I just can’t invest the energy and time to fight this.

Let me say that I still believe Jen and Josh are together, and I absolutely don’t believe that Josh is in a relationship with Claudia, but I just don’t want to fight this right now.

So okay - if it’s that important to you, Josh - you and Claudia Traisac are in a relationship. You are together and making plans for the future.

If that’s what you are desperately selling then let me help out with some relationship advice to Claudia and all the Closhers out there:

Don’t get into a relationship with someone who shows so little respect to you and your feelings as Josh Hutcherson demonstrates to Claudia Traisac.

If Josh is in a relationship with Claudia then Josh is a colossal asshole of a boyfriend.

He’s incredibly disrespectful. And his indifference toward her is hateful.

He spends the weekend with Jennifer Lawrence while Claudia sits alone in Spain.  Josh doesn’t invite his girlfriend to spend the weekend with his family. Nope.

Cavorting with naked girls on a boat and ignoring your girlfriend on New Years says “I don’t give a shit about you, Claudia, and how this makes you look and I’m not missing you at all.“ 

No person should be treated so badly. 

At best, Josh is a selfish jerk; at worst, he’s a cheating douchebag. But if that’s what he is, so be it. So congratulations Claudia - your boyfriend is awful.

For Claudia and those of you still considering your life partner, I’d like to provide some words of advise: 

Choose someone who puts your feelings first. 

Choose someone who is proud to be with you and is happy talking about you and your accomplishments. (”nobody cares”)

Choose someone who will change his plans to be with you even though you might not ask him to do it. 

Choose someone who will include you in special events and wants to share these moments with you. 

Choose someone who craves to be with you and is sad when he can’t and will do whatever he can to spend time with you. 

Choose someone who waits for you - opens doors, walks with you, is attentive to you. It shows concern. 

Choose someone who wants you to be the last person he talks to at night and the first person he greets in the morning. 

You shouldn’t be an afterthought. 

You shouldn’t be someone he squeezes into his life. You should be a priority. Every. Single. Day. 

So if Josh and Claudia epitomize your #relationship goals - please, please, please reconsider. 

If Josh is this dismissive and disrespectful in public for all to see and ridicule, I’d hate to think what he’s like in private. 

No one should want this type of a relationship. 

Seriously - this is not a good relationship in any way.  

If when asked what his favorite thing is about the city you live in and he’d rather stare at a camera looking confused instead of immediately saying spending time with you, you really, really need to leave him behind.  It’s not him being private.  It’s him just being a jerk.

ns6 in a nutshell
  • episode 55: what
  • episode 56: hEY its the episode that that one!! trailer preview thing from comic con was in!! or something!! yeah!!
  • episode 57: what
  • episode 58: what
  • episode 59: what
  • episode 60: lmao nICE nadakhan's really tearing jay down lmao this is Good Shit 10/10 more angst pls
  • episode 61: old lloyd?? old lloyd?? old lloyd?? old lloyd?? old lloyd?? old lloyd?? old llo
  • episode 62: the very best ninjago episode of all time. jay and nya are finally talking to each other and they're on the way to healing the deep scars in their relationship. they're making progress. echo zane is the only truly unproblematic fave on the show and it is truly impossible not to like him. the plot of the episode itself is interesting and engaging, and the lighthouse hearkens back nicely to the golden days of ninjago in s2. echo's general existence retroactively gives s2 even more depth and makes the charged emotions of the last voyage, 40 episodes earlier, even more impactful. jay and nya fight together as a team, rather than fighting against one another as they have for so long, practically since s3. clancee becomes even more of an adorable woobie and almost stands up to nadakhan. echo and smeeter's chess game is Very Important and the fact that it's implied smeeter cheated is hilarious. that part where jay tricked the pirate into pulling the lever and letting him escape was really clever, like good job jay. the episode excellently regulated the delicate balance between serious drama and hilarious comedy, with just the right amounts of both, while neither aspect seemed forced in any way. the secret basement is Really Cool and a neat way to add more "depth" to the scene without seeming too unrealistic. dogshank randomly landing on tiger widow island and scaring the spider was really funny without ruining the drama of the action scene. jay and nya getting cornered in the basement was really suspenseful. echo's war paint, no explanation necessary. nya's almost-kiss with jay before shoving him through the puddle of traveler's tea made even the anti-jaya people pretty much jump on board again. the part where nya got captured was simultaneously really sad and really scary, and made nadakhan look very legitimately threatening for the first time in the season. the episode ended on a highly suspenseful note and left the entire fandom grasping at straws and barely able to function for the next six days before episode 63. all in all this was the greatest ninjago episode of all time, an absolute masterpiece, and everyone was able to enjoy almost everything about it. it was the epitome of perfection and there is not a single thing anyone could even think of changing about it.
  • episode 63: what??? is this bullshit???
  • episode 64: RIP S6, 2016-2016. your grand total of twelve minutes of canon will not be missed. goodbye

I’ve had this conversation a million times in the last eight years.

“Oh so you’re a single mom? But like, he still helps out right?”

“Uh…no…not really.”

“Well yeah, but he still sees her, right?”

“Um…no…not really.”

“Okay so he just contributes financially then?”


And then, like clockwork the pity sets in. You’re probably feeling it right now; a tightening in your chest after you read that snippet of my life. The poor little abandoned family, left to fend for themselves. I’ve grown so accustomed to that look, the sad tut that seems to leave people’s lips, and the way they immediately view us differently once they learn that we are the epitome of a “Single Parent Family”.

We do not want your pity. I’m very sure the intentions behind it are good hearted and loving, that most people just don’t know how to handle seeing a girl who had a baby at seventeen and was left, but that doesn’t change the fact that your pity taints our lives. It makes it seem as though we are missing something, as though our family is less than yours simply because there isn’t a man at the head of our table.

There are a lot of things I question in my life but the decision to have my daughter alone was not one of them. I was four months pregnant when he left and it was the best thing that ever happened to us. I would love for my child to have her father in her life, and most days I try really hard not to hold any ill-will against him, but that is not our reality. It never has been. We accepted it a long time ago so you should too.

You see, there is a certain beauty in being a single mother that no one else realizes. I get her all to myself. I don’t have to share parenting decisions or nighttime cuddles. I am always the one she wants when she’s sick and the one she brags about to her friends. I have built a bond with my daughter that every person who meets us comments on.

She is eight years old but she is the best friend I’ve ever had in my life. No one else can make me laugh as hard, no one else reads me as well, and no one else understands just how consumed I can get with my love of her. Since that day when I was pregnant, before I could even feel her turn in my belly, I committed to be the one person in her life that will always be there, that will love her unconditionally, and that will do it regardless of my marital status.

It isn’t easy. No parent has it easy. We have been so blessed with an amazing extended family, who show up for class recitals and afternoon lunches, who remember to put a dollar in her book bag for a pretzel at school when Mommy forgets, who step up when I fall a little short because we all fall short sometimes.

And there are nights where it seems impossible, where the little voice in my head tells me that he was right and I was messing her up beyond repair. And there’s the times where I want to jump through the computer screen and shake the women who complain about how their husband doesn’t do enough, or how their child’s father only takes them once in a while, or how the child support payment isn’t nearly enough. I have to remind myself constantly that my story is not everyone’s, my pain is not everyone’s, and everyone is entitled to their own complaints.

Our life is far from perfect. There are moments that are downright painful, like when my daughter has to complete a “My Family” page for school and digs out one of the two pictures in existence that has the two of us with her father. She is only three months old in the photo and he was gone again almost as soon as the shutter clicked. But there she was, staring at the picture with this paralyzing sadness radiating off her because all the other kids in her class come from traditional nuclear families (which is a whole new level of torture brought on by the universe). And not for the first time, I wanted to cry for her because no one in the world deserves to feel unloved, especially not my perfect little girl.

There are so many things I want to tell her, so much pain I wish I could take into myself and save her from. But her pain is as valid as mine and it deserves to be felt.

Eight years old is much too young for the lesson that sometimes people leave and my poor girl has learned it far too many times in her short life.

We spent the rest of the night picking out pictures of the two of us for the page, looking through years of memories that left her giggling at our silly faces. We are not like every family, we are far from it, but we have a lot of people who love us just the way we are. And at the end of the day, when my daughter is wrapped up in my arms, she whispers to me that she’s glad I’m a single mom because I do it better than a Daddy ever could, and the words he said to me all those years ago fade from my mind.

So thank you for your pity, however it might come, but take it elsewhere. Our family is perfect the way it is.

I want to live my life on the level of the feeling you get at a great concert.
High energy.
Strong emotions.
Comradery with friends & strangers in a single moment.
It’s pure happiness.
It’s the epitome of feeling alive for me.
And I want to feel that way every day.
I want that to be my whole life.
—  photogrl2020
ships + them as parents

these are my fave ships (i’ll do tsukkiyama some day) and them as parents, let me know if you guys want more!!


daichi is definitely a stereotypical cool™ dad - who probably wears chino shorts and patterned t-shirts and makes genuine dad jokes. he’s also the type to do barbecues on public holidays and tries to get his kid into volleyball.

suga is definitely a soccer mom who would attend every single one of their kids’ events, bakes the greatest treats ever and makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on a daily basis. suga would also be a gentle mom™ and gives motivational quotes

they would rarely bicker in front of their kids, a big fan of pda in front of their kids to make them groan and goes on road trips like every weekend.


iwaizumi would probably be 1000% done with oikawa every time. the responsible™ parent and has to take care of oikawa as well. he’s stern with his kids but give him puppy dog eyes and he’ll melt. not a huge fan of dog jokes but a grandpa when it comes to the internet.

oikawa would be the epitome of regina george’s mom: a video camera capturing every single one of their kids antics & tries to mingle with their friends. “i’m not a regular mom, i’m a cool mom!” would be his signature phrase with a peace sign. an avid user of facebook.

constant adorable bickers and pda in front of their kids!! there would be media documentations of their kids growing up and loads of facebook posts about their life (it’s cringy but adorable)

(please don’t let them parent, confused™ parents unite)

kageyama would be a parenting book parent. he has no experience whatsoever and relies on parenting book tips. “HINATA BOKE THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY SAID IN THE BOOK!” and he would probably be super chill with his kids but swears a lil too much in front of them oops. quite good at tech and uses facebook for the parenting tips.

hinata would also be a parenting book parent but since he can’t memorise well, he’ll mix up the dos and don'ts. he will give his kids sweets and assume it’s all good until late at night. the supportive parent as well - always attends every single one of their kids events!!

they would constantly bicker in front of their kids and resulting in some sort of race - and their kids would take advantage by sneaking out for snacks. not so big on pda and both useless at tech.


bokuto would be the sporty™ dad. he’ll try to get his kid into volleyball asap and make sure his kid’s the ace and the very best. gives loads of encouragement as well as back slaps (ouch). he’ll also be a connoisseur of dad and animal related puns. his child’s first words will likely be either: “hoot hoot” or “hey hey hey”. he’s also the soccer dad.

akaashi’s a wine mom. probably joins a group of wine moms and they discuss their kids achievements and their husbands. there’s a cute word in my country called: ‘kiasu’ which is scared to lose - and akaashi would probably push his kid to be the best - but he’ll understand and won’t go crazy if they don’t score an A.

they would be huge fans of sneaky kisses and makeout sessions and often do it when their kids are at school. bokuto is very likely to forget he has a kid and akaashi shakes his head and drives beyond speed limit to pick his kid.


kuroo tells dad jokes 'ironically’ and tries to be a hip™ and cool™ dad. he’s also a country club dad who joins the other dads in some form of recreational dad sport like golf or tennis. however he’s quite a responsible parent and keeps tabs on his kids a lot and makes sure they are a-okay. will make his kid play volleyball too - and crush bokuto’s child.

kenma would introduce his kid to the world of video games and it’s gone. their kid would be a mini kenma, who games and does sport as well. kenma makes really good bentos for their kids and often leaves a nice sticky note for their kid and always can tell whenever his kid is feeling down and tries to cheer them up.

they are quite a dynamic duo, often thinks they are hiding their kisses but their kids always catches them in the moment. they would probably go on road trips as well and all have country club memberships.