the epitome of marriage

I’m really getting tired of seeing these ‘rumor’ pics and theories everywhere all the time. Like can we please take a break already?! It’s nice and all to see that a lot of people want him to be happy and be in a relationship but what’s up with ppl being ‘disappointed’ cuz there aren’t more revealing pics?! Are you guys for real?! These 'fans’ are just as bad as the ones who get all offended when one of them has a lover. 

On another note, what’s up with everyone being all like 'he should get married/ have a family, he’s already 35!!!!’ ugh please stop it’s like you’re pushing him into marrying or having kids, marriage isn’t the epitome of happiness trust me on that. I’ve said this and I’ll say it again, they’re not 'too old’ to get married or have a family, there’s no set age for that ff’s sake! I’m sure that when the times comes that they feel like marriage really is what they want then they’ll get married despite the jealous fans and everything else. But please keep in mind that they may not even WANT to get married, is that so hard to understand or what srsly!!

I swear it really looks like some people are forcing/ faking their 'support’ a lot and I don’t even get why, do they do it to look good for the fandom or smth? I’m not saying that everyone blogging about this or expressing their support are like that but some people are so fake it hurts…

(excuse my bad english i’m rly pissed off atm)

So my mom watched Hotel and I was talking about how perfect the Lowe’s are, and she goes “you know what’s wrong with that couple?” And I was like “you best be careful with what you’re about to say…” and she says “he’s so good looking, and she’s not pretty at all.”

Needless to say I moved out.