the epic tragedy of this relationship

Book of the Fallen is great and worth reading.

Tl;dr: You should read the Malazan books because they are a sprawling epic (in the literal sense) replete with great representation, complex and interesting characters, heart-rending tragedy and uplifting victories, and because the relationship between Tehol Beddict and Bugg is great.

In a few more words: Malazan Book of the Fallen is a lengthy fantasy series (ten entries) by Steven Erickson, a Canadian archaeologist and anthropologist. It weaves together dozens of individual stories across hundreds of characters and (at least) seven continents, leaping back and forth between apparently unrelated arcs before tying them together unexpectedly; the convergence of narratives and the power of designated protagonists (ascendants) is actually written into the setting as a major force that drives many of the great disasters and world-changing events of the series. I’m not going to spend a huge amount of time lovingly praising the series as I’m not very good at it so instead I’m going to list a few semi-random features of the series:

  • Villains with believable motives beyond revenge! Protagonists with complex motivations beyond duty or honour! Kallor being a huge dickhead for little to no evident reason other than the fact he’s a douche!
  • A depiction of military life and culture that praises and showcases the camaraderie of people who will die for each other without exalting war! Stories that spin on what war does to people and what a soldier has to do to survive it! PTSD! Self-sacrifice! Grief! People opening a tavern! Basically every exchange between Whiskeyjack and Dujek One-Arm!
  • A magic system and mythology that is both internally consistent, marvellously complex, believable and supported by the history and nature of the setting! Gods as flawed and tragic characters whose power doesn’t invalidate the impact of the mortals the stories are largely about! Crone the Great Raven!
  • Itkovian’s gift!
  • Actual female characters existing outside of the shadow of the dudes! Adjunct Lorn (and Tavore), Surly, Olar Ethil, Lady Envy, Nightchill, the list is huge. Better still, none of them are just ‘male character archetype, but a woman’, none of them are two-dimensional harpies written in to give the male lead something to rail against, and many of them are directly responsible for starting or perpetuating the events described in the narrative, rather than passively watching.
  • LGBT representation and body-positivity! One of the earliest protagonists is a plus-sized lady (and also amazing)! The major protagonist of the last five books has a lady consort who is themselves a fairly significant actor! Kruppe of Darujhistan is both spherical and one of the most important and compassionate characters in the early books! Also Picker and Blend OTP.
  • Everyone isn’t transplanted European or Mediterranean! There are seven continents worth of civilizations, most of them human, and they vary realistically in appearance and behavior!
  • Soul-destroying tragedy! Believable pathos! Triumphant, bloody victories snatched from the teeth of fate at a horrendous cost! The best bromance ever depicted in fiction!
  • Rich and interesting cultures! The undead, ancient T'lan Imass and their endless war with the tusked Jhagut, the scattered Thelomen Toblakai, the weird as shit K'chain Che'malle, even the 'boring’ Malazan Empire - all have interwoven backstories, historical figures, gods, religions. The setting was written as a world building exercise for GURPS and that really shows in the detail, you can dig as deep as you like and keep finding more info.

The first five books can be read somewhat independently, but they’ll be very confusing in the fine details if they aren’t read in order. Gardens of the Moon, the first book, is really kinda crap - it was written ten years before the rest of the series - but Deadhouse Gates and Memories of Ice work fairly well as independent starting points, and contain some of the most heart-rending and moving moments in the entire series.

If you like fantasy at all, particularly the kind of fantasy embodied by A Song Of Ice And Fire, you owe it to yourself to give Malazan Book of the Fallen a shot.



As ‘Black Sails’ reaches its’ conclusion, it really is looking like a Stephens family affair, with Anna-Louise and Toby’s brother, Chris Larkin, each playing their part.  

In Season 4, Larkin plays Captain Berringer who doesn’t take any nonsense from pirates!

“I have never worked with Toby before so that has truthfully been the highlight of the job. We are very close and went to drama school together, he was in the year above me!So we know each other’s work better than anyone. We had the best time on set together and the rest of the cast were brilliant.They were very patient having to deal with two big red-headed blokes giggling a lot!”

HULU and Lionsgate announced this month that HULU had been granted subscription streaming rights to ‘Black Sails’ thereby increasing potential viewing numbers.


Toby on ‘Black Sails’

“I think it’s the fact that everybody put everything on the line. Starz really put themselves behind this, financially. The creators really wrote and created such an amazing show. The production standards were amazing. All of the actors turned up, every day, and gave it their all.”

“It’s been such a great ride, in terms of the fact that we’ve made such a complex show that is very satisfying, in so many different ways. It’s a complicated story with complex characters, that takes place against this very complex backdrop of history. It’s been such a great ride.”

“Well, we know that it’s tragedy because the revolution and the emancipation that Flint wants didn’t happen… And the Golden Age of Piracy ended, so we know that it doesn’t end well. It’s just about, how does it end? This season really is the endgame for all of that. It’s also about the relationship between Silver and Flint, and how that plays out. What happens to Flint, and how does Silver become Long John Silver of Treasure Island?”

Source:; 3rd February 2017

Toby on Captain Flint

“He’s a bit demented. Flint is playing out his own psychodrama on this epic level. He’s not leading this revolution for altruistic reasons; it’s for his own personal reasons. That is why, in the end, somebody has to stop him. But what’s so brilliant about the writing is that it’s also totally logical and pragmatic at the same time. You can justify it. He justifies it all the time.”

“I remember Jon Steinberg discussing Season 3 with me. It’s kind of got bits of The Odyssey in it; it’s got Moby Dick. The dreams were such an imaginative way of psychoanalyzing his character. It was such a beautifully structured journey for him. I’m not saying that Season 4 isn’t that, but it’s different because the journey in that one is really about Silver until the last section where it becomes Flint again.”

“There’s a need in Flint for Silver as a sort of alter-ego. As an expression or an extension of himself. That was interesting for me to play, especially this season where there’s a shift in power. There’s a sense that Flint’s star is declining, and Silver’s is ascending, and how that isn’t going to end well. Yet in a way, Flint makes it happen. He sort of gives away his power to Silver. Why does he do that? It’s interesting.”

“He finds a kindred spirit in Silver. It’s finding this balance between somebody who’s driven by pragmatism but also has this dark side — this anger that’s feeding it, these motivations that are emotional. Flint projects this on him. Because I don’t think Silver can ever live up to that. I don’t think anybody can live up to these things that Flint demands of them. It’s how that resolves itself which is where Season 4 really kind of comes into its own.”

“I don’t think he is aware of it — or if he is, it’s something that he kind of pushes into the background. I think he needs Silver. But how much does Silver need Flint? That’s the question.”

“I think Jon and Robert found such a brilliant ending for Flint. I had a vague idea of where the season was going, but I didn’t know until about two weeks before. In a way, it was much more realistic not knowing. I remember doing a play once which was a tragedy, and the director gave this note to the actors saying, “You don’t know that this ends badly. Your character isn’t seeing it as a tragedy. You just think this is another day.”

About whether he took any props from the set after the show wrapped,

“I deliberately didn’t. I didn’t want anything. He sort of resides in my head. I don’t need any physical keepsakes. I really liked him; I really identified with him and admired him as well as being appalled by him. I really understood him. Having to say goodbye to that is quite difficult — but it’s such a satisfying end to it.”

Source:; 6th February 2017

In light of the upcoming comeback (w/ a full album!!!), I’ve decided to do quick (re)summaries of DAY6′s songs as an attempt to describe their indescribable wonderful music.

The Day (2015)

  • Freely: such a bop //u don’t understand// it has the utmost power to get you up on your feet and dance, a healthy reminder that life is good, sending the most positive and happy vibes
  • Out of My Mind: if ‘intoxication’ is a song this is it - you won’t stop moving your body to the beat, feels like they’re mad and in love w/ you at the same time (which is the lyrics too lol)
  • Congratulations: shows day6′s range of knowledge of music bc of classic rock influences, the ultimate fuck you song, 100% chance you’re crying by the time the drums start in the beginning
  • Habits: such a fakeout - it gets you grooving to this feel good pop melody but the lyrics are the saddest shit ever?? you’re bopping to it but *crying internally*, glorious climactic key change!!
  • Like That Sun: very entrancing opening synth, what heaven feels like, “cause i miss you too damn much”, makes you feel all kinds of special and love, their most precious love song
  • Colors: their saddest love song, speaks to your very soul, will break your heart 1000x stomp all over it and only leave you pain, but simultaneously resurrects you w/ vocals and guitar solo!!!

Daydream (2016)

  • First Time: not sure if they’re happy/sad but it can’t get any clearer //they’ve moved on//, probs your breakup song, the fucking harmonies damn, most epic, it can’t get any more rock than this
  • Blood: legit feels like the song’s running throughout your body, infectious funk, literally talks about the most toxic relationship but you’ve been highkey bopping since the very first riff
  • Letting Go: epic theme song for all tragedies, harmonies make it sadder, breaks your heart in a slow excruciating way til it’s finally torn apart by the keys solo, you discover you invented crying
  • Sing Me: if ‘pretty’ is a song this is it, existential feels af, makes you believe in destiny and love and shit, the universe in a song, (“sing me so i could last forever”?? i’m not crying you’re crying)
  • Wish: very real about depression, the most ironic song bc of the beat but you realize there’s an underlying sadness throughout the song and in the vocals = pain x10000, intricate composition!!
  • Hunt: the 60′s groove is real, lowkey sexual, very naughty, gets you very hyped, most energy, drums won’t let you rest, headbanging til that finale so //u gotta replay like ur life depends on it//
Even wanted to change the story

This season started off with Romeo and Juliet references and parallels all over it. Isak watching Even walk outside school, the pool scene, cuddling in bed, ‘someone has to die for it to be an epic love story’. And we’ve all been freaking out because we thought that meant Even would die. 

But these past couple episodes Even has been referencing Pretty Woman. Nobody dies in Pretty Woman. They get their happy ending at the end of the movie and maybe Even realised that epic love stories don’t need tragedies, sometimes you can be in a long-lasting happy relationship. He even talked about it in the last clip, when he climbed up the balcony Isak would think it was a Romeo and Juliet reference but it’s not it’s Pretty Woman where they ‘save each other’ instead of dying. I remember reading on here a while ago about some people wanting to see the parallel  of the infamous ‘balcony scene’ and maybe the reason we haven’t yet is because it’s not the one we think it will be. Because Even has changed his perspective now, he WANTS the outcome to be different. 

Maybe I’m reading too much into it but I just truly want to believe Skam will do this right, that they will make Even’s feelings genuine and not a ‘side-effect’ of being manic. 

Ai Yazawa’s “NANA”

Among the few anime that I’ve come across, Ai Yazawa’s works give me little to no closure. I am either moved or completely heartbroken. Ai Yazawa’s plots are, what I would call, a collective work of genius. The thrills, the chills and the utter disappointments that you can only experience if you’ve been in love, are what Yazawa so extraordinarily depicts in her works. NANA is one of them. 

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Years ago, I’d watched a couple of episodes which I’d randomly picked. Sadly, I wasn’t mature enough at the time to understand the essence of life as a freshly pressed adult who’d been caught up in a swirling vortex of sex, drugs and rock & roll (not really). Anyway, I realised that it was time I watched the anime series from the beginning. 

NANA messed me up for nearly two weeks. A mere animated story (with uber hot male characters, by the way) turned my world upside down. A mere love story almost made me lose faith in humanity.

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NANA is a reality-check for all the romance genre lovers out there. The genres of this series are romance, comedy, drama, music (to an extent), and if I may add, tragedy. NANA could very well have been an epic had it fulfilled the criteria of one. The story summarises into the two female protagonists’ lives in an apartment in Tokyo, the primary focus being on their love lives and their friendship with each other. Both Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu have completely contrasting personalities, each flawed and doomed.

A beautiful portrayal of the indefiniteness of relationships, the vulnerability of emotions and the transparency of human desires, the monologues of both the narrators feel like they’re each reading from a journal to each other. It is subtle, minimal and yet, overwhelming and emotional. They share a unique bond with each other, the purest and strongest of all their relationships, and perhaps their only safe haven.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you think it's OOC for Caroline? I find it to be very in character for her considering what we saw with Forwood. She had very human realtionship goals when she was with Tyler and expected to do all the normal relationship stuff, and she's the same way with Stefan. Stefan has also always sort of wanted a more normal/human realtionship and that was evident from his pursuit of Elena and high school early on.

Because Tyler was Caroline’s first love. The teenage emotion that is meant to be a transition from the teenage dreams to eventually growing up.

Caroline is also a vampire. And in comparison with Stefan that being a vampire is something that he does not want and brings him guilt and anguish Caroline actually excels at being a vampire. She cherishes the power and the person she is becoming due to her vampirism. In S4 Stefan’s goal was to take the cure to be with Elena but also if he could he would take the cure for himself because he wants to become human again. Caroline would never take the cure. She likes being…let me see…oh yes! Strong, ageless, fearless.

Literally speaking in TVD Damon, Klaus, Katherine Kol, Caroline were born to become Vampires. And this is why they got to get such a devoted following from the fans. Because they served the specific genre perfectly well. Initially so was Rebekah but they had to ruin her progress with the idiotic I want to become human plot of S4.

Caroline is also 18. Her relationship with Tyler was meant to be a transition to adulthood. A coming to age sort of relationship. One that every person must experience at a young age. One that is full of naive hope and childishness and sweet dreams and cute adorable moments. One were you dream to conquer the world inside a Romeo-Juliet babble that is meant to show you that the world is conquered by mature individuals and not high school relationships. Forwood was a necessary step in Caroline Forbes’s progress and characterization and in Tyler Lockwood’s also. They grew up through their bond and heartache. They became more grounded and eventually learned valuable lessons from being together and from breaking up. It was a transitional phase. Not a life purpose. No matter how much the naivety of youth made it seem that way at that time.

Caroline is smart. She is a vampire. She will never grow old. She will never have children. She is an immortal and she has literally an eternity in front of her. One that should become a magic journey and not a simple research for finding a ball in chain that will halt her evolution and personal growth.

Caroline Forbes needs to appreciate Caroline Forbes. She needs to become her own person. To learn how to survive in the world in her own terms. To become her own woman. To become independent. Not to lock herself in a small corner of the world. She is a vampire. She is meant to travel. To learn new languages. To experience art, music, architecture, wonders. To meet new people. To have a lot of sex. Many flings. To even take advantage of people and situations. To learn to manipulate better and to learn to balance her humanity with her immortality. To get to know new cultures, religions, food, colors. She will be here when new cultures will be born, when new eras will prevail, when old societies will break down. She needs to feel the world devour it and get devoured by it for a long time as a free independent woman. And for a Vampire the time has a whole new meaning. Caroline literally has decades and centuries and even more time ahead of her before the time to settle down even comes close. Because this (no matter how many times I get to sound like a broken record) is a VAMPIRE SHOW. It has other rules all together. It is not meant to show us One tree hill and Dawson’s Creek esque ships but Dracula and Queen of the Damned kind of characters. Relationships bigger than life and death and not one that you and I can have in real life anyway. This is not the point of a show that is meant to have fantasy creatures that are reborn in death and walk in shadows and in the dark.

Stefan has lived that life I mention above (much to his dismay) and it is his time in his mind to finally slow down and find peace. Caroline is just beginning and what seemed to Stefan like a nightmare for Caroline can be a dream coming true.

She is still so very young and Stefan wants to feed from her spirit in order to finally find what he was looking for almost two centuries. It is about what he needs. What he wants. The very same pattern he used when he first found Elena and in his relationship with Damon. His needs come first. His “nobility” and “humanity” make him to be always right. It is not intentional but he is emotionally abusing and creating guilt to those around him in order for them to stay with him and fill his loneliness. He is not a bad guy but he is a broken one that needs a crutch. is about him being tired of roaming around on his own and of him finally understanding that his bond with the doppelgangers was unhealthy and it is him having a deeply rooted hatred for his nature. Someone has to take the fall in order to serve his personal needs and desires and that is Caroline right now. And sure it would not be a bad thing if Caroline could fully acknowledge that and had some decades in her back and knew what she actually wanted and was at the middle or the end of her journey. But she is not. Her relationships with Matt and Tyler were actually things Caroline Forbes wanted with the mind of a human teenager. Now that her mother is dead and now that soon she won’t be able to live in Mystic Falls any longer she will start seeing the world through more adult glasses. More so through Vampire glasses so the motivations change. High school, cheerleading, college, a sweet boyfriend, a white fence are not going to be enough. She will drown in them if she gets stalled by them for a long period of time. Small town life, small town boy are simply not good enough of simply enough for her. This is why Stefan Salvatore is not enough. This is why Klaus as he ended up being in TO is also not enough.

Caroline is meant to be energy. Wild, violent, temperamental, passionate. She is not a second Elena Gilbert no matter how much Plec wants to present her as one because that is literally the one female trope she knows how to write. She is her own person. She is not meant to wipe away all the male tears that are going to come up her way. She is a woman not a kleenex.

At some point Caroline Forbes will need to explore her vampirism too. Without anything holding her back. To engage in her nature. To feel the darkness and grasp the world. She will need to travel, to gather experiences while she will be able to play with compulsion and her vampire skills and her fangs and her veins underneath her eyes. To eat people, to jump from tall buildings, to run as fast as the wind blows.

Stefan right now is a vampire that wants to settle down. Even with Klaus’s case (and I am a Klaroline fan and I am even talking about TVD Klaus and not that horrific TO OOC mess he became to be) I always said that their relationship was epic due to their potential and the promise of their eventual eternity (last love not current or present one, however long it times in time not in now) where Caroline will first needed to grow up before being ready for a relationship with Klaus or any other vampire that would be good enough for her; and if a relationship between her and Klaus was to occur in S3/S4 I expected it to end eventually n tragedy with Klaus probably dying or with an open ending that would point us to the very ends of time and into a long distant future with some meetings in the between.

The point here is for Caroline to grow. To become the best version of herself. To put herself and her needs first. If she was an older vampire I would not object to her relationship with Stefan. But right now in human comparisons it seems as if Stefan is a 40 plus widower that suddenly wants the sweet naive 20 year old to keep him company and make him feel alive again while having a peaceful life by his rules.

Sorry but eventually a caterpillar is meant to break the cocoon and become a butterfly. Exchanging one web for another without breaking free from it it will simply kill her and not allow her to transform and become what is meant to become.

Anyway all that is moot because we are still talking about Plec’s shows were it is all about ships and babies and human aspirations that are bound by soap opera standards. But this is in general my opinion over this.

Arrow 100th Episode Give Away!

Happy Arrow 100!!!!! What a milestone. We are 100 episodes into this story and I can honestly say it’s been a hell of a ride thus far. It hasn’t been a perfect story, but in my experience, there is no such thing. The lows make me appreciate the highs. The tragedy makes me savor the joy. There is so much I love about this show. I love the characters, their relationships with one another, the humor, the action, the universe Arrow has launched and the epic hero’s journey they are crafting.

Arrow has brought a lot of amazing things and people into my life. I’m so thrilled to be watching this show and sharing in this experience with all of you. Coincidentally, Something To Live For hit a major follower milestone. To celebrate that, and the Arrow 100th episode, I’m giving away…

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I feel so numb and dead inside. we trusted them. we had faith that they understood. we believed that we were finally getting the love story we deserved. we believed that we were finally being given something we have waited so long for. and what happened? they do this. they knew exactly how to hurt us and they did it. and we trusted them. how foolish were we, to think we could actually get a f/f relationship that was such an epic love story and not end in tragedy? stupid us.

Why Mystrade?

BBC Sherlock hasn’t shown even a hint of Mystrade, in fact the two characters hardly interact; yet it has shown little bits of Lestrolly in two different seasons. I still prefer to have a canon Mystrade on the show.

We need to see that openly gay people can be people in power. That there should be no backlash in being openly gay if you are the prime minister or the president or the Secret Service or the bleeding government. That there should be no backlash in a toxic masculine environment like the police force if you are in a same sex relationship.

While we all root for Johnlock - and thank god the show is written with that in mind - Sherlock and John’s love story is so fraught with heteronormative drama.

Sometimes, same sex relationships are less wringer-like.

In the same way that het relationships don’t always have to be portrayed in Romeo-Juliet epic levels.

It doesn’t always have to be one or both parties coming to terms with their sexuality, or neurotypicality (I’m not sold on this one), or involvement of a third party, or some earth shattering tragedy, or life affirming miracle.

I’m not comfortable with the notion somehow perpetuated here that same sex relationships have to jump through hoops before they could ride into the sunset. I’m sure that wasn’t the intent. But I feel like overwrought arcs take away from the incidental-ness of the incidentally-queer representation. And yes there are minor characters in the show where there was no overwrought-ness happening like Gary and Billy and Irene and Kate. But for the mainstays, it’s another story.

Mark said somewhere (if anyone has the link, do send, please and thank you) that it would be nice if in a show a gay person goes home to his same sex partner, kisses him hello, and no one raises a shitstorm about it. I obviously paraphrased, but you get the idea.

They don’t have to die and fight inner demons to make that ride into the sunset satisfying. They can just comfortably hold hands while watching the sunset.

Mycroft and Greg don’t have the usual pitfalls of social awkwardness and insecurities and physical and psychological chips on their shoulders. They both have social finesse and leadership skills. They are in positions of protecting the safety of thousands, if not millions, of lives. They are both adult in their approach to life. They even spend a bulk of their time looking after the physical and emotional well-being of other grown ups in their lives. This is a potentially very mature, very sober, very grounded relationship. And that is the particular kind of representation of LGBT+ we need in media.

But real talk… right now, 2k16: 

when talking about whatever TV shows/movies that we watch, it should be a normal thing for boys to openly fall in love with boys without it ending up being some kind of tragedy. 

when talking about whatever TV shows/movies that we watch, it should be a normal thing for girls to openly fall in love with girls without it ending up being some kind of tragedy.

when talking about whatever TV shows/movies that we watch, it should be a normal thing for love stories that include whatever combination of gender that doesn’t fit the traditional label ‘heterosexual’, to at least have the average and preferably hopeful ending that they deserve just as much as like 90% of all hetero ships going on wherever/whenever in popular media.

Because if you’re only there for a F/M relationship with a happy ending, you can take your pick and drown in the amount of choices that you’ve got. But too many people looking for representation still don’t have that luxury in this day and age, and that is a shame.

All of you deserve that epic love story, and for it to be the main happy ending of a show/movie instead of always the sad tragedy that eventually gets pushed to the background or ends in disaster just because it isn’t ‘straight’. Because honestly, those kind of endings for ships that aren’t ‘straight’ exist, but they are far and few between. 

Riarkle vs Rucas in GM The Truth

(I haven’t slept in over 24 hours so this won’t be as…composed as I’d like it to be, but I’ve wanted to rant about this since the episode literally aired so w/e)

Okay, to begin: Fuck Romeo and Juliet.

I mean, it’s one of my favorite plays if I’m being honest, but fuck, do tv shows over use it so much. Like I can think of so many shows from when I was a kid, that when they wanted to have the main character freak out over their first kiss, they were cast as a lead in Romeo and Juliet opposite their crush. And theeeeen, something whacky happens to prevent it from happening anyway, and maybe if you were lucky, you’d get a cute scene between the two of them at the end of the episode laughing about it. It’s so overdone and tired.

And that’s why I really like how gmw did it.

Okay, so I’m going to start this with three questions. 1) Does everyone remember Romeo and Juliet being mentioned in bmw?, and 2) Why hadn’t Riley and Lucas kissed in rehearsal?, and 3) Why did they use that specific scene?

BMW referenced Shakespeare plays…like, a lot. But they only ever brought up Romeo and Juliet when they wanted to emphasize that it was a tragedy. Like, there are literally scenes where Cory is using it because he hadn’t finished the play so all he knew was “big epic love story” and it made him think of him and Topanga. He was using Romeo and Juliet to describe their relationship and Feeny had him skip ahead to the end to get him to stop. They never painted Romeo and Juliet as a beautiful love story, the epitome of romance, like so many other shows/movies/books have. So it makes you wonder why, even so early on, they’d have Lucas and Riley playing the parts? When they were still being presented to the audience as the Next Corpanga. And of course this brings me to wonder what their rehearsals were like? How had Riley and Lucas never kissed before the night of the performance. No director would be chill with that unless they were going to cut the kiss altogether, or had ultimately agreed upon a stage kiss (which seems more likely with 12 year olds in a school play). But also…Romeo and Juliet kiss earlier in the play. Which brings me to:

The scene they chose was very important. Every time, and I mean every time, people try to use Romeo and Juliet to emphasize romance, they use the balcony scene. It’s where they first profess their love and share their first kiss. It’s an important scene. Every time someone wants to have the show’s main “to-be” couple deal with their feelings/first kiss/overall chemistry, and they’re in Romeo and Juliet, you always see them sweating over the balcony scene. Because it’s always meant to symbolize the beginning. The balcony scene is the beginning of Romeo and Juliet’s relationship, and it’s so sweet to watch that when they don’t focus on the rest of the show, you never seem to remember that the plays a tragedy. So we’re what, 5 episodes into this brand new show, and they’ve shoved Lucas and Riley as the OTP in our face, and we’re about to see them have their first kiss Romeo and Juliet style. So what scene do they decide to use?

The Death Scene

For anyone who doesn’t know, Juliet is drugged but Romeo thinks she’s dead. He kisses her lips one last time, then kills himself. She wakes up, realizes what’s happened, and stabs herself in the stomach with his dagger. How fucking romantic, amirite? Eyes look your last/ Arms they take your last embrace/ And lips, oh you the doors of death/ Seal with a righteous kiss. That is the stuff of true, lasting soul mates right there, guys. That’s the line Lucas was reciting right before his big “moment” was supposed to happen. No comparing her to the sun or the moon or a summers day. Lucas’s “moment” as he called it was literally kissing her before they die. Doesn’t anyone find it a little funny looking back now, seeing as from the moment they kiss in ‘First Date’, Riley and Lucas have literally only gone downhill? In GM Truth, of all the potential scenes they could have gone with, they decide to have Riley and Lucas act out a kiss before a tragic end to a very short relationship. Can anyone tell me what foreshadowing is?

But, even more important: they never get to the kiss. Lucas doesn’t finish his lines and die, and Riley’s not so despaired she ends her life, And you know why we don’t see it getting that far?

Farkle swoops in. 

Tiny little Farkle, with his bowl cut and tooth gap and plastic spear, swoops in to “save” his “woman” from Lucas. And I mean, put yourself in Riley’s shoes for a second here. You’re a 12 year old girl, you’ve got the starring role in your school play and your ~hunky~ crush is just about to kiss you. Then all of the sudden, your friend bursts in and ruins the whole show. The whole finale- you don’t get your kiss, you don’t get to deliver the big ending monologue you spent so much time practicing, your best friend who you always feel you’re in the shadow of is brought on stage to lay next to you. The show’s a mess and everyone is there to see it happen, and the boy who ruined the whole thing for you isn’t even sorry/doesn’t seem to realize he’s done anything wrong. Wouldn’t you be pissed? Even a little bit? Wouldn’t you maybe yell at him, or try to get him off the stage, or give him a cold shoulder when you see him later? At the very least scowl at him or something.

But Riley’s not mad at Farkle. Just look at her face when he comes on and interrupts the scene- Lucas looks startled and annoyed the longer it goes on, but Riley just rolls her eyes and smiles fondly- her special Farkle Smile- as if she had totally expected this to happen. It really makes me think of the look of sheer Exasperated Fondness that Topanga gives Cory, like, all the time. And Riley gets it on her face whenever Farkle does anything extra Farkly. But this specific moment, when he’s making a fool out of himself onstage, has always immediately put me in mind of the episode where Cory and Shawn made a fake band. Cory made a complete idiot of himself in front of the whole school, but Topanga was there, all smiles and tender eyes because “I don’t care that you can’t play the guitar, you just looked so cute up there!” Like…it’s literally the exact expression Riley has on her face in this scene. Someone please gif it for me or something. She doesn’t care that he’s essentially ruining what could be a big moment for her. You can see her giving him this look at least once an episode. She’s exasperated, yes, but you bet your ass she probably thinks it’s the sweetest thing in the world that Farkle feels the need to “defend” her. Riley is the one who has never really seemed to mind Farkle’s feelings for her. There might be a few instances of her being embarrassed by one of his proclamations, but she never really seems annoyed by him or his feelings. She has a completely different way of responding to them than Maya does. So, yeah, she really wanted to kiss Lucas and have her 15 minutes of fame. But despite that, she clearly thinks it’s sweet Farkle felt the need to go to the lengths that he did to make sure Lucas doesn’t 'steal’ her from him or something.

“But I’m supposed to kiss the girl, Shakespeare said!” Yeah, Lucas, sweetie. He did. But then he also said that you lead to her downfall. We didn’t get to see you comparing Riley the Sun for a reason, bucko. We got you reciting the lines that literally end up ruining Juliet. But, oh wait, didn’t Farkle already compare her to the Sun four episodes before this…? Yikes.

And every time so far we’ve seen Riley being upset over Lucas drama, who’s the guy that swoops in, reads her like a book, and does everything he can to make her feel better? Oh, yeah, Farkle. What a coincidence.

And then, Riley spends the rest of the episode protecting Farkle. Like, what, a week, trying to make sure he doesn’t find out people have been making fun of him and talking about what a bad actor he is and how he ruined the show. Her big starring moment was ruined, Riley, the girl who only wants to find a thing she’s good at so she can feel like she fits in somewhere. Her big moment was taken from her, and instead of being upset, she dedicates her time and effort to make sure the guy that ruined it doesn’t get upset. She knows he loves acting and thought he did a good job, and doesn’t want to break his heart. Like, seriously, look at her face when she sees him laying on the stage because the director banned him and he figured out how bad he was. She almost looks more upset than he does! This girl literally says “I’m sorry that I could never bring myself to hurt you!”. Oh my God. And the fact that her internal dilemma wasn’t even that she was lying, just that she was lying to Farkle. She was lying to him to protect him and keep him happy, but she was being torn up about keeping something from him.

“We don’t lie to each other, Riley!”

And then, even though Shakespeare said Romeo/Lucas was “supposed to kiss the girl”…We don’t get that. We get Farkle kissing Riley in their very own Corpanga Parallel. (Didn’t Cory eventually say he and Topanga were better than Romeo and Juliet once he read the end?) Does no one else find it funny that just like we’re told Romeo has to kiss Juliet, we were told Lucas was Riley’s Topanga, that they were supposed to be, but the very first Big-In-Your-Face-Corpanga parallel we get is between Riley and Mr. Farkle Changing the Storyline Spear Carrier Minkus?

And then Lucas says “I just can’t believe that little guy stole my moment!” Which of course, brings to mind “She ends up with Farkle…How did we not see that coming?”

I’m about to fall asleep at my desk so…I rest my case.

My own personal opinion is that whether you love him or hate him, whether you “ship” reylo or not, the idea of kylo and rey as a couple, as having some kind of romantic dynamic, presents itself in the movie. If only (and maybe particularly) as the romantic suggestion of Rey and Ben Solo as he could have been.

The tragedy and beauty of kylo ren as a character is that you see in him what could have been and, if you’re optimistic, what might still be. He has all these beautiful qualities (including the quality of beauty!) and to see those used in service of the dark side is to weep over the tragedy of wasted potential. That’s why it’s important and good to see his humanity and his qualities. It heightens the tragedy of his fall.

I believe this potentiality in him extends to his relationship with rey. His interactions with her are laced with romantic undertones and odd traces of gentleness and courtesy. To recognize that is not to suggest that he is doing it right and Rey should fall into his arms. It is to see and mourn the potential of both the man and a love story between them that in another universe, another world, could be beautiful and epic.

These traces in the movie do not point necessarily to the canonicity of reylo. I think they are important regardless. In fact I believe they are even more important if kylo isn’t redeemed. They are a beautiful reminder and hint of what might have been.

And nothing is more tragic and beautiful and more devestating than what could have been.


Everyone in the game suffers loss and tragedy, but I find Red’s tend to strike close to home. Even though the Cave of the Gi is just as fantastical as the fires of Nibelheim, I think it’s a lot easier to relate to the emotional heart of the situation. Who hasn’t longed for a better relationship with someone after its too late, or regretted a conclusion you’ve come to without the full context of the situation? Likewise, Bugenhagen’s death lacks the sound and fury of most others in this game - no epic struggle, just the loss of a beloved grandparent.

Both of Nanaki’s personal tragedies are the kind of thing that tend to happen as people get older, and a part of his growing up. For as much as we see him showing his growth in choosing to look beyond the valley, his reaction shows his youth as well. He’s a 16 year old who has been left on his own before he’s ready - something I’m sure Cloud relates to here.

2015 DCBB

Title: Chemical
Author: Rabidbinbadger | AO3 | Tumblr
Artist: Witchylana | AO3 | Tumblr
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: E
Words: 120,000
Pairing: Dean/Cas

Warnings: Angst, fluff, unsafe driving practices, homophobic language, unhealthy coping mechanisms, road trip, switch Dean, switch Cas, alcohol, drug use, human Cas, demons, hunters, angels, mystery, thriller, alternate canon

Summary: They kiss, and the world doesn’t end. Also, no-one gets punched in the crotch, and nothing swoops down from the skies to backslap Dean and tell him to stop corrupting ex-servants of heaven. All of which seems, y’know, suspiciously too good to be true.

But they roll with it anyway, and after the kiss there’s a hunt, and a holiday, and an epic road trip. There’s Dean and Cas starting to build a relationship together, and Sam learning to knock before he enters absolutely any room at all, YOU ANIMALS.

And then, just as Dean is starting to inch past his fear of abandonment and trust that things are gonna be okay – that this is a forever deal and not just some interlude between periods of tragedy and loneliness – Cas disappears.

(Note:  Set nebulously around S10, but Charlie is still alive and getting rid of the Mark didn’t unleash the Darkness. )

Fic and Art: AO3

Art: Tumblr | AO3

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Okay, so a meta on why Bamon should have been the new ship of season 6 instead of Steroline please? :)

Le sigh. So while I’ve liked Bamon’s development throughout the course of season 6, I’ve recently come to the realization that by going for Steroline instead of going for Bamon the writers basically fucked up the entire season and made it into the clusterfuck it was instead of something that actually could have been pretty awesome. Like, by focusing entirely on Delena and forcing Steroline to “develop” in this season they basically fucked over every ship and character on the show on some level, and while I have no beef with Delena shippers the writers basically screwed up their chances of having a pretty rad season 7 because they were desperate to pander to DEers for one last time in the hopes that they wouldn’t completely abandon the show. Honestly all of this stuff just kind of came together in my mind in the past few hours and I have a hard time even figuring out how to tackle it because it’s something that so profoundly affected the season, so I’m just gonna do a rundown of how each ship was adversely affected and how the characters in that ship were adversely affected by it as well. 

Bamon: Okay, obviously my main point here is that Bamon should have been the new ship of season 6 instead of Steroline. And I’m not just saying that because I like Bamon and hate Steroline. In terms of the actual story being told here there is no specific development between two characters this season that would lead more logically and more easily to a romance than the development between Bamon. Their story is quite literally a romantic story line without the actual romance follow through, and it makes sense. Bonnie and Damon were put in a unique situation that forced their relationship to develop in a dramatically different direction and also forced their characters to grow in new and more complex ways. The writers should have explored their relationship this season because it was the first truly natural new dynamic they’ve had in a long time, and had they explored it properly it could have developed Bonnie and Damon into characters who would flourish after Elena’s departure instead of falter. 

Aside from being a new and interesting dynamic in general, I think Bamon would have been especially relevant for Bonnie’s development into one of the female leads of the show. Bonnie is an awesome and tragically underexplored character, and something that they have never really given to Bonnie is a motivation outside of saving her friends and loved ones and the legitimacy of a being a romantic lead. One of the biggest complaints about Bonnie’s development as a character is that she is basically treated as a magical black girl who’s value is power and who’s duty is sacrifice. She’s always had the potential to be a badass lead, but ultimately it’s nearly impossible to be recognized as a true leading heroine on TVD without being a part of a leading ship. Bamon could have easily given Bonnie that legitimacy and given her character a dimension that she’s always been denied.

Obviously Bamon could have really helped Damon as well, because his character has pretty much ceased to exist outside of his relationship with Elena. Dalaric and Denzo have been tragically ignored this season, but even if they get their day in the sun next season the writers could very possibly leave him high and dry when it comes to romance. Now I certainly don’t think that TVD is in desperate need of more romance, but what has been such a constant presence in Damon’s life thus far is his single-minded obsession with the doppelgangers. His primary motivation as a character has pretty much always been either Katherine or Elena, and by leaving Delena off on this note it kind of traps Damon in a state where that is on some level always going to be true, even if the writers try to act like it isn’t. Instead of allowing Damon to decide to move beyond that stage of his life they’re now essentially forcing him into it, and the writers seem to have really hindered his potential for growth in the hopes of somehow dragging out the idea of Delena a little bit longer. His relationship with Bonnie should have made him realize that he could have a life outside of his relationship with Elena and that more importantly, he could actually become a better or at least a more balanced person if he opened himself up to the world outside of his epic love soul mate obsession, but now even if that happens it doesn’t really feel like a natural development of his character. 

Steroline: Obviously it’s no secret that I don’t like Steroline. When you quit a show because of a ship that’s a pretty powerful dislike. But what is soooo incredibly frustrating about season 6 of TVD is that if they had gone for Bamon instead of Steroline it would have not only opened up a whole new world of dynamics for Bonnie and Damon, they could have also done the same for Stefan and Caroline by focusing on the two of them individually and laying the groundwork for Steroline to happen in season 7 instead of forcing it in season 6. I mean, out of all of the characters who have seemed to be singularly focused on or used as romantic props, Stefan and Caroline are probably the best examples on TVD. Stefan’s character has almost always been totally focused on Elena, and Caroline’s character has sadly been used as the female role in whatever secondary romance the writers have in mind. This season would have been a prime time to develop both of them beyond that, but instead they were forced together in an absurd and illogical romance story line that could have just as easily been postponed and been much more appealing in the next season.

I mean firstly let’s look at Stefan. Stefan was basically transformed from a character who was sometimes bad and wanted to be good, and who was above all things madly in love with Elena. Now, I think it would certainly be beneficial for him to expand his horizons beyond his romance with Elena, and I would certainly not consider it expanding his horizons to be immediately shoehorned into a romance with a devastated friend who he basically declares his maybe kinda interest in over the corpses of her mother and his “former” soul mate. In one fell swoop the writers have managed to oversimplify and completely trash Stefan as a character and turn him into Admiral Fuckboy of TVD, when they could have just as easily had Stefan be there for Caroline AS A FRIEND and help her through this tragedy while realizing that maybe there is a life to be lived outside of his relationships with Elena and Damon, and eventually coming to the realization that perhaps his feelings for Caroline were stronger than he realized. And while Elena is certainly his epic love they could have had him come to the conclusion that he wants to see who he is without her, not only with Caroline but just as a person existing in the world. 

And then of course there is Caroline. Nothing breaks my heart more than what has been done with Caroline. What the writers should have been focusing on with Caroline was truly making her story line with Liz about her and her character development as well as her relationships with the entire MF gang, because while Bonnie has been tragically ignored as a potential romantic heroine lead, Caroline has been tragically ignored as a potential non-romantic heroine lead. This would have been the ideal time to establish her alongside Bonnie as two female characters fully capable of being well rounded and interesting leads, but instead she was once again forced into the role of a romantic object in the most absurd and offensive way imaginable. The writers simply forced Steroline together way too soon and both Stefan and Caroline wound up coming off as one-dimensional self-absorbed douchebags because of it. 

Stelena: I mean there’s really no two ways around it, Stelena was royally fucked over this season on a level that most people probably didn’t expect, including myself. But I honestly think that if the writers had developed Bamon as their main new romance instead of Steroline that they could have actually given Stelena a proper ending that wouldn’t have necessarily been romantic but could have at least honored the importance of Stefan and Elena in each other’s lives instead of brushing them off as some forgotten childish romance. I mean, Elena literally erased Damon from her memories. While that isn’t necessarily a direct road back to Stefan it was still a fantastic opportunity to explore Elena’s relationship with Stefan outside of Delena/triangle drama, and it would have been a great chance for the writers to remind us of why Stelena mattered so much in the first place aside from being each other’s epic loves. It was an awesome opportunity to develop the both of them through their relationship as a non-romance, and would have been an especially nice way of reclaiming Elena as a whole person instead of just as Damon’s girlfriend before she left the show for good.

Delena: And you know, while I am not a fan of Delena’s relationship and think they’re certainly more than a bit toxic at this point, I think my main problem with them is that they’ve become incredibly boring and repetitive. And weirdly enough, by not acknowledging Bamon’s potential as an actual romance the writers actually kind of screwed over Delena in a big way too. Like, they could have very easily developed these two relationships in parallel with each other and allowed Damon and Elena to sort of grow back together after these really intense developments apart, and they could have allowed Elena to really see Damon through Bonnie’s eyes as well as allow Damon to grow into the kind of person who realizes he doesn’t need Elena to survive and more importantly the kind of person who would be willing to let Elena go for her own sake, even if he hoped to someday be with her in the future and have her fall in love with him again. Basically by just throwing a few more rounds of the standard Delena ridiculousness in before Elena left for good they robbed Damon and Elena of the chance to understand themselves as two separate people as well as robbing them of the chance to see each other as new people that they could fall in love with again but in a healthier and more natural way. 

So yeah, obviously I’ve gotten more than a little ranty here and I’m going to cut myself off, but sincerely, I could literally explain why every single character and every single relationship was screwed over by this decision, not to mention the season as a whole. I mean Enzo was screwed over by this choice. Forwood was screwed over by this choice. Monnie was screwed over by this choice. Absolutely everything in this entire season would have been better had the writers gone this route, not only could they given Elena a proper farewell and reminded us all of why she was so relevant to the story of TVD, but they could have set up a really fantastic and narratively rich jumping off point for season 7. They could have set up Bamon and Steroline to be something really great, but they could have also just set up the entire story and all of the characters as a whole as a unit with new dynamics to be explored and new stories to be told. I mean, they seriously could have accomplished almost everything they needed to accomplish and more importantly that the audience wanted to see, but instead they basically flipped the bird to every ship besides Delena and Steroline and are now left with a mess of disparate threads that need to be pulled together and left the show off on a horrendous down note that will probably lead to the show’s complete collapse next year. Honestly I’m just completely flabbergasted as to how this even happened, because they had a perfect setup for a stellar season that could have relaunched the show into something really interesting and different, and they sacrificed all of that for a ship they knew was ending and a ship that completely bombed. 

Seigaku as fic writers

@moonliel asked me to do something like this for Seigaku, so here we go :D

Tezuka: Puts lots of time and energy into writing fic. He hasn’t got many stories, but they’re all very long and very wordy. Expect massive chapters every few months. He has a set of dedicated followers, but isn’t massively popular because his writing style is a bit hard to get into.

Ryoma: Medium length one shots, mostly random AUs. He gets an idea, writes it, posts it and then moves onto the next. He has one or two long fics, but they rarely get updated. Has an easy to read writing style and is very popular.

Fuji: All your faves are going to die in more and more tragic ways. Or, you could get one of his fics which is really detailed porn. There is nothing in the middle. His porn fics get more hits than his tragedy. 

Taka-san: Writes cute romance ficlets. Nothing long and detailed, just a couple of hundred words of adorable fluff…. until he gets really into typing and then it’s full on action scenes and epic dramas. He’s not the most popular fic writer, but his fics end up on rec lists a lot.

Eiji: Writes crack fics. Like, the crack fics you wrote when you were about 12 and were just full of in-jokes with your friends and weren’t funny to anyone but you and your friends. 

Oishi: Grand, epic romances are Oishi’s thing, but also lots of soap-opera relationship drama. Extremely popular with his easy to read, but rather flowery writing style. He tried to reply to every one of his thousands of reviews.

Inui: Writes more character analysis than fics. His writing style is very short and to the point with little emotion in. His fics aren’t very popular, but his analysis is.

Kaidoh: Stars off writing epic adventures that soon turn into fluff. Relatively popular, especially with those who want to plot in their fluff. Includes lots of cats and dogs in his fics.

Momo: Writes comedy that’s 80% funny. Not a lot happens in his fics, but they’re fun to read and he has a sizeable reader base. He’s very active in fandom and makes friends easily in it.

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Hi! I was wondering if you could give me any loki sif pre-canon fic recs?

This has been in my ask box for two months I am so sorry!

First, check out the secret relationship rec post I made, pretty much every fic on there is set pre-canon!

In the interest of avoiding super repetitive posts, I’m not going to rec any of the ones on there, so here’s some more pre-canon fics! This category is huge, and so many fics could fit in here; therefore, this is nowhere near comprehensive. But hopefully you will find some stories that suit your interests!

After the Fall by damalur

And epic tale of Loki and Sif’s relationship from childhood up until the coronation. Favorite!

The Tenth Realm by Margo_Kim

Five hundred years before Thor’s coronation, Loki and Sif adventure in search of a legend.

Stolen Fire by Ias

The tragedy of the present is contrasted with the happiness of the past. 

Through the Glass (Of a Two-Sided Mirror) by OhMisterBlueSky

Where Sif ran, he chased.

Body Heat by murdur

Trapped in a cave, Loki and Sif share a sleeping bag for warmth.

so long to the headstrong by murdur

Sif must rush to save his life.

See It Coming by murdur

Heimdall watches his sister and the man who plagues her

You don’t so it on purpose, but you make me shake by residualaffection

Sif and Loki each have reason to be discontented with their lot in Asgard

had joys no date by sabinelagrande

Loki and Sif through the years, a love that was only ever leading to one conclusion

Consequences of Boar Hunting by venomandchampagne

Loki is left alone to care for an injured Sif.

A New Game to Play by silverducks

Like a fight, a dance, they circled around each other, neither stepping any closer. But it was time now for a new game to play.

Put it on (& Don’t Say a Word) by AloryShannon

Sif walks in on Loki trying on her dresses and decides to play along

Of Kisses and Kings by tvconnoisseur

I do. Fancy you, I mean. As a warrior.” 

Frostbite and Sunstroke by sabinelagrande

Loki has always been cold, and this is the game they play.

Lies for the Liars by bhaer

Sif remembers Loki in three ways.

Moment of Accord by fauness

Loki and Sif take a vacation

Star Bodies by M_Leigh

Sif and Loki grow up

…In Velvet (in her hand she holds the the Moon) by dame_ordsmeden

How a Yule feast, mead, wine, and seiðr bring Loki and Sif together. And this fic shows it fall apart.

Hunted by twofrontteethstillcrooked

“It must have been difficult for you,” she said in a voice that felt like a whetted blade being drawn across his throat.

Gold by Mithlomi

Loki cannot resist Sif in his colours…

So Will You Swim for Me by newredshoes

The vine had him bound and Sif came for him.

Lady’s Choice by cupiscent

Loki perfected the art of wear his brother’s face. Unrequited love triangle-ish

this way we dance is lore by theleonhearted

They move with the advent of the seasons, a tradition as certain as the coming of Yule

Betrayer by mythopathic

She always came to him whenever something happened to quicken her blood, be it battle or joy or grief

Hair fics

Symbol by ZionAngel

Sif asks for Loki’s help in cutting away her past doubts and uncertainties

Warrior by incandescent

He takes her hair as a prize. She takes something else.

Between Two Points by LorienEUrbani

Hair cutting, jealousy, affection.

Unintended Consequences by Lizardbeth

Sif’s change of hair comes with unintended consequences

Fighting fics

Like a Shotgun Needs and Outcome by Barkour

They spar together and it turns to something else

A Straightforward Invitation by newredshoes

She invites him to spar

A Warrior’s Heart by illrain666

She sparred with him when they were younger.

A glittering jewel by epistretes

Loki is forced to visit the training grounds


Steel ‘verse by Mira_Jade

War and Trickery have been, and always will be, entwined. A huge, sprawling series exploring the history and future of these two.

Transformations ‘verse by meritmut

An in-progress series detailing the history between these two. nor i we like to gods and a delicate fire especially delve into pre-movies.

Ok I’m stopping. I need a drink…

Aaaaand I have another whole list of pre-canon fics with these two as kids that I’m gonna post separately since this has already spun out of control. Other fic recs for these dumb space vikings can be found here!