the epic friendship of jared and jensen

A little story from Jensen's M&G

I’ve previously posted my question to Jensen and the amazing answer I got in return at his M&G (you can find it here: but I wanted to share another story from Jensen’s M&G with y'all.

While asked about the season finale, Jensen talked about the emotion that was put into the scene where Dean dies. Apparently, Dean was originally supposed to be lying on the floor but Jensen thought it would be a better idea for Dean to sit so that he could be in eye-level with Jared/Sam - and eventually fall against him. Jensen said that he wasn’t kidding when saying that Jared’s tears were all over his shoulder while shooting the scene - his shoulder was literally soaking wet from all the tears Jared shed.

After the first take, Jared had to get up and walk around to recover from all the emotion, and the director said that they didn’t have to do more takes because he had already got what he needed after the first one, but Jared insisted that he could still do more takes. They did two or three more takes of the scene (that originally included Sam sobbing and cradling Dean while the camera zoomed out and away, but that part of the scene was cut out) and Jensen said that the take they ended up using in the episode was actually the one where Jared cried THE LEAST.

Jensen also mentioned that when Jared had returned after recovering from the first take, Jensen held out his fist and Jared bumped it with his own fist - and then they were ready to do the scene again.

Hearing Jensen tell this story and seeing the emotion on his face while doing so, brought tears to my eyes. I just love these guys and their epic friendship ♥

A beginners guide to hating Destiel Hellers.

I joined the supernatural fandom as you know about a year ago, but I have been following the show for the whole 11 years, since I was a college kid just like Sam 😁
I started out completely neutral and followed a bunch of blogs, but before long I was just bombarded with people talking about Destiel which I didn’t even know was a thing until the episode ‘Fan Fiction’ had aired.
They talked about it as though it was really a part of the plot and wrote ridiculous metas about how the smallest most insignificant thing had been put in as a Destiel Easteregg. Literally everything was Destiel foreshadowing and I just couldn’t understand how we were watching the show because I just couldn’t see any subtext between them.
Then I saw all this stuff implying that Supernatural had a homophobic agenda purely because of said ship not becoming canon. I’m sorry what?? Supernatural and it’s cast are some of the most liberal celebrities I know of, so that is utter bullshit. And I can let a lot of stuff slide, but that right there is dangerous… Implying loudly that Supernatural has an undercurrent of homophobia when it is a fairly small show with a cult following puts the creators and writers in a very awkward position. Fair enough if supernatural WAS ever homophobic, but that’s not what this was really about was it? No it wasn’t. Don’t kid yourselves. It was because Jensen is an incredibly conventionally attractive man, and a lot of people can’t deal with someone that beautiful not having a love interest for some onscreen wish fulfilment. Considering that Supernatural focuses on ‘homosocial’ relationships -the social relationships between men, there is very little opportunity for the character Dean to become close with anyone but other men. I firmly believe that’s why this has happened. Misha and Jensen don’t have the off the scale on screen chemistry that Jared and Jensen do. They just don’t! It’s literally what got Supernatural picked up again in the early days, and kept it running even with the odds stacked against it. The creators and directors of the show in the early days talked openly about how they would have been fools to not cash in on this brotherly chemistry. Then I saw hate towards the characters I love, Sam and Dean, who I have pretty much grown up with, and hate directed at the actors who portray them that was so vile it made me angry.
Especially when I knew about Jared’s depression.
I had to say something!
How were these people watching the same show as me? A show about FAMILY, about love between two people who didn’t always see eye to eye, but had each others back and had a love for each other so deep that it broke my heart.
I LOVE Sam and Dean as though I know them. They have taught me so much about myself, about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, about how if you love someone you have to try to see things from their side of the fence, you have to allow them to have freedom and treat them as an equal.
They helped me to get over some really bad times by helping me switch off and go on an adventure with them. I don’t care how literal I sound, I really love this show and these two characters and I dislike people hating on them.
So I made posts, a Destiheller hijacked one. Then they inboxed me, warning me about ‘Bibros’ and ‘Wincest Shippers’ going on like they were all hateful people. Then they patronised me when I said I didn’t get Destiel, making out that I was blind and just ignoring this thing that was obviously a deliberate part of the plot. This annoyed me because I am not an idiot and I hate being condescended to.
Then they tried to convince me that Bibros send Misha hate mail and want Cas off the show and are generally spiteful, and that 'Jared hate barely exists’ -except I knew it did. I heard them out, but then I went on this person’s blog and saw that they posted Jared hate and I just wrote off everything they had said.
They said a bunch of stuff about how Misha and Jensen were BFFs and Jared and Jensen’s friendship was just PR-oh please! Whatever you say sweetheart, there’s no point in even arguing with that amount of stupid Supernatural is not and will never be an epic love story about Dean and Cas. Frankly I think it belittles Dean’s bond with Cas. It’s not canon, it never will be and never should be canon. Then I met 'Bibros’ fans who saw things the way I see them. Who love all the characters but particularly my boys, Sam and Dean, the heart of the story.
I spoke to Wincest shippers that actually loved the story, and loved the show and didn’t call me an idiot for not shipping Wincest, even if it does have far more supportive subtext than Destiel. Congratulations Hellers I was neutral before, and I actually still really like Cas, a lot, would you believe, I just HATE Destiel because it threatens something I love.

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Hi :) I think j2 sometimes make it almost impossible not to ship them (not in a serious way) because of how cute they are. They posted a picture of them playing in a pool with their kids!!! What co-stars from any other show get that close and become a family? Just Jared and Jensen and I love it.

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their friendship is epic. even if you don’t ship it, you know that as friends (platonic) their friendhship is beyond amazing. 

and you know, as i said, shipping is fiction. 

in real life? i just love their friendship so damn much