the environments

goodbye mother earth
you die a little more the more we work
goodbye lovely seas
goodbye happy animals and goodbye to the trees
goodbye to basically everything we see
goodbye mother earth, cause you’ll be gone eventually

the louder i scream
the more they laugh at me
silly girl, you can’t see
you’re just fifteen

i love the trees
the earth and the sand and the dirt beneath my knees
as i drop to them and plead plead plead
stop killing mother earth, she’s everything we need

—  goodbye

Final major project \o/
Initially I was thinking of doing something ritual related but
I decided to do something a little more cheery than my usual work
to try and break my usual preferred gloom and doom stuff.
Thanks so much to Kai who guided me through the project, I know
I’m very derpy and I give really derp answers but he was really patient
with me >_> 

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Wanted to do a skull for #skulljuly Also, birds!
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abuse is addictive due to brain’s hormonal response to extreme stimuli and it’s still not the victim’s fault if they crave abuse or feel restless and anxious without it, it does not mean they wanted it or deserved it, they’ve been hurt so much their brain is damaged by it, nobody on this planet consents to brain damage or wants to cope with feeling absolutely dreadful all the time and craving pain so much while feeling guilty and ashamed for feeling it, it takes ages to stabilize and have your brain hormones regulated properly again but it can and will happen so just keep hanging in there, you are healing all the time no matter what you do
Neoliberalism has conned us into fighting climate change as individuals | Martin Lukacs
Stop obsessing with how personally green you live – and start collectively taking on corporate power
By Martin Lukacs

Would you advise someone to flap towels in a burning house? To bring a flyswatter to a gunfight? Yet the counsel we hear on climate change could scarcely be more out of sync with the nature of the crisis.

The email in my inbox last week offered thirty suggestions to green my office space: use reusable pens, redecorate with light colours, stop using the elevator.

Back at home, done huffing stairs, I could get on with other options: change my lightbulbs, buy local veggies, purchase eco-appliances, put a solar panel on my roof.

And a study released on Thursday claimed it had figured out the single best way to fight climate change: I could swear off ever having a child.

These pervasive exhortations to individual action — in corporate ads, school textbooks, and the campaigns of mainstream environmental groups, especially in the west — seem as natural as the air we breath. But we could hardly be worse-served.

While we busy ourselves greening our personal lives, fossil fuel corporations are rendering these efforts irrelevant. The breakdown of carbon emissions since 1988? A hundred companies alone are responsible for an astonishing 71 percent. You tinker with those pens or that panel; they go on torching the planet.

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China may have achieved a seemingly impossible renewable energy goal, putting the US to shame

  • President Trump may not be interested in renewable energy or the Paris Agreement, but that’s not stopping other parts of the world.
  • China, long ridiculed for its air pollution and use of fossil fuels, may quickly outpace the U.S. when it comes to clean energy.
  • A test run in the nation’s Qinghai Province foreshadows that future:
  • China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency claims that more than 5 million residents lived completely off of wind energy, solar energy and hydropower for seven consecutive days.
  • The amount of energy allegedly used in the test run is equivalent to a whopping 535,000 tons of coal, the news report said.
  • About 72% of the energy came from hydro power plants during the project, which started on June 17 and ended at midnight on June 23. Read more (6/27/17)

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