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Trump moves decisively to wipe out Obama’s climate-change record
A presidential order on Tuesday will instruct federal regulators to rewrite key rules curbing U.S. carbon emissions.


I am at a lose of words for climate change deniers. Whether Trump ‘believes’ in it or not, he clearly does not recognize the danger he’s putting our planet by supporting the mining, drilling and coal- and gas-burning industry. 


Ocean plastic pollution is a massive environmental problem. Millions of tons of plastic waste enter the ocean every year, even plastic that goes in the trash can often ends up in the sea! Joe Hansons teaches us about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and look at the dangers ocean plastic poses to ocean animals. Plus, a few tips for you to reduce your own plastic use!

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I'm so sorry for all you had to go through, u hope you're okay, please take care of yourself I care about you, so do all of your followers! I'll read your rants and talk if you need it, as I'm sure anyone else would too.

Thanks hun. I actually went back and deleted my story on the post because I think it was ultimately more depressing than helpful, and I worried after posting it that it might come off like I’m looking for sympathy or attention. But it’s okay, just typing it all out was sort of therapeutic in and of itself and I appreciate that you read it! 

I don’t like to talk about it, partly for the reasons listed above but also because it feels like I can never convey things well enough with my words (plus I’m lucky, all things considered, there are people who have been through so much worse). But it’s really kind of you to offer to talk with me about it. Seriously, just the fact that you care enough to reach out means a lot, so thank you. //blows kiss in your direction~
Trump begins tearing up Obama's years of progress on tackling climate change
Fossil fuels to the fore as president signs orders to review clean power plan, lift ban on coal leases and discard expert thinking on true cost of carbon emissions
By David Smith

“ … The official said the measures were aimed at achieving the goal of energy independence. “We want to take our own course and do it in our own fashion.” … Climate change is “an issue that deserves attention but again I think the president’s been very clear he’s not going to pursue a climate or environmental policies that put the US economy at risk”, he said. “It’s very simple.” … “

“ … Trump will sign executive orders and presidential memoranda on Tuesday that suspend, rescind or review several measures that were central to Obama’s effort to combat global warming. It includes a review of the clean power plan, which restricts greenhouse gas emissions at coal-fired power plants. … His orders will lift a 14-month-old moratorium on new coal leases on federal lands, while a major hydraulic fracturing regulation will be reviewed. … Guidelines published by the White House Council on Environmental Quality last August will be rescinded. Estimates of the social costs of carbon and other greenhouses gases will be overturned because they were not put out in “a transparent fashion”, the White House official said. … “

“ … The official acknowledged the orders’ effects would not be immediate, especially in view of legal challenges. “I would bet a good deal I’m sure there’ll be litigation … Whether that’s three years, two years or one year, I don’t know. It’s going to take some time.” … “

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