the entrees

i was listening to my friend talk about his failing relationship (been together 2 yrs, monogomous) yesterday and he was telling me how his boyfriend didn’t get him anything for his birthday, xmas, or valentine’s day… then this boyfriend brings this random guy into my friend’s work, which is a restaurant. So my friend had to serve his own boyfriend while he ate dinner with another guy he didn’t know- and they split a salad entree of all things…. my friend is already freaking out but trying to keep it cool….BUT THEN this boyfriend leaves restaurant with this random without saying bye and the two see a movie together..

like he was telling me this story and i was like i would’ve chopped his balls off way earlier in the story.. all men are dogs

Tamersona Week Day 7: Share the Love

To everyone

I want to thank everyone who made this even possible and everyone who participated. I’m only going to tag @beelzebumon in specific, though, because their entrees are how I found out about this, and sent me links to the prompts. It wouldn’t be fair to try to tag everyone and realized I missed someone. Everyone 

You all had such creative and wonderful ideas, I’m still reading many of the written entries and go back to look at the art a lot. The thing is, I’m not even that fond of self-insert OCs, but Digimon has always been the one place where I’ve wanted to see more of them. You did not disappoint, I’m so glad I found out about tamersonaweek and decided to put some of my other projects aside to participate even though I was late and did everything completely out of order. Thank you all so much.

And, now, back to your regularly scheduled RP bs, now ;p