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Ferdia Walsh-Peelo gave a great performance in 2016:

“Between the velour suits and impeccable pop homages, John Carney’s eighties-era coming-of-ager Sing Street is possibly the most joyful time capsule to be seen at the movies this year. But Carney isn’t just emptily reminiscing in this tale of a Dublin teenager who throws together a ramshackle rock band to impress his crush, played by the exquisite Lucy Boynton. As Cosmo, the frontman at the film’s center, first-time screen actor Ferdia Walsh-Peelo offers yet another avatar of awkwardly-evolving boyhood, which isn’t exactly a foreign entity to indie film these days, although Cosmo is far more than just another morose boy with floppy hair and a guitar.

Sing Street improves on this archetype (and the old tropes that come with it) through Walsh-Peelo’s plucky and resourceful performance, which imbues Cosmo with a quietly-attuned watchfulness and wades through the mucky swamp of uncomfortable adolescence with a heady blend of bullishness and apprehension. He develops a physical vocabulary that fits the character to a tee, starting off with the slouching gait and fidgety body language of a teenage turtle still living painfully beneath his shell. You can actually see the actor steadying his fitful frame with each passing chapter of Cosmo’s soulful emergence into a more assured version of himself, while never fully abandoning the shrugs and fidgets of a boy who’s still, like all of us, an undeniable work-in-progress. Every actor in Sing Street is something close to a dream, but Walsh-Peelo is the central, finely-tuned instrument that allows this song to really sing.” — Matthew Eng

So did Lucy Boynton:

“It’s easy when playing the lone girl in a boy-dominated coming-of-age movie to become a glassy idea of girlhood rather than a concrete entity in one’s own right. But Lucy Boynton, as the aspirant teenage model and willing musician’s muse in John Carney’s incredibly infectious Sing Street, has two huge assets on her side that prevent her from falling into such a trap. First, Carney clearly and deeply cares about Boynton’s Raphina, giving her plenty of soul-searching close-ups and an atypically moving and detailed arc. And second, Boynton herself is a born star with remarkably subtle instincts and a magnetic hold on the camera that help a potentially indefinable character learn to slowly but steadily define herself.” — Matthew Eng

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What is the danger in astral traveling??

So you may never come across any danger astral traveling, but you also may. You are on the astral realms where actual beings live and spend their lives. Some of them are going to be completely benevolent. Others not so much. Its like plopping yourself down in a country you have never been before. The whole “I am the biggest and baddest” mentality that witches seem to have sometimes does not bode well on the astral if you get yourself in trouble, as you are not the biggest and baddest when dealing with other entities. You can get hurt in your astral body, and it can cause your physical body to be hurt as well too, things can follow you back… the list goes on. Astral traveling is fantastic, I love it, but it isn’t all unicorns and rainbows. Which is why I always stress the proper use of protections on yourself and your home.

To be honest, I don’t think this gemstone is gonna be Ronaldo’s gemsona.

There’s just too much to go against it:

1.) The episode’s description says that Ronaldo goes looking for other gems in Beach City.

2.) Ronaldo described “Rock People” as bad entities, so why would he want to be one?

3.) The setting in the gem’s leak looks a lot like she’s reforming. The outside setting, the light emmiting from the gemstone… It just seems that Bloodstone or Heliotripe is going to be a real gem.

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King Boo for the sidekick meme. Let Spookems boss Pigsy around

If a Koopa becomes a Dry Bones after death and Bowser becomes Dry Bowser… then the Gioza and Misbus do as well, though they often earn the nicknames “Dry Ice Bones”

A normal Dry Ice Bone is merely cold to the bone, but Dry Midbus is a far more dangerous entity able to cause frostbite upon touch and whose hair makes a constant fog. It’s often foolish for any boo to mess with something made of ice, but King Boo always has a trick up his sleeve. He convinced the dry bones to work for him under the condition should Dry Bowser fall, he gets the fiery blowhard’s head.

King Boo knows he can’t keep Dry Midbus waiting for his end of the bargain forever, but in the meanwhile he still has much use for one of the heaviest hitters of the afterlife.

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Kai has escaped two prison worlds before. I definitely feel like he would probably be able to escape this one too. Lol Bonnie better watch out, Kai looked like he wanted to kill her (or fuck her maybe? Couldn't quite tell)

Definitely the latter. :p

This prison world seems pretty inescapable. This time he’s chained to a chair. Bonnie has the only ascendant. There are no celestial events. And no other entities there besides him. So it would take Bonnie changing her mind about Kai and deciding to free him.

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What's your biggest disappointment?

I’ve made some terrible decisions and hurt a lot of people in the course of being a human being. I’ve been jealous, petty, scheming, smug, flippant, thoughtless, angry. I’ve lied and yelled and cheated and considered myself over others.

For all those moments of being less than, of thinking I understood the situation without understanding shit, speaking with authority instead of humility, hurting people and ideas and myself most of all - I am gravely disappointed.

Every interaction (with others or ourselves) provides an opportunity to be glorious. Even in our swirling miasma of self-doubt and sabotage, we can choose a version of better over a version of worse. We don’t, though, and its these experiences that haunt me. Particularly, the ones where I felt there was a singular way forward at the time (there wasn’t, but if there was, it wasn’t that one). 

There are large entities of being that cause internal bleeding, but those are a product of time and age down-selecting, and it’s probably good to let go of feeling like dreams I haven’t achieved yet are hard failures. But I am constantly disappointing myself in the in-between moments, the quiet ones that leave the tenderest scars.

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Saw that last anon and while I don't think they're one and the same, maybe Dark and Warfstache are the same type of entity? Not two sides of the same coin, but- Mark is the coin and they are what's on the flipside, the world on the other side of the mirror. Which could mean Anti is the same type of entity, as well.

i can see that! like they have their own bodies, but are still connected to mark! although, i see dark as more of the flipside/opposite of mark. but i do believe that both dark and warf have that ‘otherworldly’ appeal to them. dark, to me, appears more demonic and hellish. whereas warf, although seems to appear human, seems to hold a great deal of power, but is hiding a lot more than what he’s letting on. 💖

Never Sleeping Again, Part 13


The Market before opening was an entirely different entity than the Market after opening. Ronan followed Adam down the closed off side street, lugging the table, chairs, and boxes. It required multiple trips and by the time they had all of their stuff in their spot Ronan’s arms were burning. He wiped the sweat off his face and surveyed the booths and vendors. Some people were already set up and were relaxing, chatting, sipping on coffee from the shop on the corner. Others were moving sluggishly, yawning and griping about hangovers and late nights. Adam moved with a purpose, though he did stop to greet some of the vendors. Ronan watched him, admiring his easy confidence and mature demeanor. Everyone treated Adam Parrish like a man, not like a sixteen-year-old kid. Hands were shaken, hugs given, exchanges made. By the time Adam returned to their spot he had a bag of apples, a box of baked goods, and a jar of honey. He laid the spoils on the table and opened the box of pastries.

“Here,” he said, handing Ronan a muffin, “I got these from Gloria. They’re her apple corn bread muffins. Also known as the best muffins ever.”

Ronan accepted the gift, smiling shyly. “I didn’t know that I was getting fed for my troubles.”

Adam snorted and plopped down into the blue and white lawn chair. “I wouldn’t be much of a boyfriend if I made you wake up early and bust your ass hauling stuff and then didn’t give you anything for your efforts.”

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So Me and my friends have bin looking at the evidence and we have a theory Dark is warfstache in disguise

oooh sounds nice! though mark has stated that dark and warf are their own entities, so i don’t necessarily agree that they’d be the same person, but i would still absolutely love to hear the theory nonetheless! 💜

I absolutely advise everyone within the community to boost voices within the community who are marginalized on other axes. To build a stronger community, we must be conscious of intracommunity issues big and small.

However, people who actively involve themselves in anti-asexual rhetoric don’t understand or care to understand that intracommunity issues exist within every single community space, including their own. 

By looking at an intracommunity issue and applying that issue to the whole group in order to discredit the whole group they are disempowering marginalized voices within our asexual community and within their own community.

Furthermore, it positions the whole group as a privileged entity by using the privileges afforded to some members of a community, as representative of the privileges afforded to the whole group which is just not true. 

In addition, it erases the issues and concerns that do apply to the whole group. By treating an entire community as a privileged entity, it is easier to argue for exclusion of that group, despite excluded we are by the privileged majority.  

Intracommunity issues are critical to discuss and challenge within community spaces, but I am highly suspect of people outside the community using our intracommunity issues to challenge us while they pretend they have none. 

If you’re concerned about intracommunity issues within our spaces, then boost the voices of those within our spaces who desperately need it. Realize that they will have a much better understanding of the intracommunity issue than you. 

Otherwise, using intracommunity issues as a rhetorical device to alienate, exclude, and erase asexual people as a whole, is a completely dishonest and insidious approach that doesn’t help us at all. 

One of the principle reasons I don’t think anything can come from Rey Skywalker is because of the narrative law of raising questions in the first act. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but it’s a grounding one. For instance, Anakin Skywalker was a known entity in ANH. Even though the writers didn’t know the exact details of his past, Luke knew that Vader had killed his father, and all the elements for the later reveal were already in place. In the first POTC, we know Will’s father is Bootstrap Bill, and his complicated feelings about being from a pirate family are already in play when he meets his father again in the second film. In both these cases, the heroes don’t know their fathers and KNOW they don’t know them. They hunger for information, even if it’s information they don’t end up liking.

Rey knows her parents. They are not a mystery to her, only to the audience. The only thing she needs to know is where they went and POSSIBLY if they were doing anything she didn’t know about (Harry and the Baudelaires: our parents were involved in some freaky scary shit! But they were definitely our parents). It’s purely the audience pulling out hidden messages about the identity of Rey’s parents, but if that were the question, we’d have raised it in the first movie. By the way, Rey, says Unkar, those people you’re waiting for were just some traveling slavers! They told me they just found you alone! Or Han says, wow, you look just like these pilots I knew in the Rebellion! Hell, you look just like my brother-in-law!

The reason this stuff needs to come up early on is because it makes for the perfect Refusal/Response to the Call motivation. Rey has a real family somewhere? Do tell! In fact, I’m so curious that I’ll leave Jakku! My parents are trying to find me? My parents were Force users? I’m a Skywalker? I don’t want to be a part of this myth, I want to keep looking for my family! see ya! (Runs off to the woods)

Writers don’t leave out the incitement for a character to ask more questions because it makes for more drama. None of the questions Rey has in the first movie lead her to suspect anything about her parentage. It would have been soooo easy to drop in a suspicion, but we get nothing.

I’m typing this on a phone but I can elaborate later. I just…

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tbh, I personally would have preferred if they had instead just revealed Story Circle to us and focused on them. This way we would have more genre variance. Gatewatch really begs for some kind of Super Hero set up with blatantly set up Good guys and a rogue gallery for them to beat up. Story Circle is more natural feeling loose entity that collects data on BIG EVENTS that affect Planeswalkers. Stories they would be involved wouldn't always need to focus on them, but they could still feel present

I love the story circle, but the Gatewatch is better suited for a franchise that is heavily focused on action and fighting.

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Is Avatar Jafar just a name that you made up or did I miss something? Also why URN and not the UEK (United Earth Kingdom)?

It’s a fandom accepted name. Also, random fact, Akinaor recognizes Avatar Jafar and is not fooled by your antics. 

Anyway, it’s the URN because the United Republic of Nations is the state created by Aang and Zuko in the western peninsula of the Earth Kingdom continent from old Fire Nation colonies. I feel like UEK implies a stronger connection to the Earth Kingdom, or even that it is, in every way, the Earth Kingdom, as opposed to being a very state entity altogether. 

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I really love that German map with a sovereign Scotland. Part of the problem seems to be that people in Scotland don't fully recognise that being a sovereign nation-state - most with their own media and currency - is the status quo for 192 countries outside the UK. Especially with the modern international order - entities like the CoE, OSCE, UN, CoN - Scottish independence is not a leap into the unknown but merely the end of an archaic 18th Century political union.

Well they say they are getting prepared so fingers crossed.

I think more and more Scots are beginning to see us as a sovereign nation. Just look at the numbers from no to Yes.

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Satam Robotnik may have conquered the world, the thing is, the SEGA Sonic cast are far stronger and capable by their own compared to the Freedom Fighters. Eggman have deal against characters with super speed, strength, intelligence, etc. and even the have to fight 1v1 against the godlike Super Sonic in more then one occasion. Julian would be pulverized by the SEGA cast while the Freedom Fighters would not stand a chance against Eggman's army like the E-Series or the Egg Fleet.

The difference between Julian and Ivo can basically be summed up like this:

If a dark entity wrecked havoc on the world, Julian would cower in fear.

If a dark entity wrecked havoc on the world, Ivo would gleefully use it’s energy to make an Egg Dragoon.