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I finished Yusuke’s Confidant and having romanced Ann I can say with all confidence that Yusuke’s route is more romantic.

I love Ann to death. A lot of her route is about her worries about inspiring others the way others have her, and how she can achieve that in life with the things she does. The MC supports her and becomes someone she wants to bring strength to through her work, and it’s really cute but then Yusuke…

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without you here things just seem a little off-kilter, like i’m a tilted picture frame and you’re the level: now that you’re gone i’m just not hanging straight. i’m trying to take it and make it into something good, a story worth telling, but all that’s here is an empty ache, like something’s eating me inside and leaving it all void.

how does it feel, knowing we don’t know each other anymore? how does it feel, not being within my field of gravity? for me it feels surreal, like everything should click and come together but it doesn’t. somewhere, in some other timeline, we’ve got to still be loving each other and i don’t know if that’s cruel or if it’s beautiful.

i want to be splintered in your hands again, tiny shards of glass. i want to be so lovestruck that i don’t feel it when you break me, snap me like the weakest bone in your body. right now i am existing as the entirety of myself and it is a unique experience, not entirely pleasant: being whole by myself is foreign and i don’t know how to live without thorns in my hands.

i picked you as a rose from the garden and i had to deal with the consequences. i would pick you again and again and again.

- abby

petitesirene-ytb  asked:

Hello there ! I don't know if you can help me on this but I wondered, how do you guys use music/songs on youtube without getting "copyright infringements"? Is there anyway to know if a song you want to use will be detected by youtube's bots and deleted/blocked? :o Or is it just luck? XD Thank you very much :)

I will reply to this publicly because I get this question so often and it would be easier for me to just have a post that I link people to.

This is much more complicated that what I will make it seem, but I will try to simplify this as well as I can.

Youtube has a “bank/vault” filled with copyrighted material, and whenever a new video is uploaded Youtube “scans” the video and looks for matches in the vault. If there is a match (in this case a copyrighted song) then the owners of the song are informed and then they decide what to do with your video. 

Their options are:

  • Ignore it
  • Add commercials to the video so they (not you) earn money
  • Block it in some countries/devices (EX: Germany / mobile)
  • Mute it
  • Take it down completely

You as a uploader have no say in the matter; the people who own the material have all the power. What a production company/studio/Youtube decides to do varies depending on different factors and it is hard to predict what will be decided. This is what fan-editors simply have to deal with. But the most typical thing to happen is that your video is ignored or gets commercials, and that is not a problem; people can still see and enjoy your videos. It is when videos get blocked when things get annoying for everybody (Germany…). There are however ways to avoid getting “registered” by Youtube and these are a good options for people who have a lot of trouble with getting their videos blocked/taken down (GERMANY!!).

How to avoid the problem:

  • Use your own music
  • Pitch or edit the song
  • Use music that has passed it´s copyright protection (usually it´s 50-70 years). This is the reason why people use classical music all the time; it no longer has any copyright protecting it. 
  • Find “royalty free” music from sites that give away music for free (EX). 
  • Use covers - There are usually not registered in the vault (if they are not by mega famous cover artists that is), but if they are not big celebrities then ask for permission before using their work. And if you have a monetized channel and use somebody´s cover without it counting as fair use, then you must pay the artist or you can end up in legal trouble.

OBS: Youtube is currently having a lot of copyright problems and Youtuber´s are fighting for a better system (#WTFU). But the reason why this system exists to begin with is to protect other content creators and their work. Remember that you are allowed to use other people´s songs only as long as you give credit and do not earn money while breaking the laws of Fair Use ((This is why my channel is 100% non-profit, because I use other people´s songs in their entirety and I would be breaking the law otherwise)).

More  info!

I hope that this was helpful! :)

But seriously thou; pretty much all my videos are blocked in Germany… 

Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

Paul Gauguin, 1897.

Gauguin indicated that the painting should be read from right to left, with the three major figure groups illustrating the questions posed in the title. The three women with a child represent the beginning of life; the middle group symbolizes the daily existence of young adulthood; and in the final group, according to the artist, “an old woman approaching death appears reconciled and resigned to her thoughts”; at her feet, “a strange white bird…represents the futility of words.” The blue idol in the background apparently represents what Gauguin described as “the Beyond.” Of its entirety he said, “I believe that this canvas not only surpasses all my preceding ones, but that I shall never do anything better—or even like it.”