the english language!



[muh-mawr-i-ter, -ter, -mohr-] 

1. by heart; by memory.


2. involving or requiring memorization:
     the memoriter aspects of a college course.

Memoriter is as rare in English as it is in Latin. In Latin memoriter is an adverb meaning “from memory, by personal recollection” and derives from the adjective memor “mindful, remembering” (also the source of the Latin noun memoria “memory”). All of the Latin words are (partially) reduplicated derivatives of the root mer- (and its variants) “to remember, care for.” This same reduplicated root is the source of Mímir (also Mim) “(the) Rememberer,” in Norse mythology a giant who guarded the well of knowledge and wisdom. The simple, unreduplicated root is the source of English “mourn” (from Old English murnan “to be anxious about, care for”). Memoriter entered English in the 17th century.

“The great objection to memoriter speaking is that it limits and handicaps the speaker.”
- Grenville Kleiser, Successful Methods of Public Speaking

Swear words and insults in French

Means: shit
Example: Merde, j’ai oublié de faire mes devoirs!

Means: Fuck (but it’s used for almost everything)
Examples: Putain, ça m’énerve! / C’est génial putain! / On a réussi putain!

Means: mess, shit, damn
Example: C’est quoi ce bordel? / Bordel, qu’est-ce que c’est que ça?

La vache
Means: crap
Example: La vache, il m’a bien eu!

Oh mon dieu
Means: Oh my god
Example: Oh mon dieu il a vraiment fait ça?

Connard / Fils de pute / Enculé
Means: asshole, son of a bitch, fucker (when you’re talking to a boy).
These are popular insults but very vulgar. 

Connasse / Salope / Pétasse
Means: asshole, bitch, slut (when you’re talking to a girl).
These are popular insults but very vulgar. 

Enfoiré / Abruti / Imbécile / Salaud
Means: asshole. These are popular insult but a little bit less vulgar. 

Va te faire foutre
Means: Fuck you

Means: wanker
Example: T’es qu’un branleur!

Means: piss off
Example: Dégage, sors de ma chambre!

Tu me fais chier
Means: You’re pissing me off

Je m’en fous
Means: I don’t give a shit

Ta gueule
Means: shut up

S’en prendre plein la gueule
Means: being critized violently or insulted
Example: Il a triché et il s’en ai pris plein la gueule.

We also often combine these insults, for example “bordel de merde” ou “putain de merde”. 

being multilingual like...

What people think it’s like:

  • *speaks multiple languages fluently on command*
  • *is very sophisticated*

What it’s actually like:

  • constantly speaking to people in the wrong language
  • managing to squeeze 3 or 4 languages into one sentence without noticing
  • gradually forgetting your first and second language, while not speaking anything fluently anymore. not even your first language is safe
  • Grammar? What grammar? Which grammar??!!
  • being permanently confused
  • can’t even order bread at a Danish bakery after 2 years of language training
  • cry and curse yourself for moving somewhere where they don’t speak English or your first language. but mostly cry. and weep
the signs as the ap english lang exam

Aries: writing the argumentative essay about donald trump

Taurus: when your mom’s a communist and you’re just a snail

Gemini: actual monetary currency

Cancer: the hedonistic treadmill

Leo: the “fake news” essay

Virgo: gandalf in the bowels of the minas tirith

Libra: bishop sheen and billy graham throwing rocks at you

Scorpio: colloquial

Sagittarius: et al

Capricorn: libraries are going extinct

Aquarius: artifice is the most essential skill

Pisces: “advanced capitalism”

When Lena was talking to Kara and killers came to attack her, she did not panic over the phone. She didn’t tell Kara to call the police, she didn’t stop talking until she revealed all the informations to Kara. And then she confronted them face to face. Without request for help.
Lena doesn’t care about being in danger, as long as she could help Kara in her researchs.

Thinking about others before thinking about herself.
That’s lena’s strength.

Actual Things That Appeared on the AP Language Test

-Everything you do affects history
-“Abandoning Capitalism for Socialism will alleviate struggle”
-A girl’s mom marched with birth control advocate Margaret Sanger and called herself a communist
-The toxic effects of “advanced capitalism”
-libraries are the center of democracy and protect minorities
-Journalists sacrificing journalistic integrity AKA fake news

I don’t understand people who are really baffled by other languages like “wAit!!!! This letter…. makes a DiFfereNt sound in ThAt lanUuuauuage wAT???! The rulEs for garammmer and spilling is diFfrrfrent???” like yes Sharon those things are what make it…. a different language

monday 19th april 2017 // today i am finally finishing my english language notes & i have never felt so accomplished. i have been using my b6 muji notebook for my notes and loving it. it makes me so happy to see all my notes together and complete. also i recently bought these new pastel stabilo highlighters & i can’t stop using them. they make everything look so aesthetic

It’s 9 o'clock, and nobody hates you more than you hate yourself.