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Tea Time in Wonderland

Somebody told me that the cloud beyond seems a rabbit, a white rabbit. And it’s pretty crazy because i notice that for the first time even if i draw it. It’s awesome how the brain work for you more than you think. Another person notice that my Madhatter version seems Bill Murray, and suddenly i imagine how awesome should be Murray playing this character. :D

I’ve tried to recreate the escape from Wonderland just based on that mini scene of ‘Way Too Wonderland’ when the narrators tell us about the curse and the Evil Queen. I can’t imagine how hard it is to left behind friends, family, your only home…The Wonderland Kids have sad backstories…
Okay. La cosa es que no sabía la backstorie de Lizzie, Kitty, Maddie, etc. hasta que me leí los diarios de cada personaje y para ese entonces yo ya había sacado mi propia historia cuando fue el escape y también ya la había dibujado. Sé que ni se acerca al canon, pero igual está interesante pensar que las cosas sucedieron así :o

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(via There´s nothing better than a mad tea party with friends )

Love this so much! One of the best Mad Tea Parties i’ve ever seen!