the english are like this all the time

Every BTS interview in the U.S.A will be like :

RAPMON: Doing 98 % of the interview 

JIMIN: Hiding behind Rapmon

JUNGKOOK: Throws every english word he learned

JHOPE: As hype as ever repeating every word 3 times while dancing

V: Pretending like he understands it all 

JIN: Says “steak” or/and “Pasta”

SUGA: Doesn’t give a F*ck. Speaks korean

It truly breaks my heart that Mark still doesn’t feel like he’s apart of GOT7…even after all this time. I just want him to know you are loved by them and us, remember it’s 7 or never, Jackson didn’t just say that because it was the right thing to say…he meant it. We can’t see GOT7 without you. We’d miss that high pitched laugh when you’re really tickled, the way you switch between English and Korean, your savage attitude, and most of all that bright and beautiful smile, I know men don’t like hearing this but you are beautiful man. I hope your attitude changes in the future, we love you and most importantly GOT7 loves you. Without you we’d have no complete rap line, please continue to smile and stay happy. ❤

Mr. Darcy an Elizabeth! 

One of my all time favorite stories and I currently re-reading it! Tried to lay my hands on an english version but the language manner is still too beautiful and difficult for me to read.

So I made a little interpretation of a ballroom scene from a movie. I like how colors turned out! *_* 

wonderful osts from the movie
dario marianelli - dawn
dario marianelli a postcard to henry purcell  


this is something i’ve seen multiple times now – gnome RP characters with their race listed as “sand gnome” in their RP profile and they always speak broken english like this. i don’t understand it at ALL

MM fanfics fascinates me bc often a lot of the time the fact that they’re all korean is completely left out

i mean, cheritz doesnt rlly include a lot of korean tropes in it and the english translation left a lot out (in japanese subs sometimes the honorifics like -chan -sama -kun and stuff are still left in but cheritz removed all the honorifics. if you listen closely to the voice acting though you’d hear Yoosung call V “Pwi-hyeong/hyung” and idk itS JUST RLLY CUTE HE CALLS EVERYONE (aside from jumin i think i dont remember) HYUNG AND CALLS JAEHEE NONNA)

and whenever fics leaves in the korean honorifics and certain stuff like “oppa/aigoo/yah” u k n o w that they’re probs a kdrama/kpop fan too

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Ryan, today in english my class was reading Macbeth and my teacher started talking about when Macbeth hears a bell he knows that It's time to kill the king. I started laughing because all I could think was "iiiiiiit's murder time!!!" Pretty sure everyone thinks I'm crazy now. :)

It’s funny because, like Macduff, I was also born by C-section

That billboard interview was so cringy like the host was awkward af which made bts awkwarder. Ho looked so done with them for everything they did specially with hobi ??? Like he was like “…mkey” fuck off. Also they asked for questions on twitter but ended up asking the same qs as always “who is the best dancer” “who eats the most” … bitch i could answer you that too😂😂 and lastly KIM NAM FUCKING JOON that man really is a fucking god he spoke basically the whole time for bts and translated to them everything 😭😭

It’s the first time i didn’t need subtitles for watching smth bts related lol

Summary of the interview:
bts + english interviews + awkward host = cringe
J-hope = sunshine. Protect him at all costs from that awkward and extremely tall man
Rapmonster: is a walking google translate
Bts= yes… yes… *namjoon translates* OOOOOOOOOHHH 네에에에에 네 네

Cringe cringe cringe

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Interested to see what is yours and your other blogger friends favourite T/S photo of all time. Mine is the one from PJ Kwong's site "Catching Up With…Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir – Summer 2012". Scott has a pink dress shirt on and Tessa is leaning into his neck. Such a sweet picture of them. They look like a couple, so in love and so happy. I hope we get a pic like that soon (or maybe one confirming they're a couple *fingers crossed*) sorry for bad English :( still learning.

Aww yes that is a very sweet pic anon <3 I agree, it is also a favorite of mine. Your english is really good btw :)

I’m gonna go with the off ice theme and pick this one as my favorite (at least so far)

They look so happy. It is SUPER adorable. Idk just seems like they are like “this is my human” and I can’t.

Hi friends!

I’m in the middle of translating some stuff for the association i’m part of! Since our aim is to soon promote a crowd-funding campaign to help pay the rent for our homeless queer youth, i’d like to provide the website page with a brief summary in english, in case English-speakers might be interested in making donations! (and i know you will!!). I’m especially invested because this time, all the money will go directly to the apartment located in La Réunion, the one i know, to shelter the young people i know and love. Even better, if the crowd-funding is successful, the platform will DOUBLE the earnings!!!

I’ll be talking about it soon, but before it’s launched, i’d just need a little help with proof-reading please!

Studyblr Question Tag!

thanks to @self-inkingquill for tagging me!

1. What [subjects] are you currently studying?

i’m in grade 8 haha so science, french accelerated, social studies, p.e., art, ethics, math and english

2. Who would you say is your biggest influence?

my mom is my biggest influence. whenever there is something i know is good for me, but i don’t want to do it, i trust her to push me to do my best.

3. What’s one country you’d like to visit?

ENGLAND. i’ve been like everywhere in europe when I was five but for some reason we skipped england?? and now i just have to go there

4. What’s your favorite book?

cannot choose. sorry guys it changes all the time. right now, probably looking for alaska? but honestly ask me in a week and it will be lady midnight or something

5. What do you do to keep yourself motivated?

i find that focusing on the things you want to do differently helps me the most. i don’t know if that makes sense?? like i played a concert a month ago and i found out that something wasn’t working out for me and how well i could have done it so i make myself fix it??

6. What language would you like to learn?

hmm. so the three languages i understand are english, french and chinese. all of which i am fluent in but i can’t write or read much in chinese, even though it is my native language so i’d love to strengthen that so i can connect with my extended family. however i want to learn spanish and latin even more

7. Which holiday do you prefer, Halloween or Christmas?

Christmas!!! halloween cannot compare to the unadulterated joy that comes with Christmas.

8. How old are you?

13 :) co’21s hit me up 

9. Favorite season?

for the longest time i liked autumn because it was kind of neutral plus i loved the name. but now it’s summer! i love the sun so much, it’s the best weather for wearing pretty clothes, and it is the most stress-free time of the year

10. Who is your favorite band/singer?

i’ve been a swiftie since i understood english :)

11. Have you had a good day today?

yes!! i had 4 hours of music classes today, piano and flute, but all my teachers were really happy with my work so i’m happy too

I tag everyone who wants to do this ++ @intcllectual @stitch-studies @candiestudyblr @studieswithbeth @busystudyign

My boyfriend talks in his sleep and because he’s bilingual, he says some hilarious/weird/sometimes creepy shit. I ask him every morning if he remembers saying this stuff and he has no idea about any of it. 

Here are some of my favorites:

-”Babe, can you please turn down the brightness of your skin”
-After stealing all of the blankets: “This is my right as a human”
-After I take the blankets back: “I don’t want your freedom, America. Just blanket”
-Sometimes he just says “Hello?” as if he’s answering a phone call
-One night he just said “Cabbage” which is weird because he doesn’t know the english word for that when he’s awake. 
-After spooning me: “You have a nice butt”
-”Who is that in the corner?” (terrifying)
-”Watch out for the red lady” (even more terrifying)
-Sometimes he will say things in German and it sounds like he’s speaking Parseltongue
-One time I actually think he said something in Parseltongue
-One time he talked about buying a ticket to “everywhere” and then just said “hello?” after two minutes of silence
-And my all time favorite: ”This is MY yogurt, Satan”

Important things about the drunk Yuuri video

in no particular order

  • Both Victor and Chris’s phones are in English
  • Yurio’s is not (his is in russian)
  • Victor has over a thousand pics of Makkachin on his phone (at the time of the GPF, who knows how many he has now)
  • The Grand Prix Final was in Sochi
  • Yurio’s background is of pirozhkis
  • Both Chris and Yurio have over a thousand picture from the Grand Prix
  • Victor only has five of the GPF (and they’re all of Yuuri drunkenly dancing at him)
  • The apps:
    • Touchbook: Facebook
    • Fly: Skype (in both english and russian) 
    • There’s a “Home” app????
    • They didn’t bother to change the look of the weather app
  • The champagne Yuuri drank a whole bottle of was a Brut (which I find hilariously close to Bruh) 
  • Mila is beautiful in her pink dress
  • Sara is beautiful in her blue dress
  • You can see Sara in the background looking really confused while she takes photos
  • You can see Sara and Mila together
  • Mila branches off so she can take more photos of Yuuri and Yurio dance battle
  • She presumably has more photos of this dance off
  • I need them
  • The montage is happening during the banquet 
  • Chris gave someone his phone just so he could have pictures of him pole dancing semi-naked with Yuuri
  • Speaking of which Yuuri can pole dance 
  • He can pole dance really well
  • But the question is: Why was there a pole???
  • Victor saw Yuuri horribly drunk and immediately thought that he must dance with him
  • Everyone sticks their leggies out real far
  • Yurio got both Victor and Chris to send him the drunk photos of Yuuri, probably for blackmail material
  • Even while drunk Yuuri can dance
  • Even while sober Yurio cannot

And most importantly:

  • What we expected from yoi: Pining!Yuuri
  • What we got: Pining!Victor

ya know what I find funny?

rap monster is constantly mocked and looked down upon for being an idol, but he’s actually one of the few k-artists that are recognized by american media and american hip hop artists.

like he was the only korean artist to be featured on spin’s “50 best hip hop albums of all time”, he collaborated with Krizz Kaliko and Warren G, and now he’s recognized by Wale.

You don’t really see that kind of thing happening with most k-hip hop artists. What makes it even more phenomenal is that rap monster wasn’t even born in America or had any experience living in America. He self-taught himself english and he was able to get to that point through his hard work.

Even Suga was recognized on Tidal’s Rising, which is still more than what a lot of k-hip hop artists get.

So yeah. I’m proud of my boys:)

My favorite thing about SKAM is seeing Americans get all confused when characters use English randomly in their sentences, and be like “Is this what it’s like NOT living in an English speaking country?”, like hell yeah, we use like three different languages at the same time, it’s a fucking wild ride. 

A worldbuilding thing people often overlook is the way that cultures are contradictory without anyone really noticing or acknowledging it. Like “in Xland funerals involve covering the corpse with gold leaf and then making a dozen marble statues of the deceased” except, you know, those are only some funerals. Or “In the US in the fifties married women didn’t work outside the home” except that didn’t apply to poor women and plus actually quite a few middle class married women–with kids even–had full time jobs (like my grandmother, who was a social worker in the 50s and actually all the way up to her retirement).

The Sherlock Holmes style of deduction–no native speaker of English would make this particular mispelling! No member of this one religion would ever have/say/do this forbidden thing, therefore Person B must not have done it! Everyone in Society Z was married, so stories about an unmarried adult must be entirely fiction, or they must just not have mentioned a spouse for some reason” all these things assume that cultures are logically consistent in a particular, straightforward way that, frankly, they pretty much never are. Note, I’m not saying you can’t draw any conclusions at all from data about cultures, just, things aren’t hard and fast, certainly not simple, and people generally just don’t see the contradictions or put them in a special “but that’s different” category.


All I wanna be
Is somebody to you

Happy birthday @hchano! I tried to make a short lyric comic with kind of civilian Ladrien (AU?maybe?). I took shots of the video cause i dont know how to fashion ^^’ 

Also i noticed very late that in this video appeared Laura Marano…who sings the English dub of the Miraculous intro song hehe. So like…a funny coincidence there.

Hope you like it!

shiro’s bday

you guys have no idea how amused i am that shiro’s bday is feb 29th and so i must convey it through all these potential siblinglike sass moments??? think of all the possibilities??????

shiro: patience yields focus
keith: don’t use your dad voice on me you’re like four
keith: unlike you

keith: shiro play video games with me
shiro: can’t now, i’m busy
keith: you’re not busy, you’re five
shiro: ok first of all, THE DISRESPECT, second of all, how dare you quote the english dub of ponyo to me in my own home

shiro: ugh i’m so tired…
keith: naptime for baby
shiro: had it not been for the laws of this land, i would have slaughtered you

shiro: shit i forgot my wallet
keith: don’t worry i’ve got it this time just pay me back later
shiro: ah okay, thanks–
keith: one student and one child ticket, please
shiro: kEITH

(also all of shiro’s friends and family throw him an extra big birthday party whenever february 29th actually exists, and he’s embarrassed but also adores it because he loves Friendship and Teamwork)

modern au revolutionary set headcanons

Alexander Hamilton
● puts his hair up in a messy bun while working and forgets that he stuck his pen in there
● really loves star wars and had a crush on both luke&leia
● once wrote a trashy novel which he doesn’t talk about. EVER.
● is actually very good at cooking but can only rarely be persuaded to do it
● cut his hair bc he knew everyone was going to lose their shit
● really needs glasses but never wears them
● constantly walks into stuff bc of that

● sometimes pretends not to understand english at all to get out of parking tickets or awkward situations
● is actually too smooth to ever get into awkward situations
● has three plants which all have names
● one of them is dead but he refuses to acknowledge it
● he read John the first Harry Potter book because lil Jacky was forbidden from reading them as a child bc religious parents
● he did the voices
● buys homeless people lunch
● actually flosses

Hercules Mulligan
● best dressed at all times
● looks like he will drink you under the table and then beat you up with it but is actually a straight edge vegetarian who gives his tired drunk friends piggyback-rides home from the bar so that they don’t drive
● the dad friend. obviously.
● he plays the guitar but no one knows?
● has never lost a game of mario kart (or so he claims)
● gives the best hugs

John Laurens
● isn’t that into turtles but people still send him pictures and videos of them all the time? (other people have an embarrassing emo-phase that they never get to live down and he…well he had a turtle-phase)
● the worst at cooking
● doesn’t even have a kitchen, only orders in or is given food by concerned friends (hercules)
● likes space - both outer and personal
● only owns two pair of shoes
● is really into video games and claims to have beaten Herc in Mario Kart
● the issue is not settled

lazytown hcs

Screw it.


  • He was brought up in a very strict, high class family. Like i’m talking mansions.
  • he wasn’t socialized well bc stuffy adult meetings was p much all the socializing he did
  • he also didn’t have to do anything for himself, the servants would. Hence the laziness.
  • all his clothes were hand tailored but he liked to go to the tailoring place and help design his own clothes
  • he was great at drama, math, and english when he tried.
  • He likes fruit only when its chocolate dipped
  • fae or pixie. Why he needs a lot of sugar and why his family kept tabs on him at all times and why his hearing is so good.
  • can play saxophone and piano really well
  • one day he forgot english and accidentally started talking to pixel in icelandic. Pixel ended up knowing icelandic so he went on with his day still speaking it, but stingy got really confused.
  • obsessed with eye shadow, but is subtle about it. He wants to see if anyone notices.
  • doesn’t swear, worst thing he said was probably damn.
  • he can tap dance and ballroom dance pretty well
  • we all know he can sing. Sometimes he hums along to the other songs people are singing when he’s at home
  • has insomnia and a lil depression. just let him nap
  • secretly wants to be admired by the kids (and sporp)
  • lets just say Number 9 wasn’t kind to him, and actually used psychical violence. that’s why he’s jumpy and always flinching.


  • not sure of his own origins, he just kinda happened.
  • he’s a raw vegan but will indulge with store bought soy milk on special occasions. 
  • him being an elf is why he can’t eat processed sugar. Robbie likes to try and push it to see how far he can go
  • on board with the honey makes him drunk hc
  • he doesn’t actively seek out honey, the kids just trick him into eating it cause they think drunkacus is funny.
  • once he got angry and hurt someone, but not too badly. He vowed to never get angry again.
  • He’s pretty bad with puzzles and figuring things out
  • elf ears duh. he can hear pretty well with them, which can also be a bad thing.
  • the worst thing he’s ever said was “dingus” and he felt bad about it for weeks.
  • He called Stingy a dingus. Stingy gasped dramatically but didn’t care too much
  • he eats things with the skin on and the entire thing. Like a whole pineapple, top and all
  • Pixel got really concerned when he saw this happen.
  • he also eats flowers. Stephanie picked him a flower and he ate it and she cried.