the energy awaits

american public school gothic
  • there’s an old slice of pizza on the stairs leading up to the second floor. no one knows how it got there, nor where it came from. it blinks at you as you walk by.
  • there’s a menacing beeping, always present, in the back of your mind. cold sweats break out on your arm and you feel like running. you realize it’s just the pacer test, echoing from the gym. 
  • the textbooks are falling apart. their spines crack in your grip and you pretend you can’t hear their screams. 
  • the hallways are crowded. students stare at you, their eyes dark and fearful, refusing to move as you push your way to class. they stand silent, begging you to draw blood. you mumble an “excuse me” and move on. 
  • you stand for the pledge and there’s no flag there. there are no flags anywhere. the teacher stands with her hand over her heart and looks to the wall, her eyes unseeing. the flag is gone, and soon she will be too. 
  • it smells like tuna in the cafeteria, but when you enter, there’s no tuna. just the crushing weight of existence and the idea that your entire life means nothing. you leave with a milk and a sandwich. 
  • the health curriculum is outdated. the teacher turns on a movie from the 80s and spits in an ancient tongue. you pretend to take notes and try not to feel the fire in his gaze. 
  • the football players got new uniforms, but they have consumed their mass and energy already. they await hungrily on the field, chained to the goal posts, their mouths frothing. new uniforms are once again ordered and the drama club still has no funding. 
  • college is on the horizon. it is a bloody red and it’s arms are already outstretched. run to it. you have nowhere else to go. 
the south node and what it wants to teach you

Aries sn: ‘There is an aggressiveness, a selfishness, a strong will power to go your own way, but dear, you don’t see the faces of those who held your hand when you stopped running your marathon. You don’t see your own muddy face when you look into their eyes, the mirror. There is no beauty in destruction and conflict. Embrace the gentle voice of venus in your life.’

Taurus sn: ‘Like a hippogryph you gather around your belongings, you love feeling secure and comfort yourself in your values, because you realized you slowly became your values after a while. But while Venus gently holds you in her arms, Pluto wants you to jump down and deep dive into the coldest water and search for your own, personal values in yourself, the world and the cosmos. Strongly hold tight to your hidden sixth sense, you will need it under the surface.’

Gemini sn: ‘You sit in your own cage, a cage which is called ‘mind’. Gathering every piece of information there are bits of everything piled up in your room and visiting your neighbor and vomiting different words each day doesn’t bring you anywhere. There is a bigger picture, as big as Jupiter in person, you have to keep in mind or the world that hasn’t revealed itself yet. Reach a higher form of your mental energy, the cosmos is awaiting you, even if you have to travel up to the stars to finally see a clearer way, to finally be satisfied.’

Cancer sn: ‘Smothering, oh the moons hug is so smothering. Dependend on what your family gives you, you are home in your own shell, home in your own four walls, but what if there is more to the world? Not only the shell can be thick and hard, but your skin too, the world wants you and the world wants you to shine. You will master the strong authoritative voice of Saturn, until you guide others through the cold nights.’

Leo sn: ‘You think you are the sun and yes you do shine so warm and nicely, but sometimes you burn yourselves and others. The sun is not solely meant for you but for others as well so let the warmth embrace the ones who lived in the cold for far too long. Uranus sees your creativity, Uranus sees your potentional and strength, wouldn’t it be a waist to freeze to death?’

Virgo sn: ‘You live your life like the doll you made out if yourself. There is something holy when doing service but what is self sacrificing without the love? While the colder, earthy side if Mercury tried tying you to words and facts, Neptune demands you to open your mind to the unconsciousness, something surreal, the martyrer out of love, the genius inside his chaos, letting go and feeling warmth, floating to the next island.’

Libra sn: ‘It’s the same every day. Like a puppet people play with you, they look at you, wonderful porcelain maiden, they give you many names, many character, they love to be with you. But only watching the world from the window is getting frustrating and finally the magic spell of the fairy shakes you awake. Move your arms and legs, speak up, start running to your next goal; give yourself a name. A name you are worth being called, a name that everyone will connect to your beautiful, fiery presence.’

Scorpio sn: ‘You know you dig deep into life, you know that there are secrets in the past that you would rather not touch. You know that there are things left to see and things left to go after, still you scream each time pain aches through your body and you find yourself alone and misunderstood. There is a light guiding you, the simplicity of life wants to embrace you, the stability and feeling of self value will gently wheep you off the ground. Dear fighter, you will become the survivor.’

Sagittarius sn: ‘You are restless, the restless body of a wanderer who can’t contain themselves anymore. You speak with a mighty voice from the top of the mountain, but really they stopped listening long time ago. There is nothing higher you need to reach. Nothing bigger you can climb. There is a key in listening and perceiving, not thinking in the way of a God, but rather in the way of an apostle who takes things as they are - god given. Settle down, rest, listen to you brothers and sisters.’

Capricorn sn: ‘There is strength in being alone and independent and therefore tragic in living alone. While the man counts his money, he counts the sheep as well as they jump in front of the moon, ready to fall asleep. Saturn may keep you on track but the Moon kisses you with gentleness and allows you to rest. Help her guide you home and learn that the inner cycle must closed in order to follow the outer one. Your love doesn’t need to feel like winter anymore, summer is right ahead of you.’

Aquarius sn: ‘Uranus may gave you the feeling of being out of order, the typical syndrom of the ‘Monday product’ as they like to call it, out of a thousand the only one who isn’t working correctly. And while trying to figure out fate, you tried bringing out the best in others, others needs were yours - not anymore. One day to another the sun told you that you were not a monday product, rather a special edition and who is ready to guide others before themselves? Shine brightly as you can, brightly as the sun.’

Pisces sn: ‘There is a translucent area in your life you have to overcome. The world loves you for floating through time and reaility, compassionate and with your heart on your sleeve you try to build a castle for your dreams but outrun every knight that wants to rival you. This is not a time to ‘man up’, my dear, this is the time for self care and ambitiousness. Embrace the earthy side of Mercury as much as you gently embrace others and it will give you mental satisfactions.’

The South Node and What It Wants To Teach You

Aries sn: ‘There is an aggressiveness, a selfishness, a strong will power to go your own way, but dear, you don’t see the faces of those who held your hand when you stopped running your marathon. You don’t see your own muddy face when you look into their eyes, the mirror. There is no beauty in destruction and conflict. Embrace the gentle voice of venus in your life.’

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Fire Powder (and Kicker Salts!)

Sometimes, we don’t have ready access to fire. Sometimes, we do… But certain situations, like where you maybe at any given moment, doesn’t exactly allow us to whip out a candle. Maybe there’s even smoke alarms! And I’m fairly sure arson, in most cases, is actually illegal.

What happens, though, when you don’t have the energy, or the oomph you need for something, and fire just isn’t something you can afford to have? Two words for you: Fire. Powder.

Much akin to Fire Salts, Fire Powder is a sort of… “Condensed” version of fire, so to speak. It’s got the spark, the kick, and the energy to get the job done. Whether you’re using it in lieu of fire, or throwing it down for a simple curse (which, might I add, this stuff is absolutely glorious for), Fire Powder is great for all witches of any craft. Not to mention… You can find practically everything you need for it in your local grocery market! Urban witches rejoice!

What You’ll Need

  • Ashes/Soot - Can be Ashes/Soot produced from anything. Specific things will add intent and power to your powder..
  • Powdered Cayenne
  • Powdered Paprika
  • Chili Powder
  • Curry Powder
  • Grated, Dried Ginger Root
  • Peppercorn (Any color[s], ground or whole)
  • Kicker Salts - (Recipe below. You’ll need fresh lemon, olive oil, and salt of any kind.) [Optional]

What To Do

Firstly, you’re probably like “Yo, Honey Witch, what the hell are Kicker Salts?” And I’ll explain! Kicker Salts, apart from the Fire Powder, actually tend to be pretty useful on their own. Great for protection, warding, and purification. However, basically, what Kicker Salts are, are… Well, Salts that add an extra kick to the powder. Or just anything they’re in, really. In my experience, they amplify the energy of my spells and powders. I also feel like they belong here, you know?

To Make Kicker Salts:

  1. First things first, you’re gonna have to diffuse that lemon. To do this, take fresh slices of lemon, that Olive oil. Pick that stuff up on your next run to the grocery store.
  2. From there, lay the oil in a dish of sorts. Once you have a nice amount of oil (but not too much), slice up little slices of your lemon, and lay them in the dish. Place your lemon-dish somewhere it can get sunlight– like a windowsill– for a week.
  3. Once your week is done, take the lemon slices out, and either dry them for future use, or throw them out. Or do what you want with them. They’re your lemons.
  4. Now, take your salt, and put it in a bowl. Take a spoon, and add in your oil. Stir well, until the clumps of salt made by the oil have broken down. 
  5. If possible, use your spoon like a wand of sorts, and channel your energy into the salts through the spoon. If you want to mix with your hands, all the better (though careful of cuts)! Visualization is good too!
  6. Leave the salts to dry for a day or two. Return with your handy spoon, and break down any additional clumps.
  7. Yay! Kicker salts! They’re finally done. Store it however you like. Putting some quartz inside/on the container will help it retain it’s energy for a long, long while.

To Make Fire Powder

  1. Once you’ve acquired everything you need, set them all out before you.
  2. There’s no specific order that you have to put them in, but I like to layer them. I start with ash, kicker salts, then cayenne, paprika, curry, ginger, chili, and lastly, the peppercorn.
  3. Once everything is inside, I focus my intent on the container, close it up real good, and shake. I shake that thing as hard as I possibly can. (Without breaking it). As I shake the jar, I funnel my energy inside of it.
  4. When your arms get tired, then congrats! You’re done. You can amplify the energy by drawing a fire sigil on the container, or something of the like.

This stuff can be used for a lot of things. Burying/Smothering things in the powder can act like burning them, without the fire and smoke. Throwing a pinch in the boundaries of your property/the corners of your house can protect it, banish entities, and purify the space. Adversely, sprinkling some of the powder where your target is sure to step can not only corrode their defenses slightly, but infect them with a moderate curse that’s sure to keep them on their toes.

Also, if you’re slow to get up in the morning, a whiff of this stuff is sure to wake you up. It doesn’t smell good. At all.

This week I finished The Great Hunger by Cecil Woodham-Smith as a gift from my biological grandfather who had an antique version. Of course, he gave me the book after I’d already talked for an hour at the dinner table about the entirety of Irish history from the top of my head. 

Bias: 5/5

Cecil does an amazing job at showing the disgusting nature of English dealings with the Irish country and people. It doesn’t display the Irish as helpless individuals who were brought to death and showed their fight against the British government as well. The book also did not make the United States into a liberating hero to the Irish people but, while showing the help it gave to them, gave the severe xenophobia against Irish immigrants. Splendid job at showing every angle. 

Accuracy: 5/5

This book was highly, highly researched. It was detailed without being dull and dense without being dry. Incredible book, I was captivated with every page and I absorbed all the facts. 

Entertaining: 4/5

Greatly entertaining! There were a few pages were I skim read but all-in-all it was highly entertaining! As I stated before, I was captivated by every page. I kind of wanted to finish it just because I have a lot of energy and eagerly await every new book (especially since I couldn’t highlight this book). 

Informative: 5/5

If you don’t know barely anything about Irish history and the prejudice they faced under imperialism you definitely should check this book out. It gives details from the past, a bunch of history and you sure will come back with a TON of knowledge. 

Writing: 4/5

The writing was good as well. There were places were the Cecil sounded a bit more like a college essay than a full page book. However, for a book that was an entire account of the Irish starvation under the potato famine, they do a superb job. 

Pacing: 5/5

It was perfect. Very good. Didn’t go too fast and skip or dwell on useless facts. 

Calculated Average: 9.3/10

Don’t read it | Don’t recommend it | Could be better | Great | Excellent

I have my theory...

Hreatbreaking as GL:TAS is, Aya must be still alive. We’ve seen her coming back before, and Razer himself said he was sure of it.

Originally posted by aqualadb03

Well, I do have a theory:

When a Green Lantern dies, their rings return to Oa, right?

Well, what if a small, seeminlgy insignificant portion of Aya’s spark of life, her essence, her being, survived after she sacrificed herself to save the universe from her own mistake?

She had potential to become a threat or a Lantern, but in the end she chose what was right and remediated the situation. 

Her spark of life might have traveled back to Oa, and into the Central Power Baterry. However, since Aya’s pretty much her own being, she must be on some kind of stasis; sort of deep asleep, recovering her energy and awaiting to wake up again.

If she’s coming back organic or humanoid AI, I’m not sure, but we can all agree she has been alive since ever.

The fairest reward the universe could give her for such a sacrifice and such dedication is to keep living, learning and feeling.

The headcannon where Roman thinks he’s a burden and his insecurities get the better of him

Roman loves their relationship, as odd as it can be sometimes. It gives him power and energy to face whatever awaits him that day. times, he feels as though Logan can do without him. Without all of his over the top emotions and dramatic actions.

Yeah he knows crying relieves stress in the body and all, but the guilt always eats away at him. Here Logan was, working hard on planning, schedules, ideas, information, and so on during night and day, and all he manages to do is get stuck in a creative slump and complain about problems that aren’t nearly as important.

He shouldn’t be crying over a stupid break up when Logan’s doing so much work all by himself.

Once the logical side came to comfort him and Roman saw the utter exhaustion on his face, that he looked like he hadn’t slept for ages. It tore at his heart and that’s when he decided that he shouldn’t burden Logan with any of his insecurities or emotions anymore. He certainly doesn’t deserve it when his person was already enough to deal with everyday.

So he covered it up. Every “are you okay?” he answered with a positive attitude. Every glance he received he sent a gracious smile of his own. Every worried look he got he put on a reassuring face. When he had problems he didn’t bother Logan about it, and he stopped being so obnoxious and dramatic about everything he did.

Of course it’s tiring when he ended up crying in his room and guilt ridden all over again each night. Of course it’s tiring dealing with his problems and self issues alone and putting on a brave face everyday.

But he would do it if it meant that he wasn’t a burden anymore.

“The Hanged Man usually indicates a lack of ability to help oneself through independent action. The energy is arrested and awaiting judgment. With this card, there is no avenue for the will to regain control until the situation has passed.”


Inktober Day 15, “Tarot!”

I went more on a more depressing route on this one, but it was nice to draw my boi Tibet again

Complementary (Collins x OC) Chapter 20: Over

Summary: The war is done. Jack finally learns of what happened to Genevieve.

AN: I’m aware the gif is from War & Peace but just get a load of that expression. That’s a lot of pain he’s in. Gee whiz I wonder how that’s relevant to this chapter ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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anonymous asked:

So I'm casting a curse sometime soon but can't afford supplies to cleanse afterward. Could Febreze work to "freshen up" the energy?

Oh boy. *awaits the angry anons about giving out advice on curses* (Not your fault, Anon! I just know it comes up every time a bigger blog brushes on the topic.)

I highly suggest that if you can’t afford the supplies to do the cleansing afterwards, you shouldn’t do the curse. Especially if you’re “freshening up” an area. You want a proper cleansing, top to bottom.



      A room full of friendly faces, unknowingly awaiting her arrival. The room, full with excited and nervous energy, awaiting her arrival. The room neat yet cozy, vintage items placed sparingly. The smell of fresh baking and flowers wafting through the room. Continuos chatter, awaiting her arrival. People of all ages, genders, and backgrounds awaiting her arrival. Wondering what to do once she arrives; how to act, what to say. The moment is coming.

     Around the corner comes a tall blonde figure, known by the world. This is her arrival. This is her, Not what the magazines say. Not what the headlines want. This room is her safe place. With the people she trusts. Feeling how she deserves. Free to express her new look on life. Taking a risk. Changing genres. Afraid, yet comforted knowing this room is the first to know. This room was the first to witness her arrival. This room will never forget it. 

You know it didn’t really hit me until today but we’re in a transition energy because now we’re starting to close the door to the winter energy and awaken into Spring. The vernal Equinox is a very important date because it marks the time of REBIRTH and in the old stories, the return of the vegetation Gods. Ultimately it’s a time of great fertility. It’s a time of manifesting and implanting seeds of intention. 

So right now we are not only in the 2 week window of the Equinox we are also in the 2 week window before an Eclipse. Between the Equinox and the Eclipse, we’re kinda in our own little limbo of energy, awaiting the change of spring. I’ve been so out of it that i didnt even realize we are indeed shifting.