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“-Alright, look. I’m not fuckin’ sayin’ I want to live in a fuckin’ cave. All I’m fuckin’ sayin’, is that I would rather live in a fuckin’ cave than in this tourist town, eh? I mean, honestly, if I never have to see another rich white lady again in my entire life, I could die fuckin’ happy.” 


Many amazing reviews have been posted these last weeks about Kamelot - Haven. Here are some of them!
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“With ‘Haven’, symphonic metal masters KAMELOT push their epic and highly emotional trademark sound to the top.”
Nuclear Blast

“It doesn’t matter if you want to call the album power, epic or symphonic metal. This is a masterpiece.”
10/10 HTM Magazin, Germany

“HAVEN is a modern classic for melodic metal and the benchmark to which all future Kamelot production will be compared.”
9,5/10 Imperiumi, Finland

“Like always with Kamelot, this is beautiful, almost stunningly beautiful.”
Rocknytt, Sweden

“What an album! I couldn’t have wished for anything better than ‘Haven’. Kamelot has taken the next step and it has been in the best direction possible.”
10/10 Overall Loudness, Netherlands

“Pure Kamelot: what you expect, but always creative and intriguing.”
5/5 Danger Dog, USA

“Memorable tracks, awe-inspiring choirs and more, this album is quite the majestic journey.”
“Kamelot are truly one of the most inspiring metal acts out there today.”
9/10 We Love Metal, Canada

“Firing in all cylinders, the band manages to deliver one of the most diverse and well-crafted releases of 2015, so don’t forget to pick up your copy of this little gem.”
92/100 Infernal Masquerade, USA

“I don’t mine spelling it for you again: ALBUM. OF. THE. YEAR!!! Objection? Dismissed! End of discussion! Must-Buy!” Kalle Rock, Germany

“Kamelot’s HAVEN has the makings to become a modern classic which hasn’t reached its half-life even 20 years into the future.”
Orkus!, Germany

“This album’s beauty, energy and many-sidedness melted my heart like few albums do.”
95/100 Power Metal, Denmark

“In simple words, it is a fantastically diverse and immensely well done Symphonic Metal album.”
10/10 (Musical Perfection) Metal Valkyrie, USA

“We all have a haven in our lives and I might just have found my new one.”
Loud Magazine, Portugal

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the art of the scare ;;

PHANTASMAGORE combines a year round haunted attraction with a top notch scare school right in the thick of New York City.

                                       …if only it was that simple.

This school, if you choose to come aboard, will also teach you the haunt industry’s biggest secret. There’s a huge reason why all these haunts say you might not make it back alive even though you’re not supposed to be in real danger.

There’s the costumed characters and elaborate set design the majority of parkgoers see…then there’s the dark dimensions that thousands of people experience each year through multidimensional grafting of fearsome locales onto the attractions. Monsters are real and not all of your fellow students are wearing costumes. Somewhere out there, some version of your favorite horror movie is happening and there’s always the chance guests will be forced right into it. If you can accept this and continue through with the program, many doors will be opened for you. Not all of them are going to lead some place nice.


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