the endless teasing

Wanna Bet?

Drabble Game #23 - Jackson/Smut

“Wanna bet?”

You cursed yourself for letting those two words slip as you lie handcuffed to your bed, agonizing over the number of times Jackson brought you to the point of release only to deny you the satisfaction.

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Crossing The Ocean

Asa Butterfield (Actor) x Reader:

(y/n) is part of the supernatural cast and also good friends with Asa. But on the after show party of the movie awards they start to make out and when Jensen catches them he can’t stop teasing (y/n) about it.


Being part of the supernatural cast involved uncountable minutes of fooling around, laughing until you got a stomachache and - for me since I was the youngest cast member - enduring the endless teasing about being single among married co-actors.

Apart from that it also involved loads of interviews, conventions, invitations to movie awards and even more interviews.

Standing on the red carpet and having microphones right before my nose was now part of my daily life and I’ve never thought that I would get used to these large gatherings of people so quickly.

However, I loved going to movie awards, not only because of the interviews or the fans which I loved so much but also because of meeting other actors, either new ones or old friends.

The category of “old friends” consisted of Asa Butterfield, for example, who I’ve known since god knows when but I don’t see him a lot due to the fact that he lived on the side of the earth. So, I was always more than happy to meet him again after long periods of only texting and speaking to each other on the phone.

Today was one of these rare days where I got to see him at the movie awards. I have walked over the red carpet with my co-actors from supernatural and answered a lot of questions before going inside the huge building, my eyes constantly looking for Asa.

“Maybe you will finally get a date tonight. I mean the after show party is a great opportunity to find that special someone.”, I heard Jensen say but I just rolled my eyes. “Yeah, sure… I doubt that this will ever happen.”, I murmured while I watched Jared and Genevieve sharing a brief kiss, hoping that someday I will find someone who loves me this much.

“I think she already found one.”, Misha appeared behind us giving me a cheeky smile. I looked up to him, my eyebrows narrowed before asking, “Where have you been the last months? Didn’t you-” “Hey, (y/n), look! It’s Asa, isn’t it?”, Jensen interrupted me loudly, making me push him away slightly and leaning in to see from his spot. “WHAT? Where is he?”, I asked instantly, my gaze wandering through the big hall.

“I’m just kidding.”, he laughed and Misha joined in. “Oh, I forgot how funny you were!”, I said sarcastically, shaking my head while Jensen and Misha were still laughing.

The next two hours involved actors getting their awards followed by their speeches and, of course, I was proud to say that we were be able to go up on the stage getting another award for our amazing tv show.

After that, we all went to the after show party and I was still looking for Asa, asking myself how it was possible to miss him all time. Jared and Jensen had already seen him from distance, so he was definitely here.

When I noticed that I got a message I looked down at my display which revealed a message from Asa: “I’ve been trying to talk to you the whole evening! Where are you? I can’t find you!” I smiled to myself while I answered him: “I’m in the back of the room where the couches are.”

Only few minutes passed before Asa was standing in front of me, a huge smile on his face. “Hey, guys. Do you mind me borrowing (y/n)?”, he laughed and I looked at my friends who only grinned at me. “It’s fine. But don’t do anything naughty.”, Misha said making everyone laugh but I just rolled my eyes again, a smile on my lips.

When I stood up the first thing I did was hugging Asa as tightly as I could, trying not to think about our last hug which lagged too far behind. I took in his scent and tried to memorize it while his arms hold me near him. “(y/n), I missed you so much…”, he sighed quietly, his lips touching my ears slightly making me blush and wanting to be in his arms forever.

“I missed you, too, Asa.”, I whispered before I loosened the hug, noticing everyone’s stares. “Let’s go, I’ll buy you a drink.”, he offered, leading me to the bar but I didn’t miss Jensen winking at us.

Asa and I sat down at the bar, talking, drinking, occasionally touching. I couldn’t help but think about how much I appreciated his company. I loved talking to him or simply listening to his voice since it always made me calm down.

“How long are you going to stay here?”, I wanted to know, hoping that this wouldn’t be our only encounter.
“Two weeks… or 17 days to be exact. Don’t worry (y/n), we’ll have enough time to spend together.”
“I love your shirt, by the way.”, I mentioned after a few seconds of silence, my hand brushing over the soft, gray fabric.

I watched his eyes roaming over my body while he stuttered some words. I gave him a smile as he looked into my eyes again. “I want to say something nice about your dress… but the only thing on my mind is taking it off of you.”, he mumbled, his fingers running through his hair nervously. I felt my face heating up while an awkward silences lingered between us.

“That wasn’t an appropriate thing to say.”, he chuckled, looking everywhere but at me and since I still didn’t know what to reply I just said the first thing that came into my mind, not wanting him to feel uncomfortable around me. “It’s okay.”

His head shot up, his incredible blue eyes looking right into mine.
There was silence again, a tension forming between us and the next thing I remembered was having his soft lips on mine.

I didn’t really know what was happening and I closed my eyes, going by instinct and letting it happen - a decision I would never regret even though I had thought that the main reason for this was the influence of alcohol.
My hands wandered up to his neck while our lips moved in perfect synchronisation. And when I felt his hands grabbing my waist to pull me closer and his tongue licking over my lips, I realised that kissing him was really addictive and I wouldn’t be able to stop.

But after a while he pulled back abruptly, looking at me frantically. “Oh my god… What am I doing? I’m so sorry. I’m ruining everything!”, he panicked, pushing himself away from me and taking his warmth with him. “I think I should go.”, he mumbled, avoiding eye contact and starting leave. “No, Asa! Wait!”, I said loudly, trying to grab his sleeve but he left too quickly, vanishing between the crowd.

But then, right before me, Jensen appeared with a huge smirk on his face. “Looks like you got yourself a boyfriend.”, he chuckled, “Tell me, (y/n), what did you feel while kissing Asa?”, he asked, holding his fist in front of my face as if he was holding a microphone.

“Is this important now?”, I wanted to know, clearly showing him my annoyance. “Of course it is! Asa is a possible future husband, now.”, he insisted but I rolled my eyes. Leaving me after kissing me isn’t exactly what a future husband would do.

“He’s not me fiance.”, I reminded him, crossing my arms in front of my chest. “I know, I know. But he could be… in a few years.”, he suggested with a big grin on his lips. “Yeah, sure. Thank god he doesn’t live on the other side of the world.”, I mumbled sarcastically and started to leave. “Where are you going?”, Jensen wanted to know, before I answered, “To the hotel, I’m not in the mood for a party anymore.”

The whole evening the only thing on my mind was Asa kissing me and then leaving like a coward.

The next morning I woke up to a quick, loud knock on my door. I stood up, running my hands through my hair before opening the door. I saw Asa standing there with his hands in his pockets, a nervous smile on his lips.

“How did you know what my room number is?”, I wanted to know when I let him step inside. “Jensen told me.”, he replied quietly, awkwardly standing in the center of my room.

When I stepped in front of him, my arms crossed, I waited for him to say something.
“You’re angry, I get that. And I’m sorry.”, he started, his hands reaching out to touch my arms. His touch sent warmth through my whole body making me want to be closer to him.

“I thought… yesterday… you know, the kiss.”, he continued, stuttering, “I was a bit drunk but kissing you… it made me want to kiss you again. Forever. And only you.”

I stopped breathing while his hand wandered up to cup my face. “I think I fell in love with you… at some point… I don’t know… I like you so much and I totally understand if you don’t feel the same, but…”, he admitted and stopped, looking at me and waiting for any reaction.

But I didn’t know what to do. Neither did I know what to say. “I know that there is a whole ocean between us, being one big reason to shove this feelings away. But I can’t, I tried and I can’t. I want to be with you…”, he finished, scratching his neck and making me blush.

“Can you please say something? Anything, please!”, he mumbled nervously, licking over his dry lips.
I just stepped forward, my hands grabbing his coller and pulling him down to press my lips onto his. Letting out a deep sigh, he kissed me back slowly as his hands found their way to my hips. “I don’t mind crossing the ocean so often.”, I whispered against his lips, making him smile.

“I’m really glad Jensen called me yesterday.”, he said quietly with a grin on his face, earning a confused expression from me.


This imagine was requested by @i-ship-it-okay. I hope this is what you had in mind and that you like it. Feel free to send in requests! :)

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∇ Damian!

Old age/ageing headcanon

The older Damian gets, the more like his mother he looks. His hair and his height (only a few millimetres off Jason - something he will never live down) are definitely Bruce’s, but puberty gives him Talia’s refined cheekbones, long eyelashes and her slim, agile build. He definitely steals Dick’s title as “Most handsome man in Gotham” and it’s a point of endless teasing by his brothers because he doesn’t like all the public attention he gets. But while he looks more like his mother, his attitude is all Bruce - and he even develops his Father’s proclivity toward taking in strays (in addition to the hobby farm of animals he already has).


Dating Spencer Reid Would Include;

~ him reading to you when you can’t sleep

~ doctor who marathons

~ him begging you to couple cosplay at comic con

~ him texting you every morning and night while away on a case

~ listening to him ramble off statistics and facts

~ exchanging your first “i love you"s after he gets hurt on a case and realises life’s too short

~ mind blowing sex

~ coffee-tasting kisses

~ comforting him whenever his migraines show up

~ him surprising you with thoughtful gifts to show how much he loves you

~ baby sitting henry

~ girl nights with jj and garcia

~ endless teasing from morgan and jj

~ hugging him tight after a tough case

~ random blowjobs and cunnilingus

~ playing with each other’s hair to relax

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Young Rhys has a crushhhhh ;) Feyre is so oblivious that it's her Endless teasing from Cass and Az Mor is READYYY (to be bffs with Feyre+annoy the hell outta Rhys) I can't even imagine Amren as a kid

Honestly, child Amren is terrifying. Can you imagine if when she was locked into a Fae body, it was a baby Fae body? 

That she was a full grown firedrake/whatever it is she is, and then she was suddenly in a weak-ass baby body? 

And someone wanted her to suckle at their breast for nourishment? 

And her body was too weak for her to walk or run, no to mention that she was doe-eyed and unable to wipe herself? 

And her new body’s brain was too underdeveloped to allow her to speak/form words?

And people kept her swaddled and cooed her and gave her a bedtime?

And then she’s like fuck this, so she gets strong and is the only baby in the nursery who is able to walk and talk, and who demands goat blood or else she’s eating all the other babies up in this bitch?

And finally she’s like four and just leaves. She’s powerful as fuck and people are scared of her. And maybe she’s starving one day and slaughters a bunch of children and that’s how she gets locked in the prison. And she’s like “I was starving and you pricks weren’t listening” but no one cares. 

Spell On You [Smut] - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Author: dylanowhy (me)

Summary: After your kiss with Stiles, you feel like he is avoiding you. That is, until he walks his way into class.

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: Language. Teasing.

Word Count: 2,214

A/N: This is part two of a series called Warm Welcome. You can read the first part here. Said I would have this out by tonight, let me know if you’d like a part three!

Originally posted by blacksimmerr

It had been three days since your very eventful night at Lydia’s party and you were still dealing with the endless teasing and questions. However, the person you’d rather be hearing from somehow had disappeared from the face of the earth. You hadn’t seen Stiles at all, which was odd since him and Scott were usually inseparable. You wanted to talk to him, to possibly try and salvage something between you two, even if it was just friendship.

The bell rang and it caused you to grip onto your book a little tighter. It was time for your forensic class, the one class you had with Stiles. This was the make or break moment. He was either going to speak to you or act like you were nonexistent and you debated internally on which one you truly wanted. “Here goes nothing.” You whispered to yourself, holding your head up high as you turned the corner entering your classroom.

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What's your biggest fantasy???

Hmm well let’s see… From the one hand, having someone go really wild with me like restrain me, worship my feet, tickle or whip me what ever, have his time with me in general. On the other hand I fantasise about torturing a guy so bad with my endless teases while he tries to get ahold of his vulnerable self 😈

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For the drabbles can you do "Can you hold my hand?" with Spock or "I really love holding you' darling" with Bones?

The Med Bay was quiet, finally quiet, and it was times like these that you slipped off to one of the storage rooms to tidy up and gather items to restock the wards.

This time, however, was not quite like the others. This time you weren’t alone.

“You know what everyone’s going to think if we stay in here too long.” You hated to break the silence between the two of you, but though you loved stolen moments like these, the thought of the inevitable endless teasing from the other nurses was putting a bit of a damper on your mood.

“I don’t care what they think,” McCoy’s hands stroked down your back, soothing you. “and you shouldn’t, either.”

His deep whisper sent a shiver down your spine, and you nuzzled into him, letting your hands wander over his chest. “You keep that up and they can say anything they want.”

“Happy to oblige. I really love holding you, darlin’.”

I’ve never done anything so short and quick! It was pretty fun! I, or course, went with McCoy because I’m most comfortable writing him, but I would one day like to write more characters.

Thanks for the fun few minutes, anon, and I do hope you like it

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#16 Dating EXO would include series: Luhan’s Edition

-Him drawing on your face when you are asleep.

-In revenge you’d send his memes to all of your contacts.

-Endless teasing and annoying each other like two kids.

-Him convincing you to go play football with him, to only end up with your butt smeared with mud, and a bruised knee, let’s say you will not go play with him for a while.

-”Lulu you look so pretty” “Y/N I AM A MANLY MAN, I AM SEXY” “you’re still pretty tho” and this could go on and on.

-Him playing with your hair, while cuddling.

-Him asking you to scratch his back and massage him every like 5 minutes.

-He’d turn into a baby when he is sick, and he would follow you around like a lost puppy.

-He’d try to start a convo in english with you, and end up just looking at you with wide eyes stuttering a Yes and yo yo yo every now and then.

-Him asking you for your opinion about his clothes every day.

-He’d like to show you off in public, and show everyone that you are his.

-He loves PDA, and he would make it clear to everyone that you belong to him.

-He’d hold your hand, and kiss you when he sees a guy looking at you.

-He feels threatened when a guy is talking to you, you are his baby and he doesn’t want his baby to talk to anyone else but him.

-He’d call you “princess”.

-He’d be cuddling you one minute and then he’d push you away the other, only to pull towards him again.

-He’d walk around in boxers at home, it’s so embaressing when people actually come to visit.

-He’d try to cook, only to burn the pans.

-He’d paint you nails for you, and fix your hair.

-He’d buy you couple stuff, couple rings and couple shirts.

-He’d text you 8749873937 times a day, and he’d give you the silent treatment when you are one minute late to reply.

-He’d ask you for your opinion about his new music and music videos.

-He would like to prove to you that he is very manly, what’s a better way to that but in bed?? 

-He’s a rough lover at times, but a romantic one in others.

-He’d take care of you well after sex tho.

-He’d a little kinky, he’d like it if you called him master or show him how submitted you are, but he’d like it if you took control every now and then.

-He would spoil you and love you and buy you everything you want.

-He’d appreciate your support and and would always ask for your advise, tho he’d love it if you depended on him and showed him that you trust him.

Gotham Preferences - Dating Him Would Include...

Jerome Valeska 

Originally posted by sairceketli

- Dirty jokes, sexual suggestions, everyday teasing, and endless flirting

- Having prank wars all the time

- Going to see him in Arkham everyday

- Him treating you like a princess 

- Him killing any guy who would dares to touch you in a sexual way or even dares to flirt with you

- Making out when ever you get the chance

- Literally sex anywhere, morning sex, pubic sex

- Him telling you he loves you and meaning it

Jim Gordon

Originally posted by gobblepotfans

- Him teaching you how to protect yourself 

- Him always being protective of you

- Harvey making jokes about you guys dating

- You comforting him after a bad day at work

- Him only showing his soft side to you and Harvey teasing Jim about it

- Heated fights about him caring too much about work than you

- Hot make up sex

Edward Nygma 

Originally posted by wntersun

- Him reading to you all the time

- Asking each other riddles to test how smart you guys are

- Making out in your office when ever you guys are on your lunch break

- Cuddling ever night 

- Goodnight kisses and Morning kisses

- Edward being, surprisingly, dominant in bed and also finding out about his dirty side

- Having gentle sex, but sometimes rough sex as well

- You and Edward hanging out with Oswald causing you and Oswald to be friends

- Hiding his glass, and making him look for them with riddles  

- Him singing to you

Oswald Cobblepot

Originally posted by thequeenofgothamxo

- Him being the most protective man alive

- Him spoiling you and treating you like a queen 

- Him killing anyone who hurts you or flirts with you

- Meeting his mom and she end up loving you

- Being there for him when he is sad or in pain

- King of Gotham, King of the bedroom. 

- Huge fights

- Make up sex

Victor Zsasz

Originally posted by gobblepotfans

- Having long talks with each other

- Spending time just looking at each other 

- You running you fingers over his scars

- Him protecting you no matter what, even if he has to sacrifice himself 

- Him being really soft to you and only you

- Making sure you are never insecure

- Making sure to hurt those that hurt you or bully you

- Oswald having to tell you guys to get a room when you two kiss

a fakehaus headcanon post
  • joel’s only in the group bc his background as a druglord gives them insight into the business side of crime, he’s actually never fired a gun and doesn’t have a licence
  • when adam finds out about this, he immediately takes him out shooting bc no way is he having anyone in his crew not know how to defend himself the thought terrifies him
  • when james finds out about this, the endless teasing begins:
  • “should we really be taking heist plans from someone who doesn’t have his licence?” “james u dont have a licence” “im not trying to give us heist plans”
  • “whoa there bud, you sure you can handle that deadly weapon?” joel is holding a butter knife and he wants to lodge it in james’ throat
  • his lack of licence doesn’t stop joel from owning an entire garage of sports cars however, nor does his inability to even hold a gun correctly stop him from owning a large collection of golden guns that adorn his walls
  • adam actually buys joel his first gun thats actually intended for use that has the inscription “baby’s first gun” where the serial number should be
  • james’ instagram is filled with blurry photos taken from speeding vehicles with increasingly shitpost-y captions and uglier filters
  • james is obsessed with cars no offence
  • sean is a pretty good lockpick honestly its like his superpower
  • the crew started when bruce and adam met up while both trying to rob the same 24/7
  • lawrence has a panic disorder that is all
  • sean and ray smoke weed together a lot but it’s almost always sean’s weed because he’s too kind for us all and deserves everything (but also bc ray is a cheapstake)
  • platonic killems, best friends since second grade (yes they have an unnecessarily elaborate handshake)
  • adam has the highest kill count
  • sean learned to use knives completely of his own accord, he just decided to pick one up from his dad’s weapons locker as a kid and spent hours practising tricks in his room (leadin his mother to ask where the random scratches on all his furniture were coming from)
  • he also never used a training knife so his hands are all scarred up
  • this is getting too long and i didn’t include matt or bruce at all whoops sorry 

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they could literally just be chillin and i’d still get all warm and cozy inside

and even when yoongi often ignores jimin

meanie hyung




and does things to jimin like

and despite all those endless affection teasing he does

he does subtly takes jimin rather fondly 

and that their fluffiness 

actually goes way back since predebut ©


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BTS as boyfriends - Jungkook

- we all know he’d be pretty shy at first

- (he’s trying tho be patient)

- rlly shy pda

- like maybe he will place his hand on your lower back but that’s it

- oh boy but when he gets comfortable

- this boy will !! never !! chill

- like walks out of the bathroom shirtless

- “hey jagi like what u see”

- “jungkook pls”

- being with jungkook means being part of the maknae line

- like if you’re shorter than jimin expect endless teasing (rip me)

- ur boyfriend will tease you if you’re shorter than him

- sorry he’s a brat sometimes

- texts u memes 25/8

- is half impressed half intimidated when u reply with bts memes

- bc u know

- you’re dangerous

- u got dirt on the golden maknae

- anyways

- will teach you how to play overwatch and then ditch u for gaming nights with his gaming buddies

- your payback is kicking his ass next time u play

- he has cold hands

- so if he tries to place a hand on your thigh or something u flinch and scare him

- you compliment him a lot after his performances

- it’s a thin line between cute bunny smile flustered kookie and smartass brat Jungkook

- big spoon or little spoon idk

- i think he can be both bc one night he wants to hold u and the other he wants u to hold him

- buy him lambskewers or he’ll leave u for Yoongi

- your #1 fanboy

- doesn’t like sharing his clothes but once he sees you in one of his hoodies or white shirts

- “holy shit keep it”

- is lowkey scared you’ll leave him for one of his hyungs bc he’s still young and doesn’t know much about relationships but u tell him u love him and that’s enough for him

- will prank u

- unless you’re willing to team up with him against vmin

- pls love this boy he’s so precious

- gooDBYE ;-;

listen here i died while writing this ok i love him way too much fml

this was requested so i hope you like it!

~  Admin H

BIG BANG’s Taeyang as your Boyfriend
  • You’ll drown in sappiness if you’re dating Youngbae
  • Because he is very sweet
  • He would be very affectionate with you!
  • He’d rest his head on your shoulder or on your lap.
  • He would kiss your cheeks, lips and even a small peck on the back of your hand.
  • Walking with Youngbae means holding hands until you get home
  • But when you get home and you’re sitting on the sofa, he’ll intertwine your fingers together.
  • The type to feed you food
  • Watching a movie? *feeds you popcorn*
  • Want a bite of his food? *feeds you*
  • Want a pepero? *puts it between his lips so you guys can do the pepero kiss*
  • But Youngbae is a child as well
  • He lives for annoying you.
  • He finds it really funny when you get hot-headed and annoyed by him
  • Endless tickles and endless teasing about that funny face you made or that time you accidentally farted a little too loud
  • Also, Youngbae would pick you up, put you on the bed and wrap you with a blanket like a burrito
  • Will tie your shoelace together
  • Will also carry your bag
  • Will open the door for you
  • Okay, he’s really a gentleman *cries*
  • loves to poke and pinch your cheeks! You would be having a normal conversation with him and he would just randomly poke your cheek.
  • Or when he’s waking you up, he’d give you a small pinch or a light poke
  • Is shirtless on stage and also shirtless in your house
  • When you wake up, you’ll find him doing some push ups to start the day before he goes to the gym.BLESS
  • Will probably drag you to the gym as well to spot for him
  • But he just really wants you to be there.
  • Would ask you to hold his feet together for sit ups but is actually doing that to kiss you whenever he goes up.
  • Gives you his eye smile alot
  • Like can he even see??
  • Hearing his golden voice 24/7 wow you are so lucky
  • Also, watching youtube together!
  • Going to his concerts and he would always go to your direction and point at you :”)
  • Youngbae would sometimes puts you over his shoulder or carry you on his side just to mess around with you.
  • Places his hand on the small of your back out of habit
  • Asks for kisses alot
  • When you ask him to get something, he’ll have a very smug look on his face and he would point to his cheek for a kiss
  • Or when you ask him to buy some chips in the store, he would tell you to give him a goodbye kiss first
  • The boy needs your kisses to live
  • Also a bright sunshine that can make your day hella better
  • Purposely practices some sexy dance moves whenever you’re around ;) ;) ;)
  • Purposely asks you to be his audience because he needs some feedback ;) ;) ;)
  • The type to make you some ramyun when you’re sick and he would even leave a sticky note that says, “Call me if you need anything :)”
  • Loves talking about you to his family
  • His face instantly lights up when you’re mentioned :D
  • Gives you a poster of his pre-debut picture just to fool around
  • but you decided to put it in the living area and now he’s regretting it
  • The type to sneak his hand to hold yours when you’re in the recording studio because Jiyong is salty (lol kidding, Youngbae just wants to act sneaky)
  • Youngbae’s life would be more special because he has you. You’re his muse and inspiration and he just loves spending time with you!

sekang  asked:

Hello again! :D How would 'sexy time' in the shower with Jhope/Jimin/Jin be like? *wink wink* ❤❤❤

[Warning: Explicit Content]

J-Hope: He’d be very cutesy since this is Hobi we’re talking about. He’d kiss you everywhere, and I mean everywhere. He’d squeeze the life out of you as you two rinse under the water and give you a lot of his aegyo. I feel like if he did do something sexual, he’d just finger you, but I can imagine him being mostly playful with a side of sexy. 

Jimin: He’s definitely the type for shower sex. He’d be an endless tease. He’d offer to wash your back and take that as an opportunity to touch you in all sorts of places. He’d get very close to you, practically breathing on your neck. He’d press your body close to his from behind and whisper dirty things in your ear. He’d get you to bend forward and fuck you from behind under the hot water.

Jin: He’d more of a romantic; I can imagine him being very sensual. He’d massage the soap into your body with his hands, painting his fingers over your body. He’d also use his hands to assist the water in rinsing you, another opportunity to touch you, and he’d kiss all over your neck and shoulders. He’d be willing to try something like anal especially in those sanitary conditions, but classic sex would work too. He’d do it slowly to let the sensation linger. 

- Devi  (//∇//) (Oh dear, the things that are running through my mind rn)